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Just a quick question; has the line been crossed?

From – an Australian Government web site – today comes a message from the Prime Minister – WA Senate election. Without wishing to further promote what Mr Abbott had to say, here is the message:

Next Saturday, the people of Western Australia will vote in a special Senate election.

We did not want this election, but it is an opportunity to ensure your vote supports policies to strengthen the economy, create more jobs and help families with cost of living pressures.

Only the West Australian Liberal team has a clear plan for this state. (My bold).

We’ll boost Western Australian mining and investment jobs by scrapping the anti-Western Australian mining tax and we’ll reduce living costs and create more jobs by scrapping the anti-Western Australian carbon tax. The average family will save $550 a year and a $626 million a year hit on the West Australian economy will be removed.

We’ll deliver record funding for Western Australian schools – funding that the former Labor government didn’t provide. WA schools will get an additional $120 million from the Coalition in Canberra and we’ll work with the Western Australian Government and build the roads of the 21st century – with over $3 billion in road investments.

Two weeks ago in Canberra Labor voted to keep the carbon tax, last week in Canberra Labor voted to keep the mining tax – and you can be sure that once this special election is over, Labor will be pushing more policies that punish Western Australia. When Labor took office, federally, in 2007 West Australian unemployment was 3.3 per cent and after Labor’s carbon tax and Labor’s mining tax it was 5.9 per cent.

And if you vote for a minor party candidate you just don’t know who you will end up with.

So there is only one certainty in this election – only the Liberal Party has a plan to help Western Australia build a stronger economy with more jobs and less pressure on families.

Only a vote for the Liberal Party will deliver a team that will stand-up and deliver a better deal for Western Australia. (My bold).

Let us have a look at a page on another government site, the Ministerial and Agency Websites. There on the top of this page:

Guidelines for Ministerial and Agency Websites

The Australian Public Service (APS) must maintain its impartial, apolitical, professional nature while maintaining websites. It is important that agencies consider carefully the content of their websites and those they maintain on behalf of their ministers.

There are three categories of websites that relate to this issue:

– agency websites

– ministerial websites maintained by an agency (either directly or through a contractor)

– personal ministerial websites that contain material on a minister’s party political activities or views on issues not related to his or her ministerial role.

While further down the page there is:

Agency-funded websites should not contain material of a party political nature …

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m not too sure that the guidelines have been followed here. Perhaps someone can help me out with this.


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  1. Roswell

    Good question, but I think there might be a fine line here. I went to the site you’ve linked and I notice that his statement was a media release, so I assume the department should be able to publish it. However, it doesn’t appear on the LNP media releases web site.

    Tough one. Touchy one.

  2. Signe

    did his MS Kredlin media person approve of the ad, she has to for everyone else or did she write it? So full of crap makes my stomach turn …Pls WA don’t be fooled twice

  3. Cartsmunt

    Extra funding for edumacashun?
    Is that because the WA LNP refused to sign up for Gonski but are now accepting unconditional love from the Fed LNP?

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  5. lmrh5

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  6. Fed up

    I just had a thought. Paying 550 dollars per annum, per family doesn’t seem a high priced to pay for a clean energy future. What a cup off coffee per week.

    Makes one wonder what he is about.

    What will he have to talk about or blame, if the so called carbon tax and MRRT goes.

    In fact, it will saved us nothing, as he is also taking away the compensation we were given for the extra cost of the CEF suite of bills. Yes, the money, all of it was going back into the community. Yes,m it was taxation neutral.

    He is taking us backwards, when it come to dealing with carbon emissions, while the rest of the world is moving forwarded. We will be truly, if he suceeds behind the pack.

    Yes, like there inference with the NBNCo, it will cost much more to catch up.

    Catch up, we will have to do, as the science is being reinforced by the weather we are now having.

    We will need fibre to the premises in a few short years. Carbons emissions will have to be dealt with.

    Neither are going away.

  7. Fed up

    $626 million . What percentage is this of the WA economy? What percentage is it of mining profits. After all, it is only super profits that attract the tax, in the first place.

    It is the government, yhat describes the MRRT as a daqilure, because it collects very little.

    I do not know about others, but I like to see figures add up. They never do, when they come out of the mouth of this government.

  8. passum2013

    This link worked Thank you.

  9. OzFenric

    I understood that the Coalition’s intention is to *not* remove the carbon price compensation measures. The idea that the carbon price is a cost to “working families” is of course a big lie, as Labor made sure that families were (over)compensated for rising costs; but the Coalition is going to remove the carbon price and its imposition on business whilst still paying families the compensation. In that respect it’s technically true to say that removing the carbon price may result in savings for households – assuming any cost savings are passed on by businesses – but it’s really a form of government largess. Labor would never have politically gotten away with giving households $600 in giveaways for no good reason; it will be a crying shame and the height of hypocrisy to see the Coalition get away with it by simply not being honest about where the money’s coming from.

  10. Ange Kenos

    He has crossed the line but with Murdoch, Jones, Mitchell, Handley, Bolt… on his side…

  11. mars08

    What will he have to talk about or blame, if the so called carbon tax and MRRT goes.

    Wasn’t it the mad monk who had a shot at Wayne Swan (was it on the much-hyped red-tape repeal day) about how little income the MRRT was bringing in? Non sequitur, yes?

  12. fluency

    um, am I missing something… or is the line “we did not want this election” blinding patronizing (if not subtlety threatening) towards WA-ians?
    possible translation: “WA, you’ve tremendously inconvenienced me and foiled my plan for Australia-domination… so don’t stuff it up again, or else. Now, focus your attention only on YOUR short-term economic wellbeing, and I know you’ll make the right choice, there’s a good State”. *shudder*

  13. Nicki Slade

    @OZfrenic I think you misunderstood, he wants to repeal the carbon tax ($22million raised last year) ,same with the Mining tax and the bonus’s that were attached to it, Maybe if the big mining giants actually paid up for ripping the minerals out of our golden soil instead of putting their hands in the public purse there would be more return on it,More funds for education, then why are the W.A. teachers striking on the 1st April? certainly not for pay raises but because the education funding was cut to W.A. Schools and the so called Gonski funding he so generously gave is limited to 4 years not 6 as was the labor intent,Liberal W.A. ripped the education budget to shreds, has ruined the states AAA rating and cannot balance the budget again this year, Vote for Liberal I think not. Punish Western Australia the only people that are punishing Western Australia are the Liberals and have done so for quite a while.

  14. Keitho

    People need hope and a vision for a better future. The coalition is offering that while people who think nothing of spending $650 on coffees reckon jobs and a future don’t matter for the little guy.

    You keep at it Mr Abbott, I think you have got the right balance.

  15. g2-71b27ca9a793fcc9cddc9e2e04eb6eb9

    What a load of crap !! Mote like I want to make Gina rinehart Billions of dollars richer , all the other “promises” we’re promised to nsw and Qld. They are Still waiting , please don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors !! More mining jobs means more workers with More money so cost of living Will go up , Tony ABBOTT front bencher Joe Hockey has already stated the GST will be going up to 15% so what ever you save in one hand will be stripped plus more from the other hand , we have herd all this before , before the Abbott government was elected , so far it’s been nothing but false hope lies and deception I’m ashamed , I’ll never vote lnp ever again please vote lnp last !!

  16. g2-71b27ca9a793fcc9cddc9e2e04eb6eb9

    Ow and what’s 600 of million when you gave Gina rinehart 8.8 Billion dollars back as a tax cut PLUS ongoing then gave Rupert Murdoch 882 million dollars who knows what for ? To run stories in the papers and tv networks the messages you just want people to hear and believe ??

    You give your self 140k pay rise and over 10million dollars combines nation wide in pay rises but can’t affort to keep a lousey $220.00 payment for war orphans ? I’m disgusted , take away baby bonus , school kids bonus, superannuation contributions, raise tax free threshold, raise GST to 15% throw on 15% on pertrol , 33% on electricity , cut the staff funding for schools university and Tafe’s then give hospitals money to open new wards and beds But cut the staff funding , this means interns and nursing staff have no placements ! Ow and after your well deserved 140k pay rise you say pensioners have never done better and give them $13.00 a fortnight !! COME ON ABBOTT ! Stop looking after yourself and friends and look after all Australians

  17. contriteshadow

    I’d say that line was crossed a long time ago in Australia. But this is the most blatant example I’ve seen in a while. Thank you, for paying attention; that and occasionally calling “bullshit” is all we need to do in order to get better politicians.

  18. bjkelly1958

    To the best of my understanding, media releases are issued fro the office of whoever is responsible, e.g. The PM the LOTO, the Federal Secretary of a Trade Union, not a Government department or agency. This is way out of line.

  19. Keith

    What Abbott is suggesting is very hollow in creating jobs when so many positions have been lost in the last six months. Abbott and Abetz have been pushing hard to ensure lowest paid workers do not gain a reasonable increase in wages. It appears to be their push to reduce wages/salaries generally. How these policies will be helpful in the retail and housing sectors has me beat.

    Abbott’s vision appears to be going back to the time of PM Menzies; no vision for the future. The main concentration appears to be break down anything introduced by Labor.

    Amongst all the noise of the inept governance of Sir Tony and his gang; a broken election promise has been somewhat in the shadows. Sir Tony promised that there would be no loss of jobs in the Public Service. That is certainly not true for a number of Agencies.

    Trust the Abbott gang at your own peril.

  20. VoterBentleigh

    I wonder if this political advertising comes under Commandment 70 of the IPA One Hundred Commandments:

    70 End all government funded Nanny State advertising.

  21. Don

    Why does no one pick up on his lie of $550.00 a week, this figure was presumed the carbon tax stayed and increased in price, when in fact the carbon tax was going to removed and a transition to a trading scheme, the $550.00 was a forward estimate of years to come under a carbon tax, not current pricing, and yet the lie continues to be published, even Tony himself said he could not guarantee a $550.00 saving, the power companies have stated the removal will not lower power prices.

  22. David Linehan

    The toxic one has shown in the past he can say and do as he wishes and no body, Court, Assembly, Rule, Order or Proclamation can stop him. The evil one and his disciples have it all sewn up and are now tying up or freeing the lose ends as they see fit. Who will stop the carnage? Only the voters in WA have the power on Saturday, they become the rulers of our destiny over the next 30 months.
    God wiling they choose to deny this wrecking, unpatriotic, physco the mandate to destroy and divide.
    PS – this Senate election is about Labor as well and its leadership. they have been found wanting, the top two

  23. Stephen Tardrew


    Spot on. People hear the scrapping the ETS is going saving you money while the environment is going to hell in a handbasket. The mining tax is going helping job creators yet the true cost is hidden in a web of obfuscation and policy manipulations when added up simply means workers will suffer with low paid employment and reduced conditions. One thing will not happen a reduction in profits and corporate bonuses. Australians of WA wake up please.

  24. Fed up

    We have Abbott now on ABC24 having MC about musing plane at Pierre air force base. Seems to be having trouble explaiing why. No new information, nOT SURE WHAT hOSUTON ROLE IS.

    Questions on other topics not allowede.

  25. Fed up

    nOT SURE WHAT hOSUTON ROLE IS = not sure what Houstojn role is. Seems to more of Abbott and me me me.

  26. Fed up

    Pierre=Pearce RAF base Sorry

  27. dafid1

    Lunatic Abbott has been on CNN yet again spouting so much BS, making out its all in his hands under control and he will advise the waiting world as each new detail comes in…spare us this insanity!!!

  28. Fed up

    Why does this government believe laws s covering unions are not strong enough., We have union officials going to jail.

    Today we have a union ordered to pay one and quarter million dollars in fines for contempt of court, over refusing a order not to strike. Yes,l Grocon has had a big win.

    Hockey back on with budget deficits and government running out of money. Mr. Hockey, no, it is about choice.

  29. diannaart

    Abbott so swift to search for missing plane, so loath to help asylum seekers.

  30. mikisdad

    Michael – you are so right, but this is just more of the same. It is all we will ever get from Abbott. Personally, I think it is time for REVOLUTION, unfortunately, I don’t think the will exists in the Australian psyche any more.

    I now have to be ashamed on two fronts – Ashamed because I’m an Australian and, generally speaking, we have become almost the exact opposite of the warm, welcoming and caring nation that characterised us throughout most of our history and are fast becoming an international joke. Secondly, ashamed because I, unfortunately, am British as is Tony Abbott and *I don’t want to think that I have anything in common with him.* The only saving grace I have is that I am a real Englishman, born and bred in the North – and that, at least, Abbott can’t claim.


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  32. Ann

    If the carbon tax is draining $626 million a year out of WA, why are they getting rid of it. I’m sure that is what he said. They would be that much better off just after the $550 a year to households.

  33. passum2013

    As it now is The first of April I wish to inform All
    .>>>.The Liberal National Government<<<
    Has Been dissolved for Misbehaviour .
    Signed Your Acting Government Sir Ronald. Of The Knights of ball.

  34. M A

    There’s two issues. It’s use of entitlement for party business as it doesn’t relate to his parliamentary responsibility but clearly relates to how to vote. See and

    So, he should have paid for it, and then a second issue arises as he needed to have added the name and address of the person who authorised the advertisement at the end of the advertisement, as per section 328A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

    I can’t see Gillard or Howard having done this in past elections, though I’ve only use Internet archive services to check.

  35. writtenword09

    For sure, him and his hoons have crossed the line so much it’s worn thin. It’s time to unite and call fir a change if government.

  36. Carol Taylor

    Of interest from August 2010 is,

    Mr Abbott promised “very substantial cuts” to government advertising under a Coalition government.

    Labor’s current arrangements, including an independent committee to oversee advertising, had not been effective, he said.

    “I’d be looking at tightening up those arrangements.”

    I wonder where the “independent committee” went?

  37. Carol Taylor

    Here’s an even better one..

    TONY Abbott has lashed out at the “gross misuse” of public funds for controversial advertisements promoting the PNG asylum seeker deal and demanded Australia’s most senior bureaucrat urgently seek legal advice….

    The Coalition has also lashed out at the decision to exempt the PNG campaign from the usual vetting process – required to ensure taxpayer funds are not used for politically partisan purposes.

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