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Day to Day Politics: Turnbull Batting on a Deteriorating Pitch.

Tuesday July 10 2017

In an interview with the Opposition captain yesterday Billy ‘Polls’ Shorten said that his team had a 53 – 47% lead over the other mob and were now clear favorites to win the series.

To use cricketing parlance cracks are beginning to show in the pitch. The pitch that is that Malcolm is making to the Australian public. In fact some of the cracks might indicate a turning wicket.

For some time now I have been suggesting that the Prime Ministers policy agenda has been to out policy Billy ‘Polls’ Shorten by taking the running on all the big agenda items. With the NBN, Gonski and the NDIS. It was a clever move to copy his score book that had all their policies listed in extras.

Some say the theft was by Dutton who was often seen loitering around the change rooms looking for proof of citizenship.

Having pinched the opposition’s game plan he has exposed all he has so there’s not much chance of making a big score. Really I cannot see him producing a policy to rival the importance of these. In fact the current state of play would suggest a possible run out toward the end of the next season.

However current state of play indicates a subtle but significant shift in how the game is being played. The Prime minister is on the front foot firmly behind the ball playing a straight bat while the opposition leaders bowling is negatively offline. If fact he has been no balled a few times this week for deliberately bowling wide of the crease.

So let’s see if we can analyse the match thus far. Remembering this is a six test series.

The ABC programs The Drum and Insiders indicated that they are prepared to play ball by reporting on the other teams tactics in a fair and factual manner.

This is most refreshing. I think it happened during the drinks break. All that’s needed now is for Insiders not to be caught behind. As for the mainstream media they have never been much interested in reporting on the finer points of the game. The News Ltd pay wall sites didn’t think the principles of truth and fairness is necessarily good for its demographic. It’s more about the bottom line a spokesperson said. Poor form that.

QandA however said that for its part it always gave both sides a fair go but it would like to have more say in the selection of the team without getting constant interference from the Chairman of the board. Christopher Pyne for example got to many games and was often on a pair.

It has to be said that Pyne is often on the back foot without a policy to run with. He needs to perform better if he gets a second knock. Some say he needs a manager because he has been handling himself for to long. He should be batting down the list where he belongs.

The other one is Peter ‘Slimy’ Dutton who is often found well out of l his crease and was stumped several times when he wouldn’t give an undertaking that in future he would accept the umpire’s decision.

It’s fair to say that the Government has been creamed on the NBN. Turnbull often looks like he is acting as a reluctant runner for the injured opener and it’s a pity they couldn’t have used the 12th man to run between the nodes. It would have been faster than the captain’s effort. But nonetheless he is the captain.

He is known to be up to speed on the subject but he reckons he is a good bat out of form.

Reporting on social media demonstrated that the LNP policy had been hit for six. To add injury to a policy that Ponsford would have better understood we find (according to Akamai Technologies) that Australian Internet speeds fell 23% during 2012 and we are now ranked 41out of 98 nations. Time to bring on the quickies.

No doubt Turnbull copped one in the box over marriage equality. The protector needs something like speedos to keep it in place otherwise everything hangs loose.

The PM has been comprehensively hit to square leg over his decision to steal the other sides Gonski reforms. Simply not cricket the public judged.

On Friday the team mascot Christopher ‘The Fixer’ Pyne said the children of Australia would benefit from the implementation of Gonski. Last season he was using words like unhinged. When he was the Minister he said he couldn’t be bothered reading it. One might well argue that the no balls rule is being ignored. Rule books should be read.

Added to that is the fact that Mr Turnbull has nicked one to slips over his plan to cut the taxes of his most privileged supporters. And the players aren’t to happy about it. They were caught out on this one. So much so that they have pulled out of the next tour. Something to do with penalty rates for playing on Sunday’s.

And the team’s sponsorship might be under threat. And it was interesting to see that Essential reported that their latest poll gave the women’s vote 48% to Labor. Pity they couldn’t all field in slips.

Our AAA ranking is under threat if we don’t vote LNP according to the leader. It’s a strange weird mind that suggests that the government that has worked so hard to achieve it, is the one threatening to bring it down.

Rather reminds me of something Merve Hughs said to a spectator at fine leg at the ‘G after dropping a catch: “Fkn” hopeless. And of course it escaped Turnbull’s notice that triple ratings are judged not only on the country’s ability to produce surpluses but also on the ability to manage debt. Certainly not for bowling doosras or even worse underarm.

The problem with gays considering themselves equal in all forms of the game has reared its head again and the captain’s solution is to spend $200 million on something we already know.

God we will have enough trouble with the poms. Its simply not cricket. Well it’s lucky I play by gentlemen’s rules. Nothing queer about that I know. It’s just that the bloody captain doesn’t have the balls to shirtfront the anti poofters trying to get a game. Appalling bad sports. It’s a pity we can’t appeal to the third umpire.

And now he’s talking about booby traps and watering down past statements as though all the lies of the past few years were just batting with the breeze. I think he must have been hit with a bouncer while not wearing a helmet. Concussion set in and when he recovered he realised that there are real known facts in the world and that truth does matter.

During the short of a length Leigh Sales interview in which she accused the PM of low politics over his answers to questions during question time about Climate Change..

My God, I bet he felt like he had just copped one in the nuts from Malcolm Marshall. Bloody hypocrite. No wonder, a captain who bats at 10 is a cricketer’s arsehole.

And then during the lunch break he starts sprouting about climate change and our energy policy.

A sponsor from the old fossil industry suggested he should reconsider his direct action policy in light of costs of lighting up the ‘G.

The captain of the side said he didn’t have any plans for any more power than he had. We haven’t had a plan for a decade so there’s no real hurry. Anyway he said we would need an enquiry before proceeding. He needed to appoint someone like Joyce who could bowl spin on sticky wickets.

The way I see it is that the leader should disregard the conditions and just get on with the game but the problem is that there is so much infighting within the team. One past captain doesn’t believe that the game has passed him by and is just hanging around stirring up shit.

And then there are a group who have openly stated in the change rooms that they thought he was a little stiff at the time’ but there was never much length in his bowling. The feeling in the press corps is that the government leader will retire early rather that be embarrassed by an innings. Who will replace him? Will the former captain get a second chance to lead the team? Well given the team is full the worst performing lot in the the country has ever seen. He just might.

Mt thought for the day.

”Champions get up when they can’t.”

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  1. Terry2

    Well, well, a Newspoll survey, conducted exclusively for The Australian today reveals that 46 per cent of voters prefer a plebiscite on marriage equality while 39 per cent want politicians to decide the outcome, with 15 per cent undecided.

    What the The Australian doesn’t tell us if whether this exclusive poll informed those being surveyed that the plebiscite would be non-binding on the parliament and that many in the Liberal Party had already indicated that no matter the outcome, they would either abstain or vote against marriage equality. Also, that the cost of this opinion poll would be in the order of $180 million.

    What this does demonstrate is that a poll can be manipulated to achieve a desired result : through to the keeper with this one I think.

  2. wam

    T2. it looks like the recent plebiskite poll deserves the video revue, Perhaps many polls over the world have been manipulated by more than just disingenuous questions? Would rupert be deaf if they were??

    The pleb ask would be still a waste of money and the cause of much angst but if it is an end and the parliament abrogate their vote before the plebiscite then go for it..

    Lord, who is the champion who can’t but does? Malc invoked pig-iron?

  3. John Lord

    Wam, it is a reference to my observation over many years when teams or individuals seemingly against all the odds. When they are down for the count and amazingly get up to win. They are the true champions.

  4. Freethinker

    Nick Greiner said : “My view is the public expects governments to govern.”
    Really, how long it took your party to arrive to that conclusion?
    How long ago Turnbull said: Good government starts today?

  5. helvityni

    As I don’t know difference between the game of Cricket and an insect called Cricket….

    Reading online ABC news I saw picture of Turnbull and May at the Borough markets in London…
    The capture reads:
    ” Malcolm Turnbull said he and Theresa May had struggled to hold back tears at the scene of the Borough Market terrorist attack….”

    Who wouldn’t ?

  6. Möbius Ecko

    My dog, the Liberals are all attempting to rewrite the history of their origin at the moment.

    The best giggle so far has been Pyne, whose trying to have every which way, saying the party is progressive and conservative, which is why they have ruled for the majority of the time.

    What they all avoid mentioning is one John Winston Howard. Wonder why that is?

    If they are damning Abbott as being a non-centrist and too far right, then they equally must damn Howard, whose child Abbott is.

  7. Kaye Lee

    1,597 people voted in the Newspoll survey which made NO mention of the cost of the plebiscite or that parliament would STILL have a conscience vote after wasting hundreds of millions. In fact, the question wrongly implies that a plebiscite would remove the need for a parliamentary vote.;1043138249'

  8. Aortic

    Very clever cricket analogy John. My contention is that whether the present captain suffers a diamond duck or a golden duck in the end all he is is a lame duck.

  9. Jaquix

    Essential poll today is 54- 46% to Labor. Fact is, the Libs have not been ahead of Labor ever since the election 1 year ago.

  10. Freethinker

    Internal war becomes more intense and bitter with the opinions of grainer and Jeff Kennett
    “Former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett has unloaded on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, describing him as a failed leader and accusing him of showing an “appalling lack of political judgment” during his overseas trip.”
    Looks like that out there are many that are trying hard for the Liberal party to not win an election for long time to come.
    There is so much greed for power and control that their personal agenda is more important than the party and not to mention to try to govern.

  11. Matters Not

    Then there’s the issue of whether (or not) Putin et al were ‘engaged’ in the US election? Or whether Trump et al attempted to ‘engage’ same. (Yes I know the issue is so ‘yesterday’ in the minds of some.)

    It seems that Trump Junior at least had the intention to involve Russian contacts.

    At a critical juncture in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last year, his son Donald Trump Jr. met with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer who promised to share political dirt on Hillary Clinton. Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman at the time, and Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and a key strategist, also attended.

    … admission by Donald Trump Jr. that he had gone into the meeting expecting damaging information, and the episode is clearly grist for Mr. Mueller’s mill. As is a report Monday night by The Times that the president’s son had received an email saying Ms. Veselnitskaya’s information came from Moscow. But his shifty statements are also further evidence of how freely his father and the people around the president contort the truth.

    That there was no dirt to be found, doesn’t excuse the intention. (You know, yes I was trying to kill – but the gun mis-fired.) So there’s no problem? Intention doesn’t count if there’s no outcome? ‘Tis a curious view.

    But maybe not?

  12. Jack

    The captain has been on record saying he doesn’t care which team he plays for, just as long as he is the captain. He believes both teams bat/bowl/field the same way according to him and that he wants the viewers to simply judge based on who is the best captain

  13. Peter F

    Kaye, Thank you for posting the full text of the question. I wonder how many actually saw the deception? I am constantly surprised by the number who expect that a plebiscite would end the matter without a vote on the outcome of plebiscite. The pollster is a fraud on this subject.

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