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Day to Day Politics: Sartorial splendour or a proper dressing down.

In England just a few short weeks ago Prime Minister David Cameron was under pressure on a few policy fronts. As some do when they are feeling the heat they get personal. In this case he launched a petty, even childish attack on opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“Put on a proper suit,” he lectured the Labour leader. “Do up your tie.”

Tory MPs were in fits of laughter at Cameron’s dressing down of Corbyn. They thought it a great fun.

In the real world where real people don’t necessarily give a stuff about appearance his comments relating to sartorial spender went down badly. Clothes are not the measure of a man to them.

Corbyn responded by posting a quote by Albert Einstein on his official Twitter account.

The great scientist said: “If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes and shoddy furniture, let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas and shoddy philosophies.”

Now of course Cameron is an Eton boy, the upper class snobby type who belonged to an Oxford University secret society notorious for obscene initiation rituals and son of a multi-millionaire named in the Panama Papers tax avoidance scandal

jc I’m not sure how these things overcome the tyranny of distance, perhaps it’s the internet, but seemingly not to be outdone our Treasurer, Scott Morrison makes mention of Bill Shortens attire pompously saying ‘’ Bill Shorten up there in his ill-fitting suit’’.

Morrison is the son of a copper educated in the state school system. It is testament to how, once having gained power conservative politicians somehow elevate themselves to a status higher than their station in life.

Now it should be noted that most politicians have a problem with dress. None seem to have the ability to tie a knot effectively and Bill is a major offender. In fact he often looks like he has stepped out of a Union shop stewards meeting where there has been a bit of biffo going on.

However in Morrison’s case sarcastic pithy elitist criticism says more about him that it does Shorten.

Most of the punters could give a stuff about his tailoring standards. Morrison seems to think they do. Mind you conservatives thought the same about Julia Gillard’s fashion sense. Enough said I think.

And another thought.

“More people are hurt by false praise that honest critique”


PS Barak Obama is the height of cool when it comes to dress sense.

But clothes do not maketh the man.



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  1. Gangey1959

    Comments on dress sense from mr moronscum, who from what I have seen of him might struggle to run a bath……..
    Does it still say “Federal Treasurer” on his office door ?
    That’s a worry.
    (Maybe he could balance the budget by selling all those teeth)

  2. Jaquix

    Actually, Morrison’s suits look ill-fitting, sort of baggy and not hanging properly on his overweight body, yet Im sure Bill Shorten is too much of a gentleman to mention it to him.

  3. Robert LePage

    Scumo is a good example of the Peter principle at work

  4. kerri

    One of the most offensive “dressings down” of a politician I have ever encountered was Germaine Greer’s summation of Julia Gillard’s “fat arse” and Jackets. The woman who was once held up as the champion of women’s liberation and no great fashion muse herself, lowered herself to the lowest of the lows in denigrating a female politician and Australia’s first female Prime Minister who was doing more for women in Australia than the ex-pat with the “fat mouth”.
    Still when they pick on your dress sense it is clear they have run out of worthwhile argument.

  5. stephengb

    They say that you onow you them rattled when they resort to insult no matter how thinly valed by the pretence of jovial banter.

  6. Angry Old Man

    I don’t trust anyone who wears a suit.

  7. Möbius Ecko

    There are very few Liberals who can make a good let alone a great speech. Strangely enough Morrison once made a pretty good speech and then immediately went on to go against every good thing he espoused in it.

    Anyhow the link is to yet another good speech by a Labor leader.

    I sometimes wonder why Labor leaders and politicians can make so many good and the occasional great speech with the odd brilliant one thrown in, yet the Liberals rarely make a mediocre one with the even rarer good one.

    Says more than the cut of a suit.

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