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Day to Day Politics: Priceless. Men like him have never really grown up.

Tuesday 12 July 2012

I really couldn’t let this pass. You know when you are watching someone make a fool of themselves and you find yourself cringing.

Such a time was while in bed on Monday night Q&A. My wife was so affronted I had to quieten her down because our dog started going off its head.

Steve Price “radio and TV something or other” had been upsetting her for the entire program but at the very end of the program he displayed why he is what he is. A misogynist self-righteous belligerent sexist twit of priceless unthinking insensitivity.

Andrew P Street writing for Fairfax put it this way:

“he’s become so used to people criticising him that he pre-emptively expects it, to the point of hearing it when it doesn’t even exist.”

Anyway I had better get to the point.

The last question of the night, a genuinely heartbreaking one came from audience member Tarang Chawla.

“Male violence is a leading cause of death and disability for women under 45 in Australia. My sister Nikita was stabbed to death by her partner in January last year, with a meat cleaver. She was 23. How will politicians and the media play a better role in bringing about long-overdue cultural shifts, so tragedies like what happened to my family are not normalised?”

Priceless jumped in first:

“I happen to know all the people you mentioned there, Sam, Eddie and Caroline Wilson, very well,” he explained, before criticising people for overreacting to “a bunch of blokes laughing about something they shouldn’t have laughed about,” especially since they (sort of) apologised. “Far too much was then made of it… As for Sam’s comments, who happens to be a very good friend of mine, I think he should regret those comments that he made when going back into defend his great friend Eddie.”

The questioner was implicitly enquiring about men’s flippant attitude towards violence against women and all Priceless could offer was a defence of his mates for about drowning a Melbourne female journalist. Whoops, he said too much was made of it.

Guardian columnist Van Badham was having none of this.

With a sincerely quivering voice she let Priceless have it all guns blazing. She started by offering unpretentious sympathy for Chawla and his family, “and it’s one of the reasons why we have to take this seriously, and why we have to look at the different treatment of women, and the disadvantaged treatment of women in our society.”

Then she suggested that Priceless might have a rather different perspective on the hilarity of the joke from his position as one of the blokes compared with her, as one of the potential victims, Priceless got a little upset with her.

“Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re the only person who can get upset about this,”

It was at this moment that the audience showed its disdain and the look on Tarang Chawla’s face was priceless.

Priceless responded:

“Men can be just as upset about these things.”

Van Badham:

“Steve, you’re proving my point very excellently, about the attitudes that create this kind of problem,”

She really had the audience on her side at this point and the cringe factor was insinuating itself on the audience.

Like many men of his vintage like Newman, McGuire and others of their ilk who have never really grown up he failed to see the point.

“I don’t think I’m proving anything,” He gratuitously responded. “I think you’re just being hysterical.”

The camera went back to Badham who seemingly is never lost for a word. She paused with great dignity. The audience had just watched a middle-aged bigoted old fart dismiss a women for being “hysterical” while giving an explanation about how the dismissive attitudes of men feed into a culture of gender violence.

Then she delivered what must be one of the best put downs of all time.

“It’s probably my ovaries making me do it, Steve.”

All in all it was absolutely priceless.


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  1. kerri

    Van Badham is a true treasure! Her commentary is always well thought, progressive and inclusive. As for Price???????????????????????????
    Thanks again for your thoughts John Lord. To quote Kyran take care.

  2. Harquebus

    I don’t let fools like SP distract me. There are too many far more important things to worry about.

  3. jim

    And priseless and bandit said rabbit who’ve won the election ;shows just what evil prijks the LNP are,From SBS (The Abbott government has axed a $1 million scheme to provide seatbelts on school buses.)
    Source: AAP
    14 MAY 2015 – 5:15 PM UPDATED 14 MAY 2015 – 8:24 PM
    And this is just a drop in the ocean of LNP cuts coming our way.
    A federal scheme to provide seatbelts for school buses in rural and regional areas has been dumped to save $1 million.

    The measure was mentioned by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in his budget reply speech on Thursday night as an example of unfair government cuts which should be reversed.

    The Seatbelts on Regional School Buses program was created by the former Labor government in 2007 to improve safety on long-distance bus rides.

    In the six years to February 2014 it funded seatbelts on 412 buses.

    But the scheme, which has previously been praised by coalition MPs, will close on July 1 following Tuesday’s budget.

    Labor transport spokesman Anthony Albanese said it was an “absurd decision to end a scheme which has almost certainly saved lives”.

    The government’s total road safety budget will be cut from $25.4 million last year to $18.7 million in 2018/19.

  4. flohri1754

    John …. I watched that as it happened as well …. and was amazed at just how completely out of touch that “Priceless” was …. a fellow who is probably about my age, but so obviously someone (and his buddies) still living somewhere in the year 1962.

  5. paulwalter

    Yes, I like Van Badham very much and have observed her more in the line of fire of late…wasn’t Latham the most recent example prior to this?

    Badham should be given a fair go, not just because everyone is entitled to a fair hearing, but because she is intelligent, well educated, not excessively dogmatic and doesn’t go out of her way to offend for the sake of it. She is issues based, understands pol economy and “includes”, unlike some rad fem writers. In fact, that is another reason why she needs to treated fairly, she can see issues holistically and in a wider context, this “politics of vision” makes her good as a campaigner for specific issues because she has the added awareness of where most of these fit within a big picture.

    The fact is, that her rejection will only reinforce a disappointed retreat to separatism, something to be avoided at all costs certainly, if a curmudgeon like Price is the alternative.

  6. 1petermcc

    I’m so pleased I wasn’t watching it “live” in the interests of getting a good night’s sleep.

    Price looks like the befuddled old bloke at the family gathering that everyone is embarrassed by but no one pays attention too. Sadly he has a microphone and a gullible audience.

  7. brickbob

    Yes i saw the whole thing as well and i was left speechless,and if you ask my wife she will say thats almost impossible,
    Badham brilliant, Price pathetic.”””””””””

  8. babyjewels10

    You nailed it with the “never grew up” comment. So many men of this generation are still in the dark ages and they’re proud of it so nothing will change them. The sooner they die out the better. However, we have a lot of work to do on many of our younger men, who in many respects, are as bad or worse. We have a long way to go yet.

  9. Freethinker

    I just wonder why individuals like Steve Price are in radio, who are the people behind him that give the space, why are companies that advertise in his space or in that radio for that matter.
    I would not even invite him in Q&A
    He is one of many IMO and it is sad.

  10. kathysutherland2013

    Harquebus, the trouble with not letting Price distract us is that there is then too much danger of his flippancy putting the issue of domestic violence into the “there are more important things to worry about” category. Perhaps that’s what he wants.

  11. Steve Laing

    I must admit to finding a bit righteous in certain matters (particularly her continual denigration of and attacks on the Greens), but in this she was precisely on the button. “Hysteria” was once reserved wholly as a state of disorder for women, so it’s use by Price underlines he just doesn’t get it. He’ll be the guy supporting “All Lives Matter” and the right to be a bigot too. How he gets a media gig at all in the current age is beyond me. It also says a lot about the corporates like Holden who still support people like Eddie and his apologists. Good on Nissan for showing 21st century empathy.

  12. jimhaz

    Bla bla…I think both Price and Vandam are professional wingers.

    Nikita Chawla was killed by Parminder Singh due to jealousy (which is really possessiveness).

    As far as I am concerned joking comments by a few sports people have practically nothing whatsoever to do with DV. There might be a small link of less than 1% impact. I’d say more of the potential DV idiots would be angered by people like Vandam, and it is anger that makes these fools even more stupid.

    Eddie McGuire never suggested killing, he just laughed about her remaining under water due to past conflicts they and others have had with someone who is a bit of reckless firebrand at times.

  13. Sam

    A Price for Misogyny.

    Steve Price is as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside. He has a thin skin and has a chip on his shoulder.

    Price will never get it because he doesn’t listen and he never has; this fact he stated on his own show on 3AW many years ago. Price stated that at school his teacher said “Steven doesn’t listen and he is too concerned with what the other students are doing in classes.’ Or words to this effect.

    Price has always been a narrow minded bully with short attention span. He’s a joke as Political commentator; especially on The Project. So good on Van Badham for calling out this sexist “one of the boys” Neanderthal comments on Q & A last night.

    Well he does work for 2GB where all the old Misogynists Fly

  14. Wayne Turner

    Just another idiot working in the Main Stream Media – Know nothing Price who appears often on The Project.He’s a project alright.A special ed. project.

  15. kerri

    Jimhaz I cannot believe you actually said that!!!
    If a public personality suggests, publicly, that he would pay for an opponent of his to stay underwater and a “mate” agrees to do the holding, and that opponent is a woman then how do you not see that people of lesser intellect (and I am straining not to class you with them) percieve that as OK??
    Part of the social contract of being a public figure is to behave in a manner that sets an example for those who aren’t in your elevated position but wish they were. (Duh! Eddie says it’s OK)
    That is why when footballers rape and denigrate women it is held up as bad behaviour for the example it sets and the establishment of a public perception that that behaviour is acceptable.
    Eddie gives lip service to this as he has just demonstrated. White ribbon week is a token effort.
    Footballers who rape and assault are given a minor suspension and then allowed back as they “are too valuable” indicating their talent for kicking a ball is of more importance to their attitude to women.
    This is similar to the hush hush manner with which Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris were allowed to rape and molest young women and girls because they were “too valuable” as entertainers and fundraisers.
    Eddie has form.
    Newman is an out and out pig who has never been challenged on his “hilarious” appearances in blackface or with his minor appendage on show.
    Their egos outweigh their intellect.
    Their self regard means they will step on anyone to make a joke in their own favour.
    Their antics demonstrate their inability to be funny without putting others down!
    It is time they were kicked to the kerb along with Jones, Price, Sandilands and any other politically incorrect public person.
    It is a sad indictment on society when we hold up people who ridicule and defame others just to be popular!

  16. @RosemaryJ36

    I was horrified by Price’s comments and amused by his defensiveness. He will probably never grow up into the real modern world!

  17. Trun

    Have seen SP a few times only on TV, enough to notice he lacks a bit of empathy and compassion.
    Buddhists have a saying, something like:
    ‘Everything you say and do will be reflected back to you until you get compassion’.
    At first glance the saying sounds to be rubbish,
    then after a bit of self-introspection a bit foreboding,
    then with the passage of time just a great thing.

  18. diannaart

    John Lord

    Nailed it with: Like many men of his vintage like Newman, McGuire and others of their ilk who have never really grown up

  19. jimhaz

    [Jimhaz I cannot believe you actually said that]

    At the core of my view is that too many modern women want to be exempt from the consequences of their decisions or behaviour.

    Also joking seems to be dead – we are heading to the blandness of Orwell’s 1984 with this sort of misguided PC behaviour.

    [social contract of being a public figure]

    Corporates in sport are now sycophants to the facade of being seen to do the right thing and going over the top – why because it is a business and to not do so might mean a loss of their own position.

    Look I have no issue with respect training for sportspeople, but these social media outrages or witch hunts when they only make a verbal mistake are not good for people overall.

    btw.. I think Price is an awful person. I normally do not agree with him in any way.

  20. Ray

    Jimhaz your wrong on this occasion. Can I call someone a Black Cxxt. and that’s Ok?

  21. Neil of Sydney

    I think you people are seeing what you want to see.

    What i see is Price presenting facts. I get the impression that lots of things were being said about what went on and Price just wanted to set the record straight. Some inappropriate jokes were told and then they apologised.

    His main point was not to make a moral judgement but to state what went on

  22. Mark

    Hey Paulwalter – are you related to VanBadham by any chance. To suggest she is a good campaigner for issues is plain stupid.She is a sensationalist who doesnt let facts get in the way of her stories -

    And the offensive posts are a highlite of hers also –

  23. Matters Not

    Mark you provide ‘telling’ links.

    About you and your reading habits.

  24. paulwalter

    I don’t know if you are expecting me to read the Telegraph, but will leave it be since only intellectuals like your self actually grasp its sophisticated takes on current affairs.

  25. Harquebus


    Sick jokes are, as far as I am concerned, unimportant and the media beat up over this issue, is as I said, a distraction.
    Here is an example.

    “The propagandists who comprise the Western political and media establishments succeeded in keeping the real issues out of public discussion and presenting the leave vote as racism. However, enough of the British people resisted the brainwashing and controlled debate to grasp the real issues: sovereignty, accountable government, financial independence, freedom from involvement in Washington’s wars and conflict with Russia.”

    Despite the Vote, the Odds Are Against Britain Leaving the EU — Paul Craig Roberts

    People need to toughen up. Those who are hurt by words alone are weaklings.
    In regards to physical violence, in my opinion, perpetrators should go to jail. No ifs buts or maybes.

    I also have been on the receiving end of a severe bashing and spent time in hospital with my face held together with wires. Only one of the perpetrators went to jail for it.

  26. Neil of Sydney

    In regards to physical violence

    I think that is what Price was trying to say. They were not advocating violence. They said some jokes in poor taste and then apologised.

  27. Rossleigh

    Thanks, Neil, for pointing that out.

    Personally, I’ll put in fifty bucks if Neil will go down the slide

    Two hundred, if someone holds him down.

    But I’m not advocating violence.

  28. Rossleigh

    If you can’t take a joke, Neil…

    Just hold your breath until you have something intelligent to say.

  29. Rossleigh

    Sorry, was that in bad taste?

    Well, you already have my apology.

  30. The AIM Network

    Very good, Rossleigh. 🙂

  31. Sam

    Price and Bolt are crying on 2GB tonight. It’s all quite hysterical.

  32. Florence nee Fedup

    No one has taken in account the questioner who ask the question. I man I believe has seen his sister suffer. That alone makes Steve’s answer out of order.

  33. diannaart

    Price not accurate with his “facts”.

    Eddie McGuire did not apologise to Caroline Wilson until public pressure urged him to do so, he behaved just as belligerently with his comments regarding Adam Goodes. Price claimed McGuire apologised immediately. HE DID NOT.

    Don’t believe me? then google it and learn something.

    There was nothing “hysterical” about Van Badham, passionate, yes, heartfelt, absolutely and trying to make a point but stopped by Price claiming, “oh, look an hysterical woman I must control her”.

    Price interrupted Van Badham, he prevented her from finishing the point she was making.

    These are the facts.

    Don’t believe me? watch QandA and pay attention this time.

    @Florence nee Fedup

    I am just as guilty.

    At no time did Price express any compassion for Tarang Chawla and his deceased sister. Price was far too eager to run a defense for his dodgy mates.

  34. paulwalter

    Yes it was what in football you would call a professional foul, quite premeditated. Could you imagine the little grey cells starting up in the brains of the audience, were Plibersek and Badham to start talking about issues and policies and things?

    Brandis and Price had the shutters up and closed for business very early, so we got to find out a bit more about Hinch, Plibersek and Van Badham.

    Hinch had enough savvy to steer clear of Price, Plibersek again was a marvel of patience and Van Badham took the short pitched stuff from Price in her stride.

  35. Joe

    Price hates Hinch that’s why they were separated and Hinch was just happy because he’d just been elected that’s why he played it cool.

  36. Max

    Spot on diannaart !

  37. Jaq

    Florence Nee Fedup, Rossleigh, and Kerri, bravo!

    There is no room, no space for these outdated creeps in today’s society. Abbott did nothing to help women by his stupid and chauvinistic remarks and now all the boys club of the RWNJ think they can say and do anything without repercussions. I hope that the Project, after Price’s spectacular failure to make amends, not only to the women of this country, but to Tarang Chawla, whose sister’s death Price managed to trivialize, cancels his contract.
    Steve Price is on his 4th wife apparently. Are we surprised?

  38. Michael Taylor

    Did he really apologise? I just read on that he has no regrets on what he said.

  39. Florence nee Fedup

    Best is Pauline, who is demanding not a plebiscite but referendum. Want to enshrine the definition of marriage within the constitution so no one can come along and change it. She is also demanding the Family Court be dismantled.

    This from a woman who has been married how many times? doing well financially from each.

    Do they really believe that will put gay people back in their box, stop them from having families.

    All they are asking is formalization of the live they are living now. They would like to have choice of moving from a defacto relationship to civil marriage.

    They want formal legal protection for their spouses and children. These now families now exist, won’t go away whatever happens in the next few months or maybe years.

  40. Annie B

    Price is one of those narcissistic (*)ricks, who rely on publicity for ratings – for the people who pay him and his cohorts ( Bolt, et al ) …. and, as we are led to believe, “Any publicity is good publicity”

    Radio jocks THRIVE on it.

    As 1petermcc said ” Sadly he has a microphone and a gullible audience. “

    I hold no brief whatsoever for Price or his ilk. He chose the perfect moment on Q & A, to get everyone up in arms – for one reason only …… his – own – benefit …. to further his ambitions in radio broadcasting. To achieve the publicity and the ratings – – – – and he succeeded, didn’t he ?

    As for 2GB ? ….. they sure must have deep pockets to employ the likes of Bolt, Price and as far as I am aware, Alan Jones who I think is still working ( or spruiking – if that is called work ).

    Q & A leave much to be desired, in some of their selections for the panel. But then, they would not get the sensational, officious and arrogant ‘persuasions’, without them – would they. On the other hand, the audience ( and viewing audience obviously ) stood beside Tarang Chawla and the horrors he had been through, with domestic violence. So having a devil on the panel, could have made many think a bit more about this subject of domestic violence, which is evil and shocking. Oh – and Q & A like their ratings too.

    Ms. Van Badham had every right to reject his observations the way she did ….. if it had been me, I would have laughed harshly – right in his two sided face. ( that wouldn’t have garnered much support for Tarang Chawla though ).

    btw – hysteria is not restricted only to women. ( even though many men think it is ) …. it is a state of mind, it is a panic, outburst, agitation, loss of reason ……. and is not gender specific. Have ( sadly ) known quite a few men who are subject to ‘ hysteria ‘, as it is. And no doubt many more men and women will be subject to it. Besides which, as a true ‘ medical condition’, it is outmoded and outdated.

    The word would be used only by the truly ignorant ……. like Price.

  41. Florence nee Fedup

    Michael, was Steve doing his mate a favour by even raising the issue.

  42. wam

    incompetence of men. My darling was the principal of a senior high and the recurring theme for problem kids, our home was often a refuge, was the ineptitude and unreasonableness of the father.
    When pollies are in deep ‘s…t’ they go for a woman, note the poms.
    September he was going to go but bang ‘bye bye.
    Thatcher had many things going for her but especially(a tribute to your feminine side, lord) if you want something said ask a man if you want something done ask a woman'(had a good laugh at ‘thatcher’s final horcrux’)
    It would be a joke, rossleigh if you were referring to anyone other than the ‘neil’ because, with apologies to henry 11,

    ‘will no one rid me of this troublesome buffoon’

  43. mark

    Paulwalter ‘i provide links to stories on VanBaddam to illustrate her irrational background but you dont look at it because of the forum it is in. Very open minded of you. Typical of people who wont listen or be informed. Shoot the messanger rather than looking at the message.

  44. John Lord

    A lot of people miss the point that the men mentioned are repeat offenders. It is not as though an offence is being committed for the first time.

  45. Geoff

    I was really impressed with Waleed Aly last night trying to educate Steve Price. I think this is the way go with these types. Also with the likes of Pauline Hansen and even Derryn Hinch who isn’t that bright as he makes out. Your going to have to educate these people via the media.

  46. Sam

    I do recommend people listen to 2GB. I couldn’t sleep last night as my new breast implants were giving me some pain; It’s fascinating to listen to the types of callers. I’m sure you were listening Neil. Many it seem are unhappy about the Super changes. Lets hope Malcolm holds firm. Oh and they support Stevo and they all want Tony Abbott back as leader. Watch this space.

  47. Zathras

    Price (the Poisoned Dwarf) is an artifact of a past era that just won’t die – a time of white picket fences and when women and blacks “knew their place”.

    I recall when John Safran set him up with fake ecstasy tablets stamped with his radio station call sign and how easy he was to convince. It’s like he really wanted it to be true so it could reinforce his ingrained prejudices.

    Likewise, when he insisted he not only had a copy of but had also watched a video of Mark Latham “cavorting with a stripper at a bucks party” – something he later retracted.

    He was also once found guilty of vilifying gays on his programme.

    Now he really believes that the Abbott era was another golden age – the best since Howard.

    He’s probably a decent family man with his heart in the right place but like his other extremist radio contemporaries, a victim of his own blind prejudices.

  48. Florence nee Fedup

    Neil, the point is, it ain’t a joke. Women object. For decent people that should be end of the matter.

    Maybe Neil, you are saying women don’t have the right to object. Can’t see any other point to your comments.

    Neil, sensible people know when to shut up, when theyt realise the joke has gone too far, or not being received with glee.

  49. jimhaz

    [There is no room, no space for these outdated creeps in today’s society]

    Ok, that means that 50% of the sports fan base who cannot and do not wish to have anything to do with the toffed up standards of the Left mafia.

    You social facists sometimes need to accept that most people have had very different experiences and opportunities than those writing here or the Badham or Fords.

  50. helvityni

    We can’t say that men like Price are men of the past, after all they get invited on ABC’s Q&A..
    Now that the election period is finished, Jones most likely sees that his show needs a boost, and picks Price as the attraction. 🙂

    At least he allowed Tanya a bit more time, the time before Jones more or less ignored her…

  51. Neil of Sydney

    Neil, the point is, it ain’t a joke. Women object.

    My understanding is that lots of tings were being said about what was said. Perhaps some people were saying the jokers were for violence. I think Price was just trying to clear up what was said.There were some tasteless jokes and then they apologised.

    Apparently the question was a set up.Price was told he was going to be asked that question before the show and he agreed. He was not told the person asking the question had a sister who died because of violence. The ABC were trying to link bad taste jokes with violence which i guess could be true.

  52. The AIM Network

    Neil, typically that was one hell of a pathetic excuse. Most of your comments are bizarre, but to find excuses for someone who showed outward aggression to a female is disgusting.

  53. Ray

    Ok, that means that 50% of the sports fan base who cannot and do not wish to have anything to do with the toffed up standards of the Left mafia.
    You social facists sometimes need to accept that most people have had very different experiences and opportunities than those writing here or the Badham or Fords.

    Jimhaz/neil What aim is here is we know better now, and a public position we should trying to be better people.We know not all bad jokes leads to violence but some does.In public position we don’t denigrate women.Eddie Maguire and his passively aggressively put her down.We know that can sometimes lead to violence in all situations. Its all about doing what we know is right in public.Esp if your public person, Go for life and make dirty snide jokes with your mates privately

  54. Deanna Jones

    Price is not a relic from the past, who will die out, ridding us of the problem. He is a reflection of the present. Van Badham has since received online abuse and death threats for daring to challenge him. Shame on The Project for giving him yet more of a public platform to poison the discourse. He is not immature or ignorant. He and men like him play an important role in male hegemony and they are well rewarded for it. The fact is he is mediocre at best and he knows it. Gendered inequality is really ALL these types of straight, white men have going for them. Without that automatic privilege he would be nothing, therefore he and others like him have a vested interest in maintaining gender inequality and the biggest factor in the reinforcement of gender inequality IS the violence and the attendant violence-supportive attitudes. They know exactly what they are doing which is far more sinister than if they were merely ignorant. It is not an accident that he and others like him are allowed to hog so much of the oxygen. It is serving a purpose, it maintains male dominance and privilege and they don’t give a damn if that comes at the expense of women’s lives or physical safety.

  55. Dr Bones Snr

    I’m not a fan of Steve Price, like most of the known universe I stand somewhere to the left of his political and social position, however, the question put to the panel has been conveniently truncated in this article in order to disguise the fact that it was designed to attach comments made by Eddie McGuire to the issue of domestic violence, and particularly violence against women. Q&A is a main stream media production, it survives on ratings, and what better way to ensure ratings than to put a loaded question to a right wing misogynist clown and a feminist banshee.

    Random thoughts on this and related subjects –

    Violence, in all forms, is a blight on our society and focusing on a single part, not even the largest part, of the problem will not solve the problem. Men are more likely to be the victim of murder or violent robbery, women more likely to be sexually assaulted or kidnapped. It’s a universal problem with a universe of causes and the rantings of special interest groups has not, and will not, solve anything.

    Somewhere between 25% and 30% of domestic violence victims are men.

    McGuire and Wilson are in the middle of a long standing feud and Wilson can give as good as she gets.

    If Bickmore’s high horse gets any higher she’s going to need a parachute. For your information Carrie, there are more people dying from violent crimes than just female domestic violence victims.

    Aly’s attempts to score points via the origins of a word are absurd in the extreme. It’s only a few years since “gay” meant happy, I suppose it still does but not in general use.

    I’m beginning to feel some sympathy for Mr Price, we should be doing more for those with an obvious mental disorder.

    I don’t consider myself a feminist or a masculist (is that a word?), I’m a humanist, anything less and you’re part of the problem.

  56. helvityni

    Deanna Jones, the fact ABC has people like Price on their shows proofs that he’s not a relic from the past. I don’t know what happens on the commercial channels, but I seriously expect something better from ABC. People have to stop supporting the shock jocks and voting for people like Pauline and her ilk.
    Why do our PMs think they need to be pally with Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt ?

  57. James

    Twas funny how Price leapt to the defense of his Ocker rich and powerful matesl. These men are like a gang of Rich Ockers who are really boys who have never grown up.Emotionally they stay like children for the rest of their lives. Van Badham is a great role model for young women and young men too.As to be a feminist is to be a lover of Mankind.

  58. Alan Baird

    The Steve Prices of this world are simply paid minions. If they stand up for the oppressed it’s rare and usually for looks. They represent the wealthy and it’s a common well-paid gig to herd the great unwashed to vote conservative. They’re unrelenting and utterly mercenary. It’s weak. They have rich and powerful friends and know it. Hours are spent raging about “politically correct” in various scenaria, purely to create a new Right wing politically correct state of mind by manufacturing a “cringe” among the masses about showing concern for the powerless. The entire schtick of the Right is “Don’t bother getting sensitive about any thing around here mate unless it affects the perks of my rich and powerful friends. I then reserve the right to really fire up!” Witness Eric Abetz’s tender concern for the superannuation for the rich recently. Then contrast this with his attitude to industry super and the efforts made to “guide” the workers toward big-fee private super. However, he knows the media of the workers eg Terror and Hun will back him up. A seamless support for fleecing the masses. It’s great to know that they’re ALWAYS appalling and a knee-jerk negative reaction to anything they say will usually suffice and will nearly always be accurate.

  59. Justine

    Dr Bones Snr
    Somewhere between 25% and 30% of domestic violence victims are men.
    Where do these facts come from and whom are these perpetrators? And what is the DV rate against women ?

  60. jimhaz

    [As to be a feminist is to be a lover of Mankind]

    Fall under the spell of current herd behaviour favouring women more likely.

    If the expectations for women’s decision making are lower than that of a man then you actually have low level misogyny.

    DV is not an excuse for women to not make the correct decisions when needed, including partner selection. If they choose to fall for the steriod pumping brainless idiot who shows signs of possessiveness, that is their problem.

  61. Deanna Jones

    Bones the stat you posted is a blatant and baseless lie.

    jimhaz, what a stupid, offensive thing to say. Potential perpetrators do not come clearly labelled and they come in all shapes and forms. Your commentary is out-dated victim blaming. How about cautioning men not to abuse and kill their partners, instead of telling women to choose more carefully because if they don’t then oops, they’re dead, and hey that’s their problem!

    Women are favoured are they? 34 are dead this year, already. People like you and Steve Price prefer to conveniently ignore this because you rely on the privilege gained from gender inequality, inequality that is maintained through this culture of fear and violence against women. It benefits you so of course it annoys you when we speak out about it. Of course you blame women for being careless enough to let their partner kill them. You need this system, you need this inequality for the benefits it brings you. So what if depends on women being killed all the time eh?

  62. James

    It’s all about education mate. It doesn’t mean I have to take crap from anyone; male or female. Men just need to shut sometimes and really listen. Once they really understand the issues they can make more informed comments.Its not man vrs women issue in the end and visa versa.

  63. James

    It’s all about education mate. It doesn’t mean I have to take crap from anyone; male or female. Men just need to shut sometimes and really listen. I’m no sycophant for anyone. I just make informed choices whatever the subject or matter is.

  64. jimhaz

    @ Deanna

    It is not a world of what ought to be it is a world of what is. All I am really complaining about is the expectation that the problem is only resolvable by changes on the male side of the equation.

    I’m not trying at all to defend DV perpetrators, although there are a low percentage I would defend as some women are just simply awful (and I accept there are more awful males than women).

    The problem with solving the male side of the equation in terms of maximising DV prevention is that we just don’t have the money (and DV will always exist regardless of how much was spent). One first has to fix up the situation that makes the male (and sometimes female) into an insane person – not going to happen. I regard all acts of violence, outside of sport and necessary wars, as forms of temporary insanity.
    Often for the non-poor it would seem to be selfishness (represented as possessiveness or mistresses) or just plain psychotic personalities.
    Often young women are warned about the nature of their new boyfriends and pay no attention – they are attracted to the very masculinity that can turn into DV when relationship situations go sour.

    Like the males that commit the violence, the females also are subject to a lack of control over their emotions.

    I do fully accept that a gradual progression of “coercive control” may lead a woman to not take action early enough. Her confidence can progressively be cut to shreds.

    I also fully accept that too little occurs when DV is reported. I actually don’t know that occurs (often than it is far too often too ineffective), but it would seem to me that psychiatric tests should be mandatory for the perpetrator, and also breakup counselling for both parties.

    Those jailed for the more severe cases of violence and rape in my view loose rights to their own mind. I would force the modern form of electric shock treatment (then social education) to change the structure of their brains in the hope the thoughts that once lead to violence no longer arise. If released and they recommit in some severe fashion the next stop would be castration.

  65. James

    jimhaz Your the same as Price. Your not listening. One subject at a time. We sort the men then we enlighten woman about making better choices. And inform woman about men’s issues. Though its not a war. That’s why my statement; As to be a feminist is to be a lover of Mankind. Though the aim is for everyone to better informed.Simple stuff really..

  66. Dr Bones Snr

    Justine and Diana,

    You are both expert at extrapolating all sorts of arguments from the minutest input so I’ll leave it to you to do your own research. For a start may I suggest a poll to determine the percentage of men who have ever been hit by a woman and vice versa. I await the results with keen anticipation.

    I suppose by now you’ve decided, rightly or wrongly, that I must be a man and that makes me the enemy. Well I’ve been the victim of domestic violence, my ex partner could be very violent, culminating with a thrown carving knife embedded in the widow sill next to me while I was doing the washing up one evening. Catastrophic failure is the only appropriate description for the state of that relationship.

    We need more help for everyone in this predicament and it’s obvious to all that for many reasons women need support more often than men. However, until we address the underlying issue of violence in our society we really aren’t addressing the problem at all.

    Unfortunately this discussion will achieve nothing as, I’m sorry to have to tell you, we are all irrelevant.

  67. Bacchus

    Bones the stat you posted is a blatant and baseless lie.

    Deanna Jones – Try ABS 4906.0 – Personal Safety, Australia, 2012

  68. helvityni

    I have just been listening to Van Badham on Guardian, she is talking about the online abuse she been subjected to since appearing on Q&A.

    Un-bloody- believable, if you ask me.

  69. Deanna Jones

    Bacchus and Bones, neither of you understand what the legal definition of family violence is. You do not even know what we are talking about here. Why not read more, type less, and learn?

    jimhaz you want to defend some perpetrators because some women are awful or too emotional? You are very accepting of family violence, cést la vie. Do you even see women as human?

    Why is it that men never raise the subject of how victimised they are until we are discussing violence against women? It is a silencing tactic that has been used for decades. Doesn’t work on me.

    Helvi, yes she has received death threats for daring to stand up to her over lords.

  70. Bacchus

    Deanna Jones – did you even look at the ABS stats? I suspect you’re too tied up with your own preconceived ideas – perhaps it is in fact YOU who should read more widely?

    On one measure alone – partner violence since age 15, of 1,927,900 people who had experienced partner violence, 23.24% were men. You blindly call someone a liar, due to having the correct stats? Nope – just on your particular “view” of the subject!

  71. Annie B

    @ Justine ( and others here, who might be interested ) …. gives hours of reading on statistics involved in male DV vs. female DV, and breaks it all down into sections and categories. But it does give the answers.

    It is one HELLUVA long read, which I admit I did not go through entirely. But the stats. are there – – – if you really want a few answers. The site gives so much information, it is quite mind blowing. This post is to help, not hinder, you.


    @jimhaz ( July 14, 2016 at 12:49 pm ) …… your comments were grossly offensive.

    I applaud Deanna Jones reply to the particular diatribe you offered on that date and time.

    Your subsequent comment, in attempting to explain yourself, falls into disrepair, but I do agree with a couple of your assertions — psychiatric intervention for one, and if all else fails – castration.

    However, your assertion “the females also are subject to a lack of control over their emotions.” ( describing women only ) falls into the too often scene of how men actually see women, from only their own viewpoint.

    ” It’s a woman – it is being hysterical or over emotional.” would, I believe, be the view of many a male opponent.

    Have you not ever seen a male being ‘too emotional’. I have. Not pretty. But it certainly DOES happen.

    So it is best that men do NOT point fingers at women on the subject of emotions.


  72. Annie B

    Maybe some here are saying that men do not have emotions ? They do – and they feel, but when their emotions get out of whack, they can and often do, resort to some form of violence ( physical, verbal and mental ) because they have been taught it is not ‘manly’ to show emotion in any form. Not excusing women who lose the plot when over-emotional and angry ( that certainly can and does happen, frequently ) ….

    There needs to be some form of proper education, at primary through to high school and beyond if need be, as to the effect emotions can have, the effect of retaliation, the effect of proper responses in difficult domestic ( or other ) situations, and more importantly, that all human beings see one another as equals. Including the good and the bad. Warts and all. Accepted.


    @ Bacchus.

    I won’t dispute your assertion of 23.24% of men who receive violence at the hands of – women, or possibly offspring, or street violence. But let’s just go with 23.24 % of men who are subject to violence against them by women ( partners, mothers, sisters, wives ). Of 100% of violated persons, that is less than 1/4 of the unfortunate violated. 3/4 of the violated population, by your own admission, are women, or perhaps we could include in that more-than-75% the much maligned, often hated and baited, gay & transexual people.

    If you want to further your discourse on this, perhaps you should find out the exact number of males, females, children, babies, under 16’s, over 18’s, and numerous other various states of humanity, to prove your points.

    But you adhered to the subject – men vs women – in the matter of domestic / physical violence. Would love you to explain the enormous difference you proferred, that being over 75% women, just under 25% men.

    Actually the percentages should be ZERO on all counts.

    But that is not likely to happen too soon, is it ? Not without forward education in the FAR-seeable future.

  73. Bacchus

    I won’t dispute your assertion of 23.24% of men who receive violence at the hands of…

    Except that WASN’T my assertion at all… Annie B – According to the ABS stats YOU refer to, 23.34% of partner violence is against men, NOT 23.24% of men are subject to partner violence. If you want to look further, when it comes to partner emotional abuse, the figures say 36.3% of people on the receiving end are men. Dr Bones Snr’s figures are probably quite close to the truth (not much else they said was, but that’s not the point).

    Deanna Jones called Dr Bones Snr a blatant liar without recourse to any facts whatsoever – that was the only problem I had.

    I agree with every word Van Badham spoke on Q&A, and agree that the major part of the DV problem lies with the misogynistic attitudes promoted by dinosaurs like Price, Mcguire and especially Newnam.

    However, IF you restrict yourself to defining the problem incorrectly (it’s just a problem with men), you have no hope of arriving at a solution to the problem. Read and analyse ALL of the evidence, not just those bits that suit your own narrative…

  74. Annie B

    @ Bacchus ….

    As you very well know, I did not ‘restrict myself’ to defining the problem incorrectly – your statement clarified in brackets “it’s just a problem with men” as though that is what I meant. … WRONG. …. It is not JUST a problem with men, it is an across the board human problem which involves men, women, bully children in school yards, ( male and female ) … siblings, religious cults ( comprising male, female, off-spring etc. ), non-religious peoples, boozy families, criminals, illicit drug users – – – – it’s a world wide thing.

    As for calling me out on figures. If you re-read your comments above, it is semantics …. the 23.24% thing – what you have attempted to correct in two ways, is just a repeat of one another. However, if Dr. Bones Snrs’ figures are correct – and ” 36.3% of people on the receiving end are men.” …. ( and that does not qualify if it is solely women who are dishing this out, or whether it involves street and pub violence as well )… and taking into consideration a 100% figure of people ‘on the receiving end’ of violence, it still shows a marked difference between men being beaten up, and women being the remainder of those beaten up.

    Which for women is a little less than 2/3rds – as against a little more than 1/3rd of men. Perhaps men are better able to defend themselves – they are after all physically stronger, or are supposed to be.

    To a young student, presented with apples and oranges in different baskets, on the same math principle, the student would have to make a decision as to which of the two baskets held most of one fruit. Basic maths. Would not be difficult to work out.

    I would suggest you take note of your own recommendation – ” Read and analyse ALL of the evidence, not just those bits that suit your own narrative… “ and apply it to yourself.

  75. Max Gross

    “A misogynist self-righteous belligerent sexist twit of priceless unthinking insensitivity.” Now THAT really is proceless!

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