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By Keith Antonysen

If you want some hope of a future for your children you will not vote LNP – in my opinion – in the coming Federal election, or any other conservative group. The LNP will try to push the view they are being responsible in relation to climate change; official emission figures show otherwise.

The main matter what counts from my point of view is climate change. If no strong policies are promoted by governments around the world, then ultimately humans and the biosphere are stuffed.

Australia has been a trend setter in the past, except the LNP are ruled by the extreme right and “innovation” is a dirty word. The LNP main policy is to line the pockets of their mates it seems; and blame Labor, blame Labor and blame Labor. The LNP have held government for over 5 years, it gets a bit thin to blame Labor.

In relation to climate change the LNP seek to fire up the oceans and atmosphere through promoting fossil fuels.

Climate change is no longer an academic projection into the future; we are witnessing horrendous events around Earth and in Australia.

Matters of concern that are happening:

  • Warming oceans, probably a more important matter than an unstable atmosphere.
  • Insects dying
  • Bats dying through being unable to cope with heat
  • Birds dying
  • Soil fertility being reduced through industrial farming
  • Aquifers and other water resources diminishing
  • Increase in blue green algae
  • Kelp beds being lost
  • Deforestation
  • Biodiversity generally being reduced, above examples being a few of many
  • Sea level rise
  • Instability of ice sheets and glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland
  • Glacial breakdown generally
  • Severe erosion
  • Coral reefs breaking down
  • Permafrost thawing
  • Pingos exhausting methane
  • Wildfires
  • Extreme weather events causing loss of livestock and crops world wide

To vote for the LNP is downright dangerous, Labor is more inclined to listen, and in the end hopefully act.

The Adani mine must not go ahead, nor extensions to other coal mines.

It will be Labor or the LNP which form the next Federal government. Hopefully a good number of Independents and minor parties will be elected, and Labor will form government.

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  1. James Mason

    Hopefully people will start to realise that THE GREENS are a party that has been talking about these issues for decades .. look up their website .. it’s the ONLY party that has listed it’s platforms .. Independents are good idea IF you actually know what they are supporting ..

  2. Rosemary J36

    James Mason – voting for the Greens begs the question – will they get enough seats to even influence government?

  3. New England Cocky

    @James Mason: Given the Greens’ attitude to the evacuation of legal refugees from Manus and Nauru to Australia for necessary medical treatment, I am re-considering my position on the Greens. The present Greens’ leadership gives a strong reminder of Meg “Little Black Hen” Lees, destroyer of the Australian Democrats to please her Liarbral Party boy-friend. Dr de Natale appears to be filling her historic shoes for no good reason except petulance.

    The Notional$ retain power because there are sufficient politically uncaring rustics in rural electorates who still believe Menzies that the “Reds are under the Beds”. In contrast, the Greens’ supporters are spread out across all electorates so that the Greens may poll more total votes than the Nat$, but insufficient in enough electorates to win the election in any of those seats.

    Wake up Greens!! …. remove the Liarbral Notional$ from government BEFORE you attempt to replace the ALP as representatives of the working classes.

  4. guest

    The Coalition has made a complete mess of everything, from inferior NBN to removing PMs when they said they would not, to faking responses to climate change, to lying profusely and pretending to have an energy policy when they don’t (their claims about meeting the Paris Agreement is an illusion).

    Meanwhile, the propaganda media machine is screaming madly as if in its last frantic effort to be heard. It is the thrashing about of a dying business model. On the one hand, today’s Editorial says, we must take seriously the facts of climate change but at the same take into account the costs of such action, so with carbon emissions mounting we must be allowed to flog off our coal, worth billions, for decades to come. It is about the money.

    So if it is a matter of costs, what is the cost of cooking the planet?

  5. Josephus

    The Greens were stopping up loopholes in the Medivac Bill, Cocky- hardly petulance! Yes, read their policies… some fossilised voters seem to think Greens are Communists or are not a legal Party- one commentator to The Australian paper advocated shooting them! Such is the level of debate these days.

    Already a large number of insect species are dead or dwindling; without them many of our food sources, many birds and other creatures will disappear. Population grows, food and clean water diminish ( fracking, mining etc). Resource wars such as over clean water will surely diminish our numbers. Meanwhile Germany, erstwhile promoter of ‘Climate Europe’, opens new lignite mines at home while importing coal from several countries, including from us .

    Is nuclear power the answer? Problematic… in the 1950s French and other technocrats dreamt of a nuclear power industrialised world. Others dream today of colonising the Moon or Mars, or of mining asteroids .

    Icarus/Lucifer falls: founding warning myths of our greedy civilisation.

  6. Keith

    New England Cocky

    My first reaction was the same yours; but, listening further it was clear that the amended Medivac Bill proposed by Labor would have been worse for refugees. Labor amended the Bill in good faith I believe, but Labor was persuaded by the Greens their amendment was not in favour of refugees needing urgent medical attention. It is an indication that Labor is willing to listen, which provides an example underpinning my argument that Labor is more willing to listen than the stubborn LNP. Labor believes that anthropogenic climate change is happening; though they are not overtly trying to scuttle Adani, sovereign risk being given as an answer.
    Such a response is suggestive of the you beaut “Free Trade Agreements” created by the LNP being a weapon which can be used against Australia it would seem.

    The Greens undoubtedly have by far the best policy on climate change; but, they will not be forming government. The IPCC states we have 12 years to get fossil fuel emissions under control; emissions are still going up. The IPCC is very conservative in the recommendations it makes; so, a major tipping point could be reached before 12 years has elapsed. Such a major tipping point could be an ice free Arctic Ocean. Taking into account the break down of Arctic sea ice since 1979, a 10 year + – time frame for an ice free Arctic Ocean is not a radical prediction though providing radical consequences.

    In the past externalities thrown up by the environment have not been picked up by Economists; we are now experiencing the difficulties of not taking into account environmental matters. The wholesale loss of insects; for example, would be a terrible situation, the red flag has been waved. The underlying circumstances for insect loss have been know for a good time.

    Huge new coal mines will have a very adverse effect on the Earth’s carbon budget. If more Greens are elected that would be good, if Liberal “Independents” also are elected that would be fine by me provided they support strong action to reduce climate change; and provided Labor gets elected. The need will be for Labor and the cross bench members to be lobbied very hard.

    Now when elections are held there are several candidates vying for a seat, a candidate to gain a seat needs to have a healthy first preference vote to remain in the running through the preferential vote counting stage. It is for this reason I believe that Labor need people to give Labor their first vote. For the LNP to win government it would be a disaster from a climate change point of view.
    We are witnessing the huge negative effects of privatising the energy market at present. Privatisation has mainly been promoted by the LNP providing a monopoly for International interests. Good economic managers .. nah.

    By the way, I’m not a paid up member of any political Party.

  7. Shaun Newman

    New England Cocky, quite right, and Dr Di Natale goes from middle of the road “Right-wing” to extreme Left-wing” he is all over the shop. Stated platforms are one thing, but what the parliamentarians say sometimes can be quite another. I usually vote Labor in the House and Green in the Senate, as a brake on power, however, this time I’m inclined to vote Labor in both.

  8. Bronte ALLAN

    Well said Kieth! I agree with all your comments about this inept, flat earth, climate change denying, obscenely over-paid, lying, so-called “liberal/country party”. The entire body of this sad & sorry lot should be put down. It is the only fair & reasonable thing to do, under the circumstances! As far as the Slo Mo & ALL of his mates are concerned, climate change is a “nothing issue”, & if there is anything “wrong”, then, of course, blame it on the Labor mob! Like they do for anything else they can think of, the bastards! As for the Greens, whilst they talk about lots of “serious” issues etc, in my opinion they seem to side with the bloody liberals, when it suits them. The Labor mob are at least trying to do some good with climate change.

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