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Climate Change, Beyond the Capacity of Politicians

By Keith Antonysen

I’m absolutely fed-up with politicians not doing anything in relation to climate change; their policies make them more dangerous than the terrorists we are meant to be worried about.

They lie, they cheat and obfuscate. It has been recognised at COP25, Madrid, that the Australian government has not been reducing fossil fuel emissions as they claim. The Umpire has caught them out. Volunteer firefighters are not even being equipped properly, arguably they are the most important people in Australia at present. Firies around the world through first-hand experience regard climate change as having an impact on the severity of fires. Politicians, on the other hand, are driven by their ideology which sifts through information from experts and cast it aside.

Exporting fossil fuels from Australia has global consequences through extending the strength of extreme natural events.

The Australian government promotes self-regulation; an irony, as they are unable to regulate fossil fuels themselves.

If you wish to commit crimes against humanity you take the Morrison and Albanese policy of business as usual. Currently, we are at a state where we are playing Russian Roulette. Here in Australia, we have had huge floods, huge bushfires, the largest river system breaking down, and drought. The greenhouse gases created by the bushfires has been estimated to be almost half of Australia’s budget and we are only just into summer.

The science informs us it is not going to get better in the future should we continue with a business as usual paradigm.

Our children are expendable, making dollars in the short term is more important than our children. Politicians and fossil fuel executives are showing a careless attitude towards their own children.

Think that’s hyperbole … just take notice of what’s happening in other parts of the world. For example, think about what has happened to Victoria Falls, it now runs at a trickle. Greenland is another example of what is happening to the environment, humungous amounts of ice is melting. Or, you could take notice of permafrost breaking down and what that entails.

Taking into account what is happening in Australia and every other continent, it is very hard to argue against anthropogenic climate change. If you disagree, then please provide data that contradicts what is being picked up on a daily basis by satellites showing the effect of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere. If you still disagree, then get drunk and addle your brain further.


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  1. ajogrady

    Australia! A nation of boiling frogs. By the time the people realise that they elected their own form of hell it will be to late to change anything.
    If a government is a reflection of an electorate then Australia is a country predominately full of obscurantists, impostors, cheats, crooks, swindlers, bigots, racists, spivs, liars, con artists, thieves, charlatans, traitors, betrayers, deceivers, Judas, bribers,fraudsters, cheats, phoneys, fiends, sadists, ghouls, neanderthals, ignoramuses, simpletons, fools, morons, dimwits, regressives, counterproductives and mostly I’m alright Jack arseholes.
    The L/NP governments success is its ability to go from one failure to another with no loss
    of enthusiasm or any conscience.
    History will look upon the last 50 years of the failure of the Fourth Estate the same as we look back at the Dark Ages.

  2. Jennifer Demas

    Keith Australia is here to day thanks to the unfettered power of the media tsar and moneyed corporations, their journalistic fraternity always was and will be at behest of the duo. See the masses can only act on what they being force fed by the media tsar and moneyed corporation then journo Alan Rushbridger, “… journalism has failed climate change…”. Come on it’s not that hard to figure it out how Australia was snookered when Australia was being prepared for 21st century, price on carbon “… will cost jobs…”, digitisation “… Australia does not need such…..”, educating for 21st century “it’s not a money issue it’s the teaching…”, better deal for the natural resources, “…sovereign risk…” and in Australia where the media tsar hoovered up print/screen/radio, and created the Da Vinci of toxicity, divisiveness, laden with prejudices anywhere it can be mined, scare mongered to the nth out of any semblance of price on carbon, print/screen/radio every orifice well and truly covered and stuffed to the point of exhaustion then herded to the ballot box once again the masses caved scared into compliance.

    The tsar treats Australia like the family farm, he decides the what, who when and what a wake up call and realise that the journalistic fraternity never was, or will be in the words of journo John Swinton, “There is no such thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You all are slaves. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express and honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know before hand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper, I am connected with. Others of you paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinion to be printed in one issue of my paper would be like Othello before twenty-hours hour. My occupation would be gone. The man who would be foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting another job. The business of New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon and sell his country and his race for his daily bread of for what is about the same – his salary. You know it and I know it and what foolery to be toasting”, yep for aeons the masses trusted, albeit mistakenly, the force feed of “ freedom…independent…” go figure, jeez were the masses, as any semblance on climate change or 21st century well and truly snookered had big time.

    So in closing Australian journalistic fraternity, should stop it, basta, enough with the self absorption of self importance and self righteous indignation on press freedom time to fess up, own their co-creation and product out come, they miserably failed climate change and any semblance of 21st century they took the voters trust and sold it for a song without so much as a by your leave. Finally, again the voter can only go on what the force feed is by the indentured journos so it’s time for Australia to toss that cool-aid of press freedom, it always was at behest of, for, and by the media tsar and moneyed corporations. Time to by pass the toxic, divisive media dialysis machine print, screen radio and social media web pages, as they use the data/circulation to do us and future generations over before it’s way way way to late if not already, if not for us how about for future generations as past generations did for us against the toxic behemoth of the duo.

  3. Sir Scotchmistery

    @ AJ your capacity to malign the entire population of Australia needs support.

    The “I didn’t vote for them” is gormless bullshit peddled by folks who will berate one for talking politics and religion at the dinner table where many of our minds are made up.

    Like it or not, when a couple of adults sit with their parents, who have voted liarberal all their lives, you can guarantee that was because the grandparents did.

    The school strikes, held up as a dreadful thing by those nonces of the liarberal party, are our only ray of hope, as a planet. When the naysayers who should have been turned into Soylent Green 20 years ago, are all dead, it will be the Greta Thunbergs of the age who will be required to pick up what the old white men of ALP and LNP, two sides of the same coin at the end of the day, in the absence of another Gillard (who was by no means perfect), have left.

    We need a woman at the helm, with the capacity to do more than for her country, than make the tea, as is the case with LNP women in general. Not one original thought in the last 40 years among them, including Bischoff.

    Where is the next Jacinda Ardern? Is there one here? One can only hope,.

  4. wam

    You can lump scummo and albo into the same ball as is the mantra of the extreme parties but the climate change screamers put scummos inept mob into power and albo cannot risk another defeat by having anything to do with narrow nose and climate.
    It is fairly certain that my family deniers cannot understand the carbon cycle, has little idea how coal is formed and no memory left (if they ever learned it at school) of anthracite, bituminous. lignite or peat and believes climate change is a natural process over a very long time. The ‘temperature’ of core samples give succour to deniers. Thar’s two to the deniers plus the media and nil to greta. I had hoped the melt and the pope would change minds but the micks don’t even know the function of the pope saying at the same time climate change is god and the pope should only talk about church issues.
    Poor old albo desperately needs some of the nz glaciers to melt. So he can move. Until then he can just sit and get screwed by the loonies, fitzmonkey and the coal lobby.

    He has the economy and workers wages to attack scummo but has he the guts?

    Perhaps the greedy slimey committee of gillard is his millstone. He could suggest that the unions ally themselves to that tribunal and take their judgement as to pay increases.

  5. Jack sprat

    In the late 70’s I voted for waltzing Matilda to be our national anthem as then as now i thought it best reflected the nature of our politics. In the song the powerful thief the squatter who stole the land illegally is aided with the help of the law to come down heavily on the swagman who needs to steal to satisfy his hunger. Every Aussie knows the song but few see the hypocrisy in the lyric as big thieves such as squatters are revered here .

  6. Andrew Smith

    Deeper issue of many Australians, not all, is their deep seated conservatism and embrace of the status quo, especially as we age in increasing numbers and catered to and/or manipulated by media, political and corporate PR.

    Germans I know have stereotyped Australians for years as being ‘shallow, conservative and racist’ while for British it’s ‘arrogant, aggressive and nationalist’ (since Brexit they have caught up).

    I see nowadays British, American and Australian identity merging into self obsession or promotion, respect authority, fear, preachiness and incapable of joining any logical thoughts or sentences together.

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