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Class warfare!

By Bert Hetebry

Headlines repeated the line endlessly, the cost-of-living crisis, again, again and again, ad infinitum.

So real action is taken to address the cost-of-living crisis on a number of fronts, but the main measure was to make amendments to the stage 3 tax cuts which were to come into effect on 1 July.

Need we go through it again?

All people who earn money will pay less tax from 1 July 2024.

Easy. Good, fantastic.

Apparently not.

The Australian Industry Group has asked the fair Work Commission to include the effect of the tax cuts when considering the size of the next wage decision.

How grossly unfair that a person struggling to pay rent and buy essentials should not only pay less tax, but should the fair work commission deem that because of the impact on inflation, they should also get a pay increase. HOLY MOLEY!

At the same time those earning around $190,000 per year are still going to pay less tax and get the CPI increases or whatever protection they enjoy in their employment contract, and we are told by the National’s leader, David Littleproud that the tax cuts are nothing less than class warfare.

Try telling someone struggling on the minimum wage that an income of $190.000 a year is not a lot. The minimum wage is $23.23 per hour, $882.80 per week, $45,905.60 a year, less than a quarter of $190,000. According to Mr Littleproud his constituents earning around $180,000 to $190,000 are doing it tough and should get the tax cuts under the original stage 3 legislation. He does fail to point out that they will be getting a slightly reduced tax cut, about four time in dollar terms that of a person on the minimum wage. besides, the lower income earners got tax cuts under stages 1 and 2 of the tax system and should be happy and stop bleating about the rent increases, mortgage increases, price of groceries and the cost of a beer.

Class warfare!

That’s what it is! Nothing but class warfare!

Again we see that politics is being played with empty rhetoric, slogans that imply something good is really something bad.


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  1. John Hanna

    Littleproud seems to forget that most faaarmers have family trusts that allow them to income split to avoid tax especially when they have a good year. They pay minimum tax anyway and all their farm expenses (including fuel subsidy) are fully tax deductable even the lease on the new Merc and the fuel to run it. His constituents are well and truly subsidised by the rest of us.

  2. Phil Pryor

    Little prong is such a windup childish toy, ranting about events which have been horribly worsened by that deficient bowelite bunch from Howard to Morrison. In 1996, we were all bowling along, the world seemed to have some peace, balance, prospects, but.., what big logs of brownbombs hit huge fans of broadscale coverage from then, with the country party bunch always getting preferred cover, help, assistance, bounties, tariffs, deductions, legalisms, rorts, whining and dining…Littleprong is a greedy spoiled brat, living well, copping plenty from taxpayers, covered by the greatest media maggot we’ve ever had.

  3. New England Cocky

    Littleprick likes to hear his own voice, especially when defending his extended family’s theft of MDB water during drought. Still, the broad acre farmers on the Moree Plains black soils only have to get a harvest in 3/5 years to make a ”good” profit, thanks to all the favourable taxation concessions that they receive.
    When you consider that LIttleprick and Beetrooter are considered the ”most competent” NOtional$ pollies, then you can understand how the declining wool market is now controlled by the foreign spinning mills rather than wool producers. but that is OK because there is likely more CSG gold under his two ”grazing properties” that will be serviced by his enormous support for the unfinancial Northern Inland Railway (NIL) to the export Port Gladestone.
    But wait, there’s more ….. did you notice how the NOtional$ all rallied around the other Scummo innovations like Robodebt, jailing legal refugees off-shore without proper medical services or remaining silent when Scummo became the first democratically elected, Royally Appointed Dictator of Australia holding the duplicate Secret Seven Ministries?

  4. Clakka

    Littleproud, little anything. Nothing but an off-line bank teller. What a pathetic joke (but true), “I joined the National Party at 6 years old.” Not so much of an independent thought to rub together. Both his father and grandfather were members.

    After becoming a fall guy for droogs, in 2019 after 3 children and 20 years of marriage his wife left him.

    Tested intellectually through all his attempts at pretending to be a nice guy, the article’s headline picture reveals the true seething, hostile mess that is Littleproud.

    There’s no question he has no charisma and little natural ability, and barely the endurance to being pushed and shoved and instructed by the grandees and those of Chinchilla, Maranoa and the MDB, and exists as a babbling time-bomb ready to explode at any time.

    For an off-line bank teller, he may be able to add and subtract, but anything further than that appears to be a mathematical challenge substantially affected by ideological bigotry.

  5. JulianP

    @John Hanna.
    Agreed John.
    Agrarian socialism has a long and productive history in Oz – pretty much since Settlement.

  6. GL

    On first view of the photo I thought it was Mike “Religious Nuttery R Us” Johnson, then I saw Honest Angus…oohh, it’s Littlebrain having a childish fit about something.

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    Littledick, littlebrain, but lots of bullshit and confected outrage. Just look to his left and there sits his mate Angus who is a great supporter of carbon capture, which according to his erstwhile leader Abbot, doesn’t exist because you can’t smell it, see it or touch it or feel it. A front bench populated by fuckwits and charlatans.But probably the title goes to the screechy Sussan Ley, quick to shoot her mouth off about the tax cuts and then as quickly discover she shot herself self in the foot.

    Bring on the next elections.

  8. Canguro

    re. Abbott and disbelief in carbon capture because “you can’t smell it, see it or touch it or feel it,” based on those sensual criteria you could also argue that God doesn’t exist yet the bone-headed bicycler supposedly has an abiding belief in the ol’ fella up there in the clouds. A lovely aspect of human belief systems, that capacity to carry opposing views on matters that ought to align by virtue of the arguments proposed.

    Our senses don’t register something … ergo, it doesn’t exist! A position like that at this current stage of the human experiment would seem to belong to that section of the herd still firmly wedded to a preference for remaining blissfully (or angrily) ignorant. I suspect that would included many politicians.

    You can’t see, smell, touch or feel the reality of the quantum world either, yet all modern communities have enormous reliance on the technologies developed as a function of the evolved understanding of what goes on down there at the smallest scales of physical reality. As do, so I’ve learned, many of the operations in play that support biological life; quantum scale mechanisms in sight, smell, taste, discrimination in sound reception, and even thought.

    I have zero expectation that we’ll ever see a political class of whatever stripe finely attuned to these nuances of existence.

  9. GL


    All the Mad Monk could smell was his own ego and macho manly scent.

  10. Harry Lime

    Littlebrain is one of the many in the Lying Nasty Party to have failed to graduate from the School of Ridiculously Slow Learners,like Susssssssan Elastic Mouth and Dogshit Dutton.Did I mention Jamlands Taylor.? The stench from the Liar’s reign of self interested incompetence and graft persists.The turd from Dickson might as well merge with the red headed bigot and get it over with.Who would be leader? Difficult question.

  11. Fred

    While the federal pollies have an “independent” Remuneration Tribunal to set their wages, they still have a direct hand in determining part of their take home pay by legislating the tax rates and allowances they have to pay/receive or negatively gear, which could be considered a conflict of interest.

    Unsurprisingly, a federal MP’s base pay of $225,742 (PM = $586,930 & Spudly = $417,623) puts them in the top tax bracket. As only a minority have ever had to struggle, the majority are in a league a long way from and without any understanding of the life of a minimum wage earner.

    Given Little-to-be-proud-of’s “silver spoon” upbringing and tax bracket, dog whistling about “class warfare” might resonate with others of the cohort, the rest of us should simply tell him to “get real” and effoff.

  12. LambsFry Simplex.

    Nah! Sussssan Ley’s chatter yesterday about her impending impoverishment at the same idiot level as Little-mind and thought of the people camped on the beach off Gaza.

  13. Terence Mills

    A matter that has been nagging me follows the issue the other day which necessitated an article being taken down on this website.

    I’m not taking issue with the action taken by AIMN as, in the circumstances, it was quite reasonable and prudent. What does worry me is that it would seem that a Newscorp publication saw fit to take a photo of an Australian family from Facebook or Instagram without approval (apparently) and to publish this in a national publication supporting a political hit job they were engaged upon.

    I’m sure that we all have family photographs on social media sites and what I find disturbing is that it seems that these can be plucked arbitrarily, published and possibly subjected to ridicule and humiliation without our permission or approval.

    Does this concern anybody else or is it just me ?

  14. Canguro

    Quite possibly just you, Terence. People who swim in the various shark-infested pools collectively known as social media surrender their privacy. A bit like that woman who got attacked in Sydney Harbour the other day, or other victims at various points around the coastline… if you don’t want to get bitten by a shark, don’t go in the water.

    Self-evidently and barely worth noting after the passage of several decades but the advent of the internet changed everything; suddenly we could all become kids in the knowledge lolly shop; everything seemed possible, and mostly was, until we discovered that the net was also the perfect honey trap for a multitude of nefarious activities; misuse of the technology became as common as the more prosaic pursuits and nothing seemed more innocent than signing up to FB or any of the other so-called social media sites where every bit of personal information that is uploaded is then covertly scraped for commercial gain by the providers.

    A clumsy analogy; a bit like the unstoppable spread of cane toads across the northern Australian landscape with their toxicity that kills their prey…it may take thousands of generations before it registers that the toads are poisonous; perhaps we’ll see a similar dawning of awareness that social media is a pool of blackwater sludge populated by piranhas & flesh-eating bacteria and learn to stay away.

  15. Terence Mills


    Already the Kookaburras up our way have worked ou how to handle the cane toad toxicity and stil get a feed : they turn the toad over and feed from the stomach.

    Following the analogy, perhaps we need to put Rupert on his back and stick a sharp object in his guts.

    Interestingly, Victorian MP Georgie Purcell has received an apology from Channel Nine who had digitally enhanced a photo of her as she noted :
    “I endured a lot yesterday. But having my body and outfit photoshopped by a media outlet was not on my bingo card, note the enlarged boobs and outfit to be made more revealing. Can’t imagine this happening to a male MP. What gives?”


  16. LambsFry Simplex.

    Terence Mills, your suspicions are shared by meself.

    A little bit of communication from the ABC and the government on Gaza alone, and you incidentally wonder, a little more dialogue and less silence might even have helped the Gazans avert their latest Nakba.

    I think the silence has been deliberate and repressive.

    It seeks to draw attention away from
    shadowy, real criminality and a fair questioning of something through a combination of fear and an information void.

    Openness and accountability might have helped the government and ABC management, to name two, who seem to employ this tactic, it is sort of computer style, a little like robodebt…very “command”. The human element removed, there is a vacuum, no way to reply.

    The Germans did “Nacht und Nebel” (night and fog) in ww2 and I think Terence brings up this problem as it exists in our time. Nacht und Nebel- “night and fog” also relates to “Sturm and Drang” overt terror like Gaza, but the rest of us know of nacht und nebel, because it also designed to create the “fog” of uncertainty- fear obligation guilt- thru an information vacuum against a context of armed goons looking on. if you don’t “get it” the way they “get it”.

    Marcuse talked of “repressive tolerance” back in the sixties during Vietnam and this seems to apply today, If I’m right.

  17. Terence Mills

    Do the so called rules of war say that :

    Rule 303 : as an occupying force you may dress up as a doctor or other healthcare professional and follow your injured enemy into a hospital where he is recovering and shoot him in his hospital bed.

    Does it actually say that ?

  18. Fred

    TM: Article 12 of the First Geneva Convention forbids such action. From https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/en/ihl-treaties/gci-1949/article-12/commentary/2016?activeTab=undefined paragraph 1341 “…Qualifying as wounded or sick in the context of international humanitarian law requires the fulfilment of two cumulative criteria: a person must require medical care and must refrain from any act of hostility. In other words the legal status of being wounded or sick is based on a person’s medical condition and conduct…”

    Israel have justified the murder of three men Muhammad Jalamnah, Muhammad Ayman Ghazawi and Basel Ayman Ghazawi, who was undergoing treatment, by saying: “…Jalamnah was a ‘Hamas terrorist’ hiding in the hospital. Two other terrorists who were hiding inside the hospital were ‘neutralised’ along with him… …Jalamnah planned to carry out a terror attack in the immediate future and used the hospital as a hiding place and therefore was neutralised.” Apparently their conduct was bad.

    It’s amazing that Israel knows what and when the terrorists are going to do. Where is the evidence backing this piece of spin up?

  19. New England Cocky

    @ Fred: The Mossad could discover the location of three alleged Hamas heavy weights in a war zone during live action, but could NOT learn about the growth of alleged Hamas tunnels and armament procurement over a decade of ”peace”? Now which government was paying QATAR as the agent for Hamas??
    Forgive my scepticism.

  20. Frank Sterle Jr.

    Ironically, one has to be very wealthy in order to not have to pay income taxes. Especially in corpocratic Canada and the U.S., it seems that the superfluous-wealth desires of the few, and especially the one, increasingly outweigh the life-necessity needs of the many. And our corporate news-media deem that ‘unfit to print’.

    Perhaps the unlimited-profit objective/nature is somehow irresistible. It brings to mind the allegorical fox stung by the instinct-abiding scorpion while ferrying it across the river, leaving both to drown.

    Corporate CEOs will shrug their shoulders and defensively say their job is to protect shareholders’ bottom-line interests. The shareholders, meanwhile, shrug their shoulders while defensively stating that they just collect the dividends and that the CEOs are the ones to make the moral and/or ethical decisions.

    The more that corporations make, all the more they want — nay, need — to make next quarterly. It’s never enough. Maximizing profits at the expense of those with so much less, or nothing, will likely always be a significant part of the nature of the big business beast. … Still, there must be a point at which that inhumane corporate practice can/will end up hurting big business’s own monetary interests. One can imagine that many living and healthy consumers are needed.

  21. Fred

    NEC: But why didn’t the Israelis simply arrest them or detain as POWs, rather than murdering them? Unless the troops have been illegally ordered to “eliminate”, which would explain why 3 Jews waving white flags were killed by the IDF a little while ago.

  22. Terence Mills


    I was being cynical in referring to Rule 303 – it refers to Harry (Breaker) Morant who was asked by a British Court Marshall under what rule or right did he kill the men (captured Boers) and he answered that he shot them under rule 303 meaning the Lee Enfield .303 rifle issued at the time. His meaning being that he shot them because he had the means to do so at hand and that was all the authority he needed.

    It seems that the IDF are operating under Rule 303 in Gaza and the West Bank.

  23. Fred

    TM: I wasn’t sure which way to take your “Does it actually say that ?”. What bothers me is 1) the brutality of the IDF, 2) what appears to be a concerted effort to utterly destroy all structures in Gaza, 3) genocide of the Palestinians (whether by disease, starvation, bombing, sniping, dehydration, etc.) and 4) Propaganda that “justifies” the actions taken in 1 to 3. It’s almost like they have a large PR team, to white-board the various incidents as they happen, that comes up with the spin.

  24. Terence Mills


    The IDF are acting like the feral branch of the Corleone family.

    As you said, they could have arrested these men and placed them on trial for their alleged crimes .

  25. Canguro

    re. ‘the brutality of the IDF’, there will be hundreds of thousands of images and video pieces testament to this charge – from this latest round of killings – to be archived and available for viewing by virtually anybody for a long time to come. Israel has lost the PR battle, badly, and this will be a major contribution towards making the lives of all Jewish people, wherever they live, more difficult. On the supposition that anything that happens does so because of the fact that everything that precedes feeds into the formation of that event, it’s difficult to argue that things ‘could have been otherwise.’

    The mindsets of Israeli politicians and military commanders are what they are, the emotional states also, along with the never-ending demonisation of the victims, and thus they are getting what they deserve, plus extras, just to ensure they never ever again threaten the lives of Jewish people. Fear & aggression, aided and abetted by a powerful military arsenal and a carte blanche licence to slaughter.

    Murdering a grandmother leading her grandchild to safety; what could possibly have motivated the sniper to consider this an appropriate target?

  26. LambsFry Simplex.

    Good to see the foreign minister signal a return to aid for Gaza, with the lives of 400,00 people’s lives in jeopardy, numbers we haven’t witnessed since for eighty years.

    Unless it is another dirty distractive trick

    Elsewhere, Sofronoff, of Brit Higgins notoriety, again unmasked as stooge for the monstrous Albrechtsen. Far worse even than the IPABC.

    Cousin It and Anderson do seem determined to follow a path of folly determined to ape mindless Murdoch follies and I long the day when the Meeja minister gets off her butt and finally pulls them back into line.

  27. Fred

    Canguro: Your link – absolutely sickening. Then again so is the fact that 2/3rds of the 25,000 Palestinians killed so far were women and children.

  28. Centrelink customer

    I am a jobseeker abused and robbed by Services Australia. Services Australia applied two different illegal debt schemes to force me into debts.

    Instead of a formal review decision, they sent me a fake review letter titled “Objection decision reached”. The decision was made by an anonymous “delegate or authorised officer” not an authorised review officer (required by law). A formal review decision must include a direct phone number of the decision- maker. I could not even discuss the decision as the phone number was missing.

    In addition to the debts, Services Australia included over $4000 of my Rent Assistance (over a year period) I was fully eligible for.

    This week I received my Jobseeker payment notice with new debt recovery deduction. I applied for a review of my last debt letter (Rent Assistance) in mid July and have not received a formal review yet. I don’t even know whether a review has been conducted.

    This is my 3rd year in a row paying debts forced on me by Services Australia.

    In late 2022, I asked Senator Janet Rice for help. She forwarded my report of illegal debt scheme to Senator Mehreen Faruqi and Senator David Shoebridge. They did not help me at all. I contacted Senator Janet Rice again, but she did not help me either.

    Last September, I provided Senator Janet Rice with a copy of the review decision made by an unqualified person. I only received an automatic reply not a formal response. I really would love to know the reason for not responding to my report of illegal debt schemes.

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