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In case anyone doesn’t think you get accurate information here: Just reposting what I wrote last month.

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But just in case it doesn’t work, anyone remember this from May

Ok, I normally write satire. But also I’m ridiculously well read and I know people who know things. Sometimes people take me seriously when I’m writing satire and laugh at me when I’m being serious.

For this post, I’ll let you work it out for yourselves. A very reliable source has just recently told me that Malcolm Turnbull will lead the Liberals to the next election. The first image of Turnbull I saw after this titbit was this:

Note the hi-viz vest. Now, as we all know this is the well known garb of those with aspirations to lead the nation. I mean, did you ever see Peter Costello in one? So I had to give the tip some credibility. After all, when he was dumped as leader, Turnbull announced that he was leaving Parliament then he changed his mind. Given he didn’t need the money, and given he allegedly disagrees with almost every policy that the Abbott Government is pursuing, one has to wonder why he’s being such a good little soldier and saying, yep, direct action, yep, no to gay marriage, yep, we just love the Monarchy and, of course, we don’t need no NBN.

Then I started to search the Internet. Why did Turnbull stay?

Howard Convinces Turnbull to Stay In Politics

Ah, so John Howard -a man also dumped as Opposition Leader – convinced Turnbull to stay on. Mm, why would Howard want a man like Turnbull to stay on? After all, for two Liberal politicians, their views are almost diametrically opposed. Still, Howard was a canny politician. He may have seen it as handy that the Liberal still had a man that the latte-left would like. (I’m drinking Chardonay, atm, darlings, so I can say that.)

And today we have this:

Howard Questions Cuts To Family Benefits

In the midst of all this criticism, Howard fails to completely back Abbott for making the “hard decisions”????

Very interesting!!!

So has it all been planned? Let Abbott win the election, do the dirty work, have a coup, and go to the next election with Turnbull doing a mea culpa and saying we went too far and promising to wind some things back.

Mm, I thought, I have noticed the odd article in the Murdoch Media slightly critical of Tony over the past few weeks. Actually, a couple of them were downright nasty.

When I suggested to my source that Abbott would surely object to this, he laughed. (Unless my source was a woman, in which case, she laughed! I try to be inclusive…)

“Tony wouldn’t know if his arse was on fire until he was told, and even then he’d have to check with Credlin.”

Yep, you’re right it’s just satire. I promise. I don’t have a source. I’m making it all up.

And when it happens…

Yeah, it was just coincidence.


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  1. John921Fraser


    Ya can't fool me RossLeigh.

    I know what you have written is the truth and I can only admire your "deep throat" sources inside the "So Called Conservative Party".

    The MSM tried to fool me by saying this was "satire" …. but as soon as I saw it I knew it was the truth :

  2. Stephen Tardrew

    It’s bloody obvious Ross. Why the hell are the shock jocks in panic mode. Why meet with Palmer knowing full well what would happen. Turnbull is a political animal. There was an article in the Brisbane time which finishes like nothing to be seen here. I will say it clearly Tutbull is there for one thing and Howard knows it. To pick up the pieces when Abbott eventually goes bottom up. Not too long now methinks.. Poor old Turnbull is going to be left with a lemon and a front bench of ignorant immoral emotionally- stunted retards. Oh my what a shame. God I try to be even handed.

  3. Nuff Said

    Beware, Ross, of becoming a Bob Ellis in the realm of political prediction. Liberals don’t knock off their sitting PMs.

  4. Kaye Makovec

    Totally agree but the timing will have to be right or people will still avoid the LNP and vote for somebody else, who also got more votes than Abbott 🙂

  5. Stephen Tardrew

    Nuff Said: They have before and it Tony gets too toxic he is gone. They are pragmatists when it comes to power.

  6. paul walter

    Testing, here without crashing.. that will do me!

  7. Murphy

    ‘So has it all been planned? Let Abbott win the election, do the dirty work, have a coup, and go to the next election with Turnbull doing a mea culpa and saying we went too far and promising to wind some things back.’

    Mirrors the Rudd to Gillard coup to a tee so far. Two PM pensions per election cycle now is the norm, oh goody.

  8. corvus boreus

    Closing 2 lines of monty python’s universe song spring to mind. Thanks for the perspective, Stephen. The limitless of the cosmos is so mind-bogglingly comforting.

  9. Carol Taylor

    Abbott, in grovel-mode as always, was prone to say that his intention was to bring back Howard’s ‘Golden Age’, adding that Howard was his ‘mentor’. But was he? As far as I can recall Abbott was only ever part of Howard’s B-Team, useful as an attack dog but inclined to stuff things up by statements which were far too confrontational (and catholic) for Howard’s taste. Howard’s choice was Turnbull and Howard used Turnbull to good effect especially when he wanted to point the rude finger at Costello, that there was an up and coming Treasurer waiting in the wings.

    The punters had Howard as an odd-on favourite for the GG gig, then Abbott snubbed Howard around election time. Had Howard outlived his usefulness to Credlin/Abbott? Was the GG gig in the bag for Howard, expected at very least? And is it now pay-back time… All pure speculation of course.

  10. CMMMC

    The Young Lib brat-pack are indiscernible from the Mad Uncles.

    That is the current state of affairs and Turnbull does not figure in this travesty.

  11. Nuff Said


    Nuff Said: They have before and it Tony gets too toxic he is gone. They are pragmatists when it comes to power.

    Are you thinking of Gorton? That’s the only example I can think of in our modern frame of reference. If so, I don’t think he’s analogous.

  12. Clive

    Nuff Said:

    There isn’t any precedent to the lies, deceit and abject ruthlessness, of the current Government.
    Their attack upon the 99%, is breath-taking. I believe that at this point in time, all bets are off, in regards
    to any *traditions* the LNP may have, re the changing of leadership, during this sitting parliament.

  13. Terry2

    Interesting to see photos of the Liberals before the blue tie era came in : do you think the blue ties were a directive when Abbott took over the leadership ? I find that scary.

    Personally, I have a lot of time for Malcolm, he fits my ideal of a statesman yet to be revealed.
    I do wonder why, if he is hated so much within the Liberal Party does he bother to hang around. He’s not like the rest of the frontbench, he’s a self made man, wealthy, well connected and talented. I think any politician of the Right who is prepared to stand up and put Jones and Bolt back in their boxes has some attractive leadership qualities.

    I have to assume that he does have leadership ambitions and perhaps he can afford to watch and wait for Abbott to completely self-destruct. Interestingly those who are in the know seem to think that the contenders for leadership would be Hockey (perhaps) and Morrison (never, ever !).


  14. Kaye Lee

    Initial thoughts are that they couldn’t afford a leadership spill because they went so hard on Rudd/Gillard but the more I think about it, who would be upset if Malcolm took over? Everyone would fully understand that getting rid of a rabid dog is in the benefit of the community. We would all breathe a huge sigh of relief, and perhaps we could get back to a Parliament that presents and discusses ideas with a view to negotiation rather than just slagging each other off which you can’t hear anyway because Bronwyn won’t shut up.

    The only reason anyone would want to keep Tony would be an extremely selfish desire to win. Let’s all get sensible and help Malcolm get rid of Tony with the added bonus of getting someone who will muzzle Bolt and Jones.

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