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Buyers remorse for the voters of Wentworth?

As our intelligence services warn us about the increasing risk posed by far right groups, the Liberals are doing a full court press to warn us about “far left lunatics”, kicking off with our Home Affairs Minister who later ridiculously tried to say he was referring to ISIS when we ALL know he was talking about GetUp.

Amanda Stoker posted on Facebook “Sensible Australians are waking up to the hysterical, divisive and unethical tactics of GetUp. Please help everyone understand what they’re all about by sharing this article from today’s Australian far and wide!”

Member for Wentworth, Dave Sharma, eagerly complied.

Well said Senator Amanda Stoker 👍🏼

“It’s relentless harassment and intimidation designed to psychologically crush and scar the target. And it’s wrong, yet Getup trains and directs people to do it.”

I’ve been on the receiving end of such tactics myself … it’s nothing more than bullying.

Sharma also did an interview with Chris Kenny complaining about how he was being persecuted by GetUp and the ABC.

His constituents seem unimpressed with Sharma’s “poor me” attitude and expressed their disappointment with his personal lack of performance.

The following is a selection of responses from Mr Sharma’s Facebook page:

“I thought you would be a centralist but obviously I was naive Dave Sharma. I voted for you and it looks like I made a massive mistake. Mr Turnbull was hounded by that paper and company and maybe that is why you’re always posting Sky interviews, so you don’t face a similar fate.”

“Agree. I’m in the same electorate. He started out as the nice guy with posts about the environment, now he attacks the organisations that would stand up against the inaction of this government. Adaption is no solution.”

“I wondered how a seemingly clever person would want to stand for a government where he had little chance to succeed in his foreseeable future. ( This was at the time of the elections) Unfortunately now I can see the road he is taking and it certainly it isn’t the one that I was hoping he would take.”

“Yes I was hoping for a more centrist approach as well, tired of the extreme right of the party shutting down discussion.”

“Dave why are you spending so much time worrying about GetUp – you’re just proving that they are succeeding in rattling you and others in the LNP.

Also, don’t you have better things to do with your time? Like respond to concerned voters in your electorate who are contacting you about your Government’s complete lack of any realistic climate change action plan? That’s what we want to hear from you. We cannot see any leadership in your party on this. Can you please focus on doing your job?”

“100% agree. I’ve talked to many others who have emailed his office on climate action, only for everyone to receive a copy-pasted stock reply two weeks later, responding with vague platitudes. And no wonder, he seems to spend all his time moaning about getup and the ABC”

“That’s what I got in response to my written letter as well. Also, Dave why did you lie on Sky News this week about not being aware of QASU after they met with you only days before? It’s one thing to disagree respectfully but, as your Wentworth constituents, you at least owe us the courtesy of not lying about our contact with you. You are meant to be our MP and representative in Government. At least we know your true colours now, and we will spread the word locally and get organised now so Wentworth voters know for next time. Thanks!”

“Dave, why are you giving your time to small minded Newscorp media hacks please? Can you at least try to pretend you are a serious politician?

We want to see actual policy discussion not just negative take downs of concerned voters in your electorate. I and many others support what QASU are doing. We are lawyers, teachers, academics. We are not the “usual suspects” or a “ragtag” bunch. How insulting you are.

Not good enough.”

The people of Wentworth hoped for a lion for climate change action. Or perhaps a Solomon wise enough to convince his colleagues of the risks.

Instead, they got a mouse who meekly runs with the rat pack.

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  1. David Evans

    Yet another one of morrisons miracles not working out?

  2. totaram

    Oh dear! Poor old voters! Taken for a ride by the usual crooks – once again!
    Don’t these people ever learn? This government is only about fooling you enough to vote for them. After that it is “see you suckers”!

  3. Patricia

    They got what they deserved. They knew what the Morrison government was like, they knew that Morrison was a control freak and controlled everything that came out of the mouths of liberal politicians. Now they cry and gnash their teeth that they did not get what they expected.

    Of course they didn’t, because Sharma lied to them during the run up to the election and they bought it hook, line and sinker.

  4. crypt0

    Oh dear … a Lieberal lies and they voted for him …
    Never mind petals, you’ll have forgotten all this by the next election and then
    you can go and do it all over again,
    They sound like your average quiet ‘strayan voters to me.
    Which of course is why we’re in the terminal mess we’re in.

  5. Roland Flickett

    Look at Morrison’s face in that photo. Wouldn’t you LOVE to snot it?
    Is Sharma saying ‘This is my prime minister!’ by any chance?

  6. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye.

    How on earth could ISIS be considered to be left-wing? By anybody at all? Even by Mr. Potato Head? Give me strength!

  7. Kaye Lee

    I dunno Kate. I can only tell you what he said.

    “….if the proliferation of information into the hands of rightwing lunatics or leftwing lunatics is leading to a threat in our country, then my responsibility is to make sure our agencies are dealing with it and they are.”

    Asked by the ABC to clarify whether when he referred to leftwing terrorism he meant Islamist groups, Dutton said: “Yes, I do and anybody in between.”

    “You can use leftwing to describe everybody from the left to the right.

    “I said today, I don’t care where people are on the spectrum, if they pose a threat to our country and want to do harm to Australians, then they are in our sights.”

    I think J Edgar Tuber is just a low-grade copper with a grudge – an aging Young Liberal with a growing hatred of pretty much everything. His first speech in parliament gave us a clue….

    He said in his time in the police he saw people who “barely justify their existence in our sometimes over tolerant society” and complained about “grossly inadequate sentences being delivered to criminals”.

    His dead eyes are scary.

  8. Kate Ahearne

    Sorry, Kaye. I didn’t mean to imply that I doubted your reporting. It’s Dutton who challenges my capacity to believe. Yes, scary eyes.

  9. Kaye Lee

    I didn’t take it that way Kate and I did kind of verbal him to a degree – hence the proper quotes to be fair.. He is such a weirdo that I have to really restrain myself from the ridicule I would love to throw back at this man who my mother would have called a “tin Hitler”.

  10. Kate Ahearne

    He’d be so fetching in one of those Hitler-era military hats. Photoshop, anyone?

  11. Phil Pryor

    Morrison is a merdy, merdivorous, merkinlike, moronic misfit, mendacious, malicious, maladjusted, mediaeval, and, a complete maggot. (or is it incomplete??) We have never had such a crew of crooks, crims, cruds, cranks, crawlers and cretinous crapbrains in office…

  12. Kate Ahearne

    Gosh, Kaye! As if by magic! Wow! Yes, exactly like that!!!!!! Straight to the poolroom with this one!

  13. king1394

    And to think the voters of Wentworth could have had Dr Kerryn Phelps, whose quality as their representative they had had the opportunity to experience. No, too many rusted on Liberals.

  14. Merkin Wetback

    Phil Pryor

    I take exception to you likening Morrison to a Merkin.
    He is too follicly-challenged.

  15. paul walter

    Well said Kate Aherne.

    Merican Backpack, don’t you think you are being a little harsh on Phil?

    He did, after all, get most of it right as to Morrison.

    Mind you Morrison has his bad points, too.

  16. johno

    Sharma, the word pathetic comes to mind.

  17. Merkin Wartspite


    Sharma was preselected because he was
    – not a woman
    – not a gay woman.

    Otherwise It would have been Abbott’s sister.
    Those are the facts.
    I’m not being racist, sexist or homophobic.
    I am absolutely none of those things.
    I am just being objective. It is the Liberal Party which is ALL of those things.
    Otherwise, I concur with your assessment.
    Wentworth used to be represented by Hewson, didn’t it?
    Ah, how good does Dr John looks these days, eh?!

  18. Kathryn

    Bending down and allowing MorriScum to sh*t all over you, Sharma? It’s called Karma, Sharma!

  19. Geoff Andrews

    Well at least the good folk of Wentworth didn’t have any effect on the outcome of the election – not like those central Queensland morons who lost the election for Labor whose dynamic campaign & charismatic leader could have swung the result if they had have been..

  20. totaram

    Merkin W: I don’t know when Sharma became Jewish. He may be an Israel-lover, but then so is Narendra Modi. Sharma is an Indian Hindu brahmanical name, as far as I know.

  21. Kaye Lee

    Sharma was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1975, to a Hindu Indian father and a Caucasian mother. His family moved to Turramurra in Sydney, in 1979. Sharma’s mother died of breast cancer, and he was raised by his father.

    He did very well academically but chopped and changed a lot – natural sciences, law, medicine, international relations – some of which he finished and others he didn’t.

    Interestingly, from 2004 to 2006 he served as the legal adviser to Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer. The Timor-l’Este bugging was in 2004.

    Sharma is chairman of the board of directors of Shekel Brainweigh Ltd, an Israeli technology company. (Update, he advised he resigned from the board on January 23rd this year). Sharma is reported to be helping a number of other Israeli technology companies to enter the Australian market.

    In May 2014 Sharma caused a diplomatic incident by meeting with the Israeli Housing and Construction Minister, Uri Ariel, in Israeli government offices located in occupied East Jerusalem, resulting in a formal complaint from the chief Palestinian UN negotiator to Julie Bishop, the then Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, that the meeting may be deemed as aiding and abetting … illegal Israeli policies

    Dave was also apparently responsible for Morrison’s ill-thought out, and totally unprepared for brain fart about moving our embassy to Jerusalem. Our diplomats and military did not know and freaked out when they heard.

  22. Jack Cade


    Sharma’s religion and whether or not he was born Jewish is irrelevant. The general feeling was that a significant percentage of the Wentworth electorate are Jewish and would be enough to swing the vote.
    Interestingly enough, it seems that many Jewish people are not pro-Israel, because it is not anti-Semitic to be turned off by an Israeli government which appears not only to approve of apartheid but actually practises it.
    But the Zionists have made ‘anti-Israeli government’ into Anti-Semitism.
    I have always understood that the Palestinians were Semitic too, but you wouldn’t know it from the media.
    Plus, of course, as you almost suggested, being a Jew from choice does not make you a Semite, just as being a Catholic convert does not make you Irish, Italian, or even Rwandan.

  23. paul walter

    It is slick stuff, the integration of someone like Sham-a into the Australian political system.

    I can sense at least five eyes watching down from on high with sly satisfaction.

    The world system is more and more Brezhnevite “command”, leached of the best of democracy but superficially the same as a generation ago.

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