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Both must go, or Morrison will pay the price for eight years of scandals

It is true that in law Christian Porter has no case to answer. To be brutally honest, it is now non-existent.

The criminal case against Porter is not weak. It is now non-existent. The complainant has not made a police statement, cannot be interviewed as she has died, the alleged offender has denied the allegation; there is no forensic evidence, no witnesses, no crime scene and no CCTV.

Having no case to answer, and as a consequence, is what Scott Morrison will use as his defence of the man.

He will say that there is nothing of substance to put to him. All of this is correct and irrefutable, but even in Scott Morrison’s saying there was no need for an inquiry, public opinion for one remains full of anger.

Morrison was well supported by The Australian, who in last Saturday’s online edition led Porter’s defence with no less than five headline articles on its front page.

“Rape stalemate threat to PM’s agenda”

“Unreconcilable teenage memories”

” ‘Get Porter’ a media disgrace”

“Grotesque political saga ignores principles of justice”

“The pile-on over Christian Porter will prove to be the defining test of Scott Morrison”

(All of these articles are paywalled).

In contrast, a first-blush view suggests the following media outlets support an enquiry into Christian Porter’s fitness to remain as Attorney General:

Porter is another example of the government’s method of scandal management, Crikey


Has Christian Porter been subjected to a ‘trial by media’? No, the media did its job of being a watchdog, Pearls and Irritations

The week that will never go away, The AIMN

If he did it
‘Just imagine for a second…’, The Monthly

Morrison’s response to the allegation against Christian Porter raises uncomfortable questions, ABC News

As do The Greens, Labor and the Crossbench.

This obtuse statement can adequately sum up public opinion:

I don’t judge people, but I do form my own opinions, of course.

Anyone who cares to watch “Inside the Canberra Bubble” might also conclude that Porter’s long history of predatory behaviours, adultery, lying, manipulation and political treachery makes it reasonably straightforward that an inquiry is necessary.



Those like me who argue for an inquiry are not seeking to have Porter institutionalised. We just seek greater clarity of what happened when Porter was 17, what has happened since, and is he suitable to serve as Attorney General.

Are we to believe, as he repeatedly said at his press conference, that “it just didn’t happen” or are we to imagine that it did.

Writing for The Monthly, Rachael Withers puts it this way:

“But just imagine for a second that it is true. Just imagine that for a second. The flip side of Porter’s statement applies also to the people who believe him wholeheartedly, because this is what so many in the Coalition and the media seem unwilling to do. Imagine if a teenage Porter once forced a drunk 16-year-old into oral sex, kicked and choked her, and then anally raped her when she passed out, leaving her bleeding and ashamed. What would it mean if such a man was allowed to remain attorney-general of this country, without so much as an inquiry?”

Life is about perception. Not what is but what we perceive it to be.

How do we find the truth when Rossleigh makes this point and many others in this article for The AIMN:

“So let’s deal entirely in hypotheticals here, but let’s keep them non-party specific so that we can establish the general rule and then look at whether or not there should ever be an exception. Let’s give Christian Porter his time off and accept his statements at face value and believe him when he says that he has never been made aware of any of the allegations at any time and he strenuously denies them even if he has never been made aware of what they were except by Scott Morrison who hadn’t read them either but somehow knew that Christian Porter was the person to ask about the allegations of which neither of them had the specifics.”

Canberra is where the Australian government should be working with its total concentration on what is best for the country.

Instead, it seems we have a cesspit of politicians whose focus is entirely on themselves and their egregious conduct, who with little attention paid to governing the country, are presently squirming like maggots desperately trying to disclaim responsibility.

The dishonesty and the muddiness of the political mind is commonplace, and we’ve become used to it, but the abuse and the molestation of women is not normal.

But it seems the males who swagger the corridors of our parliament house think it is normal, with a nod and a wink, and now how frantically they are trying to make the fact of it go away.

The circumstances around Porter’s behaviour towards women more generally is questionable.

And these are the bastards we’ve elected to run our country. Their posturing is sickening!

Unfortunately for Porter, his reputation precedes his declaration of innocence, and Morrison is reaping what he has been sowing for years. He shows no inclination to reprimand anyone, be it Kelly, Christiansen, Reynolds or Porter.

Incidentally, Reynolds has announced she will take another month of leave.

Mr Morrison, if you want leadership perhaps you can heed the words of Joe Biden:

“I’m not joking when I say this: if you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I will fire you on the spot. No ifs, and, or buts.”

That is leadership.

What about the women of the future, those desirous of a career in politics no matter what rung of the ladder?

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins will lead an investigation into the workplace culture at Parliament House and responses to sexual harassment and assault. As opposed to her last, this one will take in broader aspects of the sexual goings-on in Australia’s parliament.

Fifty recommendations arose from her last report delivered only last November, a few of which have been implemented.

Back to the Porter scandal, the Prime Minister said he would also “welcome” a coronial inquiry in South Australia if the coroner opted for one.

But sexual conduct is only a part of the cultural behaviour of those who frequent the halls of parliament. Will this inquiry include the culture of suppressing freedom of information, telling the truth, transparency, business ethics, open corruption and religious interference?

Culture is a complicated, fluid thing, a learned and shared behaviour. Sex is only part of it.

“Ditch the Witch,” “JuLiar… Bob Brown’s Bitch” Were thrown at Julia Gillard by Abbott supporters and never reprimanded for them.

Respect for women is also a moral, cultural act.

Reminiscent of his “I don’t hold the hose, mate” response to the bushfire catastrophe Scott Morrison gives us,, and “I am not the police a force,” when a 16-year-old is raped.

As reported by Laura Tingle on The ABC live blog.

“Porter argued on Wednesday that “if I stand down from my position as Attorney-General because of an allegation about something that simply did not happen, then any person in Australia can lose their career, their job, their life’s work based nothing more than an accusation that appears in print”.

“I am not standing down or aside.”

Yet people’s lives are destroyed by allegations all the time, often about something that “simply did not happen”, like the RoboDebt scheme over which Porter and a number of other ministers, including the Prime Minister, presided over for several years, including a period in which they had received advice that it was unlawful but said nothing.”

When the NSW Police announced this week that they would not be proceeding with any investigation, they also may have caused a tragedy for those like me who would have liked the allegation against Porter investigated.

But also, for the man himself who will always remain labelled an “alleged rapist.”

Both Porter and Reynolds should resign to save the government more wind that they usually do on matters that require significant amounts of spin.

My thought for the day

Some men epitomise white male privilege, which would suggest that the Australian people need to take more care when electing their leaders.


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  1. corvusboreus

    I am glad that Laura Tingle had the perspicacity to point out that Porter oversaw the implementation of the illegal robodebt scam, too few in the media seem to remember this damning fact.
    The current AG does not require suspension of presumption innocence regardng sex crimes to be removed from his position.
    The fact that he signed off on a scheme that broke the law, drove numerous people to suicide and has cost consolidated revenue (ie taxpayers) far more money than it ever garnered (even without pending punitive damages) demonstrates that Porter is either too incompetent in or contemptuous of basic law to remain as attorney general.

  2. Peter F

    ‘Alleged rapist’….. THAT should be used in every discussion of Porter and his time.

  3. Terence Mills

    Morrison knows from his marketing background that the public have a very short span of attention. So he has adopted that principle, fully expecting that after two weeks of stress leave [although Linda Reynolds seems to be extending hers incrementally with follow up gaffs] the two miscreants will be welcomed back into public life while we are all absorbed by MAFS and Merkle.

    It’s a cynical ploy but it will probably work : it works for Angus Taylor on a regular basis !

  4. Kaye Lee

    In September 2019, Dennis Atkins wrote an article titled “Porter elbows out Frydenberg to become Morrison’s most likely successor” opining that “Attorney-General Christian Porter has that political star quality that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg lacks.”

    Porter elbows out Frydenberg to become Morrison’s most likely successor

    He may need to rethink that now though the idea of Frydenberg taking over fills me with ennui.

  5. Terence Mills

    Good Grief, Kaye !

    I don’t know about ennui but the prospect of either Frydenberg or Porter as a future prime minster has me filled me with despair.

    I note from the news this morning that John Anderson is planning to stand as a federal senator for the Nationals. Despite what he might say it is clearly a move to counter the ascendancy of the coal clutching, zombies of the new walking dead, Joyce, Christensen and Canavan and that, as the clergyman said of his rotten egg : is good in parts

  6. Consume Less

    Christian Porter and star quality in the same sentence. OMG, please. Where’s that defamation lawyer ??? @Kaye, I had to look up ennui and yes I agree.

  7. Harry Lime

    I hope the Liar keeps them on,thereby ensuring the misgovernment’s demise.When his arse is on the line,he’ll wipe them without a second thought.Why should should he take the fall for his own incompetence when he has so much talent to choose from? Just another opportunity to slide some more happy clappers into the ministry.How good is that? A win-win.

  8. Gangstas Paradise

    “But sexual conduct is only a part of the cultural behaviour of those who frequent the halls of parliament. Will this inquiry include the culture of suppressing freedom of information, telling the truth, transparency, business ethics, open corruption and religious interference?”

    That sounds more like a parliamentary system based on the Westminster system, but Australia hasn’t had one of those for 8 years.

  9. John OCallaghan

    I agree with your assessment of our AG and the corrupt obnoxious Government he is a part of, and the sooner these criminals are ousted and/or behind bars will be a great day for our country
    Unfortunately i cannot agree with your opinion of Joe Biden’s leadership qualities as the man is a racist ,a pathological liar and currently has at least 8 women accusing him of sexual misconduct, and one a serious rape allegation and has broken every election promise to boot……… not as bad as the obnoxious Trump and the Republicans of course but pretty close.
    Maybe stick writing to writing on Australian politics which you are very good at, US politics? .. Nah not so good at.

  10. Jack Cade

    Harry Lime

    In a normal political world you would be right; but this ‘government’ is a moral and ethical black hole – not answerable to the people, and the people it wants to lease – Murdoch press – is circling the wagons.
    The matter of the other alleged rape has gone out of the picture. Most organisations have someone in them who is a notorious sexual predator, who is known to all – including his targets. The entire Liberal Party would have known about the man and his modus operandi – he appears to have been allowed to leave, probably even encouraged to leave, but without penalty or oppobrium; but they would ALL have known about him. In fact he would likely have bragged about his acts.
    That is what such men do.
    So the government would not like too much more publicity given to what he got up to, because not one of them would be able to say ‘I didn’t know!’

  11. John L

    Would that be Bruce Lehrman, who seems to have vanished off the face of the earth, whilst all the Libs deny they knew him or he worked in their offices……

  12. Ross

    Christian Porters political career is toast, anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves and that includes the fruit bats of the Murdoch stable. Porter holds his WA seat by a small, less than safe margin and his opponents will not play nice and fair when the next election is called. One thing you can be certain of, the electors of Pearce will be constantly reminded of the allegations against him. The word unsalvageable would be trending in the Liberal Party about now.

  13. New England Cocky

    NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is a still paying devotee of the Hell$lingers Cult of Greed & Paedophile Protection and former garbage man for Scummo Sacked from Marketing. The chance of a competent investigation by NSW Police is minimal given that matey relationship.

    LOOK OVER THERE >>> there is the Jenkins Inquiry into political behaviour in Parliament House!!

    Now what is the expected date of the 2021 early Federal election?

  14. Jack Cade

    Reynolds once said that she went to Bali at the time of the Bali bombing and saw ‘the most horrible people.’ Seeing that the party she adorns is comprised almost wholly of the most appalling people I have ever seen, I’d be interested to see someone she thought ‘horrible’.
    Talking of which, I just heard Cash on their ABC, defending the government and all its members and contradicting the young lady who said she’d had no apology from Reynolds; and more or less asserting that the1988 matter is over.
    Since she uses the AFP as her personal investigators, we have to assume she is right.
    Her shrill voice and crippled syntax makes me wonder how she ever caught the Liberal Party power brokers’ attention.

  15. Kaye Lee

    Cash, like Porter, is part of the Liberal family dynasty in WA. Daddy taught her well the advantages of suckling from the public teat.

  16. DrakeN

    “Her shrill voice and crippled syntax makes me wonder how she ever caught the Liberal Party power brokers’ attention.”

    A comprehensive “dirt file” perhaps, inherited from her father.

  17. Henry Rodrigues

    Given a choice would any normal, decent, sane person believe the proven liar who heads this corrupt government ?
    His firm support for the alleged rapist and his refusal to allow a a judicial investigation, if only to give closure to the victim who is no longer with us, stamps him as the most corrupt leader this country has known. In short, a thorough bastard !!!!!

    Wonder what the little lying rodent thinks about his latter day disciple.

    Even Abbott with his 3 virgins in white, would baulk at this.

  18. guest

    Porter claims the allegations against him “never happened”. Then we have the written explanation of what happened from the victim herself. Has Porter an explanation of what did happen?

    With regard to actions by Porter himself of the robodebt kind, see the following post by Elizabeth Minter (4/3/21) at – porter – responsible – for – serial – breaches – of – the – law – now – cries – rule – of – law

  19. John Liddle

    “Her shrill voice and crippled syntax makes me wonder how she ever caught the Liberal Party power brokers’ attention.”

    She shrieked at them until they gave her the candidacy out of sheer desperation she’d shut up?

  20. Harry Lime

    The Liar is experiencing a latter day version of Custer’s Last Stand,no wonder he’s screaming loudly about not having a judicial inquiry.Although Porter can’t be convicted,can you imagine the Pandora’s box of testimony that will be opened should one occur, given Porter’s well known form?On the other hand, if Porter hangs around,the government will become more rancid than it already is.I wonder why Porter isn’t insisting on an inquiry to clear his name?To put it politely,they are fucked, and it’s been a long time coming.
    Expect the lies and the desperation to crank up.

  21. DrakeN

    “…and it’s been a long time coming.”

    Far, far too long.

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