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By Kathryn

If Australians are stupid enough to buy a stinking, Z-rated Murdoch rag that will permanently pollute their minds, muddy the waters with misinformation and blatantly support the worst, most corrupt, inept, non-achieving and dangerously undemocratic government in living memory, then they will – most definitely – deserve the appalling, rigidly conservative, Neanderthal miscreants that they vote into power! Anyone with an IQ >10 has already realised that this is an unspeakably depraved regime overflowing with skirt-lifting misogynists (even alleged rapists), stone cold, callously inhumane sociopaths, war mongering megalomaniacs and totally corrupt, self-serving capitalists who don’t give a rat’s behind about anyone or anything but themselves! The LNP is currently led by a useless, publicity-seeking bible-thumping hypocrite who, in reality, is nothing more than a morally bankrupt, callously inhumane, inept member of a lunatic religious cult who will only be remembered for scuttling away to Hawaii during the worst fires in Australian history!

Wake up, Australia!

There are three types of LNP voters:

(1) Obscenely rich, self-serving, billionaires (like Gina Rinehart, Gerry Harvey, Twiggy Forrest, et al) who know that their obscene wealth (combined with an unfairly low level of tax-paying contribution) will be doubled and protected by an elitist government who despises anyone who is on a pension, struggling, or on any type of welfare. It is these type of multi-billionaires who protect their wealth by becoming huge donors to the LNP neoliberal “cause”. It is these multi-billionaires in the Top 1% who are the only priority with the LNP – besides the LNP themselves, of course – everyone else (that is you and I) are dirt under the LNP’s feet!

(2) Working- or middle-class Australians who, somehow, falsely believe that the LNP will protect their best interests which is akin to haemophiliacs putting all their trust into Dracula! Really? These misguided people, sadly, believe everything they inhale from the Daily Terrorgraph or some other repugnant, totally biased Murdoch rag, are deluded beyond reason and keep voting for an elitist, dangerously undemocratic regime that works against them in so many ways: tearing down Medicare, destroying our environment, defunding our children’s education and selling off and privatising just about everything Australians value!

(3) Uneducated, politically-disconnected fools who are about as dumb as a box of bricks! These people don’t know a thing about politics; they don’t bother to do the slightest research on the type of right-wing-extremist sociopaths they keep putting into power and inflicting on the rest of us! Not only do they not know about politics, they don’t care! It doesn’t matter how bad, how corrupt, how inept, how callously inhumane, how self-serving, how depraved and/or how deviant the LNP become – and, let’s face it, the LNP cannot get much worse – it is people like this who just keep voting for them over and over again! Willingly dumbed down to oblivion by Murdoch, their lives – and the lives of their children – are being destroyed by the very government they blindly support!

Hey, LNP supporters, which category do you fit in? Rich and self-serving? Working- or middle-class, pretentious and totally misinformed or just incredibly dumb, politically disconnected and gullible?

Either or, an appalling government and an equally appalling prime minister gets the thumbs up from you guys. Sad.

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  1. Peter Naughton

    I thought you went to easy on them. Otherwise a fair summary of the voting public of Australia. Could have mentioned, however, the so-called swinging voters who don’t give a toss and are more than likely to go with the same old.

  2. Williambtm

    The mystery of how could so many people in Australia?
    The method was to feed the German people with bullschitt and a hyped-up fervor to embrace the 3rd Reich.
    Thus a new form of rhetoric and narrative had been introduced back in the pre World War 2 era by Joseph Goebbels. introduced almost overnight was the onslaught of systematic misinformation being broadcast throughout Germany aided by a specific propaganda agenda.

    Now how does the above scenario compare to the L/NP “Scomo can do no wrong?”
    In plain and simple terms, the L/NP acolytes were dispatched to capture Australia’s mainstream media providers and deliver the narrative desired by the L/NP hierarchy.
    Thus, in turn, this would capture the minds of many of the people in Australia.

    So we must realize how well short synopsis depicts the reincarnation of the Hitler era strategem.

  3. Phil

    This article reminds me of the Pastor railing at the small congregation for the few people who have turned up.
    I do not buy any Murdoch product, nor do I vote Liberal and I am not impressed by being told I deserve the Government we get because others are idiots who vote for the LNP and blindly follow Murdoch’s propaganda, and I would say 100% of the people who read this article are the same.
    To say this Government gets the thumbs up from me and that it is appalling, is an appalling statement in itself.
    If your tone was not so self-righteous, and lumping us all in the same boat, I t would be a great read.

  4. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    What a great, true & very factual article Kathryn! I could not have put my hatred against this lying bunch of fuck heads any better! Well done & keep up your good work!

  5. king1394

    There’s an old saying: the trees vote for the axe because the handle is made of wood, and they think it is one of them.

  6. Jon Chesterson

    THE LIBERAL BUS, THUMBS AND BARBIE DOLLS – It’s woeful indeed for all Australians when your Prime Minister and everything he does sounds and smells 10 times worse than the back of a flatulent broken down coal fired child torturing virus infested robodebt diesel bus on xenophobic pentecostal protein pills and steroids singing hallelujahs to invisible bubbles in the sky; and all those brainless bags, bobbing heads and barbie dolls who vote for him.

    Beware of the gormless potato sitting on the front bench, ominously silently vegetating, waiting to pounce on his decadent pound of flesh – Liberal democracy taking its very last incestuous baited beastly breath before it slams into a concrete wall built to keep the barbarians and infidels out.

  7. New England Cocky

    Now now Kathryn, it is most unfair to lump Nazional$ voters in with “”a box of bricks”.

    A brick is a useful commodity unlike Nazional$ politicians. Bricks are neither adulterous nor alcoholic, corrupt nor deceitful, sexually harassing nor treasonous.

    Bricks are solid components of our society and hold up the fabric of our cities and urban regional towns, even extending to the occasional farm house built after 1945.

    Perhaps one overlooked use for bricks is projection into space towards an offending Nazional$ politician in the too rare event that they are attending a gathering of constituents in their own home town.

  8. Kathryn

    Hahahaha, New England Cocky – I get your point! Yes, indeed, bricks ARE useful components of our society and comparing them to Murdoch-manipulated, dumbed down supporters of LNP inhumanity and ineptitude is, I admit, a HUGE insult to innocent bricks everywhere! My apologies to bricks – and their close friend, mortar! There can be no doubt that the solid reliability and comforting stability of bricks ‘n mortar is, in every way, completely opposite to the malevolent unreliability, instability and self-serving corruption of the LNP and their vacuous supporters who go on and on tearing down the solid foundations of our children’s future and destabilising everything Australians value and cherish.

  9. Glenn K

    You failed to mention the quietly racist cohort – those who would support the concept of the White Australia Policy. They’re all over the place.

  10. DrakeN

    Unconsciously, Glenn K a very large portion of the Austraian public is racist.
    Not that it makes them much different from any other ethnic group.
    As I’ve often said, it is a subset of “otherism” which is a characteristic deeply embedded in the human psyche.

  11. GL

    Put in it’s bluntest terms: how many more people are going to develop blood clots and/or die from the AZ “vaccine” before that fucking cretin Scummo works out that Labor and the Greens could make it a major election issue? Give it to the over 60’s, who cares if they could die. We’re past our use-by dates anyway and just a drag on the country. If it sounds a bit over the top it’s just the frame of mind the effing Lousy Nasty Party has put me in lately.

  12. wam

    good one kath, exactly the arrogance that drives the lnp.
    The largest group of voters are with family history. These are an immutable mob making at least 70% two party first preference.
    As only labor can win in its own so the election winners are almost certainly traditional labor voters frightened into voting against labor by slogans.
    In 2016 turnbull nearly lost to the mediscare campaign. This is looming again, albo, get with it.
    In 2019 adani was being challenged in southern cities but in townesville nearly 50% wanted it built and many more didn’t give a rat’s arse.
    The caravan organisers, boobbie and the bandit, needed to boost their loonie voters in the cities and were successful in getting $3m more than usual(including labor voters in qld) but they frightened workers into deserting labor for other extremists and the lnp with a loss of two townesville seats and any hope of balance. The balance is now with extremist ignorant independents who have great skill at using the same argument to vote for scummo as they do to vote against.

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