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Australia’s racism makes world headlines – again

International media has noticed the impact on vulnerable people as a result of the Islamophobic rage sweeping our country. Alan Austin reports.

Until recently, surfer-eating sharks, kangaroos disrupting air traffic and Naomi Watts have been the main topics of bulletins about Australia.

But in recent months Australia has been in the news for its highly visible sexism, racism and climate denial.

The world has reading in recent days damaging reports of a Muslim woman assaulted on a Melbourne train a week ago. Unfortunately for the Abbott regime this is being linked to government actions.

New York-based International Business Times headed its item:

‘Alleged Muslim Woman Attacked on Train Raises Questions of Anti-Muslim Views in Australia’

The story quotes Scanlon Foundation survey findings that “19 percent of Australians struggle with some form of racial or religious discrimination”. It claims “racism is at its highest level since Scanlon Foundation began the survey in 2007”.

That report was picked up in Venezuela and by an international Muslim news network based in California.

Mindful that more people read headlines than stories, the UK’s Daily Mail led with:

“Woman’s head is battered against train carriage by female attacker who shouted racist abuse.”

Events were then reported in the context of Victoria’s anti-racism police campaign:

“The racial abuse has come to light only a few days after Victorian Chief Commissioner Ken Lay encouraged the Muslim community to report any racism they experience following the death of teenager Numan Haider who stabbed two police officers last week.”

Reports in some countries suggest the attack reflects a recent change in atmosphere.

Iranian news service IRIB claimed,

“A Muslim woman has been assaulted and racially abused before being thrown from a moving Melbourne train, as anti-Muslim sentiment hit new highs in once-tolerant Australia.”

IRIB then added some historical context:

“Muslims, who have been in Australia for more than 200 years, make up 1.7 percent of its 20-million population. In post 9/11-era, Australian Muslims have been haunted with suspicion and have had their patriotism questioned.”

The story – frequently embellished with the unfactual “moving” train – lost nothing in the telling by French news outlet Oumma Media which described the Melbourne woman as a victim of “an Islamophobic rage that is reaching a crescendo” – d’une fureur islamophobe qui est allée crescendo – in Australia.

Turkey’s influential World Bulletin directly linked the attack to Government policy:

“Prominent Australian Muslims say their community is being unfairly targeted by law enforcement and threatened by right-wing groups, as the government’s tough new policies aimed at combating ‘radicals’ threaten to create a backlash.”

WB added:

“Abbott insists the measures are not meant to target Muslims, but Sydney-based criminal defence attorney Adam Houda says it is already clear that they have resulted in racial profiling.”

The WB story was picked up in Somalia, France, and elsewhere.

Egypt-based linked the attack to recent police raids on “terror” suspects:

“The anti-Muslim sentiments further increased following last week’s anti-terror raids, deemed the biggest in Australian history, in which 15 people were arrested from north-western Sydney.

“The raids were followed by a huge number of anti-Muslim attacks, including a mosque being defaced in Queensland and direct threats issued against the Grand Mufti of Australia.”

All this follows widespread international reportage of a racist rant against Asian commuters on a train near Sydney in July. That coverage was fuelled by this disturbing YouTube video.


The cumulative effect of these news events and other conspicuous recent actions of the Abbott Government has been to shift the perception of Australia from a progressive, confident, independent nation keen to shed its colonial baggage – including white, Anglo, male supremacy – to a more insular, fearful place in need of a powerful ally.

The prestigious New York Times last Wednesday ran an extended piece about Abbott’s puzzling enthusiasm for engagement in the Middle East:

“Though he has been in office only a year and has had meager experience in foreign affairs, Mr. Abbott moved quickly to send a squadron of fighter jets and 600 military personnel to the Middle East to be ready to join the fight against the militants in Iraq and Syria, even before President Obama formally rallied American allies.”

The Times questions the benefits of this for Australia, and quotes former defense official professor Hugh White, now at the ANU:

“Abbott thinks of brave little Australia standing up with the United States for what is right. The only things that keep the world swinging on its axis, in his mind, are the men and women — mostly men — who speak English as a first language and who are willing to go out there and do the hard yards.”

From media reports abroad, this shift is not perceived positively. Especially as it appears to impact vulnerable Muslim women in Australia.

Alan Austin is an Australian freelance journalist now living near Nîmes in the South of France. His special interests are the news media, religious affairs and economic and social issues which impact the disadvantaged.


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  1. Maree Elizabeth

    The majority of aussies are not racist … but we certainly do not want sharia law given any legitimacy here in AU… our laws currently protect islamic women and girls when they flee violence and oppression… and please don’t bother with the “aussie guys are abusive too” rant… yes some are … but our laws don’t justify violence and abuse against females … sharia law does.

    This has nothing to do with wabbott and his band of goons…. its simply unacceptable oppression and violence justified by sharia law ….

  2. Maree Elizabeth – why would a doc like this be on government website if islamic leaders in au were not asking for legal recognition….. ? – why the conversation ? ?

    do you honestly believe there is no agenda to have a plural legal system in AU? and if it happens… look the hell out.

  3. Maree Elizabeth

    mars my family has mixed races interwoven … we love each other, naturally…. most aussies do not care about race…. I realize there is a few that do and what can i say..? racism is peculiar to australia….? I dont think so, and it is wrong…. no matter where its found.
    As for sharia law it is oppressive and violent toward females and cannot be tolerated.

  4. Maree Elizabeth

    as a matter of fact I do read the AIMN everyday john fraser

  5. Maree Elizabeth

    you have an agenda mars….. ? let’s not worry about sharia law in australia becoming legitimized? seriously? i really hope there isn’t many people with your point of view ….

  6. John Fraser


    Perhaps this explains why Abbott has been left swing in the breeze like a piece of fly blown meat.

    So many excuses why the RAAF can't drop bombs on Arab territory.

    The very latest has the ADF lawyers being slack in drawing up the Terms of Engagement.

    When Abbott sent the RAAF to the Middle East on 18 September 2014.

    Time for Brandis to step in and start arresting all these "unpatriotic" Aussies, these Aussies who do not belong to "Team Morons".

    Please start with me Brandis !

    Thanks Alan Austin for the International aspect to the stupidity of Abbott.

  7. Maree Elizabeth

    kaye lee…. i don’t believe its fear mongering for a minute…. i believe what I read from various sources that islamists are doing their best to have sharia law legitimized here…. i hope very much it never happens but when i see that england is beginning to accept sharia law ( at this moment only concerning wills) but what’s next? …. there will be a next.

  8. Maree Elizabeth

    you know what … i haven’t ridiculed or called anyone an idiot…. for having an opinion different to mine…

  9. mars08

    Maree Elizabeth…. Can you provide and proof or indication that any objectionable aspect of Sharia law is taking hold in this country?

    As for your statement… “the majority of aussies are not racist”. I’m not saying that’s TOTAL bullshit… but it does come down to how you define “racist”… and if that definition is relevant to those on the receiving end.

  10. Maree Elizabeth

    its my opinion that if we ignore the push for sharia law and it does become enshrined even concerning wills… and i know its the UK at the moment … i made the mention…. it will happen here too… then bit by bit sharia law will be given legitimacy … sharia law is a huge problem, I can’t imagine why you think it isn’t.

  11. Lyle Upson.

    confusing race and religion can be described as an own goal. If you must use language that can be understood by all, will you please address this nonsense ??

    it is quite possible to use the term religious vilification, i suggest you address this use of language issue if it is solutions you seek

  12. Maree Elizabeth

    yes I am very aware of how Turkey views sharia … they are not the push overs england and australia are. clearly !

  13. mars08

    BTW… is it acceptable for “less than a majority” of Australians to be racist? Surely the number of people actually experiencing the racism is a more important measure…

  14. Lyle Upson.

    mars08, i have been reading much lately about the forced marriage issue, which at face value aligns with the Sharia nonsense

  15. Maree Elizabeth

    mars you are an abusive person

  16. mars08

    Lyle Upson:

    confusing race and religion can be described as an own goal. If you must use language that can be understood by all…

    Indeed… language is important. And your comment suggests you DON’T have a handle on the issue.

    Recently I have met two people who have been abused by “Australians” who couldn’t give a damn about “religious vilification”. One is a middle-aged Lebanese Christian who runs one of the service stations in my town… the other a second-generation Greek-Australian man who works for a courier company. In both cases they were targeted because other colour of their skin.

    That certainly sounds like RACISM to me….

  17. John Fraser


    Apparently "Maree Elizabeth" doesn't read THE AIMN much.

  18. Maree Elizabeth

    i have already listed some links matters not, our government website clearly shows there is a push by islamists here in au but will list more:

  19. mars08

    Maree Elizabeth…

    Sooo… that’s your proof that objectionable aspects of Sharia law is taking hold in this country?

    Bit of news for you… government-sanctioned mediation services, based on Sharia law, are being used in many western countries.

    The outcomes of these mediation services, as long as they are compatible with the established laws, and accepted by ALL parties in the mediation… are used to resolve the disputes.

    I really don’t see what I have to “look the hell out” about.

  20. Maree Elizabeth

    yes australia is grand … exceptionally so..

  21. Maree Elizabeth

    kaye lee do you know our constitution can be changed without referendum in Victoria?

  22. Lyle Upson.

    oh well, sadly i don’t have a handle on the difference between race and religion

  23. Kaye Lee

    Maree Elizabeth,

    It is understandable that orthodox Muslims may want to live under Sharia Law. To think it will take over as the law of the land is ridiculous. Catholics say we may not use contraception, have abortions, or same sex relationships. They can follow that if they choose but they cannot make it law (though with this government I am less confident in saying that.) Vegetarians and vegans have dietary requirements but they can’t force them on us. I know there are cultural differences for some groups with FGM and arranged marriages a problem but we have laws here to protect women from these acts. You can’t seriously believe that in a secular state we would change our laws to accommodate the religious beliefs of 2% of the population. This fear mongering must stop.

  24. mars08

    I can have my point of view and air it… because I WON’T fall for the hyper-ventilating, fear-mongering, narrow-minded, hysterical, bed-wetting BULLSHIT!

    Mind you, given that the Abbott govts want to protect my rights and freedoms, by restricting them…

  25. John Fraser


    @Maree Elizabeth

    You may read THE AIMN but it appears you take in more of the extreme religious propaganda than is healthy for one individual.

    The fear of the 1.7% of the population is palpable in your "comment' and the only silver lining in it is that Australia's Indigenous population (incidentally approximately the same %) are getting a much welcomed respite from the racist nut baggers.

    And for the record : I too have an agenda ….. an agenda to fight the extreme right wing religious racists.

  26. red

    maree elizabeth, yes we do have something “to look the hell out” for, you and people like you – I will be keeping both eyes open looking for the likes of you. Any idiot can post anti Islam rubbish and pretend to know what they are talking about, there a hundreds of fools doing it on social media everyday.

  27. red

    maree elizabeth, the problem isn’t Sharia law or Muslims in the UK, it’s the rise of the far right and fascism which plays on peoples ignorance and fear.

  28. Matters Not

    Maree Elizabeth, there is absolutely no chance of Sharia coming to Australia. Indeed there’s no chance of Sharia even being adopted in Turkey, for example, a country where the religion of each and every citizen is a Muslim. (Although I’ve met a few locals who are out and out atheists.)

    The findings in Turkey, based on interviews with some 1,500 individuals who are statistically representative, are particularly interesting. Those Muslims “who favor making sharia the official law in their country” make up only 12% of the population of Turkey, which is one of the lowest points in all the 37 countries that are surveyed


    More importantly, research shows the ‘meanings’ given to Sharia vary greatly not only within countries but across different nations. Of the people who favour Sharia many are opposed to ‘beatings’ for example.

    Here’s a link to some nuanced findings.

    Read more:

  29. Kaye Lee

    Prominent contemporary jurists such as Abdallah ibn Bayyah agree that minority Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries are only obliged to follow laws of personal status to the best of their capacity. These include “religious obligations, as well as moral recommendations, and are primarily addresses to the individual,” and would primarily cover ‘ibadat or devotional matters (including prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, confirming to modest dress code, paying zakah and so forth).

    On the other hand, juridical obligations are dropped for minority Muslim communities because they are “enforceable through formal sanctions by the courts of justice.” Hence, they are not obliged, nor expected, to follow Shari’a laws that fall under juridical obligations such as criminal law, government policy and constitution and economic policy. These laws belong to a set of rules known to Muslim jurists as al-ahkam al-sultaniyyah (principals of government), and are the prerogative of juridical authority.

    An example of al-ahkam al-sultaniyyah are the hudud laws, the penalties that the Qur’an and Sunna have prescribed for heinous crimes – including murder, fornication, adultery and rape, defamation, theft and consumption of intoxicants. These laws are only enforceable by the state through the apparatus of the judiciary and would be part of the criminal law. Muslim minorities are not obliged to practice the hudud laws because imposing punishments has been left to the ruler and the judge of an Islamic state (the legislature and judiciary in modern society).

    At a more general level, Muslims are obliged to follow the dictates of Shari’a that calls for living mercifully and compassionately with non-Muslims, based on primary evidence such as the hadith, “God will not be merciful to those who are not merciful toward people.” Furthermore, in dealing with non-Muslims, the Shari’a demands Muslims:

    •to show birr (kindness) and qist (justice): “and He does not forbid you to deal kindly and justly with anyone who has not fought you for your faith or driven you out of your homes: God loves the just”;
    •to honour legal contracts including abiding by laws of the land: “fulfil any pledge you make in God’s name and do not break oaths after you have sworn them, for you have made God your surety”;
    •not to cause, promote or be involved in corruption nor cause destruction, for “God does not like corruption.”
    The extent to which Muslims need follow the dictates of Shari’a in a non-Muslim country such as Australia was succinctly summarised by Abdallah ibn Bayyah:

    “A Muslim is not obliged to establish Shari’a law in civil, financial or political matters, or anything related to the prevailing social order in a non-Muslim country. The reason is that these laws are beyond individual’s capacity, and God does not burden a soul beyond its capacity. A Muslim, however, is obliged to abide by the Sharia rules specific to him such as the rituals, food, drinks, clothing, and that which relates to matters of marriage and divorce, inheritance and matters of personal status.”

  30. mars08

    Maree Elizabeth:

    you have an agenda mars….. ? lets not worry about sharia law in australia becoming legitimized? seriously?…

    What? Of FFS… Actually, statistically I should be far more worried about falling off a chair, lightning strikes, snake bites, being glassed in a pub, falling off a ladder… or even gastroenteritis!!! And I’m not really worried about those things at all.

    Get a grip, Maree Elizabeth.

  31. Kaye Lee


    Our constitution prevents religious laws and changing the constitution ain’t easy.

    Section 116 of Australia’s Constitution separates religious and civil authority and prohibits the Commonwealth from enacting laws establishing any religion or enforcing religious observance, or prohibiting freedom of religious practice:

    “The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.”

    I know you are genuinely concerned that Sharia Law could be implemented here but you really have absolutely no need to be. It CAN’T happen. If people wanted to live in a society where Sharia set the criminal laws and punishments they wouldn’t choose here would they?

  32. Matters Not

    Maree Elizabeth you said:

    ignore the push for sharia law

    I don’t believe that there is a ‘push’ for Sharia. Could you please provide a credible link? Some evidence of your fears? Please.

  33. Maree Elizabeth

    ok everyone with a different opinion to ‘is islam being pushed here’ is a nutter…. the government under gillard was nuts, no hang on…. both governments labor and liberal said they were trying …. the abc is nuts and anyone else that can see it for themselves is nuts…. and if we don’t agree with you we are nuts and idiots… lol ….

  34. stephentardrew

    Ah but Abbott is doing a fine job unifying the country don’t you think. What a doyen of secularism, humility tolerance and elitism. From international respect do derision in just over a year. They certainly put the foot on the old prejudice accelerator didn’t they? Makes one proud to be an idiot.

    Marie familiarize yourself with the constitution and parliamentary democracy. Is it not unreasonable expecting 1.7% of the population to have anything other than a minor influence. It is the media that exaggerates however the facts tell otherwise.

  35. mars08

    Maree Elizabeth:

    you know what … i haven’t ridiculed or called anyone an idiot…. for having an opinion different to mine…

    I REALLY LOVE this quote from Harlan Ellison:

    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

    …and looking at Maree Elizabeth’s silly comments, I have reached the informed opinion that she is an idiot

  36. mars08

    Um… yes… I can be an abusive person at times. But, like you said, I “can have my point of view and air it”… Ain’t Australia grand?

  37. Maree Elizabeth

    my point has always been the very regular attempts to have sharia legitimized.. i have not once said any of our governments have accepted any part of sharia law so far…. but are you saying islamists aren’t trying ? im saying they are trying their utmost and will continue to try and have it legitimized here….

    also i might not think cory bernardi is admirable but … he’s right about sharia law.

    the wills are about “gender” not “member of the family…. I know of a woman going through this matter now under sharia inheritance law ..

  38. Kaye Lee

    I think you are confusing criminals with Muslims ME. And could I warn you that Menzies House was set up by Cory Bernardi which immediately discounts it as any source of sane information.

    Murder is strictly forbidden in the Qur’an. Qur’an 6:151 says, “and do not kill a soul that God has made sacrosanct, save lawfully.” (i.e. murder is forbidden but the death penalty imposed by the state for a crime is permitted). 5:53 says, “… whoso kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”

    It is forbidden to attempt to impose Islam on other people. The Qur’an says, “There is no compulsion in religion. The right way has become distinct from error.” (-The Cow, 2:256).

    The Quran says, “But if the enemies incline towards peace, do you also incline towards peace. And trust in God! For He is the one who hears and knows all things.” (8:61) The Quran chapter “The Cow,” 2:190, says, “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! God loveth not aggressors.”

    According to Sunni tradition, ‘Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, the first Caliph, gave these instructions to his armies: “I instruct you in ten matters: Do not kill women, children, the old, or the infirm; do not cut down fruit-bearing trees; do not destroy any town . . . ” (Malik’s Muwatta’, “Kitab al-Jihad.”)

    Muslim legal scholar Sherman Jackson writes, “The Spanish Maliki jurist Ibn `Abd al-Barr (d. 464/ 1070)) defines the agent of hiraba as ‘Anyone who disturbs free passage in the streets and renders them unsafe to travel, striving to spread corruption in the land by taking money, killing people or violating what God has made it unlawful to violate is guilty of hirabah . . .”

    The Prophet Muhammad counseled doing good to those who harm you and is said to have commanded, “Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong to them. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong (even) if they do evil.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

    “And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness.”[5:8]

    Quran 5:69 : “Surely they that believe, and those of Jewry, and the Christians, and those Sabeaans, whoso believes in God and the Last Day, and works righteousness–their wage waits them with their Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow.”

    5:82. ” . . . and you will find the nearest in love to the believers [Muslims] those who say: ‘We are Christians.’ That is because amongst them are priests and monks, and they are not proud.”

  39. Kaye Lee


    Victoria cannot change the Commonwealth Constitution off their own bat. I really wish that you would give up this fear because it truly is silly. Are you reading the stuff people are showing you? Horror stories about what happens in other countries are not relevant here.

  40. Maree Elizabeth

    lol… under sharia law they would be hailed as heroes for raping the swine … the infidel… what quran are you reading from?

  41. Matters Not

    Maree Elizabeth, thanks for the links. They are quite revealing, but maybe not in the way that you might understand. I see Bill Muehlenberg’s presence. I also not that you link to Menzies House. Bernardi will be pleased.

    That’s about where I will leave you. I asked for ‘credible’ links. That is, no nutters allowed.

    Have a nice day.

  42. red

    mareeelizabeth, after seeing your links for your “knowledge” of Islam and Sharia law I again call you an idiot, the majority of the links you have posted are the same ones that the rest of the bigots are using – well done for showing your ignorance and gullibility – whats next, an excerpt from the fascist australia defense league. I find your posts abusive, an abuse of human intelligence, so I feel quite comfortable in calling you an idiot.

  43. Kaye Lee

    The Q society???? Seriously????

    Those are the nutters that brought out Geert Wilders. They are a group of “concerned citizens”, but are very hesitant to say who they really are. If you want to go to one of their meetings, you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

    Their only address is a PO Box in suburban Melbourne. They won’t say exactly where their money comes from and say they never will. They travel around inciting opposition to Islam and trying to stop the building of mosques.

    You really need to change your sources of information ME. Stop listening to the nutters.

  44. John Fraser


    Perhaps "Maree Elizabeth" is right.

    "yes I am very aware of how Turkey views sharia … they are not the push overs england and australia are. clearly !"

    Perhaps Abbott is going to introduce Sharia Law.

    That's it !

    Abbotts lost my vote.

    For the record ….. I'm just trying to keep up with "Elizabeth Maree".

  45. Kaye Lee

    I read your link ME. Did you? I reiterate, the Victorian Parliament CANNOT change the Commonwealth Constitution off their own bat.

  46. Kaye Lee

    Yes Cory Bernardi is a nutter. Yes any society that brings Geert Wilders out on a speaking tour are nutters. I don’t understand your reference to the Gillard government. Nicola Roxon specifically dismissed any fears that Sharia Law would ever be imposed here – and they were only talking about inheritance laws. I know of many families where wills are drawn up in favour of one relative over another. That is hardly something for us to be fearful about now is it?

  47. John Fraser


    @Maree Elizabeth

    Perhaps you should have just left your Links and then come back to see what the reaction was.

    That way you would not be crying now.

  48. Kaye Lee

    If we want to talk about who should be fearful, it is our Muslim community. There are countless examples of religious vilification and abuse/graffiti by Aussies but I am having trouble coming up with any similar discrimination from Muslims. I know about the horrific gang rape case but sadly, it is not an isolated incident, with similar crimes being perpetrated by non-Muslims. Under Sharia law, those boys would probably have been executed. Islam was not responsible for their actions. I remember the Cronulla riots where drunken Aussies beat up anyone with swarthy skin. Who are the persecuted and the persecutors here – us or them?

    I would like to know how Islam has impinged on your life to make you so fearful or are you just reading horror stories from bigots about all Muslims just waiting to behead you?

  49. Kaye Lee

    The woman you know is NOT going through anything at all under Sharia Law because it does not exist here. She has the same rights to contest a will as any of us do. You do realise of course that the British monarchy only just changed IT’S inheritance laws which were gender based?

  50. John Fraser


    I gotta say ….. this "Elizabeth Maree" is certainly well read.

    No shortage of extreme right wing religious Links.

    How's your WW2 ….. big on Nazi's and their religious ways ?

    Gerard "Uriah Heep" Henderson and his wife are both big in that category.

    Will you soon be posting Links from Henderson's Murdoch tax free funded site ?

  51. Kaye Lee

    “under sharia law they would be hailed as heroes for raping the swine”

    Ok ME you just showed your overwhelming ignorance and bigotry. I am done with you.

  52. Mark

    Readers may wish to look at Maree Elizabeths’ support of ANLP ( Australian National Liberty Party.which seems at first glance to be an astro turfing Party.

  53. John Fraser



    That explains a lot.

    Thank you.

    And remember ……. No Smoking.

  54. Kaye Lee

    Religious bigots love to tell stories about things that have happened in other countries – not sure why. In Australia, where WE live, statistically women are in far more danger from drunken footballers and their male relatives and children from priests and scout masters.

  55. Rob031

    @Maree Elizabeth: Are you an anti-vaxer too? Just curious.

  56. mars08

    Elizabeth Maree represents a type of person I’ve encountered far too often in recent years.

    The type of idiot who WANTS TO be frightened. They will sometimes go out of their way to be scared and outraged… just so they can validate and reinforce their bigotry. Lucky for them, there’s more than enough to keep them wound up… usually in the Murdoch press and commercial TV.

    Unfortunately there is no shortage of such people in this country. And the lazy, cowardly, opportunist politicians know it…

  57. mars08

    “…then bit by bit sharia law will be given legitimacy…

    It wonder if Maree Elizabeth realises that Sharia (not necessarily Sharia law) already HAS legitimacy in Australia. It would probably scare her pants off (or what’s left of them).

    The word Sharia means “way” and provides the legal framework for many aspects of Muslim life, including politics, banking, business, family, economics, and social issues. If fairly sure there are thousands and thousands of Australian Muslims who think it is quite legitimate and relevant in their daily lives. Scary…

  58. donwreford

    The Muslim, influence mat well be long before Cooks arrival, the mid 16th century, such as the Afghanis.
    The rest is a mythology. for the dubious claim of superiority.

  59. David

    It is probably just as well Abbott’s red neck, thug followers who are included in the idiots who make up the 52% (Todays Morgan) who support his lies, stunts, racism and warmongering, will never read those articles Their ignorance would only be fired up to exhibit indignation and resolve of support for the madman PM. They believe they are the victims as they swallow Abbott’s every deceptive word.

  60. Alan Austin

    Good morning all. Or good evening in Australia.
    Intriguing comments. Thank you.
    Will be back shortly with some specific responses.
    Meanwhile, may I urge those in agreement with the thrust of this piece to share it with others as opportunities arise. This will greatly support the alternative media and – eventually, we hope – better government.
    More soon …

  61. donwreford

    The recent claim of ASIO, of a increased threat that has never been substantiated, colluded by the head of the Liberal, Government, the big bust of those who are a threat to Australians, petered out with virtually no arrests of any substance, the instigation of a threat would encourage those who have a problem, such as the knife attack on two police,the youth wold not have had a moral comprehension of the consequence of his action, having played out this role he is oblivious of his act as to what is desired by Australian establishment, similar to someone having a sex change, influences those who feel something not right and decide it is their body being in the wrong sex, it is no difference to those who have any belief such as moral up righteousness of police duty, or those who are supporters of the team, or the House of Lords, thinking they are not as a basis a tribe, that has become a institute.
    It is a cause of some alarm that Tony Abbott, could be psychological classified as a misfit, he is oblivious to his contradictory character, such as he is determined to reduce taxes for Australians, in the past few hours he now says taxes will increase as a result of Australian, military action, myself I have a preference to live in a less protected environment rather than having to pay more taxes and to be safe to the extent that I feel no safer after all state protection rhetoric, on the contrary as the Government increases its protection of me, I feel less safe.
    The main reason for these dictators, as Abbott, is to avoid his character as being inept as most politicians are, to divert attention from his bad performance to, create the next play act to digress from the public’s scrutiny, before he came to power all he could do is to say no to labor, now in power he is running the country in to poverty.

  62. Pingback: Australia’s racism makes world headlines ...

  63. Azlan

    Why do people feel the need to educate such ignorant and bigoted people like Maree whatsherface?

    It’s a total waste of time — people with such hate in the hearts are irredeemable. All of you should have just use the time and engaged with actual Muslim people or African or Indigenous.

    Such people are also self-important despite being hugely and arrogantly ignorant. By responding to their misinformed comments and lies, they actual think there’s an legitimacy to their hateful opinions.

    And the audacity of people like her to say a line similar to “Australians aren’t racists but…” — like who the heck is she to provide the definition of what is or what is not racism?

    Many people of color ACTUALLY know what racism and I know what racism is because I’ve been studying it and been doing anti-racism advocacy for the past couple of years, so let me tell you that there is the term “ethno-religious” and that is the term to use when describe racial and religious vilification. So if any a-hole say Islam is not a race, use that word if you like though it won’t make a difference to the bigots because they think their hatred and ignorance trumps your actual knowledge on the issue.

    I won’t even bother correcting all the stupid and misinformed info about Sharia law she’s been spewing. Her links and arguments is similar to the crazed person who would deny the Holocaust happened. That’s how much their hatred has clouded any rational and logical thought.

  64. Azlan

    I’m also going to leave with one definition of Racism as it is defined with the understanding of Whiteness. The info is from the University of Calgary:

    “Racism is based on the concept of whiteness–a powerful fiction enforced by power and violence.

    Whiteness is a constantly shifting boundary separating those who are entitled to have certain privileges from those whose exploitation and vulnerability to violence is justified by their not being white (Kivel, 1996, p. 19).

    ‘Whiteness,’ like ‘colour’ and ‘Blackness,’ are essentially social constructs applied to human beings rather than veritable truths that have universal validity.

    The power of Whiteness, however, is manifested by the ways in which racialized Whiteness becomes transformed into social, political, economic, and cultural behaviour.

    White culture, norms, and values in all these areas become normative natural.

    They become the standard against which all other cultures, groups, and individuals are measured and usually found to be inferior (Henry & Tator, 2006, pp. 46-67).

    There’s more from that page for anyone who is interested…

  65. Roger

    I’ve just been watching Q&A. Perhaps we should tread gently with Maree Elizabeth. We need to help her.

  66. mars08

    Maree Elizabeth, and those like her, are beyond help. And want to remain that way…

  67. Kaye Lee

    Mohamed woke to the sound of his mother screaming.

    Men in balaclavas with bright flashlights had bashed the door in at 4.30am and dragged Amatuallah out of bed without giving her a chance to cover herself.

    Mohamed, 15, and his brother Omar, 14, were handcuffed while police searched their south-west Sydney home for 12 hours.

    “They bought in dogs to smell the place, they bought in metal detectors, they scratched the doors, they dug up the backyard, they looked through all the books and they found nothing,” Mohamed said. “Even if they found one thing, they would have charged us.”

    Their home was one of 16 raided by state and federal police before dawn on September 18 but they were not detained or charged and they still have not been told why they were targeted.

    The family’s claim of heavy-handedness is one of several arising from the largest-ever counter-terrorism raids, which netted just one suspect.

    Mohamed said he wants a police officer who punched his mother to be charged. He claimed his mother tried to stop an officer from ripping her bed sheets off and was assaulted in the process.

    “What really burns me from inside was hearing my mum screaming and seeing her in pain and not being able to do anything. I will remember that forever,” he said.

    “My mum has covered herself all her life and all of a sudden someone punches her because she didn’t want to expose her body.”

    Read more:

    Since when do police wear balaclavas?

  68. Hotspringer

    If only I weren’t such an atheist, I would be tempted to convert to Islam, just to show “Team Australia” and Moslem fellow citizens where I stand.

  69. Zathras

    It’s not even Race and Religion – it’s actually culture.

    Those who insist that Islam represses women and forces them to cover themselves seem to have overlooked that the biggest Muslim country in the world – Indonesia – recently had a female PM and the wearing of burquas seems non-existant.

    The generalisation is based on a small number of fundamentalist groups in the middle east and Somalia.

    It’s a bit like using the Amish as being representative of all Christians.

  70. Maree Elizabeth

    hmmm islam doesn’t do door knocking to hand you leaflets….. when islam gets to the point of door knocking you might find yourself in a bit of bother….. lol but thats ok Ben Affleck has it all down pat…. listen to him and not the voice of reason….

  71. jimhaz

    Maree Elizabeth

    Don’t worry about them. They are clouded by idealism. They are like supermodels wanting “world peace”.

    You are correct – opposition is needed to imperialist religious stupidity. Currently the muslim religion is in its growth phase – just like the Christians missionary of past centuries – they are out trying to rack in converts and long term political influence and some naive people fall for it.

  72. Lee

    “Currently the muslim religion is in its growth phase – just like the Christians missionary of past centuries – they are out trying to rack in converts and long term political influence ”

    Jimhaz, how many Muslims come knocking on your door? I work with several Muslims and not one has tried to convert me. I have never had a Muslim trying to push a leaflet into my hand in a public place, nor have I ever had one knocking on my door on a mission to convert me. Yet I experience all of these things on a regular basis from Christians. According to the Qu’ran, Muslims are not supposed to try to convert anyone to Islam.

  73. mars08

    They are like supermodels wanting “world peace”.

    Ah, recognition at last….!!

  74. dafid1id

    jimhaz…any proof/evidence of your recent diatribe? or just promoting the Gospel according to Abbott?

  75. Lee

    “but thats ok Ben Affleck has it all down pat…. listen to him and not the voice of reason….”

    Let me guess… you’re the voice of reason, right?

  76. Kaye Lee

    I still want to know what has happened to these people in Australia that makes them so fearful of their neighbours. Exactly HOW has the Australian Muslim community impinged on your life? What have they done to make you so afraid?

  77. Helen

    These news reports are just another example of why people should stop reading and viewing main stream media. They make up stories!! All this anti Muslim sentiment is being stirred up by that idiot PM. He is the main terrorist in Australia. He is a little man trying to make himself one of the ‘big boys’. It’ll never happen idiot Abbott!! The only thing he is doing is making Australians turn on each other, as well as make Australia a target for those that he imagines are targeting us. Someone or something needs to get rid of him and his cronies. They are NOT relevant in today’s Australian society.

  78. John Fraser


    Well lookee here ….. "Elizabeth Maree" is back.

    With that same old same old.

    "If I can get you talking, I can goad you."

    Its like something out of family Henderson (the "Uriah Heep type).

    Lets talk about "Elizabeth Maree".

    What colour is you hair "Elizabeth Maree" ?

    What toothpaste do you use "Elizabeth Maree" ?

    C'mon "Elizabeth Maree" share with everyone some of your incredibly interesting life.

  79. Bilal

    Articles like this do allow us to learn from each other but it is important not to be diverted by trolls on a hobbyhorse. This issue of Australian racism, given our White Australia Policy 1901 to 1972 is a millstone around our necks throughout Asia and Africa and with a large proportion of the Europeans who are not racist. For the Liberal Party (not a very suitable name for them) to use anti-Muslim hysteria to raise its standing in the polls must rebound against us everywhere. Kerosene bath Bronwyn will not be helped in her efforts to get elected leader of the IPU with this baggage.
    At least New Zealand does not carry this opprobrium so we can pretend we are from there when in Asia.

  80. david

    I’m interested in what planet E Maree has been visiting on her latest trip into space, what model of ship and was that a pig of the flying variety piloting. Must be of the Abbott mould those planetary alien friends of hers, she returns from those warp(ed) brain rejuvenation attempts full of same old same old…tickety boo EM tickety boo..when are you leaving again old girl.

  81. jimhaz

    [What have they done to make you so afraid?]

    Presently I’m not afraid, I’m just annoyed.

    I do get a little afraid if out somewhere on the street at night and there are a group of young load middle eastern men, or a little nervy if some angry looking bearded middle eastern fellow sits behind me in an otherwise empty train carriage (can’t help thinking I’ll get my throat slit).
    But terrorism per sec doesn’t concern me that much – I don’t travel enough for it to bother me.

    Long term though I am afraid – I’m afraid the stupidity of the religion will cause grief around the world until it adapts to modernity. Pretty much all group stupidity ends up with this outcome. “You will do this” style religions suits the uneducated and the cretins who just are attracted to it as an underdog – rebels without a cause types.

    I’m afraid for the future freedom of people – we have enough to fight with against the wealthy and our over-consumption without having all these meaningless religious inanity thrown in my face.

    I see the so called moderates as not being moderate at all. They are not terrorists, but if they get the upper hand, they will slowly introduce more and more fundamentalism into peoples lives.


  82. david

    i wouldn’t be sure NZ isn’t ‘carrying this opprobrium Bolal’. I fear Returned to Office Kiwi Tory PM Key and his National Party may have been paying close attention to their kindred spirit Friar Abbott.
    Now the election is won and Key is safely ensconced in the PM’s Manor for another 3 years he is about to announce sweeping changes to New Zealand’s laws on terrorism.

    Bit of a tricky move by Key, wait till the voters are out of the equation, then move…kindred spirits indeed.

  83. Kaye Lee

    And just how many people have had their throats slit on our trains? That’s YOUR paranoia rather than any real threat. The worst example of drunken violence in this country came from the idiot Australians in the Cronulla riots. Your fear is based on bullshit rather than fact and I find it offensive.

    You seem to want to project the cultures and problems of other countries onto Australia. I would say that makes you part of the problem. Bigots scare me.

  84. Möbius Ecko


  85. Matters Not


    Really? That will be news to those countries that ‘border’ Indonesia such as Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Timor-Leste.

    Malaysia is also an Islamic Nation that borders Thailand. Last time I was in both countries (a few weeks ago), they were at peace with each other.

    As for

    Presently I’m not afraid

    can’t help thinking I’ll get my throat slit).

    You say you don’t travel much. It’s obvious! And to be commended. Already we have too many ‘ugly’ Australians ‘on the road’.

  86. Kaye Lee

    Xenophobia from ignorant people is a far greater cause of disunity in this country than any religious or ethnic group.

  87. John Fraser



    Do not move to 113 Commercial Road Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

    The horror story there will make you want to move to Antarctica.

    Where you would most likely be happy to wear a Burqa.

  88. Kaye Lee

    Ruh roh,

    I think my kids still have plastic swords and light sabres from the Easter show from when they were little. Expecting the Spanish Inquisition to arrive any time now.

    How bloody ridiculous can this get. Over 800 police in balaclavas break into 16 homes terrorising people who have done nothing wrong (that’s over 50 police per home). The ONLY thing they have come up with is one guy got a phone call from a bad person telling him to do something to “shock” us. Oh and a plastic sword that was apparently going to be used to…ummm….??? I hope these people sue the arse off the police. I do NOT want to live in a police state where fools like David Irvine, George Brandis, and Tony Abbott terrorise our citizens for political mileage and empire-building.

  89. Kaye Lee

    Sadly John I have to agree.

    As with everything to do with the Abbott government, this whole thing has been stage-managed. They try to beat up a “home-grown terror threat” when there is none, they send troops OS before anyone even has a plan let alone an objective. They start removing our rights of privacy and presumption of innocence whilst making it illegal to comment on what they are doing.

    And Bill Shorten says solidarity brother. What wimpy little non-entities they are. I can only conclude that they are dumb as posts open to being manipulated by a bored defence force that needs to justify its outrageous budget with an outing and by Rupert who just LOVES a good war that he has a stake in.

  90. Matters Not

    While the concept of ‘xenophobia’ (defined as: an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange helps explain many Australians’ current irrationality, the concept of ‘ethnocentricity’ (defined as: judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture ) is also useful in understanding such reactions.

    While all of us are ‘ethnocentric’, at least to some extent, we should be conscious of that tendency and build it into the way we see the world. Unfortunately, most people in the world remain forever limited to the ‘world view’ of their birth culture. Being aware of our own ‘ethnocentricity’ allows to rise above the ‘common sense’ assumptions from which we all operate most of the time. When we do that, we soon realise that ‘common sense’ isn’t as common as many believe and that the ‘sense’ isn’t always very sensible at all.

  91. stephentardrew

    Welcome to comedy central while the big boys play with their guns and riot gear treading the streets of Australia looking for a storm in a teacup. Hey fellas take a hint. You’re making much too much noise chasing shadows. Remember the boy who played wolf. When, and if it does occur, you will be no the wiser having given away all of your strategies chasing ghosts in the night. All for political expediency. Just a little quiet investigation before making rash arrests may help. You reliance on intelligence does not demonstrate much thereof.

    All we have to do is declare that the original US intervention was based upon lies and deceptions and we were sucked into an illegitimate war. Then we need to point out that the greatest nation on earth should take responsibility for their great stuff ups and leave us out of it. Problem solved no more terrorist threats and marginalization of Australian Muslims. Sure the crazies will still be around but at least we can reduce the rhetoric that gives rise to madness.

    Then we we can defuse the shock and horror that legitimatizes the claims of racist hate baiter’s and Sharia scary cats peddling their nonsense.

    Think for our selves?

    Oh no we have to run along behind the US with a slops bucket piking up their rotten turds.

  92. stephentardrew

    Oops “picking”. Thanks to my beloved partner policing my output.

  93. John Fraser


    Next up for Abbott …… the failed Gallipoli campaign.

    Australian troops led by Brits get slaughtered in one of the most disastrous campaigns in WW1.

    Australia's "coming of age" was on the Western Front when Aussie troops were led by Aussie General, Monash.

    And they consistently had wins.

    But Abbott's going to milk the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli for all its worth.

  94. Maree Elizabeth

    you all are ignorant …. you want to be seen as new age defenders of all …how fuzzy and warm….. while these islam laugh at your naivety which allows them to carry out such horrendous crimes.

  95. Maree Elizabeth

    i wish you were right Stephen… I truly do …but you aren’t… islam is using our love of democracy against us.

  96. Maree Elizabeth

    yes it past time

  97. Maree Elizabeth

    the word vatican is latin and in english means divine serpent

  98. Maree Elizabeth

    “The word ‘vatican’ comes from Latin and is a contraction of two words in the following way:
    ‘Vatis’ = ‘prophetic’ or ‘diviner’ ‘Can’ = ‘serpent/snake’
    These two words combined make:
    ‘the prophetic- or made divine serpent’
    The Vatican is a place, so you may say, that ‘Vatican’ means ‘the place of the prophetic- and worshipped serpent’.
    Trying to translate ‘divining serpent’ into every-day-English I would say it means:
    ‘A spiritual serpent that is worshipped as god’.”

  99. stephentardrew

    Wrong again Marie:

    I believe in democracy and will defend it against all comers. I will not be drawn into prejudicial name calling when all societies, religions and political groups exhibit good and bad traits. We are a nation of laws so all that needs be done is stick by the laws and constitution. Fail to do so and there will be consequences. You insult your fellow Australians by thinking they must thoughtlessly follow your particular interpretations. A lot more tolerance and a little less conspiracy is warranted.

  100. Maree Elizabeth

    lol mars uses yahoo bloggers that all have different opinions rather than using the dictionary

  101. mars08

    It’s about time something was done about all those Muslim men in the Catholic church. Those horrible perverts been exploiting boys and girls for decades!

  102. John Fraser


    "If I can get you talking, I can goad you."

    I wonder when she will get the message ?

  103. mars08

    “The word ‘vatican’ comes from Latin and is a contraction of two words in the following way:
    ‘Vatis’ = ‘prophetic’ or ‘diviner’ ‘Can’ = ‘serpent/snake’…


    Oh… FFS… Maree Elizabeth… you are such a hopeless idiot…!!

    I just wonder… Are you a irretrievable fool all the time, or is it just something you save for comments on this forum?

  104. Sue Silva

    Firstly, entertaining stuff here. I’m pleased to see so many intelligent people still exist in the general redneck wasteland of the comments section. At least ME is still flying the flag for the bigots who claim ‘I’m not racist but…” it would be boring without someone to play the troll. I am particularly taken with her creative use of crimes committed by Muslims. I’m sure the animals who killed Anita Cobby were Muslim too, weren’t they? Oh no hang on, they were white anglo males. The man that abducted and murdered Daniel Morcombe? A born again Christian you say! Oh but all those Christians in the church that rape children, they must be Muslims too, what? No? But how is this possible? My world is shattered.
    Stop the persecution of people of a different faith ME, you are a bigot, you just can’t admit it to yourself.

  105. Matters Not

    Maree Elizabeth, the fact is that people change the meaning(s) they give to words all the time. Thus dictionary definitions are at best an historical snapshot.

    Had a ‘haircut’ lately? Was it the same ‘haircut’ the European Banks took in the EU’s ongoing and current problems?

    If not? Then why not?

    You really ought to ‘think’. And at so many levels.

    And yes I am open to criticism re the treatment I am offering to ‘dumb’ anima …

    And just to be clear, I am not justifying Islam which I think is just ‘bullshit’ in the same way I am not justifying ‘Christianity’.

    Both degrade the human condition.

  106. mars08

    手 = Hand
    机 + Machine

    Handmachines! They’re so damn expensive these days!

    Here’s the “first rule of holes” for you, Maree Elizabeth: WHEN YOU ARE HAVE PUT YOURSELF IN A HOLE, STOP DIGGING!

    Oh, btw… your dictionary didn’t even have a translation for “vatic”. But I don’t blame the dictionary.

    Seriously… after reading your puerile junk, the word “dumb” has lost all meaning. We’re going have to invent a new word just to describe you! Well done!!

  107. matters Not

    mars08 said:

    the word “dumb” has lost all meaning

    Probably, beg to differ. Words are created by humans in an attempt to convey ‘meaning(s)’ and always in a particular social, historical and class context. Also, while humans choosing particular words always intend ‘meanings’ those same humans have no control over the ‘meanings’ that will ultimately be given. Hence the question re ‘haircut’ above. But the examples are almost endless.

    Look above to see the ‘truth’ of that proposition.

    Thus if you accept my assertions, words don’t, in themselves, have ‘meanings’. But are only given (common) ‘meanings’ by socio-historical beings.

    Just sayin …

  108. mars08

    Fair enuff… the word “dumb” has not lost ALL meaning. The adjective is still useful. However I think is an unsuitable and inadequate word to describe Maree Elizabeth. She deserves an entirely new word in her honour… Maybe something with a lot of vowels…

  109. Matters Not

    the word “dumb” has not lost ALL meaning

    My point is that the word ‘dumb’, in itself, is always dependent on historical, social contexts in the ‘meaning’ to be given in the first place. Certainly when you use the word ‘dumb’ I ‘know’ what meaning you are attempting to convey. (And BTW, I happen to agree with you).

    But, epistemologically speaking, the crucial point is that it’s humans who give meanings to words. It’s not words that give meanings. but vice versa. Humans are at the centre of ‘meaning making’. It’s what we do. Each and every moment of our lives.

    As for Maree Elizabeth …

    Dumb is what dumb does. If you understand the ‘meaning’ I am trying to convey.

  110. paul walter

    I see it’s one of a sequence of articles here concerned with the baser side of the Australian nature, inflamed by media and exploited by the very base Abbott Government, for a number of sick reasons to do with an authoritarian devotion to austerity economics and the creation of a rationale and mind set condusive to “mean” economics and repression both here and offshore; also the drowning out of rational voices and ethical objections to the “new” Feudalistic world and local order designed for us and others.

    For me, it just adds to the depression and nausea I’m already experiencing.

    For denialism, malevolence and hubris, there will someday be a reckoning, but I think many innocent people are going to be hurt before it runs its course.

  111. Maree Elizabeth

    both are a problem but islam to the lessor degree

  112. Maree Elizabeth

    global warming and destruction of our reef etc via fascists has to be addressed now…

  113. Gregory T

    Maree Elizabeth, what do you consider the biggest threat to humanity, Islam or global warming ?

  114. Maree Elizabeth

    i dont hate any persons, I dont even feel hatred toward islam… but am very anti islamic laws… that simple and if you can’t handle my viewpoint here then you should have made it clear from the start that the AIMN must be agreed with or one ought to not come here.
    so what kind of media organization is the AIMN? one with its own bias and agenda…. clearly. no different to murdochs fascist/capalist media….

  115. Maree Elizabeth

    say that to hundreds of islamic women here kay lee….. i think you really just don’t get it… you have no experiences in islamic community here … what you suggest is because im not oppressed here in australia I shouldn’t mention and fight for the hundreds of islamic women here in australia that are oppressed… wow glad you work here and not at the refuge for islamic women

  116. Kaye Lee

    Maree Elizabeth,

    I agree with you that there are many cultures around the world that engage in practices that I find barbaric. What you have time and again FAILED to do is talk about Australia. I can trawl through the internet copying and pasting crimes and problems from other countries but to what point? WE LIVE IN AUSTRALIA.

    You have expressed your fear and hatred for Australian Muslims with NOTHING to back up your assertions other than stories from other countries. Step back…can you understand what I am saying? Your hatred has NO place here.

  117. Kaye Lee

    I will fight against ignorant racism and hatred anywhere I find it Maree Elizabeth. You are not entitled to spout crap uncontested. We do not live under Islamic laws. That is the whole point. Your comments have been about Australia with not ONE skerrick of reason in your argument. You can point to NOTHING that has impinged on your way of life here. You have shown a great deal of irrational fear and prejudice and I will most definitely make it very clear that I abhor that sort of attitude. Sitting back and allowing your sort of commentary to pass would be akin to allowing climate change deniers to spout their bullshit. I won’t do it.

  118. jimhaz

    @splatter spot

    Yes, semi peace. There has been conflict involving deaths on the border from time to time where Malaysian men go into Thailand for the prostitutes and to binge.

    In terms of Papua New Guinea, well it does not border Indonesia directly, there is West Papua where Indonesian troops regularly cracks down on would be separatists. Kind of gets in the way.

    An in East Timor, no idea why you are saying there has not been conflict. It is not directly Muslim conflict, but political conflict generated by muslim leaders.

    All in all though, Asian muslim countries so far have been less of a problem than middle eastern ones. Note though that both Malaysia and Indonesia are consistently difficult countries to deal with – “recalcitrant” as Paul Keating would say. The degree a muslim country creates conflict seems to be related to how influenced they have historically been by middle eastern muslims.

    [You say you don’t travel much. It’s obvious! And to be commended. Already we have too many ‘ugly’ Australians ‘on the road’]


  119. John Fraser


    "If I can get you talking, I can goad you."

    The "Elizabeth Maree" credo.

  120. Kaye Lee

    In fact Maree Elizabeth I have been on the management committee for a homeless youth refuge here for years. I have seen many young people come through our refuge. I would suggest that domestic violence, poverty, mental health issues, substance abuse, unemployment, an education system ill-equipped to handle troubled individuals – these things contributed far more to the problems in our society than any caused by religion. I also taught high school for 20 years, one stint at Birrong Girls High so I can assure you I have a great deal of experience dealing with Muslim families and the sensitivities that can occur.

    ” what kind of media organization is the AIMN”

    The thing that attracted me to the AIMN and that keeps me coming back is that we are expected to back up what we say and will be quickly called out on bullshit. There is no free pass to talk crap. it’s too important. Crap I can get anywhere. I want the truth and I hope all readers here hold me to account. Reliable sources of information are few and far between. You talk about hundreds of Islamic women being oppressed in Australia but have given no proof of that claim. Any woman who is a victim of domestic violence in Australia has laws to protect her. if you know of individuals who are being subjected to abuse you should go to the police.

  121. DanDark

    Well well well there is a clown in every circus and Moaning Maree is it today

    “so what kind of media organization is the AIMN? one with its own bias and agenda…. clearly. no different to murdochs fascist/capalist media…. “Really Maree E is that so.

    You are clueless and to compare AIMN to Mongrel Murdoch and his little minions is just taking your stupidity one step to far, the authors of the articles on AIMN have more integrity and morals than the whole fekking corporation run by Murky Murdoch and vomited out onto us by his brainwashed journalists, DO NOT come on here and talk absolute shit about a subject you clearly no nothing about being sharia law…

    Anita Coby a couple of decades ago, was tortured and murdered by white Aussie blokes, yes five of them a couple were brothers, yes we have barbaric acts in this country committed by male Christians on women…. shock horror, now go and sprout your double speak to folks who have the same uneducated mentality as you, there are plenty out there in this country but I wont put up with the vilification and demonizing of Muslims anywhere, you got that plain and clear Maree, not anywhere…..

  122. Kaye Lee

    A REAL problem in our society is a shortage of a crisis accommodation for domestic violence victims.

    Domestic violence is the only criminal charge that is increasing in NSW. In Australia, one woman dies from it every week and one is hospitalised every three hours. Under such circumstances, one would hope the political will would exist to increase funding for services proven to help vulnerable women at risk.

    Instead, the NSW government is reducing 336 existing services to just 149 services run by 69 lead agencies, 75% of which are Christian organisations.

    On August 29, 200 people gathered at Minogue Park in Glebe, Sydney, to protest the closure of women’s refuges. On that day, 80 women’s refuges were closed and many others ceased operating as feminist services.

    This action was held one block from Elsie’s, the first women’s refuge in Australia, which was opened in 1974 and has now been handed over to St Vincent de Paul. All staff were made redundant.

    This is happening to women’s refuges and Aboriginal crisis housing services across NSW. Specialist shelters are being taken over by generic welfare organisations that have no experience in the local community and no experience in running domestic violence services.

    The Muslim Women’s Association run a refuge in Sydney for mainly migrant and refugee women. I hope it is still running as they were doing great work.

  123. Don Winther

    Whats happening with the budget?

  124. Kaye Lee

    the budget you say….(she segues)

    The National Foundation for Australian Women’s analysis of the Federal Budget identified that cuts to housing programs and to legal services “undermine state and federal level measures to address violence against women under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children”.

    The proposed GP tax, blood test tax and x-ray tax will just add to the impediments that women face when seeking help, as will the cuts to Legal Aid funding.

    And the Abbott government’s decision to scrap the National Rental Affordability Scheme is concerning, particularly as women fleeing domestic and family violence are at risk of homelessness. refuges only provide emergency accommodation. Without affordable housing many women are forced to return to abusive situations.

  125. jimhaz

    [so what kind of media organization is the AIMN? one with its own bias and agenda…. clearly. no different to murdochs fascist/capalist media….]

    Yep. It is agree with the majority here *on everything* or get ridiculed.

  126. stephentardrew


    There are standards of rationality and reasonable proof that are expected by both presenters and bloggers on this site. We are critical of both left and right so you are just talking right wing moronic thoughtless crap. Your problem is you do not have the intellectual acumen to participate by finding suitably robust references or referring to bloggers and presenters evidence posted all over this site.

    Go and get some help in compiling a reasoned and well argued response replete with evidentiary proof. Until then bugger off.

  127. Kaye Lee

    It sounds to me like Maree Elizabeth wants to fight for the right of Muslim women to be just like her. If they should not want to give up their religion or cultural practices then they must be oppressed.

    There is no “majority” here. Each person speaks for themselves. If a lot of people disagree with you did you ever consider it could be because you are wrong?

  128. Lee

    “Yep. It is agree with the majority here *on everything* or get ridiculed.”

    If you could provide some credible evidence to back up your opinions, instead of just spruiking utter rubbish, you would not be ridiculed.

  129. Lee

    Maree Elizabeth should pay a visit to the Non-Muslims Supporting Muslims group on Facebook. There she would meet lots of Muslim women who are happy to be Muslims and who are not oppressed. She would also meet some women who converted to Islam so that they could marry Muslim men and …. shock, horror… they are happily married.

  130. Don Winther

    Thanks for the run down on the budget Kaye Lee. I have been away.

    What have the Christians been up to, still killing and plundering, a little bit of pedophilia and may-be a lie or two?
    I’m sick of being a bikie being a Christian sounds like much more fun.

    Is Tony a Christian?

  131. Kaye Lee

    “The biggest misconception people have about Muslim women is that we are oppressed.

    The majority of Australian Muslim women (like the majority of Australian women who choose to wear Christian Louboutin stilettos … which Australian Muslim women also wear) do so out of choice.

    We aren’t forced to wear the hijab. We make a conscious decision to do so. In fact, many women experience mixed attitudes from their family and friends when they make the decision to wear it, as we become instantly identifiable with the Muslim faith.

    Australian Muslim women are highly educated, creative participants in our democracy. We aren’t bystanders. We have a voice. We use it. At what point do you take responsibility for choosing not to listen? At what point do you take responsibility for only listening to the narratives that reinforce your assumptions?

    There’s so many misunderstandings. People have to get over this fundamental desire to talk about Muslim women and not to Muslim women. People have to understand if they want to know they should ask us. They should come to the source. It’s not a very controversial topic. We’re not scary people. Well, unless I am having a cranky day.”

    “Australian Muslims are also innovative, leading new directions in art, fashion, law, journalism and business. Just 2 years ago the Word of the Year for the Macquarie Dictionary was the burqini, which now sells internationally.

    Muslim women are often the leaders in resolving issues affecting their community, taking a decisive role in reducing internal divisions and tackling the social issues that underlie negatively reported events.

    The truth is, Australian Muslim women don’t fit the stereotypical norm – they challenge it, while remaining true to the essential teachings of the Quran.”

  132. John Fraser



    People here just ridicule you because you so richly deserve it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you cop it on extreme right wing sites because you are not extreme enough for them.

  133. Kaye Lee

    I am not trying to ridicule anyone. I am trying to teach people.

  134. mars08

    Kaye Lee:

    It sounds to me like Maree Elizabeth wants to fight for the right of Muslim women to be just like her…

    You mean thick as a sack full of hammers??!??!?

  135. corvus boreus

    Maree Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the link to ‘Now The End Begins’, I learned a lot looking through that site.
    Fantastic stuff!(!!!) 😉

  136. DNS

    OH piss off Indonesia!! Remember, you get aid from Australia, without which you would be worse off. Also don’t think that Indonesia has an impecable record when it comes to religious tolerance and human rights.

  137. Deanna Jones

    Maree Elizabeth, do you trust the people in power right now? They are the ones deliberately scaring you about Islam and Arabic cultures. They do this for a reason. Because it is in the interests of the few rich people that they serve, to keep us scared of Muslims. They keep us scared so that we will tolerate them bombing Middle Eastern countries in order to exploit their natural resources.

    I have many female Muslim colleagues and also teach many Muslim students. Some women don’t wear any head gear and some love their head gear. Some marry and some don’t. Some go on holidays with their non Muslim friends and post about it on Facebook. There is no us and them, just we. I suspect that you do not know any Muslims.

    Greedy people with too much power and control are turning us into arseholes and we need to look more closely as to why.

  138. Mark Needham

    Without reading any of the comments, but having read the lead story, ‘n having watched the “moron lady” carry on like a pork chop.
    It all brings to mind, the way you/we are treated by the other “commenters”, when your/my view is different.
    Do not have a differing view to life, than the better half of people on here., as you will be torn a new one, as quick as silver.
    Been there, did that and been torn.
    Mark Needham

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