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Another year over

2015 was another great year for The AIMN. Lots of great posts, great comments, and lots of readers. This year we had over 3.2 million visitors. In 2014 the number of visitors was higher, at 4.15 million, which we were on target to eclipse until the thinkable happened: Tony Abbott lost the prime ministership.

People simply liked to write about, read about, and talk about Tony Abbott. With him gone, so too was everyone’s favourite topic.

With 2016 being an election year politics will be on everyone’s lips again and we can expect another bumper year.

But most importantly, we would like to end 2015 with a huge thank you to our fabulous authors, regular commenters, readers, and the hard-working admin team. We cannot express enough our gratitude for helping to make The AIMN a venue that we can all be proud of. In our eyes, you people are The AIMN. We exist for you, and without you we wouldn’t exist.

May each and everyone of you enjoy a healthy, happy and rewarding 2016.


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  1. joni

    Happy New Year to all. And hugs of the squishy nature for those that remember me.

  2. hilderombout

    A happy and prosperous and healthy new year. May 2016 be the beginning of a return to justice, equality and peace for all. Thank you all at AIMN for providing us throughout the years with contributions based on science and reality. Bless you all.

  3. Ricardo29

    Adding our best wishes to all contributors for their insights and erudition.

  4. Loz

    Thanks to all the contributors to AIM, you have done a great job.

  5. cite averse

    “People simply liked to write about, read about, and talk about Tony Abbott. With him gone, so too was everyone’s favourite topic.”

    Really? Doesn’t say much about the intelligence of the readership then and if you can’t find anything more interesting to write about, you need better writers.

  6. kerri

    Thank you so much AIMN for allowing, promoting and championing the real free speech that keeps the moral and humanitarian citizens of Australia sane in this time of political madness.

  7. Roswell

    I remember you, Joni. Happy new year to you too. I’m not going to hug you though. 🙂

    And happy new year to everybody else.

  8. scaper...

    I doubt anyone here will be happy.

  9. Roswell

    Not while you’re here, scaper. You don’t radiate happiness.

  10. Kaye Lee


    Personally I have a smile on my dial as I watch the internal machinations of the Coalition. This comment from George Christensen’s page shows that the next election is far from a forgone conclusion.

    “Sorry George, but Tony needs to be leader again as he is the only man strong enough to face the challenges of this nation whilst keeping control of the party. Tony was given a savage blow by the treacherous Turnbull and his cohorts that Turnbull had been manipulating for years. We need a true conservative leader to bring the party back to its voting base or the ALP will win the next election. Ask yourself this George, if Malcolm is running the same policies of the Abbott government, why has the media not hammered him as they did Mr Abbott. The media are fully aware that Turnbull is going to ditch every coalition policy as soon as he can win an election. He must never win, Malcolm is by far worse than Shorten, he is simply better at being a deceitful individual.”

    Happy New Year 🙂

  11. Neil of Sydney

    To the people who ban me from posting.

    May you continue to speak for free speech while you ban anybody you disagree with.

  12. Wally

    Turnbull may be PM but Abbott still gets more coverage in the Murdoch press, begs the question. Could Tony Abbott be Rupert’s love child?

    Happy new year everybody, I will be watching over my shoulder for Abbott to return.


    1 – Labor wins tight election
    2 – Turnbull loses leadership
    3 – Abbott elected as opposition leader
    4 – Politics suffer another period of Abbott

    I hope I am wrong I don’t think the world is ready for Abbott MkII

  13. turnleft2016

    what media are these RWNJs consuming? Abbott was hammered by media? – its a comment i hear ALL the time, yet ABC, Fairfax and Murdoch ran a 24/7 LNP-Abbott-Turnbul PR campaign – what media didnt frame Abbott as the messiah and tell us to get on our knees

    maybe, unless the media is shredding ALP / Greens / Unions / Lefties every second of every day its seen as bias or maybe some people are just so extreme right even far right looks left

    i think there are many australians who wont be happy until we have total fascism

    and thanks for a great year AIMN People

  14. stephentardrew

    Happy New Year. Well done another fantastic year. Thanks heaps for all the good work you do.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Thank you and happy new year to all those in what Kaye Lee calls ‘The AIMN Family’.

    Joni, I’ll skip on the hug too. That time I gave you a hug from Min I’m sure that you tried to give me a love bite.

  16. Michael Taylor

    I’ve noticed a few grumpy ones here today. Funny isn’t it, that they’re all right-wingers.

  17. Carol Taylor

    Joni, and huggy squishes back to you. :). Min.

    On predictions, the Greens will become the 3rd force in Australian politics, which will be interesting as to who will be “the opposition” to the LNP. A major fright ahead for Labor when Turnbull doesn’t implode as Shorten is hoping he will..currently Labor’s only strategy to win the election.

  18. Roswell

    I hate to spoil the show, but there were a number of angry comments waiting moderation with the claim that this site doesn’t allow their opposing views to be published. I will state that the opinions are not getting published because they are abusive. I hope that explains it.

  19. Michael Taylor

    Thanks, Roswell, but maybe it might have been better to just delete and ignore.

  20. Roswell

    No worries.

  21. Bacchus

    Happy New Year to all writers and contributors at the AIMN, with a special thanks to Migs & Min for all the hard work keeping this place running.

    I’ll give you a squishy hug joni, as long as you don’t think you’re taking me into a maul 🙂

  22. Terry2

    The true value of AIMN comes to the fore at a time like this when the media and journalists who would normally probe and ask questions – Tingle/Alberici/Fran Kelly etc – are all on leave and the government tries to crash through on workplace regulation and to hide Ministerial incompetence and malfeasance.

    Congratulations to all at AIMN and go for it in 2016.

  23. RosemaryJ36

    What Australia badly needs is a Social Justice Party. The AIM Netwerk is already the nucleus for such a venture.
    Happy 2016!

  24. Sen Nearly Ile

    Ah what a year!!! The captain took all credit for the achievements and lauded his own picks.
    Whilst we laughed at him, he blithely stumbled on with a promise ‘good gov starts now’. Well it didn’t and he isn’t but I wish labor was but they are not.
    The religious dependent opus dei is stiil important to the media because he sells negativity eg opposition. ie he is back in his comfort zone both important and sought after.
    If the proverbial ‘bus: for the running over’ happens, the rabbott could win for labor’.

  25. Faye Cox

    AIMN has helped keep me sane through a ridiculous year.
    Kaye,Michael,Rossleigh, all of you, thank-you.

  26. abusive.

    lol – and calling someone a miserable little twat isnt abusive?
    much hypocrisy here.

  27. Roswell

    It was wrong of me. I’ll delete my comment and all reference to it.

  28. abusive

    there was nothing wrong with the comment you were referring to, as you well know, and no need to delete it, but as you dont like it, you do. you should really consider joining the LNP .. youd fit in so well the way you operate.

  29. Roswell

    Happy new year to you, by the way.

  30. diannaart

    A heart-felt thank you to all at AIMN – from the quality reporting to the many expressive writings of commentators, through to those who must do the boring administration (someone has to).

    Thinking of those who bravely entered other blog sites, where upon expressing an opinion was grounds for immediate expulsion – I have to compare that to the tolerance shown to those who were generously given months, if not years, here at AIMN, to expound on their version of reality – whether their world view had anything to do with the subject at hand or not. Such tolerance was not shown to Kaye Lee recently.

    I don’t know what is in store for us in 2016, but at least I will be sharing it with you all, the AIMN community.

    Thank you!


    Happy New Year!

  31. abusive

    it makes no difference to me what number is on the calendar, I couldnt be happier. unlike some, Im just as happy regardless of how many articles appear with tony abbott in them, he is insignificant to me, there are much more important topics that could be discussed in the space wasted in articles about him.

    why all this fuss about january 1? why not wish people a happy new month, on the first of every month, or a happy new week? or maybe ten years? fireworks once a year, and that is suppossed to make us happy?

    why dont you reinstate the original comment that got you so upset, and address why it upset you so much with a reasoned argument instead of abuse?

    edit: “Thinking of those who bravely entered other blog sites, where upon expressing an opinion was grounds for immediate expulsion –”

    happens here too you realise?

  32. Roswell

    Happy new day to you then. Happy new month as well.

  33. Roswell

    By the way, I didn’t delete the comment that annoyed me. Why should I? I only edited my response.

  34. abusive

    “By the way, I didn’t delete the comment that annoyed me. Why should I? I only edited my response.”

    my mistake 🙂 – I apologise. hard to keep track sometimes. for what its worth, I dont wish anything but happiness to everyone here either, but really, it is not like it will make a difference to anyone or anything.

  35. Roswell

    It made a difference to me. 🙂

  36. Florence nee Fedup

    Happy new year to all. Not sure it will be prosperous though. May the site double in size.

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