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An empowered George Christensen has become a law unto himself



This is what happens when you don’t discipline poor behaviour. George Christensen is running wild.

Yesterday, on his Facebook page, he began a thread with the introduction:

“Australian taxpayer dollars are funding young Labor party activists to campaign for Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Oh and to rip Donald Trump signs out of people’s front yards.”

He then linked to a video where one young Australian man did indeed seem to be ripping up Donald Trump signs. It is unclear as to whether the people appearing in the video knew they were being filmed. The same young man did say that “and so like my flights, and my travel amounts is all paid for, technically by the taxpayer.”

That was enough for George who was righteously indignant about such abuse of taxpayer dollars and the unlawful behaviour that it was funding.

Except the Coalition is in government so Labor can’t be using ‘taxpayer dollars’ to fund anything.

When it was pointed out to Mr Christensen that it must be Labor Party funds being used, his response was “Watch again. The guy explains its taxpayer money. Not sure what program they are over there on. Perhaps DFAT’s Political Exchange programme.”

It’s hard to understand the level of ignorance of a politician who does not realise that any DFAT programme is approved and funded by the government of the day.

Whilst I cannot condone the actions of the young man who ripped out a Donald Trump sign, George seems to have forgotten about the Young Liberals “black ops” which landed them before ICAC.

Not only was there an organised campaign to remove signs, there was also an anonymous email making false allegations designed to ruin a woman’s career.

Young people sometimes do silly things, like when Tony Abbott was arrested for destroying a street sign or when George Christensen wrote in the Student Advocate “My thoughts: the truth is women are stupid and that’s that.”

With this thread, Christensen has added libel to the xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, climate change denial, Muslim and union bashing, and state government issues that are the usual offering on his Facebook page.


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  1. Peter F

    Those who preselected this man have a lot to answer for.

  2. longwhitekid

    George Christensen is in my top five most loathed Australian ‘politicians.’ Note use of quotations for this pathetic attention whore. This gigantic nylon wrapped anal wart covered in pie grease is a completely despicable human being. And he LOVES all the negative attention. Someone needs to reign in his hate speech – and yet it continues like a runaway train unchecked.

  3. king1394

    So agree with the cartoon! and the rest of your article

  4. John Kelly

    No surprise he comes from Queensland.

  5. Peter Ball

    Well the people have the answer – vote the fool out at the next election

  6. Jaquix

    Now then John Kelly, you must not tar all Queenslanders with the same brush! George is an abomination and it mystifies me that 55,000 people voted for him in 2013. Many of course would be voting on party lines, and maybe the Labor candidate (37,000) was inexperienced or ran a weak campaign. But Anastascia Palaszczuk proved that a party with a mere 9 seats, limited resources and a short time to electioneer, could trounce a sitting Liberal party.

  7. Rossleigh

    Of course, without the person concerned being identified, we have no way of knowing whether he is, in fact, a Labor supporter, a Green supporter or young Liberal indulging in more “black ops” by getting a sign of Donald Trump and ripping it out of his own front yard. While the last possibility seems a little far-fetched, it also seems a little far-fetched that anyone would actually say, “and so like my flights, and my travel amounts is all paid for, technically by the taxpayer.”!
    It’d be about as plausible as Bronwyn Bishop saying that she knew she wasn’t entitled to this travel but hey, who cares how much I rip off the the people of Australia. Yes, she may think it, but actually saying it so many words is another things entirely!

  8. Adrianne Haddow

    Vitriolic George is the product of the ‘divide and confuse’ campaign that the Libs and Murdoch have successfully waged against the Australian people.

    Produce enough ‘fear of the other’ and some people would vote for anyone, and they did with the likes of Christensen and Bernardi. Along with a few others in the Liberal camp who pop up like methane bubbles in a cesspit.

    It figures that Christensen would support a tosser like Trump. They both belong to the Tosser camp. Outrage and misinformation is the favoured performance of these rabid right wingers.

    As Trump said ” I love the uneducated”. And the real subtext to that quote is ‘because they can be easily manipulated’.

  9. Mick

    Coming from Queensland and having lived in George’s electorate when it was Deanne Kelly’s seat I can say that he is just following the same political model as her, just more bombastic. But saying it’s just because he’s from Queensland is a bit harsh. Cory Bernardi is South Australian. Barnaby Joyce is from New South Wales. Joe Bullock from WA. Are there no pig ignorant and selfish politicians where you are from John Kelly?

    But I have to say, I do condone the tearing down of the Trump banner. The guy is dangerous. I used to peel Jack Van Tongeren stickers and posters off the walls all the time when I first moved to Perth. I still feel quite fine about it and I may have even been on the dole at that time. Taxpayer funded community service.

  10. Rossleigh

    Actually, Mick, Barnaby did start as a Queensland senator so Queenslanders have to take some responsibility for him, although your point about the others is entirely valid.

  11. Mick

    Yes but he was born and raised in NSW.

    No denying Queensland has its issues, and I often feel the pinch when another ridiculously dangerous bigot from my home state gets air time. Just don’t want us all to be lumped in with the likes of George KKKristensen.

  12. pierre wilkinson

    Georgie is an abomination, a tea party wannabe and a despicable bigot, and they are his only attributes.

  13. @mars.08

    What is there to worry about?

    If he doesn’t have popular support in his local area, he will be thrown out in the next election…

    If he doesn’t have a strategic value or influence within the Coalition, he will be disowned…

    So, what’s the problem?


  14. John L

    Politicians will do anything to show how bad the other side is, but show very little of how good they do for the people.

    Can anyone answer this please, why do we have a Coalition? If a party can’t get enough votes in its own rights, they shouldn’t be able to rule, why need to band with others to get voted in? So, can Labor and the Greens form a Coalition and get voted in as the ruling party if they get enough combined votes?

  15. Michael Taylor

    Yes John L, Labor and The Greens can form government if they win more seats as a coalition. It would be in the Liberal’s best interests to try and create as much division between Labor and The Greens as they possibly could. I’m sure it must be in the back of their minds that a ‘left’ coalition could one day be formed.

  16. Michael Taylor

    But to answer your first question, why do we have a coalition?, it was formed purely to win government some decades ago.

  17. Mick

    John L, This is another area that shows the immense hypocrisy of the Libs/Nats. The Gillard government, though it didn’t run it’s campaign as such, was in many ways once in power, a coalition. And it was derided by the Libs/Nats constantly for being an ineffective and essentially immoral form of government. An insult to democratic process. The Libs are essentially always in minority government. The Nats are never the boss. We don’t get Nats Prime Ministers, but without them, the Libs could not hold power.

    The truth is, that the Labor Party, like them or not, are the only party in the nation in recent times that can get elected to federal government on their own. The Libs never get sufficient numbers on their own, and the Nats go nowhere close.

    Is a coalition wrong per se? Probably not.

    Is it wrong to do one thing and say another? Well, Does Rupert Murdoch wipe his bum with democracies and sell it as news?

  18. corvus boreus

    John L,
    Such an informal coalition/alliance (ie; minority government) was the basis of the Gillard government.
    She negotiated the balance of power to obtain government with help of the votes of a green and a few independents.

  19. Michael Taylor

    Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Gillard formed a minority government that way.

    It must be something to do with age. I can remember what happened forty years ago but I’m stumped remembering what happened last week.

  20. olddavey


    “This gigantic nylon wrapped anal wart covered in pie grease is a completely despicable human being”

    I’m going to frame this, it’s absolute magic!!

  21. Terry2

    In Bizarro world everything happens in a bizarre fashion : e.g. people listen to George Christensen:Tony Abbott topples Malcolm Turnbull and Kathy Jackson receives an Order of Australia for services to the Liberal Party .

    And, of course, Trump becomes leader of the Western World.

  22. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of Kathy Jackson, how come she has been allowed to fade off into the sunset. Remember the constant persecution of Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper for far less? What has happened to the investigation into Michael Lawler for taking sick leave to represent her?

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