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Alt-Right Hypocrisy and Degeneracy Exposed

By Christian Marx

Yesterday’s poster boy for the far right Libertarian movement, Milo Yiannopoulos spectacularly fell from grace. This was unsurprising, as defending paedophilia and trying to normalise sex with a priest when Milo was 14 years old, is not only tasteless, it crosses the boundaries of moral mores.

However, what is surprising and truly shocking beyond belief is the lengths that the apostles of Milo went to defend the indefensible. On multiple Facebook pages, these deplorables were openly supporting Milo and his comments!

When this author and many others challenged them on public pages, we were met with a barrage of insults and the standard right wing rhetoric about being a Muslim apologist and supporting a religion that has a “paedophile” as a deity.

This was tragically ironic as they were, themselves, openly supporting paedophile enabling language! As an atheist I care not a jot about mythical gods, but I am extremely worried when the Nazi/Libertarian right try to muddy the waters by throwing in Islam to protect actual paedophile enabling, from a real person.

This didn`t seem to enter their small frontal cortex though, as their arguments and lame defences of Milo seemed to hinge on either, A) The fact that Milo is a militant attack dog against those on the left, therefore he can do no wrong, and B) Their fear of Islam is so great they will attack anyone who does not share their irrational fear of Muslims.

Imagine for a minute that a left wing public figure had openly said what Yiannopoulos has said. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Murdoch rags would have been screaming from the rooftops! If one is against paedophilia and other enabling nonsense, then ultimately it does not matter which side of the political fence one sits on. Decent thinking people will automatically condemn paedophile enabling language!

The Murdoch media and their degenerate cousins at Breitbart remain extremely quiet on this latest event. I guess it does not fall into their “left is evil” narrative. Fortunately some conservatives were disgusted and ironically, it was the right side of politics that exposed this grubby incident and ultimately led to Milo`s downfall.

What the extremists fail to see, is that enabling paedophilia and bragging about performing fellatio on a priest as a 13 year old, is not going to enamour too many people to Milo`s cause. Pushing the envelope is not necessarily a bad thing, but ultimately this time the line of decency and humanity was crossed.

It seems that both conservatives and progressives agree that sometimes “free” speech can be extremely vulgar and damaging. Libertarians on the far right and many Neo-Fascists seem to give Cart Blanche to the most disgusting speech if it protects their viewpoint or is from another with an ideology of a similar nature. They can`t go running around trying to pretend that they are against paedophilia, while at the same time endorsing Milo`s type of language.

Milo has since apologized and attempted to say some of his words were wrong and he didn`t mean what he said…but if they were not his own thoughts, then why say them? Pretending that it was all some transgressively dark humour is not an adequate excuse. This type of language should always be challenged, whether it is from the left or the right. Moral decency should transcend political leanings and this sort of language should never be defended.

Yiannopoulos will suffer some heavy fallout. He has lost his publishing deal and has had his speaking gig cancelled at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. He has also now “resigned” from his post as editor at Breitbart news.

However it is not just Milo that will suffer some severe damage, it is also his craven disciples who will be exposed for the cretins that they are. Perhaps on this issue, both conservatives and progressives have found common ground, and this latest incident is the final dagger in the heart of the Alt right/Libertarian movement. One can hope, but only time will tell.


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  1. Red Leaf

    Milo Yiannopoulos is not a part of the alt-right. He has constantly denied being a part of it as he doesn’t agree with some of their beliefs and they do not agree with him. Firstly, he is gay, secondly, he prefers black partners, thirdly he is strongly in favour of free market capitalism among other reasons. Discrediting him does nothing to discredit the alt-right. It just shows that the left cannot differentiate between a member of the alt-right and a bog-standard Tory/Republican. That is not something the left should be proud of, it is a deficiency that discredits them.

  2. Red Leaf

    Milo actually gave a talk at a university on how to destroy the alt-right. I highly recommend that you watch it. In fact I recommend that all people on the left watch it.

  3. perplexed

    oh red leaf, have you all been given that paragraph to cut and paste on non alt-right media comments section? He was the senior editor for Breitbart, I know lies work with alt-right readers, but it just doesn’t wash in the land of educated people. Now go away, no one is interested in your mad cut and paste skillz.

  4. Red Leaf

    I’m sorry perplexed, but if that is all you know about it then you sort of prove my point. Ps. I don’t cut and paste, I have actually been listening to his talks – about 34 so far. I think I know a lot more about him and his political stand than you do, I also have my three sons deeply into the alt-right so I know a shit ton about that too. Think about what Sun Tzu said and then ask yourself why you know so little about the enemy. People need to wake up. Blanket generalisations and ignorance about the right (alt or otherwise) is condemning us to oblivion and most of you just can’t see it. That perplexes me no end.

  5. Möbius Ecko

    Red Leaf would that be anything like Yiannopoulos and his supporters not differentiating between the extreme left and the bog standard progressive?

    The bog-standard right lumps progressives and socialists as commies, thus displaying they don’t know the difference between a socialist and a communist, and they label anyone left of themselves extreme left radicals just as they label all Muslims as radical extremists.

    False labelling, whether deliberate or in ignorance, is not exclusive to any political group or ideology and doesn’t do any of them credit.

  6. jimhaz

    In terms of attitude, not literary skill, there is a bit of Oscar Wilde about this dude.

    Its sad to think that Australia would have no Dame Edna or Les Patterson in this modern world that only accepts perfectly PC language and allows no mistakes. How the hell did Chris Lilley get away with his humour either.

  7. Red Leaf

    Möbius Ecko, that is true but it is the right that is suddenly growing and becoming more politically active. Right wing politicians are being voted in. More right wing parties are appearing world-wide. This is a problem that does need to be addressed. Hiding behind semantics isn’t going to help solve the problem. Calling the right uneducated, as perplexed insists on doing, is pushing more and more people away to the right, something that ideally should not be happening. I agree false labelling is not good but I see it here ALL THE TIME with respect to people on the right. That is a kid of hypocrisy that seems to me to only serve to discredit ideas that you don’t like here.

  8. perplexed

    red leaf, you lost me at wake up, could have been made worse if you had added sheeple to the end of it.

  9. Steve Laing -

    I happened to watch The Drum last night, to observe Daisy Cousens defending her hero. She is another cut from the same cloth, who is only interested in self-promotion, and has clearly been getting lessons from Rowan Dean, who clearly funds her via The Spectator. Quite repulsive.

    The desire to stir up controversy seems to give them a thrill. They clearly have some odd superiority complex, but simply come across as being spoilt brats seeking attention. Why they are ever given any media time is totally beyond me, as they provide very little value. They seem to fall into that category that Oscar Wilde suggested “There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”.

    The alt-right are another mixed bag of crazies, whose views contradict themselves regularly, so to suggest Milo isn’t one because he is gay and likes black men as partners, is laughable.

  10. Matters Not

    Steve, Daisy is also employed by Nick Cater at the Menzies Research Centre – which is in receipt of public funding.

    Her level of ‘maturity’ was on display last night. A lot of growing up to do.

  11. silkworm

    Milo could be described as a “self-hating gay” because his Catholic faith demands that he condemns homosexuality. In conformity with his faith, Milo even underwent conversion therapy, but as with so many other gay Christians who have tried it, the therapy failed.

    Milo’s conflicted sexuality, or should I say, his conflicted faith, is brought up in this interview with Joe Rogan (watch from the 13:47 mark).

  12. Red Leaf

    Whatever, just keep whining about the right and alt-right in your ignorance and wander in your bafflement lost as to why people are ignoring you and voting right. Yes, perplexed, you act as sheeple, I’m so sorry to see. But carry on, you are all doing very well… losing hearts and mind that you could so easily win.

  13. Robert G. Shaw

    Ahh, it didn’t take long did it?
    These things never do in my experience.
    Wallowing in the schadenfreude mud hole will always beat actually having to debate, discuss, and argue with the man.

    Milo’s words were a disgrace.
    No more of a disgrace however than the actions of the Left protestors who turned Berkeley into a riot zone.
    And why would they do such a thing?
    Because they have neither the intellect, nor the moral conviction, to tackle his propaganda and perspectives head on.
    They thought bricks, molotov cocktails, and assault the correct response to words.

    This article, and the numerous others out there now, have one thing in common – they brightly signal their cowardice by dropping a few kicks to the head now that Milo has gone to ground.
    Where were they when he tore apart the lunacy of Uni professors sacked because of student coddling?
    Where were they when he exposed the rabid elements of the Feminist movement who saw not all women as equal, who divided them into warring tribes and preferenced some women over others?
    Where were they when he tore into Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of the Woman’s March, for her pro Sharia comments?

    I’ll tell you where – they were hiding; skulking behind some cheap sloganeering and the comically implausible hope, I can see them all now genuflecting, that some calamity, like this very one, would signal the ‘the final dagger in the heart of the Alt right/Libertarian movement”.

    Final dagger?! FFS!
    Anyone who thinks that what’s going on right now in terms of political narratives and the struggle for ideological supremacy can be resolved by the words of one internet provocateur needs to seriously rethink either their premise or pursue another vocation, sideshow alley clown, for example.

    I would at this point normally ask what the ‘first’ few daggers were all about, but have wisely thought better of it.

    I am reminded at this time of Lenin’s words regarding Kautsky;
    ‘why should we bother to reply to him….?”

    Better to dismiss and abuse.
    Language, argument, discourse, rhetoric simply too difficult.
    Far too difficult.

  14. helvityni

    jimhaz, where’s Chris Lilley, I’m missing him, and Humphries too…

    Steve Laing, and that bloody irritating loudmouth Daisy girl, did not let anyone else on the panel to say anything…

    MN, Nick Cater’s missus, was on the Drum the other night, and Akerman of all people on Q&A…Sigh.

  15. perplexed

    good grief, I watched that too, whoever Daisy is, I’m thinking her parents didn’t teach her any manners. She was only interested in talking over the top of everyone and simply voicing her very narrow belief system, I found her to be arrogant. So I muted her. Who is she anyway? and PS almost verbatim, what she said on the panel about Milo is what red leaf up above wrote. Is it some script you alt-righters have been given?

  16. Matters Not

    Yes helvityni, Rebecca Weisser is never far away when ‘balance’ is required. She was her usual self – that she had nothing useful to say didn’t stop her or even slow her down. There only for comic relief.

    Next week they will have as guests: A Professor of Dentistry whose views will be balanced by Barry who does much the same with a piece of string and a heavy door.

  17. perplexed

    they brightly signal their cowardice by dropping a few kicks to the head now that Milo has gone to ground. oh red leaf, that’s the problem with you alt-righters and your screaming about free speech, when the shoe is on the other foot you run around like special snowflake cry babies, exactly like the people you deride. What goes around comes around. It’s almost like you people are completely lacking in any kind of self awareness. Sorry I meant Robert G. Shaw (you both have green logos, confusing)

  18. Harquebus

    I thought that it was the guy on the left who kept interrupting Daisy or am I missing something. I don’t recall her being allowed to finish anything that she started to say.

  19. perplexed

    no, that daisy person seem to be lacking in the whole concept of discussion, she seemed only interested in the sound of her own voice. And then when she didn’t get her own way she threw in mansplaining to the poor guy. It’s a discussion panel.

  20. silkworm

    Red Leaf and Robert Shaw are the same person. To post under multiple aliases is a highly unethical thing to do.

  21. jimhaz

    [Milo’s words were a disgrace]

    He made a damn good apology though, so I forgive him for the words presently causing him to be stoned by the righteous.

    Don’t know much about him otherwise, as I don’t like visiting far right sites.

  22. perplexed

    silkworm, if they are indeed the same person, forget about the ethics, it’s just sad really. I was just thinking how Robert Shaw sounds like an angry white man.

  23. jimhaz

    [Red Leaf refers to the writings of Japanese philosopher and swordsman Miyamato Musashi’s (1584-1645) “Book of Five Rings (Go Rin No Sho).]

    As a young fellow, I simply loved this book, so I am wondering if the moniker comes from that?

  24. Roswell

    This article, and the numerous others out there now, have one thing in common – they brightly signal their cowardice by dropping a few kicks to the head now that Milo has gone to ground.

    I hope, Christian, you ignore that sort of crap from Mr Shaw. You write what you want to write. A lot of people here enjoy your articles.

  25. jimhaz

    [silkworm, if they are indeed the same person, forget about the ethics, it’s just sad really. I was just thinking how Robert Shaw sounds like an angry white man]

    ….and perplexed sounds like Deanna.

    I personally don’t care that much if Robert uses multiple names. I am curious about the american connection though – what is driving yanks to post here?

  26. jimhaz

    @ helvityni

    [jimhaz, where’s Chris Lilley, I’m missing him, and Humphries too…]

    Novelty is rare. Lilley has already produced about as much original material that I think he could be “all used up”

    I adore listening to Barry Humphries as his own self. 83 years so one can expect not to see much of him. Wish he was an uncle.

  27. Roswell

    I don’t know if it’s unethical, Silkie, but it certainly is odd. We see it here a lot though. This time last year we had four people attacking me over some moderation I had done. I checked their ISPs and they were all the same person. It must give them some sort of sick feeling of superiority knowing that all these imaginary people agree with them.

    Mmm, maybe you’re right. Maybe it is unethical.

  28. silkworm

    Roswell, forgive me if I sound impertinent, but what were the aliases of that poster? Also, you might care to check those who share the same ISP as the poster who goes by the name of Robert Shaw. I think the genuine posters here have a right to know.

  29. Roswell

    Silkie, I can’t remember those from a year ago. If I was on my computer I’d be able to find out though, but being on my mobile it’s a tall ask.

    As far as revealing the multiple personalities, as much as I’d gain some perverse pleasure out of it, it wouldn’t be the ethical thing to do. Even sock puppets are entitled to their anonymity (and privacy).

  30. Roswell

    jimhaz, between five and ten per cent of our visitors come from America. In January 2016 – a huge exception – we had more visitors from America than we did Australia.

  31. Robert G. Shaw

    Perplexed, great pseudonym, by the way, most fitting – people, like Milo, and there are scores of them, need to be met head on with direct and persuasive argument, with trenchant and disciplined language, strong convictions, and moral justice and certainty.
    Instead of that we met them, you met them, with Molotov cocktails, fire, assault, and wanton damage to public property.

    You met bad language with riotous and destructive action.
    Tell me, convince me, that the Left, that you, occupy the high moral ground here.
    Convince me.

    As for “snowflakes” you must mean your lot of hard core political operatives, the vanguard of the coming revolution, the stosstruppen of Left incursions into the phalanx of neoliberalism.
    This is you, right?
    One of the many students at Emory who collapsed in mortal pain at the chalk lettering of Trump on a concrete footpath?
    One of the many students at Cal State who set up a “healing space” for a speech given by Ben Shapiro three months earlier?
    One of the students at Yale who forced out the Christakis’ for suggesting that students should be allowed to think for themselves?
    One of the students who agreed with this thesis paper: “how the social construction of sport landscapes shapes gendered power relations…[This article] examines how skiing landscapes are constructed as masculinized spaces.”
    One of the students at Missouri who forced the issue that to call a disabled person “inspiring” amounted to a microaggression, a cruel act of “patronisation”?
    One of the students at Vanderbilt who insists upon the idea of free range pronouns like “ze, zir, zirs” and “ze, hir, hirs.”?
    Or worse still, the powers at West Virginia University who are now pushing for these pronouns to be used or face threat under Title IX (violation of federal anti-discrimination law)?!?

    There are hundreds more Perplexed.
    You get my drift though.

    There are no greater “snowflakes” at the moment, these past 10-12 years, than the slowly balkanized Left who insist on free speech, except when someone else is expressing it, or when it runs contrary to their view.
    They are, without doubt or argument, the most authoritarian force on Uni grounds in the US and the UK today.
    Why do think that Milo chose this site and these spaces to tour his carnivalesque outrage and public autopsy of the Left’s insanely suicidal cultural politics?
    Why Perplexed?
    Think he just chose it at random, do you?

    Yeah, I imagine you probably do.


    silkworm, you’re an idiot. I find that a greater indignity.

    Red Leaf, I hear you and I are one and the same.
    Do you know I put my socks?
    They are here somewhere…..


    jimhaz, yes. This is one area I am very passionate about. Angry? Yeah, why not. There’s much shite to shovel.
    To me it speaks to a fundamental building block of the Left, a building block the white ants are more than happy to chomp on.

    I repeat:
    For some it’s better to dismiss and abuse.
    Language, argument, discourse, rhetoric simply too difficult.
    Far too difficult.

    And they wonder why we get someone like Abbott, or why Trump is where he is today.


  32. Roswell

    Silkie, most of the sock puppets use multiple overseas proxy servers. One day they could be using a server in China, the next day America, the next day Canada, the next day …

    They don’t use a local ISP.

    Within the next couple of weeks this site will be blocked to overseas proxy servers. So say goodbye to the sock puppets.

  33. Roswell

    Silkie, Robert Shaw recently requested Kaye Lee or I remove a comment of yours as he was offended by it.

    We’d be happy to oblige the same to you should you be offended by one of Shaw’s comments.

    Alternatively, Mr Shaw could learn to just put a sock in it.

  34. Red Leaf

    “simply voicing her very narrow belief system, I found her to be arrogant” Pot calling the kettle black, I’d say.

  35. Christian Marx

    Thanks for the kind words guys, The right wing snowflakes don`t bother me.
    They target all my articles as I run the progressive Facebook page, DLATP.
    The page has many international followers so I am guessing that is where all
    the Americans are coming from. Here is a link to my page.

  36. Red Leaf

    Silkworm, please, is that the best you can do? If you are unable to grasp the fact that there are many people who can see (and are willing to talk about) the faults of the left, then you are sadly deluded. I suspect that Robert (that name generally given to boys) is a man whereas I am not. I’m a woman (a redhead at that and a tree lover hence my nom de plume) Considering the viciousness of the left towards people who dare to question their dearly held delusions, a nom de plume has sadly become necessary. But I do gratefully accept the compliment you inadvertently offered me. Pop outside your echo chamber once in a while and you’ll find that Robert and I are, thankfully, not alone.

  37. Roswell

    Silkie, I doubt that Red Leaf is Robert Shaw, by the way.

  38. jimhaz

    I didn’t watch the Drum and have never seen Daisy Cousens. I googled her and I always first look at the images – she has the same “I’m a selfish bitch” “the world is all about me” look in her eyes I see from all these types. Admittedly I sometimes see a somewhat similar look in the far lefties as well – lol…it is a bit hard to tell as the lefties are often fatter. She’d be the Ambitious Saver type of personality.

  39. jimhaz

    [And they wonder why we get someone like Abbott, or why Trump is where he is today]

    One thing you are doing to me, is making me realise this more and more.

    I read something recently that said the right or just the masculine minded, are so keen to destroy the far left feminists and SJW’s that they’ll obliterate all the good things achieved by the left just to shut the most vapid down.

    It saddens me to see someone like Mark Latham, who could have really stuck the boot into the right, completely lose his left viewpoints due to these thought police (and I admit, Murdochs money – still it was PCism that led to him finding common ground).

    Originally I was blaming Trump’s election on religion for creating unthinking minds that prefer authoriarians, but now I’m thinking it is mainly just an opportunity to take on the left. That this is a social war between the right and some MODERATES or open thinkers V the far left. Some of it involves “our taxes shouldn’t be paying for all these pathetic personal weaknesses”, but the catalyst for change does seem to be people becoming tired of being criticized for doing things they have always done and having thoughts that are not super PC.

  40. guest

    Daisy Cousens was a revelation, like a younger Michaelia Cash – loud, bombastic, opinionated, oblivious of others except where she saw an opportunity to strike and smother them before they could say any more, so that it became impossible to see who interrupted whom. Red dress, lots of head-tossing to manage her hair, gesticulating, darting left and right. Look at me, look at me!

    It was Daisy who pointed out that Milo did not have any fixed ideology; he was a performer.

    Now, I know nothing about Milo – and I do not want to. A falling star, crashed to earth. Why waste time on him? Because it gives some of us something to say. And why not?

    I have no interest in the comings and goings of undergraduates in USA universities. So all that goes right over my head.

    As for the viciousness of left wing commentators, I was for thirty years a Coalition voter, until I realised what Howard was doing after 1997. And when I look to the USA, I see that the foxes are in charge of the henhouse with the aid of Foxnews.

    It looks already like a total disaster – and the right-wingers are dead scared already that it is.

    Seeing that, and reading about climate change and the denialists, and the viciousness of the Right with regard to people, especially the poor, the disenfranchised and the disabled, it is easy to see how the Right is so much the problem. There is good reason to be angry.

    Think about the more recent matter of penalty rates – a good way to push people away from employment. Less money, less spending. Less revenue.

    To mimic Sarah Palin, “That trickle-down policy, ‘ow’s that workin’ out forrr ya?”

  41. latteria

    robert g shaw, I reiterate, you sound like a very angry white male, I bet you’re middle aged and a little on the plumpish side too. Sad really, take that anger and use it in a positive fashion ie, go jogging (consult your Dr first though wouldn;t want you dying of a heart attack!) or something outdoorsy. BTW, I didn;t read your longwinded tyrade, who has time to A. write that much in a comments section let alone B. read it.

  42. latteria

    red leaf, I’m thinking you don;t quite understand the meaning of pot calling the kettle black, akward.

  43. silkworm

    “Within the next couple of weeks this site will be blocked to overseas proxy servers. So say goodbye to the sock puppets.”

    That is excellent news.

    “So say goodbye to the sock puppets.”

    OK — goodbye sock puppets!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. latteria

    redConsidering the viciousness of the right towards people who dare to question their dearly held delusions…..

  45. silkworm

    “Silkie, Robert Shaw recently requested Kaye Lee or I remove a comment of yours as he was offended by it.”

    That was the one about him/her/zher being an addict, right? Did you remove it? Why not?

    “We’d be happy to oblige the same to you should you be offended by one of Shaw’s comments.”

    Thanks. Only one? I have a problem with all of them.

    But I’m a patient man. I can wait … like a fox.

    “Alternatively, Mr Shaw could learn to just put a sock in it.”

    Put a sock in a sock puppet? Isn’t that a tautology?

  46. silkworm

    “Do you know [where] I put my socks?”

    They are in your mouth, with your feet.

  47. silkworm

  48. helvityni

    Robert,Silkworm is not an idiot. He got to know you on Tabletalk, you used quite a few pseudos there, you even fooled me with one, even tho I know you from four or three different blogs.

    Why call anyone an idiot, not very adult….

    Drop the personal abuse, the moderators will not tolerate it.

  49. perplexed

    so let me get this right red tree and robert whatever whatever, are you trying to tell us that Milo is in fact a SJW? Interesting…..

  50. Kaye Lee

    “it is a bit hard to tell as the lefties are often fatter”

    Is this an example of the critical thinking and truth that free speech offers? Gee that’s worth fighting for.

  51. Red Leaf

    Perplexed, you are not the only one perplexed here. How you come to your conclusions is anyone’s guess.

  52. silkworm

    astrid, I watched most of that video, and didn’t find it interesting at all, so please tell me what you got out of it.

  53. perplexed

    oh red leaf, are you triggered?

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