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Alan Jones, Heather Pascoe, I am with you

As the silent tentacles of Eddie Obeid were, piece by ugly piece, exposed to public view, we listened in horror. The party that allowed this to happen was rightly punished at the polls sending NSW Labor into political oblivion, and no doubt influencing the Federal election as well. Corruption and lies. Kick them out.

But since then, we have been assaulted by daily revelations of just how sordid politics in this country has become. Are there none who will emerge unscathed? Has the greatest office that an Australian can hold been sold to the highest bidder?

Our Prime Minister has suggested that accepting donations to your political party by selling access to Ministers’ offices for those with vested interests and deep pockets is a “time-honoured practice”, and that whilst there may have been some shenanigans by individuals at a state level, we most definitely do not need a federal integrity watchdog like ICAC. I beg to differ. Workplace smoking was a time honoured practice too. It was also wrong.

I never thought I would suggest listening to Alan Jones. His treatment of Julia Gillard was unconscionable on more levels than I care to revisit. As an intelligent man he knows this. He apologised for one of his worst mistakes, after it went public, as seems to be the only moral guide nowadays. If someone finds out, and worse still, publicises it, then pay it back or declare it or say sorry. Are there no personal standards anymore?

Anyway…I digress. Alan Jones has a large following and this gives him influence. When he uses that to battle action on climate change and renewable energy, I will always disagree with him and point out the many facts that prove his arguments wrong.

But when he is right, when he uses his influence for good, then I will support him and do what I can to help. I can hear people saying who are you to judge right and wrong. Good point. People who have a public platform have a certain obligation to present facts and allow others to judge. I try to do this though my personal philosophy no doubt influences my writing and is apparent to readers, as is Alan’s to his listeners.

I have shared this Alan Jones radio program on other threads but it deserves as much attention as can be aroused. If you have not heard it, and you care about your country, then please take the 20 odd minutes it will take to listen to the whole program. He, and the woman he interviews, Helen Pascoe/Brown show great courage in relating this story. As usual, I have looked at other sources to verify the story they are telling. You can read here and here and here other articles verifying what they are saying.

It is important to remember that Queensland has no upper house so what Campbell’s boys vote for goes. Add to this the move by Greg Hunt to water down environmental laws and devolve responsibility for decisions to the states which has allowed the Newman government to proceed with developments with no oversight.

I will not tolerate mining companies attempting to intimidate Australian citizens through criminal acts apparently with government sanction.

To Heather, I will volunteer to go and stay in your property with my dog and a lot of cameras. This will not happen in my country.

To Alan, thank you for making us aware of just how far the corruption has gone.


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  1. Kaye Lee

    Sometimes, when you go back and reread something you have written, you see glaring omissions. Can I say to those people who have lived lives full of intimidation by government sanctioned authorities, this must seem very “oh? do tell”. You have every right to feel that way. We must battle intimidation and injustice wherever we find it and the revelations at the Royal Commission have been a stark reminder of the consequence of not being vigilant.

    That may well be Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman’s legacy….piss Aussies off enough to make us get up off our comfy lounge and say enough – this must stop. My usually conservative voting husband is so pissed off he is going to march with me on his birthday. He works very long hours – Sundays are precious and he doesn’t care about social media. To get him marching on his one day off which happens to be his birthday, and me lining up with Alan Jones rather than against him in a fight, means there are strange times indeed afoot in this nation.

  2. donwreford

    The use of money and democracy, can it be said democracy can exist without the influence of money corrupting the outcome of what democracy is supposed to be? that is for the people, rather than groups or individuals who instigate projects for financial benefit for themselves against the interests of the general good of the people.

  3. Anon E Mouse

    Allan Jones salubrious soliloquy generally touts falsehoods as truth, as I have had the misfortune to hear over the last week (not willingly). However it is interesting to see that he has been venting his ire against Newman and coal seam gasses.

  4. lawrencewinder

    Are we fast approaching that time when the “Government” is solely for vested interests and not the people and therefore whatever the Government promulgates has no validity for the people and can be ignored?

  5. Umberto Ledfooti

    But when he is right, when he uses his influence for good, then I will support him and do what I can to help.

    Hmmm. Let me tell you a little story about the cuckoo clock which hangs upon one wall in the kitchen of this house.

    It never ran well. In fact, it ran either fast or too slow. Eventually the battery which powers it went flat and neither my fiance nor I ever bothered to replace it.

    At present, it displays the time as 22 minutes past four.

    That clock is correct precisely twice a day.

    At any other time, it’s as wrong as ever a broken clock can be.

    In the same way I’ll never rely on that clock for the right time of day, I’ll never rely on a narcissistic, cheap-labour-conservative self-serving wingnut like Anal Jones, whose only reason to be right about something is like that clock – by sheer coincidence.

    After all, Anal is attacking his own! This is NOT the time to offer him support; this is the time to point and laugh and ridicule his rampaging hypocrisy and mock his hissy fit of disloyalty.

  6. Sue Lofthouse

    Although this radio report was difficult to stomach, I thank you, Kaye Lee, for bringing it to my attention.

    As an ex-Queenslander, I was aware of Campbell Newman’s disdain for the environment in favour of mining interests. I always suspected that there was something sinister behind the lightning-fast proliferation of coal seam gas wells in southern Queensland. This unconscionable attack on Heather Brown plumbs depths of political corruption darker than I could ever have imagined.

    Never in my lifetime have people mattered less and the pursuit of money mattered more to those elected to govern our country. It is a shameful state of affairs that politicians are beholden to big business at the expense of individuals who seemingly are regarded as no more than collateral damage.

    Good luck Heather Brown. May the truth win out.

  7. Matters Not

    Alan Jones is a complex character. Certainly he has a penchant for making acquaintances of people in ‘dunnies’ but he is no dill. As you would be probably aware, he is still emotionally attached to the Darling Downs where he was born and raised. And like most ‘conservatives’, broadly defined, he wants to preserve his treasured past.

    As for:

    when you go back and reread something you have written, you see glaring omissions

    We all do that.

    Here’s a correction you might choose to make.

    that Queensland have (sic) no upper house


  8. John

    Reblogged this on jpratt27 and commented:
    Don’t know how main stream media can ignore this?

  9. randalstella

    Your contributions here are uniquely valuable.
    Please be very careful about supporting Jones on this matter. As you know,there are many other much more informed and genuine people fighting this issue.
    It may be a chance to exploit the chinks in the extreme right’s solidarity: that’s how I would look at it.

  10. jezzaG

    Thanks Kaye for bringing this piece to my/our attention. As a Queenslander I am as heartened as i am gobsmacked by it.

  11. Umberto Ledfooti

    randalstella wrote:

    It may be a chance to exploit the chinks in the extreme right’s solidarity: that’s how I would look at it.

    Precisely! That is exactly how I also see this opportunity.

  12. 'FairGo Australia'

    Quote … Our Prime Minister has suggested that accepting donations to your political party by selling access to Ministers’ offices for those with vested interests and deep pockets is a “time-honoured practice” … Unquote …
    It may be a time-honoured practice, but shouldn’t the FEDERAL Government do the HONOURABLE thing by aligning themselves with some of the state governments and put in place a federal ICAC? Double standards must be be stamped out and all politicians made accountable in regards to receiving bribe-donations from any source … Australia must update to the UK ideal and ban any form of political donations … Isn’t that’s why we have a federally run ABC and SBS which is ultimately paid by the Australian taxpayer

  13. jagman48

    Thank you for the link. A real eye opener I can assure you.

  14. Kaye Lee

    If I have given the impression that I have become an Alan Jones fan I would like to correct that. His vile abuse of Julia Gillard was absolutely unforgivable from anyone let alone a media personality. His misinformation about climate change borders on criminal in my mind. He encourages the worst parts of our society giving them a forum to spew their venom. I do not trust anything he says without checking further for myself because he has been wrong too many times. I deplore the whole radio shock-jock genre and their abusive language and ill-informed tirades.

    That being said, I was unaware of the extent of the blatant corruption in Queensland. His program pulled together a lot of threads which I looked into further from other sources. It is terrifying. To then hear that a citizen is being attacked in their own home made me very angry though, after the treatment of the lawyer for Timor l’Este, I suspect this is happening far more than we are aware of. For that reason, I felt it important to help spread Heather Brown’s story. There are many people fighting these battles alone and we should be aware of what is happening. I cannot believe that a mining company is allowed to divert a creek from a farmer’s property so they can mine the coal underneath it, destroying his livelihood, and he then loses the court case and has costs awarded against him???? I am growing very afraid of the power of mining companies in this country. We have police shutting down access to the Leard State Forest.

    We must shine a light on the intimidation of the mining companies and the actions of our governments that condone this rampant attack on our country and our freedom.

  15. Dan Rowden

    Jones has been “campaigning” against CSG for quite some time now. Months ago I nearly wrote a piece about it referring to him as a potential “accidental hero of the Left”. But in the end this is all about Campbell Newman’s corruption and the issues surrounding Brown. Hopefully this will go beyond Jones and become a larger story. Till then, accident or not, it’s good that Jones is at least giving it some airtime.

    I wonder how seriously the Queensland Labor Party is preparing itself for the prospect of regaining Government next year. Very seriously one hopes. Maybe it’s why Yvette D’Ath switched government levels.

  16. Old Woman

    They sacked the Whitlam Government for far less than this.

  17. Concerned

    I have no time for Jones and his selective brand of influence peddling. Good that finally some of the message about CSG extraction is getting out there, but his opposition to climate change and wind farms doesn’t excuse him.

    If the rumours are true, expect the Bentley Blockade to be the next big blow-up. I’ve seen reports on FB and the like that over 900 cops are being sent to the NSW North Coast including the riot squad and even prosecutors to deal with the charges. Looks like they are going to try and smash and dismantle the camp and force through access, even try to hold the ground possibly for weeks, until the protesters eventually give up.

  18. mikestasse

    SURELY, the Qld Governor would have grounds to sack the Qld Government over this? Someone who knows how to do it should start a petition to her………. I’d sign in a flash..

  19. mikestasse

    Dan Rowden……… don’t you realise the Qld ALP started this? The last thing we need is ANOTHER Labor government in Qld….. we need a revolution! We need independants with NO TIES to the filthy rich to represent us…. I’m so angry with these pricks….

  20. mikestasse

    Reblogged this on Damn the Matrix and commented:
    Our Italian Wwoofer was telling me about the corruption in Italy… but THIS will blow your mind! The stench from the people governing this country is becoming totally unbearable…..

  21. mars08

    The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

    Jones is an amoral showman… a populist ratbag… nothing more. Please don’t dive him any more exposure than he already has…

  22. Anomander

    Are we fast approaching that time when the “Government” is solely for vested interests and not the people and therefore whatever the Government promulgates has no validity for the people and can be ignored?

    Lawrencewinder: We have officially crossed that threshold. Queensland and Newman started the trend and Abbott has taken it up with alacrity. All these Liberal governments have dropped all pretence they are governing for the people and are in power to do the bidding of their corporate masters.

    When a government directly opposes the will of its people to ram through developments that benefit a tiny minority, yet hurt everyone else, you know they don’t give a toss about the people.

    We the public are seen as annoying children to them, to be seen and not heard, an annoying distraction to the conduct of corporate business. We are all so eager to believe those old lies (Santa, Tooth Fairy, Politicians working for you, No Taxes) placated with little treats – but only if we’re good!, and generally pushed to the back, so “the adults” can have their conversations and conduct their business without us constantly being underfoot.

    If you ever want a view of the future try the Canadian TV series “Continuum” set in 2077 where governments have ceased to exist and we live in a world run by the corporations where we accumulate life-debt, which we pay-off by working as indentured slaves doing the corporations express bidding. Our trajectory is so close to this, it is chilling.

  23. Kaye Lee

    When 85 individuals control as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the population – 3.5 billion people – you have to wonder where we are headed and why.

  24. mars08


    …We the public are seen as annoying children to them, to be seen and not heard, an annoying distraction…

    Um… I’d suggest that it’s more likely they see us as spoiled teenagers. Volatile and moody. Always complaining that we don’t have enough. Making unreasonable demands. Having nonsensical opinions. Self absorbed. And not knowing what’s good for us.

    Actually, in far too many cases they’re right! Certain parts of the electorate ARE easily distracted, ignorant and fickle.

    The politician’s devotion to trickle-down theory of economics (not just the LNP muppets) means that maybe… in some cases… THEY DO give a toss about the people. It’s just that the trickle-down approach is inefficient, unreliable and open to abuse.

    I suspect that there are some politicians who will “ram through developments that benefit a tiny minority” believing that their constituency isn’t clever enough to see that the benefits will eventually flow down to THEM. Well, maybe those politicians don’t really believe it… but it helps them sleep at night.

  25. Dan Rowden


    Jones is an amoral showman… a populist ratbag… nothing more. Please don’t dive him any more exposure than he already has…

    As sympathetic as I am to not giving Jones any kind of exposure, if it’s the case that he’s the only one giving public exposure to a serious matter, it may be that to increase the exposure of that serious matter we have to suck it up a little bit in regard to Jones. This may be one of those times.

  26. Stephen Tardrew

    One good thing is happening. The right in the US and EU are spewing about Thoma Piketty’s book “Capital in the Twenty First Century” because it is so well researched. It is gathering international acclaim and is an affront to everything the neoconservatives stand for. It ain’t trickle down that’s relevant it’s the flow upwards that is the problem.

    News Flash: Trickle Down is Dead

    Did you hear Mr Labor man “trickle down is dead.” (Keating repetition may get through to the indolent)

    The four horses of the Apocalypse is becoming the single donkey of the epicolips under Labor.

    Amo, amo, amo, amo – time to bomb the delusional right.

    I think we need to set Kaye onto Labor.

    Interesting that Alan Jones’ big maw could actually expose LNP corruption. A slime-bag may be right once in his life I suppose. Could it be self-interest. Nah who would think such a thing?

  27. Dan Rowden


    Dan Rowden……… don’t you realise the Qld ALP started this?

    Yes, I’m aware of that. In the bigger picture sense I don’t really care. Every Government at every level is falling over themselves to accommodate the burgeoning CSG industry, and we’re following much of the America model with respect to doing so (in terms, especially, of environmental checks and balances). I don’t expect that dynamic to change much regardless of who’s in Government. CSG represents big bucks and big opportunity. That sort of thing tends to make people behave badly.

    The last thing we need is ANOTHER Labor government in Qld….. we need a revolution!

    I disagree with each statement in that “sentence”. The first thing we need is the removal of the Newman Government and a new Labor Government is the only way that’s going to happen. Talk of a revolution seems kind of sophomoric to me.

    We need independants with NO TIES to the filthy rich to represent us…. I’m so angry with these pricks….

    Good quality independents interspersed throughout a electoral framework can sometimes be a good thing, but I’m not a fan of any notion of a “government of independents”. I think it’s ultimately politically naive. Party politics produces problems, no doubt of that, but it also produces relative ideological and policy coherence compared to what might be expected by a bunch of people with all sorts of reasons to disagree on all sorts of important matters. And any Independent with no ties to the “filthy rich” will very soon have them once in politics. There’s absolutely no avoiding that.

  28. Joe Banks

    Kaye Lee, I am very heartened by all this. But I am temporarily lost for words and a bit confused. Keep up the good work but please don’t burn yourself out – Australia needs people like you at the moment.

  29. mars08

    Dan… are we so be bereft of champions? Are we desperate for advocates? Are we utterly powerless?

    Promoting Jones as a crusader for the common man… as the voice of “struggle street” further inflates his persona. It just increases his credibility with the misinformed and the frightened. And he will use that influence to pursue his other regressive causes.

    That’s just my view. But que sera… sera…

  30. Kaye Lee

    The thing that astonishes me is that we are about to spend tens of millions on an investigation into union corruption and intimidation and the first witness being called is Ralph Blewitt – the guy that was involved in the AWU slush fund. We will waste these resources trying to smear Julia Gillard for what? witnessing a PoA document? We will crucify Craig Thomson again for what? Being a sleazy petty thief? All the while our politicians are being paid by mining companies to approve development and anyone who complains is being silenced, intimidated, outgunned in legal action. Where is the Royal Commission into political donations from vested interests and the links to approvals of developments?

  31. Kaye Lee

    This is about information mars 08. I always quote my sources. The messenger is kind of irrelevant provided the message is spread.

  32. Stephen Tardrew

    Kaye and Dan as an aside:

    Due to time constraints just read your links on “Trust Me”. I think they are excellent and should be given greater exposure.

    “Douglas Evans provided a very interesting link on another thread.”

    “The Australian Labor Party and its Various Constituencies”

    Don’t mean to be a nuisance but was impressed by both.

  33. brickbob

    Now that Labor are out of power both Federally and in most States,Alan Jones is looking for his next cause to protect the ‘ people’ and to prove he is a champion who will protect their rights and will fight those nasty corporate criminals on their behalf. I have no truck with that,it is his bread and butter and thats how he makes his living and personally i think he is a blatant opportunist and a low life,but if he’s willing to expose Newman and his cronies for their disgusting treatment of ordinary honest hard working people than let him go for it,it’s like using his inflated sense of importance and ego to expose corruption and he will be loving every minute of it,and will also boost his ratings which is always plum centre in everything he does. Thank you Kaye for another great piece of reporting.
    I say let Jones and his ego loose and he will achieve results. ps”” For Gods sake just dont let hin near public toilets.””””’

  34. Dan Rowden


    Dan… are we so be bereft of champions? Are we desperate for advocates? Are we utterly powerless?

    I think in regard to this particular issue “champions” are short on the ground, so I guess we have to take whatever we can get.

    Promoting Jones as a crusader for the common man… as the voice of “struggle street” further inflates his persona. It just increases his credibility with the misinformed and the frightened. And he will use that influence to pursue his other regressive causes.

    I don’t think promoting his attention to this specific issue will actually have the effect of promoting him as a crusader for “struggle street” in a broader sense. I think the thing being promoted here is the GSG story and the behaviour of Government and business “consortiums”. Jones just happens to be the conduit through which that promotion is, for now, happening. It would be nice it weren’t him, but if not, who then?

    That’s just my view. But que sera… sera…

    I totally get where you’re coming from; it sucks, I agree, but it seems to me the alternative would be to ignore the whole thing so as not to give Jones any voice whatever. I think the idea really is to spread the story around in the hope that actual journalists will pick it up and take it out of Jones’ hands. Till then, well ….

  35. diannaart

    …. selling access to Ministers’ offices for those with vested interests and deep pockets is a “time-honoured practice”…

    So was sending children down chimneys, into coal mines, so was owning women as chattle, so was slavery, Tony Abbott. You slimy prick!

    Since when did legality mean ethical?

  36. Joe Banks

    Even broken clocks can be useful in getting rid of unwanted visitors.
    “Goodness me, is that the time?”

    Like your clock, Alan Jones (only correct twice a day “by sheer coincidence”) might help send some unwanted people off to their next appointment… in Court!

  37. randalstella

    I can’t see why it has to be all (for Jones) or nothing here. He can be used among a number of far more reliable, and better informed, people. With extreme caution.
    This is where we need what is a hidden resource of advice from people who now lead quieter and less troubled lives. In particular, ex-police officers are a muted repository of counsel on what happens when you work on common cause of ostensible public benefit – with psychopaths. You end up spending much of your time covering for their impulsive transgressions, with which you are identified. This can include perjury – not an inconsiderable or unrealistic threat of jail for being the accomplice of malign, compulsive liars.
    Don’t be caught up with such creatures.
    For progressive politics, credibility is everything. And a susceptibility which right-wing politics just does not share. A Liberal Party lie is nothing but the usual: a Labor Party ‘lie’ – as insisted on by proven Liberal liars – is enough to sink you. You know the reference, to carbon pricing. Nothing can be assessed without the role of the Media, their interests.

    Fracking is waiting to rip right-wing politics asunder – and the Labor Party is going to have to identify itself at least as apart from that right-wing dirty dealing. That also concerns me, about Labor’s ability to clear themselves from this deep and extensive corruption. Where are their clear initiatives on this very important issue? Surely they see its potential – at least for their electoral standing? Is there money worth more than this? For how many?
    What is Bill Shorten’s position on this? I mean, for the love of mercy, we are hearing from Alan Jones.

  38. David

    The gloves now have to come off. Its time for people to declare war on the Newman government, the CSG industry, the coal industry and the Abbott government. They know no bounds and respect no one. If you voted for them, then reap what you sow. Large corporations that try to squash little people and especially farmers and landowners simply need a swift kick in the nuts. They need to be shut down.

  39. diongiles

    The future is bleak indeed when many people seeking to be astute and progressive participants in the history of Australia strain at gnats over the personality and motives of whoever says what. The ONLY significance of the guessed-at character and inner thoughts of the source of an idea or piece of information is where it can be SHOWN (not merely guessed) to bear on the truth or otherwise of what s/he is saying.

    Listen closely to Alan Jones’ warnings in a 2011 address to the National Press Club [1] over the deadly threat posed by the global CSG barons to our national food security and this can’t help but inform the listener about the domination of Australia’s enemies over Australia’s rulers and its significance for our present and future.

    The ongoing lie campaign against the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd government (our shield against the Global Financial Heist), and Jones’ yapping cur role, is of course a disgrace and a cause of our vulnerability to today’s massive shift of wealth from those without it to those with it. The supine acceptance by the ALP apparatchiks of this attackis a guarantee of its success. And a guarantee of the ALP choosing supine acceptance is the inclusion in its mindership of associates of the lying war criminal Tony Blair. Australia’s enemies are globally networked,

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

  40. Kaye Lee

    QCoal ‘s owner, reclusive billionaire Chris Wallin, is one of the LNP’s biggest donors. Mr Wallin gave $120,000 to the party in two donations just before the 2012 state election.

    Mr Wallin, a former chief geologist in the Queensland Mines Department, is thought to be the state’s richest man, with a personal fortune estimated by the Sunday Mail newspaper at $1.8 billion.

    Head of corporate affairs for Qcoal, James Mackay, worked full-time for the LNP during the 2012 election, while he was being paid $10,000 a month by the company, QCoal.

    Mr Mackay has chaired the LNP’s state environment and heritage protection committee, which develops policy for discussion at the party’s annual conference, since being voted on to the committee in 2012.

    Mr Mackay’s LinkedIn profile shows him starting work as corporate affairs manager for QCoal at the same time as he began his three-month stint at the LNP, a role he describes as “campaign finance director”.

    He is shown in ministerial diaries as having represented QCoal at a “QForum luncheon” on February 19 this year. QForum is a fund-raising venture for the LNP at which attendees pay thousands of dollars to the party to mix with government ministers or their guest speakers.

    The diary for Energy and Water Minister Mark McArdle shows he met Mr Mackay on March 22 last year “to discuss QCoal”. The diary provided no other details.

    QCoal won a water licence from the State Government to divert Coral Creek to extend the life of its Sonoma mine by six to eight months.

    The ABC’s 7.30 program revealed last week that farmer Garry Reed faces financial ruin after losing a legal battle to stop the creek diversion and having costs awarded against him.

    The diversion was approved by the State Government without requiring a new or amended environmental impact assessment, despite being classed as an assessment that carried “risk of serious harm”.

    The LNP is set to introduce changes to the rules on political donations to that would remove upper limits and raise the threshold for the disclosure of individual gifts.

  41. Anthony Swann

    @ Matters Not (May 10, 2014, 11:19 pm) – Kaye was indeed correct when she said “that Queensland has no upper house”. The subject is singular (i.e. the state of Queensland), so “has” is indeed the correct verb to use there.

  42. Kaye Lee

    Yes thanks for picking up the typo Matters Not. Anthony, it was corrected several hours ago had you checked.

  43. mars08

    It just occurred to me…. if Alan Jones believes that he is a genuine advocate for “struggle street”… why did he do so much to ensure that Tony Abbott became PM? Did he really think than an LNP govt, in the hands of a lumbering oaf, was in the best interest of his audience?

  44. Dan Rowden

    I dare say he believed, and continues to believe, that very thing.

  45. Leigh Steiner

    I am not a fan of Alan Jones. However, credit where credit is due. I have been following the mining invasion for more years than I can remember. I am now closely watching what is happening at the Bentley Blockade near Lismore. I know a lot of the people protesting, I know lots of the farmers, families, some extremely educated and respectable people out there. One must ask why NSW is spending 8 million to send 900 police to break up a peaceful protest of a few thousand, free of charge to a private mining company. Why did the Energy Minister come up for a private meeting with a very biased pro gas Richmond Valley Council, Metgasco execs, and their shareholders. He refused to speak to anyone else and went back and filled out a government report FILLED with errors. Why has our National MP been dead silent since Metgasco come to town – the same MP has a son that not only works for Council, Rous Water, Northern Rivers Tourism, but also for the gas company Metgasco. Ex Liberal Richard Shields also was hired by Metgasco but recently left. It’s a big “Boys Club”. If Alan jones is prepared to speak out and expose these greedy control freaks, even his Liberal mates, so be it. I don’t care how loud he yells it out, as long as they are exposed. And for that …comes respect.

  46. donwreford

    Not only the labor party are at it but also the liberals, who is worst or better? incidentally, Tony Abbott, receives over half a million dollars a year, he has kindly offered to not take a salary increase amounting to over twelve thousand a year, to also show he is taking pain? could you deal with this pain?

  47. donwreford

    Locke, the British philosopher, was pro arming the people to overthrow corrupt governments who are no longer working with the people but against their interests, considering the gun laws of Australia, this is not a option, it is difficult to see a way out of bad government, without more support from the electorate whom have become insensitive to a greater vision, so meanwhile we now are in the hands of the corrupt.

  48. Michael Duggan

    We have devolved into an Oligarchy from a Democracy. Basically we elect the politicians given to us with very little choice between rubbish and rubbish. The politicians are controlled not by us but by a few wealthy families – this is our country as it stands and yes we need to get off our comfy couches and do something about it before our kids have nothing but long working hours until they are 75+ for as little money as the rich can get away with paying.
    Why is it not in the media – well that’s owned by the rich as well.
    Even the working until later in life has nothing to do with government pensions. Paul Keating sold our government pension system to the rich years ago and now we HAVE to give money to super companies that influence every aspect of our lives – higher priced houses, shares, interest rates the lot. These companies are the main investor in may companies providing our money to the rich to play with as they please. Since they have done such a crappy job we now have to work longer – as a consequence that also keeps our money in their pockets and out of ours for longer. Corruption runs deep in both parties and we need to do something about it.
    Maybe we should use the only thing they do not control to really affect the next election to be ALL independents – social media.

  49. Michael Duggan

    In QLD we could just get the governor to read the preamble of the constitution as it states:

    The people of Queensland, free and equal citizens of
    (a) intend through this Constitution to foster the peace,
    welfare and good government of Queensland; and
    (b) adopt the principle of the sovereignty of the people,
    under the rule of law, and the system of representative
    and responsible government, prescribed by this
    Constitution; and
    (c) honour the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander
    peoples, the First Australians, whose lands, winds and
    waters we all now share; and pay tribute to their unique
    values, and their ancient and enduring cultures, which
    deepen and enrich the life of our community; and
    (d) determine to protect our unique environment; and
    (e) acknowledge the achievements of our forebears, coming
    from many backgrounds, who together faced and
    overcame adversity and injustice, and whose efforts
    bequeathed to us, and future generations, a realistic
    opportunity to strive for social harmony; and
    (f) resolve, in this the 150th anniversary year of the
    establishment of Queensland, to nurture our inheritance,
    and build a society based on democracy, freedom and

    In particular free and equal citizens (not wealthy more equal), representative and responsible government (for all of us not 1 or 2 people), protect our environment (LMFAO), society based on democracy (not oligarchy).

  50. Grace Semler

    Not being as politically astute as the above commenters but interested in the well being of our country, has me wanting to write a post. After having listened to Allan Jones and Heather Brown I am really disturbed about what is happening in QLD. The corruption and the blatant intimidation of the citizens of this state needs to be dealt with immediately. I am far from being an Allan Jones fan, I find him an aggressive and hateful human being who degraded Julia Gillard in the most disgusting manner. But it is known that this behaviour of mining companies is being upheld by the current government to the detriment of the ordinary people. After listening to that interview to be honest, I felt it was coming from another country and it made me afraid for our future generations. If Alan Jones is on to something and continues to pursue it then I want to hear it. Kaye Lee I respect your views and hope to hear more about this from you. Thank you.

  51. mikestasse

    I know I know…. the [poor bastards. How will he buy his morning coffees?

  52. bobrafto

    I wish I could find a voice,

    I have prima facie evidence to have (Lord Mayor) Newman jailed for fraud in trying to cover up written extortion demands on me by Council planners.

    And like Heather, I had my house broken into and my computer exploded with a big bang when I turned it on and then to discover that my external drive was stolen as well as incriminating Council FOI documents.

    Been intimidated by the cops, threatened by a court registrar and generally was done over by Bligh and her police ministers, the CMC, the cops, the Queensland ombudsman and our last bastion of democracy, corrupt judges all conspiring to cover up the extortion and Newman’s fraud.

    The whole establishment conspired to have the Council extortion covered and also conspired to pervert the course of justice.

    If you live in QLD, be afraid, be very afraid.

    Here’s a link to my story.

  53. Kaye Lee


    I haven’t had time to read your story (I will a bit later). If you have genuine concerns then I would try contacting Clive Palmer. He also says he has a lot of dirt on Newman, and that he wants to be the “voice of the little people”. Can’t hurt. These days, strange alliances may have to be endured, like me saying I am with Alan Jones.

  54. bobrafto

    He might be talking about my dirt as I sent it to him over 2 years ago.

    Nowe documented evidence if Palmer is as honorable as he claims he would have dumped the dirt on Newman.

    Palmer is as bad if not worse as the rest of them and served only by self interest.

    I have always lived in hope that the truth would always come out but I might be dead by then.

    My blog is only part of the story, I also have documented evidence of Newman CONNING local cops to come and intimidate me while I was making a political protest outside Council Admin building and this was after Newman was exposed for fraud. There’s alsro a photo of the cops and their names and this evidence was sent to Bligh et al, Newman resigned 2 months after without explanation only to surface as Premier.

    But wait there’;s more, in breach of Chapter of the QLD crim code – the Council’s rapid response group were tasked to stop me from making a lawful passive political protest with the issuing of a $500 fine issued under the Council’s advertising by-laws, my politcal poster of Newman with fraud plastered over it was deemed as advertising. And again under the advertising by-laws I was issued numerous Move On notices that carried a $5,000 fine.

    Our political liberty is on very shaky grounds with Newman in charge.

    But wait there’s more..

  55. Kaye Lee

    This guy would agree with you bob. Queensland has gone mad. Have a go at the police response for a guy who is just buying petrol.

  56. diannaart

    Gun restriction laws an impediment to good government, eh? Riiiight, coz gun ownership works so well in the USA.

  57. Anomander

    Too right diannart. As much as we may feel or seem powerless against this government, the really do not want to go down the road of arming every moron with a gun so they can take-up arms against the government.

    The US is a prime example of rampant gun ownership. Surely it must be the most over-policed nation on Earth, driven by gross inequality and access to firearms.

    I want this government brought down and replaced with something more sensible, but resorting to violence isn’t ever the way to solve problems.

  58. kgb16

    The Greens are the only Party to be consistently attempting to pass legislation through Federal and State Parliaments to try and protect our environment (including forests Reef etc), farming land, farmers etc. For instance try Larissa Waters, Jeremy Buckingham, Christine Milne & other Greens sites for info.

  59. Anomander

    They are also the only party who never seem to be called to appear in the witness stand at the ICAC.

  60. Ricardo29

    No fan of Alan jones but Kaye Lee, you are right, this stuff needs wider distribution and don’t we always say don’t shoot the messenger?

    Also the amazing post of the Beenleigh Biker… Just amazing. With regard to a potential labor govt., only if those who started the rot gave all gone.

  61. Jasmine

    Maybe it is time for the Crime and Misconduct Commission to look at QLD Government (read LNP). There are some ‘fishy’ issues here, CSG, Aquis Casino proposal in Cairns, allowing mining company to dump waste into Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, etc.

  62. bobrafto


    The CMC is the puppet of govt. whichever govt. is in power.

    I made a complaint of extortion against Brisbane City Council planners and a complaint of Fraud supported with prima facie evidence against Newman,

    They gave me a 2 page letter of spin and at the end they said in words to this effect, they don’t have to investigate if they don’t want to. it’s in their charter, if they don’t want to look into a serious complaint by the public, they don’t have to.

    Bligh was my local rep and she was provided with damning evidence against Newman. Now one would think that Bligh would have taken the political knife to Newman. The problem was that Newman LNP as Mayor and Hinchcliffe Labour as Deputy Mayor were conjointly governing Council when all this extortion crap by Council planners were going down.

    Labor’s Hinchcliffe was also administering the Council planning dept. and obviously Bligh felt that this matter should be covered up which it was. When Newman became premier he ensured that my court actions were subverted by corrupt judges.

    The previous CMC chairman 70 yr old retired supreme court judge Martin Moynihan was caught out with cronyism by employing a young lady with the unfortunate name of Sabrina Kuntz as his personal secretary without going through the due process of public service appointments. As a guess Sabrina was probably eye candy for Marty. This thought would be lost on the younger generation, the name Sabrina is synonymous with Big Boobs.

    Cronyism is bad enough, however 6 assistant CMC commissioner all went public in support of Martin Moynihan, as a subtext they may as well said we support cronyism.

    I don’t believe this to be an exaggerated claim, but the CMC is part of govt. corruption, they are the gatekeepers for govt. corruption along with the cops and the Queensland Ombudsman.

    With all this corruption shit going on, I’m feeling that I live in a third world country, it’s that bad.

    We are in dire need for an upper house but also a body like IPAC to replace the CMC.

  63. Sir ScotchMistery

    Alternatively, a bunch of us could get involved in VoiceforIndi and head down to Wangaratta in June and start the process of educating others that this is not all there is to democracy. We have a right to be governed according to the principles that we live by and have always lived by as human beings first, and as Australians second.

    We are not limited in measuring our democracy to the two choices on the ballot paper where people without the intellect nor the interest to go through and marked every box below the line. We have a right to go to the people ourselves as independent representatives of our communities. We have a right to be seen as a compassionate people who care about others enough to not want them locked up in the jungle on Manus Island being put upon by a group of people who 50 years ago were eating each other and running around with little more than a nulla nulla, complete with a bone through their nose and a spear to make their point.

    We are better than that. Tony Abbott is not my Prime Minister, he is keeping the seat warm for a person of conscience and a person of intelligence.

    Nothing will change until we change it. We, the people, need to make the point that the Labour Party and the Liberal party do not represent us. They represent a percentage of the population in some of their views but as long as they do not allow members of the parties to have conscience votes, and as long as both parties see a requirement for Australia to be aligned with United States no matter what, they don’t even represent half of us.

    Ask around the coffee shop-“how do you like Americans”?

    Then ask how many Australians want to be seen as the 52nd star on Old Glory.

    Very few would be my opinion.

  64. donwreford

    Honorable and inspiring.

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