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A walk down memory lane

A walk down memory lane, with a cast of all too familiar characters.

Saved for prosperity.

We begin:

Our Prime Minister

Our Treasurer

Our Defence Minister

Our Attorney General

Our Minister for the NDIS

Time to bid this rabble farewell.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    After years, plop. plop, wipe, wipe, flush, flush, spray, spray, and walk away!! No more obnoxious, repulsive, defective Morrison and filthy crew…

  2. Albos Elbow

    The first move for a Christian paedophile is to tackle the child, then put your left hand on their backside and wrestle them to the ground into the position of a missionary.

  3. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    Sickening when we think this fucking rabble of lying, cheating, flat earth believers, quasi religious idiots, robo debt bastards, car-park dreamers, climate change denialists, buget rorting bastards etc etc MAY be relectecd on Saturday! Heaven help us all, if htis is the case, we need EVERY “normal” thinking–believers in truth & justice Australians, to kick this fucking rabble out, FOR GOOD!

  4. New England Cocky

    Uhmn ….. I don’t think tackling an opponent is allowed in soccer. But when did Scummo ever follow the rules? Or is he, as others have suggested, a member of the Pastoral Paedophile club of Rome?

  5. Michael Taylor

    NEC, among the excuses I’ve heard the popular one is that the kid got in his way. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Terence Mills

    How does the song go ?

    Hey Scomo leave them kids alone !

  7. Kathryn

    So typical of the gutless, smirking, totally corrupt political psychopath, Morrison, who is so deserving of our contempt, mistrust and derision! Leaping on a little child who just happened to get in his way is just what we would expect from a thuggish, callously inhumane bully who likes to attack anyone whom the megalomaniacal narcissist, Morrison, sees as inferior to himself which is just about 99.99% of anything with a pulse! Morrison – who’s undeserved ego and nauseating sense of entitlement is almost as huge as that of his best mate, Trump – is too cowardly to lead the country during fire and floods, preferring to hide away on a deck chair in Hawaii; too treacherous to try and win without treacherously backstabbing his OWN colleagues, Michael Towner and Malcolm Turnbull and too much of a repugnant bible-thumping hypocrite and Hillsong cultist to show empathy to those two little girls from Biloela but keeps getting fake photo shots as a family man with HIS two daughters, but is NOT below attacking, vilifying, denigrating and condemning the poorest, most vulnerable people in our community! FFS, Australia, kick this cruel, totally malignant, dangerously undemocratic, absolutely corrupt political psychopath to the gutter at the federal election today, he is a WRECKING BALL to everything egalitarian, fair-minded Australians cherish!

  8. Kathryn

    Oooops, above should read Michael Towke NOT Michael Towner

  9. corvusboreus

    “I don’t exactly hold a hose”.

    Later on…

    “Albanese is a loose unit”.

    I proffer portent for scomo;
    ‘Beware the gifts of eagles!’

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