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A very unstable genius

Where would the President of the United States get the idea from that injecting disinfectant into the body could cure COVID-19? From a fellow called Mark Grenon, apparently. Writing in The Guardian, Ed Pilkington reveals that:

“The leader of the most prominent group in the US peddling potentially lethal industrial bleach as a “miracle cure” for coronavirus wrote to Donald Trump at the White House this week.

In his letter, Mark Grenon told Trump that chlorine dioxide – a powerful bleach used in industrial processes such as textile manufacturing that can have fatal side-effects when drunk – is “a wonderful detox that can kill 99% of the pathogens in the body”. He added that it “can rid the body of Covid-19”.

Who could imagine any American President in his right mind ever suggesting the citizens of his country take bleach by injection as a cure for the coronavirus, but Trump has.

The American people are indeed unfortunate to have, during a time of crisis, a man so unqualified to lead, let alone lead them through a pandemic.

While the piles of dead mount daily and millions lose their jobs, and the very fabric of its culture is torn asunder, the President seemingly indulges himself in his own self interest, embellishes his own character, his TV ratings and is now suggesting that people-inject disinfectants into their lungs which is tantamount to suggesting they commit suicide.

Never, under any circumstances inject Lysol or Dettol into your bloodstream say the manufactures, Reckitt Benckiser.

The President of the United States is not a doctor of medicine. Instead, ask yourself what is his Cabinet doing about his dangerous advice?

Nothing. And to think this President has described himself as a “very stable genius.”

When the foolhardiness of his words were explained to him or by some miracle he realised it himself later, he back peddled and told another lie. Rather flippantly he suggested he was just being sarcastic.

What would his thinking be if a declaration of war were required?

With the death toll at 53,000 what will it take for the American people to realise that their president is of unstable mind?

In a piece for The New York Times, Michelle Goldberg wrote that:

“Trump, meanwhile, spoke of the crisis in the past tense, as something America is now emerging from, suggesting that all the country will face in the future is “some embers of corona.” The day before, the country had recorded around 2,200 deaths, making it one of the deadliest days of the pandemic in the United States.

Over the last three and a half years, Americans have had to accustom themselves to a relentless, numbing barrage of lies from the federal government. In one sector after another, we’ve seen experts systemically purged and replaced with toadying apparatchiks.”

Frankly, the president shouldn’t be left in charge of his own mouth.


My thought for the day

The Office of the American President was once viewed by its people as an office of prestige and importance. Trump has reduced it to one of ridicule and contempt.

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  1. New England Cocky

    Trumpery, n & a. 1. n. worthless finery, rubbish, nonsense; 2. a. showy but worthless, delusive,shallow. Concise Oxford Dictionary.

  2. PeterF

    The Republican Senators have a lot to answer for, and, should they survive, should be voted out of office with this fool of a child.

  3. Ken

    Just when we thought Trump couldn’t be any more stupid he comes out with more rubbish !

  4. whatever

    Trump, like Abbott and his generation of LNP swine (which includes the current lineup), think this whole democracy thing is a joke and that getting elected by morons gives them the right to bring their undergraduate humour to the proceedings of the Nation.

  5. Terence Mills

    Surely the producers of The Apprentice could give him another go and save us all this stress !

  6. Wankin Fatneck

    If he can persuade the 33% of his countrymen that are hardcore dickheads to inject bleach, surely the majority of them wouldn’t be missed! In fact, I think he should lead the congregation.

  7. Terence Mills

    Last night the contributors to Sky-after-Dark were out there defending Trump and castigating the media for misinterpreting Trump’s helpful references to bleaches etc.

    This is to be expected of the Murdoch television outlet as they seem to take their basis for opinions from Fox News in the USA who presumably get their riding instructions directly from the dirty-digger or his heir apparent, Lachlan.

  8. Frank Smith

    I have often wondered why the Republicans did not use the opportunity to impeach Trump and rid themselves of this obviously unstable loon. Trump has never been a Republican – I doubt he subscribes to any ideology other than embellishing his own ego. Impeaching Trump would have elevated Pence to the Presidency, a true and very compliant Republican and “one of them”, even if also a numbskull. Seems like a lost opportunity for the Republicans to me. Whilst I am firmly in the progressive Democrat camp, it is interesting to muse what drives Republican strategy regarding this clearly dangerous President.

  9. Kathryn

    My God, not a day goes by that the inane, insane narcissist, Trump, doesn’t come out with something MORE ridiculous, MORE deceitful, MORE outrageously absurd! It has become evident that the small majority of totally deluded Americans have managed to parachute the Mother and Father of all Liars, the King of all Village Idiots into the highest office of their land. The minute the megalomaniac, Trump, became president, it became evident that Trump’s stratospheric conceit, deluded sense of importance and misguided belief that he knows better than all the experts, doctors, scientists, educators and advisors (put together), put the USA on a catastrophic downhill trajectory fed by pig ignorance, xenophobia, racism, chaos, division, hate and fear. Clearly, the ONLY thing Trump (and his rabid army of gormless followers) have managed to achieve, is to make the USA an object of international condemnation, a subject of worldwide ridicule now regarded as a country full of flag-waving, nationalistic, regressive red-necks.
    Trump’s suggestion that the ingestion of highly toxic disinfectant may be an option worth considering, is just ANOTHER outrageously insane and illogical suggestion to add to the ever-growing list of absurd, dangerous and nonsensical statements made by Trump and, before him, George W Bush – it seems that unadulterated idiocy within the Republican movement has become normalised.

    Now we have America winning the WORST race in the world – the country with the #1 highest number of confirmed cases and deaths caused by Covid-19 … YET, right in the middle of a Blow-out of cases within its borders, we have Trump’s moronic supporters clamouring in the streets, rioting, protesting and demanding the loosening of essential self-isolating restrictions – that have proven effective in every other country practising them – and why? In order to place a HIGH PRIORITY on the essence of selfish, self-serving neoliberal capitalism which puts the almighty dollar, the obsession with profit, the refusal to care for SOCIETY over the ill-informed self-entitlement of the individual – promoting the American system of profit-obsessed capitalism over the health, safety and well-being of its citizens! (slow clap) … Congratulations, America (eye roll) …. If, in some parallel universe, the tiny majority of idiots in your nation actually set out to destroy, obliterate and devastate what’s remaining of your beautiful country, you certainly have elected the “perfect” president to lead you down that path! Trump, like some warped Pied Piper, will keep blowing his own trumpet, dancing to his own tune, playing you for fools and stoking the fires of ignorance whilst he presumes to lead you into the abyss of chaos and dysfunction right in the middle of a terrifying pandemic that, as yet, has no end in sight and no cure.

    Our deepest, most sincere sympathies go out to the millions of Democrats and ordinary Americans who did NOT vote for Trump and are forced to sit by and watch these idiots play Russian Roulette with your beloved country!

  10. RomeoCharlie29

    Given the disrepute into which political polls have fallen, it is possible to hope that the latestNewspoll giving Scummo a 68% approval rating is wrong. The alternative is to believe the result and have to conclude that those polled, 1500+ people, are so politically naive or superficial as to believe Morrison’s the person actually responsible for Australia’s response to the ‘Rona.

    I prefer to think it is the five Labor Premiers/Chief Ministers who have done their best to get a half-baked, full of holes, delayed but nonetheless welcome response from a PM whose ideological blindness must be being tested sorely.

    It is to be hoped that some genies are so far out of their bottles they can never be put back in, principal among them Newstart/Jobseeker. We must all resist a return to business as usual and the moribund economy it was giving us pre-CV. This means putting the BCA and the IPA back in their boxes.

    P.s. what the hell is the Labor member for Eden-Monaro thinking? A by- election in a marginal seat with a government being given credit where little is due? What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, the COALition could increase its slender majority.

  11. Phil Pryor

    Enough USA voters in a flawed electorate have seen the skinful of shit, Trump the shitskulled potful olf poop in office and now, they will all suffer, the innocent, the guilty supporters, even the world at large. Incompetence and stupidity are not enough to describe this turd.

  12. wam

    what a great giggle this morning, lord. Michelle is not my cup of tea but is right about trump’s mouth. The brooklyndad has your word to the fore
    :The Office of the American President was once viewed by its people as an office of prestige and importance. Trump has reduced it to one of ridicule and contempt.”
    In our lifetime :
    kennedy and clinton were good with the sword
    lbj and a couple of bushes were good with wars
    tricky dickie
    ford 3 year president never elected
    ronnie b grade(voted top man, since the war, by many but probably not you?
    george dubya the very hungry caterpiller level reader
    All as an office of prestige and importance ??
    not any of the personal flaws of those men compare to trump but not even he can reduce the office to “ridicule and contempt.”

    America can look forward to trump or biden a choice that excites americophobes tall over he world.
    Romeo charlie
    yes the polls understate his popularity

  13. Aortic

    As Gore Vidal once said, ” anyone thinking of standing for the office of President of the United States, should immediately, by definition, be disqualified from doing so.”

  14. Miriam English

    It’s easy to see why Russia, mortal enemy of USA, worked so hard to get Trump elected.

  15. John Boyd

    RC29…Mike Kelly has been quite ill, and to the best of my knowledge, is recovering well. This story has been around before, seemingly sourced in the courier Mail. Dr Kelly has made it clear he has no intention of resigning. One might suspect that the National Party might have something to do with the re-surfacing of this story, given the way Mr Barilaro has made his ambitions clear.

  16. Kaye Lee

    On Sunday, in a thread that’s since been deleted, Trump wrote: “When will all of the “reporters” who have received Noble Prizes for their work on Russia, Russia, Russia, only to have been proven totally wrong (and, in fact, it was the other side who committed the crimes) be turning back their cherished “Nobles” so that they can be given to the REAL REPORTERS & JOURNALISTS who got it right.”

    In the deleted thread he also said: “Lawsuits should be brought against all, including the Fake News Organisations, to rectify this terrible injustice. For all of the great lawyers out there, do we have any takers? When will the Noble Committee Act? Better be fast!”

    After deleting the thread, Trump later tweeted: “Does anybody get the meaning of what a so-called Noble (not Nobel) Prize is, especially as it pertains to Reporters and Journalists? Noble is defined as, “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.” Does sarcasm ever work?”

    He is seriously weird

  17. Phil

    Trump is dangerous and I will bet my kids lives, he will start a war before November. I’m not talking a nuclear exchange with China or Russia but, he is going to gin one up somewhere and soon. It has just dawned on him, he is not going to be reelected. Some of the elites from Wall St are already getting out of Dodge, they know what’s coming.

  18. Jack Cade

    If he starts a war, all the enemy needs to do is show War of the Worlds on US tv, tell them it’s a documentary, and they’ll shit themselves, congesting every road and byway into the mountains. They’ve done it before…

  19. Matters Not

    Predicted years ago, that the powers of the US President were unlimited if the occupant was prepared to really push the envelope. That seems to be now manifest. Before the last mid-terms, the leadership of the Democrats was all ‘hairy chested’ claiming that when they had a majority in the House and the various Committees then Trump would be brought to account. Impeached – Yes. Convicted – No. Just a mere blot on the escutcheon. In the same league as multiple bankruptcies. Now just a matter of pride.

    Trump of course put enormous effort into ensuring favorable Supreme Court appointments (with success) but the Democrats should have anticipated that. Now their system of checks and balances is in disarray – with the Democrats reduced to promising prosecution after leaving office. Won’t happen. Unless, one of his offspring seeks to follow. And that maybe their wont.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Trump, the bloke who says that as president he has absolute authority yet should not be held accountable.

    Weird, and dangerous.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, I read somewhere that his Twitter meltdown this morning was epic.

    I’m sorry I missed it.

    But there’s always tomorrow. 😉

  22. Matters Not


    has absolute authority yet should not be held accountable

    Not quite. Trump argues that that his powers as President are without bounds. Therefore absolute while holding that Office. Being accountable doesn’t enter into his discussion.

  23. Phil

    ” If he starts a war, all the enemy needs to do is show War of the Worlds on US tv, tell them it’s a documentary, and they’ll shit themselves, congesting every road and byway into the mountains. They’ve done it before…”

    As you know, some people committed suicide.

  24. andy56

    You can be excused for thinking trump has lost his marbles. I think its really his shortcomings as a spoilt brat. Why do you not know bleach is harmfull to organic life? Because literally for his whole existence, he hasnt had to deal with life as everyone else does. He lives in an ivory tower and surrounds himself with ambitious sicaphants. No amount of grovelling is too much, notice Fauci and Brix just trying to walk the tight rope. Americans who still think he’s great are the ones who are truly unhinged. Trump is just a ” bad bad leroy brown”, lol

  25. Aortic

    Even as we stay in self isolation here in Sydney I am still not convinced we are a safe distance from this narcissistic moron. He is too much of an egotist to go quietly, and nothing will be off the agenda as he struggles to hold on to power. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  26. Josephus

    A remake of mad King George but more dangerous because nuclear armed. Needs to be locked up. Yes tempting to wish the morons who vote for him all drink bleach or dettol forthwith . Ethnic cleansing that might just save the planet.

  27. Bob Parker

    Trumps remarks are no real threat because who don’t support him will ignore his advice and those who do won’t be capable of getting past the child proof caps on the disinfectant and bleach bottles.

  28. Ken Fabian

    Josephus – was that sarcasm? Just checking. Just for the record I really don’t like “good if they were dead” rhetoric in any form.

  29. Harry

    You do realise vaccines are full of disinfectants. Classic TDS preventing people from seeing

  30. Kaye Lee

    No Harry, I do not realise that – mainly because it isn’t true.

    Please show an example of what you mean – the ingredients of vaccines are easy to find.

  31. Michael Taylor

    Harry, did you at least try googling that?

  32. Matters Not

    Note – re TDS

    In Latin ‘tds’ (ter die sumendus) translates as ‘to be taken three times a day’ (sumendus = to take). Hence ‘tds’ should be used for oral medications. ‘tid’ (ter in die) translates as ‘three times daily’ and should be used for external medications.

    Perhaps Harry is just trying to be helpful but with this decline in standards – this is what you end you with.

  33. Kaye Lee

    Henry is “classic” in many respects. I presume he means Trump derangement syndrome – a handy line used to deflect any criticism of the maniac who occupies the White House. Trump is, of course, brilliant and hence anyone criticising him is deranged.

    Just a tip Henry, don’t try any of Trump’s cures.

  34. Phil

    May 1, 2020 at 2:06 pm
    ” Harry, did you at least try googling that? ”

    He gargled it – not Googled it.

  35. Roland Flickett

    ‘…gargled it.’
    That’s the clincher, I think.

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