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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Morrison First Attempt To Curry Favours

There was an interesting juxtaposition on Twitter recently. While one person was praising Priya for regularly cooking curries for the local hospital workers in Biloela, another was criticising Scott Morrison for posting his latest curry sensation on LinkedIn…

Morrison is very obsessed with his curries. It makes one think that the reason that the family has been sent to Christmas Island at great expense is because he was worried that hers would make his attempts make him look like a pathetic try-hard.

Ok, before anyone suggests that it’s terrible to use the poor Sri Lankan family to mock Scott Morrison, let me just say that I think their treatment a disgrace from every point of view you can throw at it: The waste of money, the lack of humanity, the idea that one family who nobody would have even heard of if they hadn’t been treated so appallingly would have started boats arriving if they’d just been left in the place where they and the local community were more than happy for them to stay. Let’s be real about the whole asylum seeker situation, regardless of your views on stopping the boats and strong borders and all that, you’d have to admit that it’s clear that the Liberals have backed themselves into a ridiculous corner with Manus and Nauru. They simply have no plan about what to do with the people there, apart from waste billions of dollars keeping them in detention indefinitely. And, even if you’re one of those silly people who believes that they’ve entered the country illegally, you’d have to admit that seven years is a pretty long sentence with no parole hearing. If you were a Trump supporter in the USA, you could shoot a journalist and be pardoned by the President in less time than that. Seven years is even longer than an AFP investigation into a Liberal frontbencher before they decide that enough people have forgotten about it and they can announce that they found nothing because they didn’t actually look.

Anyway, I had this vague idea that I’d written about Morrison and curries before so I did a search and what da ya know: Our Prime Marketer was using a curry analogy as far back as 2018 which was just after he become less ambitious for that Turnbull guy.

If you feel like a trip down memory lane, there’s even a short video where the presenter refers to Mr Morrison’s inspiring metaphor as “verbal diarrhoea”.

Ah, those were the days!

Here you go: When Scott’s Curries Gave Even The Media The Shits!

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  1. Vikingduk

    Ya know why morrison has that shit eating smirk as a permanent fixture? Cause he sucks the farts straight outa donny dumpster’s butt. On a subsistence diet at the moment, relies on bottled farts all the way from the usa. If you look closely, sometimes you can see a slight orange tinge on the liar’s nose and mouth. Really, has there been a bigger bunch of morally bankrupt, rotten to the core slime suckers ever. Will andrews and sukkah (rimes with fukkar) be held accountable for the branch stacking? Yeah, course they will, the day I ride a unicorn into parliament.

  2. Gangey1959

    So that’s what a curry looks like.

    Lucky there was a bedpan on the barbie, because it looks like his brain slid out of his ear when he turned to look at the camera.

  3. RomeoCharlie29

    Clever Rossleigh, and I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about the Biloela family. Cruel and unusual, and bloody expensive, treatment of four small people, two of them Australia-born. I have supported several campaigns in their support and look forward to the day when Dutton finally throws up his hands and does an au pair on them. Longer term I hope a future labor government metaphorically sinks a steel-capped bovver boot up his fundamental with a RC into the brutal, mismanaged, obscenely expensive offshore detention regime.

  4. Jack Cade

    Ah, Dutton. Don’t you feel for Indian Snake Charmers? No matter what tune they play, Peter Dutton comes out of the basket…

  5. Kronomex

    The only thing missing from that disgusting and vomitous mess is the diced carrots! Oh wait, I think I just, in a roundabout way, described the LNP.

  6. Terence Mills

    Asylum seekers seven years awaiting justice having been detained even though they have committed no crime………. and then there’s poor Kathy Jackson pleading to clear her name of seventy counts of theft and misappropriation of union funds and she can’t get her day in court. In the meantime our government goes hell for leather to prosecute Witness K and Collaery his lawyer for public spirited whistle blowing.

    We have a strange system of justice in this country !

  7. Matters Not

    We do have a strange system of democratic government as well. Objectively – it’s best described as an unaccountable parliamentary dictatorship, elected every three years or so – usually via a distraction with dead cats thrown on tables being a favored option.

  8. Kathryn

    MorriScum has a LOT in common with a BAD curry:

    ** they keep coming back at you in a very unpleasant way;
    ** Morrison just LOVES stirring things up – curries are just part of the problem!
    ** both MorriScum and a rotten curry will, most definitely, give you a bad case of the shits in rapid time;
    ** the cheaper the product, the higher the risk and let’s face it, they don’t come much cheaper or toxic than MorriScum who has the ability to make a 15 year old bad curry look good!
    ** both of them can – and do – leave a nasty taste in your mouth;
    ** Morrison pretending to be a Chef is about as credible as Trump pretending to be a humanitarian!
    ** Morrison’s ONLY experience in this regard is “cooking the books” as a second-rate Treasurer!

  9. Harry Lime

    That photo of the self satisfied Liar gives me an overwhelming desire to shove his repulsive face into it,thereby making him eat shit.

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