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A tale of two “liars”

On August 16, 2010, five days before the federal election, Julia Gillard said “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

On August 20, the day before the election, she said “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism. I rule out a carbon tax.”

When she announced the market-based carbon pricing scheme on February 24, 2011, the government’s press release said:

The two-year plan for a carbon price mechanism will start with a fixed price period for three to five years before transitioning to an emissions trading scheme.

Despite these easily verifiable facts, Peta Credlin and Alan Jones decided it would be politically expedient to label Gillard a liar, even promoting the puerile putdown “Juliar”.

The fact that the Coalition got rid of a well-functioning emissions trading scheme only to introduce their own fatally flawed emissions reduction fund and carbon offsets scheme shows they are far more interested in the politics than the outcomes.

Julia did not lie.

Scott, on the other hand – well, how long have you got?

His office lied about him going to Hawaii during the bushfires and then Morrison lied that he had told Albanese where he was going.

Morrison lied when he said that Australia was at the “top of the queue” for vaccine delivery. He then lied when he blamed the EU for blocking supply and then denied he ever said that. Morrison said many times that the vaccine rollout was “not a race” – then claimed he was referring to the “vaccine regulation”, not its rollout.

Morrison absolutely rubbished electric vehicles before the last election and then denied he ever did that and tried to pretend that there had been massive changes in the technology in the last two years to justify his newfound support for EVs – another lie.

Morrison denied referring to former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari as “Shanghai Sam” despite it being on film and in Hansard 17 times.

When asked about the Government’s support for Clive Palmer’s High Court action against Western Australia’s border closures, Scotty lied again saying’ “The member must be misinformed, because the Commonwealth did not pursue that case, and it is erroneous to suggest that that is what the Government did. The Government did not pursue that case at all. We did not pursue that case. The Labor Party continues to push this falsehood around the country.”

Except court documents filed in June 2020 state “The Attorney-General intervenes in support of the position of the plaintiffs [Clive Palmer and Mineralogy].”

When the French President was asked if he thought Morrison had lied to him about the submarine deal, he replied “I don’t think, I know.”

When asked on Tasmanian radio about saying the best way to help struggling renters is to help them buy a house, Morrison replied “I didn’t say that actually.”

What he “actually” said was:

“(The) best way to support people who are renting a house is to help them buy a house. And over the last three years, we’ve got over 300,000 Australians directly in their own home and particularly single mums.”

Today host Ally Langdon interjected, saying: “I’m not talking about home ownership here. I’m talking about rent relief.”

Mr Morrison responded: “I know, but that’s my point. People who are buying houses are renters. Ensuring that more renters can buy their own home and get the security of homeownership – this is one of the key focuses of this budget and was one of the key pledges I’ve delivered on since the last election.”

These are just a few of the easily debunkable lies that Scotty-from-marketing has spruiked.

Honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of a functioning democracy. If we are run by liars who will deny today what they said yesterday, we are not living in a democracy anymore.


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  1. David Ayliffe

    Excellent article. Truth is a great debunker of lies. A lesson Mirrison has never learned.

  2. JudithW

    300,000 seems to be Scott Morrison’s favourite number…
    A quick google search reveals…
    He told ABC the budget was $100B better off because 300,000 people were now off jobseeker (goodness knows how he gets from 300k x $12k to $100B).
    JobTrainer program has funded 300,000 places.
    Morrison Government’s October deal to purchase 300,000 courses of the promising oral COVID-19 treatment Molnupiravir.
    More than 300,000 Australians have been supported into homes in this term of government (some of them were women).
    July 21 saw a fast track of 300,000 vaccine doses into nsw.
    Housing Minister Michael Sukkar said coupled with HomeBuilder and the first home super saver scheme, more than 300,000 Australians had been helped into home ownership.
    And the list goes on…

  3. Harry Lime

    Morrison is closing in on 300,000 lies…and that’s only this month.The Liar is up now in Launceston adding to the tally..his”dear and close friend” Modi are both on the same page ,championing democracy..really?They do have certain common traits,but democracy ain’t one of them.Morrison, apart from being an inveterate liar, is exhibiting what appears to be a debilitating personality disorder….Thank Houston this will soon all be just a bad dream.

  4. Gangey1959

    Q. How can you tell when scott morrison is lying?
    A. When he is awake.
    Australia’s prevaricator in chief, he of the “I am ambitious for him” utterance, before himself knifing talcum turnbull in the back and then outlawing knives in the cabinet-room. The bloke behind “technology not taxes” but who held aloft a lump of coal in Parliament and proclaiming it to be the pathway out from the “darkness” of climate change and forging a path back to REAL regress.
    Yeah, him. The smirko. Holder of no hoses, mate. The moron of many safety shirts. Our mr photo-op himself. The promisor of much, but deliverer of sweet bugger all. The one who couldn’t lie straight if he was strung out on a rack.
    No wonder most of his “party mates” don’t have the liarbral brand or colours any where near their election signage.

  5. John Hanna

    Not really a liar, he is really a bullshitter, they are the ones who don’t care if they tell lies. Craig Kelly is one too, and many others.

  6. Stephengb

    John Hanna

    a person who exaggerates or lies.

  7. GL

    Trumpist: a thug and malignant narcissist who exaggerates and lies.
    Scummo: see Trumpist.

  8. Florence

    I would love to know the income of the 300,000 who have got the low deposit loans. Single mothers are not always poor.

  9. Mark Shields

    When it comes to looking for a party willing to work for Climate Change… I do not think Julia Gillard had the balls to transform this useless election! I am also seriously dubious of our pretty little ALBO: This ignorant Marrickville Dullard has too much to show, for being a pre-selected candidate with local Labor abhorrence…

  10. Mark Shields

    WE are all fed up with digital observation technologies, but seriously wonder how our societies might gain an uplift when it comes down to digital Authority!…

  11. Kaye Lee

    Mark Shields,

    Julia Gillard introduced carbon pricing and it was working well. Thankfully one doesn’t need balls to have brains. Speaking as a woman, I would suggest that there is overwhelming evidence that balls are, in fact, an impediment to good judgement

    I can understand disappointment about how slow our politicians are to truly embrace the dangers of climate change but any suggestion that the Coalition would do better than Labor on that is just ludicrous.

    I have NO idea what your last sentence means but, whilst Albanese might not be an inspiring leader, he has a far better team behind him than the Coalition.

    PS What is the second post about????

  12. Canguro

    Given that the Romanian solution to bad government is unlikely to garner support in this country, as an alternative I might humbly suggest the Bill Hicks response re. the existence of marketing types; just kill yourselves, he suggested. His freely offered opinion in full flight with a live audience went on to suggest, truthfully, that they were the scum of the earth and a blight to mankind, and that they would be doing everyone a favour by removing themselves from the gene pool.

    The deeply disliked & chronic liar, the pretender to the throne, as a former quasi-professional promoter of falsehoods, could take note and do worse than taking that advice to heart; do the honourable thing, as has been done so many times in countries like Japan & Korea when personal failures overwhelm, when the prospect of actually living with the shame of one’s behaviour looms, and pull the pin. He’ll be thought the better for it.

  13. Kaye Lee

    I don’t wish any harm to Morrison, self-inflicted or otherwise. I am more than happy for him to have a long and happy life enjoying his family (though I kinda resent the life-time benefits ex PMs get).. I just don’t want him to have anything to do with making decisions about my life.

  14. wam

    Another glossy page of selected ‘facts’, kaye? Another, to use a lord phrase, lie by omission or rupertian tweeks? Gillard was unable to avoid juliar because the rabbott and the media said ‘carbon tax’ not carbon price. What a difference a word means, kaye. But the loonies were the prime movers with the bully boy bandit to the fore: in ‘juliar’. :…Prime Minister Julia Gillard has agreed to a swag of demands from the Greens as part of a formal deal to join forces as Labor tries to secure a parliamentary majority….:(ABC Posted Tue 31 Aug 2010 at 5:36pm) He is yet to make his cash move but he has plans that you will not find as pretty policy, kaye. ps did you read this: “three to five years before transitioning to an emissions trading scheme.”(line 14) before you wrote: “The fact that the Coalition got rid of a well-functioning emissions trading scheme…”(line 25) pps Fact is that Australia would have had, amongst other things, a climate scheme for the last13 years, if the greens had not voted with the rabbott???
    But who cares you’ve ignored my truths before!

  15. Michael Taylor

    The only pain I wish upon Scott Morrison is that stabbing pain he will feel when the election is lost.

  16. Barry Richards

    Im not sure Scott Morison understands how media, also social media works.If you are the leader of a country,you can fairly guarantee what you say in front of the media is being recorded,so everything you do or say is out their for all to see,and its quite easy to go back in time to find anything that has been recorded.So why would this fool believe that we are not able to understand when someone is deliberately lying,maybe he thinks we all suffer from short term memory loss,but Mr Morrison you don’t have to worry about my short term memory loss,because come election day i will be saying goodby to you and the rest of the liars in you party

  17. Terence Mills


    Don’t underestimate Morrison and his PR team.

    I’ve noticed that Newscorp (and Sky) are portraying him as a man who has been misunderstood and is under attack from the rabid Left. That he is a martyr for his cause and for the Australian people. That he has not lied but been a victim of a malicious social media campaign to oust him. That fake news originating from overseas – possibly China – is seeking to undermine the good work that he has done.

    Take care, they are fashioning a new Scomo for the election : Frydenberg is portrayed as a grinning everyman and even Barnaby has been given a new suit and a Bob Katter hat to appeal to the bush.

    I anticipate that Morrison will announce an election any day possibly today (Sunday) for 14 May and a major public relations campaign will start – no policies – just self promotion : all at our expense as we pay for his PR team.

    These guys are scary and they will not surrender power without an almighty fight and if necessary they will wreck the joint on the way out.

    Take Care folks !

  18. Barry Richards

    Well i think its great that both you and i have a understanding of whats going on, we just need the other 24 odd million sheep to understand as well,i really hope they do,because if we end up with this bloke again,this country if finished,unfortunately their is no where else to go

  19. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of lies…

    “But the loonies were the prime movers with the bully boy bandit to the fore: in ‘juliar’. :…Prime Minister Julia Gillard has agreed to a swag of demands from the Greens as part of a formal deal to join forces as Labor tries to secure a parliamentary majority”

    What you neglect to mention wam, is that carbon pricing was NOT one of those demands.

    “the Greens did not get Labor to commit to a price on carbon or any move towards legalising gay marriage, with Greens leader Bob Brown saying the deal is still a “work in progress”.


    As you well know, it was Windsor and Oakeshott who insisted on carbon pricing to get their support to form government. Your personal all-consuming hatred of Bandt does not change the facts.

  20. Kaye Lee


    The thing is many of the attacks on Morrison are coming from his own side. The papers are full of Liberals talking about Morrison’s dirty preselection tactics against Michael Towke. There are just too many damning indictments mounting up from too many different sources for them to call it all fake news.

    And goodness knows there is enough video of him lying – the hardest part for Labor will be winnowing down all the material for the campaign.

  21. Consume Less

    I just don’t want him to have anything to do with making decisions about my life….. What the !!! Scomo would check with Jen first.

  22. Harry Lime

    Morrison is going to have his work cut out for him over the next two months…denying everything he’s ever said or done,next he’ll be playing the victim.Going to need a train load of roosters to keep up with the denials.

    Terrence,they might be attempting to fashion a ‘new’ Scomo,but the old one is relentlessly stalking him.

  23. Terence Mills

    Despite a Supreme Court challenge pending, Morrison has trampled the Liberal branch system in NSW and, with a committee comprised of himself. the NSW premier, Dominic Perrottet, and a former president of the federal Liberal party, Chris McDiven, have bypassed the branch network in NSW despite a number of preselections being scheduled.

    They have nominated nine seats with Morrison’s picks. It will be interesting to see what the Supreme court appeal has to say probably tomorrow. He has trashed their constitution !

    Are there any Liberal party supporters out there who can explain how they feel about their branch network being consumed by Morrison’s raiders in such an undemocratic manner ?

  24. Max Gross

    I’m amazed that mainstream media have finally picked up on Morrison’s Towke scandal! WTF took them so long?

  25. GL

    Doomsday for Scummo? Even Rupert and Costello now appear to see him as a huge liability and, with any luck, have started turning on him. I will, however, take it all with a grain of salt precisely because it is Costello and Rupert and they switch sides faster than Bananababy swallowing a beer.

  26. Florence Howarth

    The PM has risked losing government, splitting the party for his protection, not that of the party, government or people. Most appointed support Morrison.

  27. wam

    Haha so the bandit had nothing to do with the deal it was oakeschott and Windsor in the negotiations August ABC post not brown and bandit?
    Was it brown and bandit who put the rabbott’s carbon tax as work in progress? Do you regard ‘a work in progress’ as not getting labor to introduce a carbon measure? Do you think the bandit would not be amenable to ‘pressure’(bullying??)
    Oakeschott and Windsor wanted a COMMITTEE but who cares about fairness. You dismiss the influence of bandit as the balancer who attended the committee as an adviser to Bobby?
    Whatever, Kaye let’s agree to being different.
    I find brown’s-decisions to vote against climate action culpable and he should be ashamed of it.
    I find the history and actions of the bandit sleazy.
    I find the greens Christine’s decision on debt limit the poorest of all green decisions and the prime cause of the coalitions absolute political arrogance and the basis of the coalition’s success..
    I find their glossy policy document laughable and designed to draw support from nose cutting labor purist?
    You don’t care where the money came from
    You don’t care about the Townsville action where, even diNatali admits it damaged labor who were seen to be involved with the greens.(that is wedging) and hints at the damage of the slogan ‘labor and the greens’.
    You give no credence to the fact that climate action was stopped twice by the greens thereby giving us 13 years of inaction.
    So suck it up, Kaye, I think you are blinkered and you think me stupid. I agree with you.
    After the bandit gives Scummo another miracle you may think me less stupid and I may think you less blinkered?
    But I hope the bandit will be satisfied with financing the taking of a seat or two from labor without jeopardizing the labor platform.

  28. Kaye Lee


    I don’t think you are stupid. I think you are obsessed with past grievances which I find a complete waste of time. As I used to say to my students, every day is a fresh start for them to impress or disappoint me. Hanging on to past hurts is stultifying and does nothing to address or progress the issues of the day.

    By all means, express your opinion (though some variety would be welcome rather than the CONSTANT one-track repetition), but STOP telling me what I care about or what I think because you are completely wrong. (Why do men insist on doing that?)

    BTW being blinkered means being unaware of surroundings (wilfully or otherwise) and I think you have a hide to accuse me of that.

  29. Michael Taylor

    wam, you’ve been very grumpy of late. This is so unlike you.

    We’re all on the same side. We all want to see the Morrison government removed. Let’s focus on that.

  30. Warren

    Well said Mr Taylor. Let’s concentrate on our future without a LNP “Government”. Members of the LNP and MSM are turning on Morrison to some extent Kaye Lee. Morrison has become a liability, but there are many scums around who carry knives and are just as scary. A stubbing after the election perhaps.

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