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A population may survive but not thrive if it grows rapidly

Sustainable Population Australia Media Release

As World Population Day approaches, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) says a population may survive but not thrive if it grows rapidly.

SPA national president Peter Strachan says that if every person is to have access to health services, their human rights upheld and sustainable development achieved, there must be an end to population growth.

“There is always a limit to resources,” says Mr Strachan, “be it arable land, water or energy. The size of any population must fit within those limits.

“If a population grows, resources will be directed to providing for the basic needs of its new citizens, rather than lifting the standard of living of the whole community to a point where everyone thrives.

“The five poorest countries in the world – Burundi, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Somalia – all have very high population growth rates. South Sudan, for instance, grows by 4.8 per cent annually which means the population doubles every 15 years.

“You cannot have sustainable development in these conditions. Women’s energies will be focussed on the needs of her family if she has six or seven children, rather than on the broader economy or community.

“Health care should be a basic human right and yet these high-population growth countries fail to provide it. South Sudan, for instance, has one of the world’s highest maternal mortality rates. The DRC lacks modern healthcare. Somalia’s fertility rate of over six births per woman has put further strain on the country’s already poor healthcare.

“In 2023, with an immigration-driven population growth rate of 2.5 per cent, Australia struggled to provide basic health, education and housing for all, and continues to fail on those fronts.

“Last year, 651,200 people were added to Australia’s population, 84 per cent from net overseas migration. Growth required building over a quarter million new dwellings, just to house all the new people, be they born here or immigrant, but only 170,000 dwellings were delivered.

“The vast amounts of private and public money required to cater for growth could be better spent on education and healthcare, were the population not growing.

“If people’s needs are to be properly met everywhere, population growth must end, nationally and globally.”

SPA is an independent not-for-profit organisation seeking to protect the environment and our quality of life by ending population growth in Australia and globally, while rejecting racism and involuntary population control. SPA is an environmental advocacy organisation, not a political party.

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  1. Andrew Smith

    Here we go more faux data analysis and missing the direct links to the right wing in France 🙂

    Firstly, mislabelling international students and ‘others’ caught under the NOM net OS migration, counted into the population if staying 12/16+ months, but suggestions they are permanent, are false (all new permanents come under the cap).

    They are ‘temporary churn over’ and net financial budget contributors (with visitors too) paying $billions in GST, without future access to services as they depart, to support 7+ million oldies and boomer natives in &/or transitioning to retirement, tugging on budgets more as evidenced by increasing old age dependency ratios.

    However, SPA is related to events in France, how? SPA is in ‘Tanton Network’, which in US shares donors with the fossil fuel Atlas – Koch Network, which includes IPA, CIS etc. locally; both share a tendency for social Darwinism and influence can be found around the Danube Institute in Budapest where Tony Abbott works (avoiding publicity due to anti-Ukraine policies?).

    Renaud Camus’ ‘The Great Replacement’ probably inspired Abbott’s mate Orban’s ‘Soros conspiracy’, and was directly inspired by Jean Raspail’s ‘Camp of the Saints’ of which Steve Bannon is a fan, and published by his muse’s (Tanton) TSCP The Social Contract Press with an interview by a SPA Patron published many years ago.

    Whole Volume 5, Number 2 dedicated to…“The Camp Of The Saints Revisited” and cites ‘traditionalism’ etc.


    While the interview article by SPA’s Patron is here https://www.thesocialcontract.com/artman2/publish/tsc0502/article_415.shtml

  2. New England Cocky

    ”Australia struggled to provide basic health, education and housing for all, and continues to fail on those fronts.”

    Perhaps not that the corrupt COALition have been evicted from the Treasury benches we will see less government expenditure waste on cost overruns, value for the money spent and honesty (occasionally) when the private sector deals with government.

    But I am NOT holding my breath.

  3. Gregory

    Over population is a subject that I feel is not taken seriously enough by the vast majority of people worldwide. When I was born in the early 60s the world population was not much over 3 billion. Before my natural lifespan passes the population will reach 9 billion. The world’s population tripling in one lifetime is not sustainable. If that rate was to continue then the next lifetime would mean reaching 27 billion people. Our only saving grace right now is lowering growth rates in most industrialised countries. Which in turn puts pressure on providing pensions for the elderly in aging populations.

    Concerning growth in Australia it has also nearly tripled in my lifetime. 10 million in the early 60s now approaching 27 million of which now over 30% are of Asian decent. Asians see Australia as a big empty continent loaded with resources wasted with a tiny population, not a country, while theirs has over half the world’s population; 4.5 billion people and they eye us with envy. Australia will become more Asian as the years pass. Not too long in to the future we will see 50% of Asian decent. We have to learn to accept the inevitable.

  4. corvusboreus

    Good news is, margin-error projections of Homo sapiens populations have us likely leveling out at something either side of 10,000,000,000 somewhere either side of 2100CE.
    Main variable factor in this seems to be female access to education, legal bodily autonomy & contraception.

    Sobering side of that is the relative interim impacts of adding an extra 2 billion humans upon our planetary habitat, relative to the extent of planetary harm caused by the existent 8 billion people.

    Wildcard consideration, as truly we enter the Anthropocene Age, is the impacts of climate & ecosystems destabilising unravelling (eg searise) upon existent mass-settlements of people clustered in littoral, alluvial and otherwise marginal areas.

    Interesting times ahead.

    Corvus out.

  5. Andrew Smith

    For the past decade offshore demographers have called out UNPD population forecasts as inflated, why? Claims the UNPD (‘owned’ by the Rockefeller Foundation?) are deflating then inflating future fertility rates of China, India etc. Presently maybe only Georgia has increasing fertility trends, across the world they are declining and now more often below replacement.

    The first to pick up on this odd macro data by the UNPD vs. local demographic analysis and research, was Indian economist and demographer Sanjeev Sanyal (plus Randers, Lutz, Pearce, Bricker & Ibbitson et al)

    Project Syndicate ‘The End of Population Growth Oct 30, 2011 SANJEEV SANYAL:

    ‘The UN forecasts that world population will rise to 9.3 billion in 2050 and surpass 10 billion by the end of this century. But such forecasts misrepresent underlying demographic dynamics: The future we face is not one of too much population growth, but too little.’

    Prediction is peak around mid century, then decline and rebalance. However, according to Canada’s Bricker & Ibbitson, the decline maybe precipitous, and they also criticise both the UNPD and John Tanton’s old mucker Paul ‘Population Bomb’ Ehrlich for being ‘conservative’ in their ‘analysis’.

    Locally, linked to the latter, we are warned of ‘exponential population growth’ and has legs in narratives, but is simply not true.

  6. Clakka

    Thanks AS & NEC,

    That’s telling ’em. Including that we know their roots, funders and the purpose of their BS.

    Interesting to note, that Asian populations are relatively stable, incl China and India, which have almost reached their peak.

    The sole region for most growth, approx 2 billion, is Africa.

    Both emigration and immigration are a global multi-cultural shuffle based upon lifestyle opportunities, ‘political’ and environmental matters ….. same as always. Nevertheless it is likely to intensify due to the affects of climate change.

    All governments are well aware of it, and seek to moderate it by sophisticated modeling.

    Scare campaigns are nothing but ‘culture war’ scare campaigns aimed principally at political destabilization, designed by greedy supremacists trying to capture economies.

  7. corvusboreus

    You see right through me; all of my so-called ‘environmental concerns’ about ‘biospheric depletion’ and ‘climate destabilisation’ are, in reality, nothing but a cosmetic front camouflaging my underlying racial supremacist agenda aiming to help capture economies on behalf of the Anglospheric elites.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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