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A Conservative View… Or Something Like That!

Ok, we’ve lived for years with the confusing situation where our “Liberal Party” is very confusing for those in the USA who see calling one a “liberal” is equivalent to suggesting that they are one of Satan’s disciples.

And, well of course, some of you on this wicked site won’t see anything wrong with being one of Satan’s disciples. That’s ok, but just remember when gay marriage is allowed that it certainly wasn’t the Liberals what done it…

Lately it’s become even more confusing in Australia because those claiming to be “conservatives” are those arguing for radical change, while anyone arguing for a conservative “there’s no need to change” position are vilified as extreme left wingers. And yes, the Republic and gay marriage are two obvious exceptions in what I’m saying here, but, like all true conservatives, I’ll ignore what doesn’t suit my argument and just keep going and argue that if one ignores the data that contradicts my position, then my position is backed up by evidence 100%. I mean, one only has to take out all the years where new records were set and one can see that not only is there no global warming this century, but in fact, there have been only a handful of years and I’m at least ten years younger.

Where was I? Oh, that’s right, back in 2003 where it’s still possible to stop Australia from resembling Uganda under Idi Amin. (Ah, Godwin must be pleased with that one!!)

So moving on … or forward… or backward.

Whatever, just so long as we’re moving right, because standing still is not an option… Even in a free country, because you shouldn’t be just standing around when you could be working.

My basic point is that it’s the so-called Conservatives that are arguing for radical change. “We need to change the way universities are funded!” “We need to change penalty rates!” “We need to change the conventions surrounding outgoing governments” “We need to change the way Arts is/are? funded!” “We need to change Christopher Pyne because he’s all red in the face and sulking and that’s a sign that he needs changing”

And so many of their changes seem to be about giving the government more capacity to make decisions without scrutiny.

Of the top of my head:

Let bosses decide who can work for them and get rid of this “unfair dismissal” nonsnese because when a boss wants to remove someone they must have a good reason because most sexual harassment cases are just brought on by feminazis who should realise that they’re lucky to have a job at all and shouldn’t be too fussy.

Let the Military and the Intelligence service decide REDACTED, because if it weren’t for REDACTED we’d never know about REDACTED so George Pell really enjoyed his time in the REDACTED.

Let the Arts Minister determine who deserves funding and stop the silly “peer review” system of the Arts Council because how would peers know what’s good and bad, and surely the Permanent Minister for the Arts, George Brandis – well they’ve spent half the national debt shifting his bookshelf, so clearly he can never be removed – only has to ask the “magnificent” Andrew Bolt about what’s worth funding.

Let the Immigration Minister decide whether or not Tony Abbott (and any other dual national who is threatening our country) the right to stay in Australia. Mm, this explains why they had to move Scott from Immigration to Social Services.

Yep, they may just have a point with that one!





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  1. Loz

    Thanks goodness you can write about this travesty of a government Rossleigh with a sense of humour, otherwise it would be far too depressing to read.

  2. Möbius Ecko

    Oh and don’t leave out one of the most progressive anti-free market policies out there, DAP.

    If anyone but a far right wing conservative party had come up with this policy the RWNJs and even moderate right wingers would be going nuts across the media and social media sphere about commie policies trying to take over Australia and kill business.

    Curious if the right wingers ranting and raving across social media have ever noticed the word “social” in the media they’re using to espouse the suppression and destruction of anything with “social” in it?

  3. stephentardrew

    It’s interesting every time the conservatives gain government they drive a process of focusing power upon the few with little or small regard for the many. They just love to concentrate control within cabinet and a small cohort of financial, corporate and banking mates. When Labor get in they only partially unwind conservative policy so they are continually complicit in forcing themselves to the right. This is how the right in the Labor party succeed in marginalising the left.

    In my longish lifetime I have seen this process at work since the days of Whitlam’s defeat until the left become almost meaningless. Malcolm Fraser articulated these concerns effectively. Sure Labor drive specific policies like the mining tax, a carbon pricing however the core axioms of neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism have tended to converge until the scope for revisionary change is choked off by the right of the Labor party. This is the challenge MMT faces in reformulating economics to more effectively reflect the true impact of a fiat currency and the change in paradigm needed to produce a steady state economy in equilibrium without the interminable cycles of boom and bust.

    But as you so rightly point out most of this post would be redacted by both the right of the L-NP and Labor.

    Hey fosilised habit driven geriatrics get the bloody cotton wool out of your ears and show a little spine.

  4. corvus boreus

    I just wish the current ‘conservative’ government would stop implementing radical ‘reforms’ and repeals without careful consideration of consequences.
    It makes them oxymorons.

  5. paul walter

    True conservatives would conserve, not destroy. That’s why Fraser bemoaned the end of ethics as an end to civilisation and rule of law, something put together through millenia of trial and error; blood, sweat and tears. A true conservative would ensure things run optimally and even build on what’s been accomplished, not just say history stops now when it conveniently suits a few grasping morons, regardless of what is to be destroyed for the rights and well-being of the few.

    The adventure would begin, not end..

  6. diannaart


    I agree – have always found calling these right-wing control freaks, ‘conservatives’, problematic. They do not conserve they use, what they cannot use they destroy.

  7. Harquebus

    I think that governments should stay completely out of sport and the arts. Save money by eliminating those two ministries for a start.
    Criticizing conservative ideology when Labor and the left are just as destructive and just as ignorant. Both sides have brought us to where we are and it doesn’t look good.

  8. Sir ScotchMistery

    @Diannaart – thank you for that picture. Looks as if Lord Kwithtoffer just sniffed his nappy.

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