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A conga line of bludgers (part 2)

By Dr George Venturini

The Queen was embroiled in a tax row after it emerged her private estate is among the ranks of the mega-rich secretly investing cash in offshore tax havens.

More than 13 million leaked financial documents, dubbed the Paradise Papers, alleged that the Duchy of Lancaster, which handles the Queen’s £500 million estate and investments, has held funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Around £10 million of the Queen’s private cash is said to have been tied up in offshore portfolios, the B.B.C. reported. There is nothing to suggest that any investments are illegal, the broadcaster added.

The estate also had small investments in the controversial rent-to-buy retailer BrightHouse and the Threshers chain of off-licences, which went bust owing £17.5 million in tax and costing almost 6,000 people their livelihood.

BrightHouse was ordered to pay £14.8 million pounds to 249,000 customers after the financial watchdog found it had treated them unfairly.

The Duchy informed the B.B.C. that it was not involved in decisions made by funds and there is no suggestion the Queen had any knowledge of the specific investments made on her behalf. Of course! (‘What are the Panama Papers? A guide to history’s biggest data leak’, 5 April 2016, The Guardian).

On 27 June 2018 the Royal Household published its annual financial statement, The Sovereign Grant Report, which revealed how much money the Queen receives, among other things. (‘Sovereign Gant Act 2011,The Sovereign Grant and Sovereign Grant Reserve Annual Report and Accounts 2017- 18’,presented to Parliament pursuant to Section 2 and Section 4 of the Sovereign Grant Act 2011, ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 27 June 2018; ‘Sovereign Grant Report: How much money the UK gives Queen …’

The Queen’s income is from several streams, including the Sovereign Grant, which is the portion of the Queen’s money which is provided by the taxpayers and is to be used for her official duties.

Overall, the official Sovereign Grant for 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 was a substantial sum of £76.1 million (AU$137,199,555 as at the end of 2018). For 2018 to 2019 the Sovereign Grant was called to provide £82.2 million (A$148,182,844 million), according to the Royal Household.

For 2016 to 2017 the Sovereign Grant was £ 42.8 million (AU$104,934,319 million). About £30.4 million (AU$54,811,053 million) of the increase this year is for the renovation of Buckingham Palace, a decade-long project overhauling building services including electrical wiring, pipe-work, boilers and generators.

The Report also revealed that the public funds used by the Queen for official expenditure duties increased 13 per cent, climbing from £41.9 million (AU$75,535,953 million) in 2016/17 to £47.4 million (AU$85,451,173 million) for 2017-2018, mostly due to increased spending on maintenance of the Palace.

The Sovereign Grant is made up of a percentage of the income generated by the Crown Estate, an independent commercial property business owned by the reigning monarch. The Crown Estate generates profits, which are then paid to the Treasury, and from there, a portion is paid to the Queen through the Sovereign Grant.

The Sovereign Grant funds the Queen’s official duties, as well as maintenance of the royal palaces, payroll and other staff costs.

Some expenditures not covered by the Sovereign Grant, primarily the expenses of other ‘Royal Family’ members, are covered by income generated by the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, separate portfolios of land also owned by the reigning monarch and the heir to the throne, respectively.

The Queen uses income from her personal investment portfolio and privates estates to meet her private expenses, according to the Royal Household. Forbes most recently estimated the Queen’s net worth at AU$752,437,536 million in 2016.

But the ‘Royals’ are not just getting paid to post up at the Palace; they kept busy, according to the Report. Over the course of her reign, the Report states that the Queen has sent 254,000 “congratulatory telegrams to centenarians on their 100th birthdays” as well as 784,000 messages to couples celebrating their “Diamond Wedding anniversaries,” which is 60 years. Last year, the Queen undertook 154 official engagements.

In terms of travel, the ‘Royal Family’ attended over 3,000 official engagements – both in the United Kingdom and overseas – in the past year, according to the Report. And so much travel does not come cheap: 38 trips taken by the ‘Royal Family’ and staff last year had travel costs of £15,000 (over AU$27,045) or more.

The most expensive trips included the Prince Charles of Wales and Camilla’s 10-day trip in November to Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and India, which cost £362,000 (AU$652,688). Charles’ sister Anne, the Princess Royal, took a four-day visit to Ghana and Sierra Leone in April 2017, which cost £69,000 (AU$111,778). And Prince William and Kate’s five-day trip to Poland and Germany in July cost £62,000 (AU$81,000). (S. Berger, ‘Here’s how much money the Queen gets (Spoiler: She got a big ‘raise’), C.N.B.C., 3 July 2918, Sovereign Grant Report: How much money the UK gives Queen …’,

Matters which concern money and the ‘Royal Family’ are always a source of awe and uncertainty. For instance: what does it mean to say that ‘The Queen technically owns the Crown Estate’?

And how could one be so audacious as to ask: “How much does the Royal Family cost?” or “What do the Queen’s accounts really tell us?” Better not to ask many questions.

Uncertainty, guesstimates and approximation, along with ancient ‘rituals’ and ceremonies, do wonder to generate mindless ‘respect’. Asking questions could be turned into sedition, ‘leasing-making’ – more elegantly lèse majesté. ‘Rituals’, processions, parades, marching-as-a-substitute-for-thought, ‘spectacles’ and pompous ceremonies are for uneducated people the occasion and way of expressing feelings of loyalty – similar to the pledge of ‘belonging’ which is demanded by fanatical religions.

It is important always to keep in mind what the 19th century essayist Bagehot wrote of the monarchy: “Its mystery is its life. We must not let in daylight upon the magic.” (W. Bagehot, The English Constitution, Chapman & Hall, London, 1867).

Writing to The Toronto Star from Newmarket on 9 June 2012, at the closing of the Diamond Jubilee Pageant, Dr. Robert Bahlieda observed – politely but firmly: “It is highly ironic that in the post-economic crash era of austerity, crisis and massive cuts to social programs around the globe, where the working public are told daily by their governments that we cannot afford social “entitlements” like pensions and healthcare, we are witness to the gratuitous and lavish excesses of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in England celebrating the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Without a pang of self-awareness, the British government is spending millions of pounds of taxpayer money that they assert they do not have on a nationwide party along with all other commonwealth countries around the globe. No expense has been spared to honour the Queen, who is in reality the pampered head of an anachronistic institution that has symbolised aristocratic elitism, oppression and privilege since its inception.

Throughout the history of the monarchy the ‘divine right of kings’ has always included the unlimited use of the public purse to fund the excesses and whims of successive rulers such as wars and the self-serving pageantry we are currently witnessing.

As the paying public we are only allowed to vicariously join in the celebrations of the royal family and offer adulation on this auspicious occasion lest we offend her royal majesty with disturbing questions about its value and relevance. However, what we should be doing is reflecting on the brutal history of the monarchy as an institution and asking tough questions about what we are honouring and why.

The English monarchy is an enduring symbol not of benign and passive rule but of authoritarianism, power and domination that has no place in modern society. Only a short time ago the British Empire was a feared world power that ruled its people and its subjects with ruthless impunity.

The aristocratic pomp and ceremony that media all over the world are currently celebrating without a single critical observation was created through armed force and the subordination of first the English public itself as well as a litany of unfortunate foreign peoples during the period of colonial and imperial expansion that created the British Empire and inflicted enormous cruelty and devastation on the indigenous people that England ‘discovered,’ including the First Nations peoples of North America, Australia and Africa to name only a few. The problems of our modern world are the legacy of the British monarchy.

Monarchists, media outlets and governments worldwide prefer to turn a blind eye to this appalling historical tradition and prefer instead to focus on the superficial entrapments of the modern royal family. Their ceremonial function cannot be justified, symbolically or economically, nor can the legacy of the monarchy be sugar coated.

Events such as the Diamond Jubilee celebrate a history of aristocratic rule and excess built on the backs of millions of conquered peoples who were subjugated and exploited all their lives for centuries to provide a privileged few to live in luxury.

The irony of this lavish overspending in the face of an apparently struggling English economy appears lost on the royal family, the British government and the British public themselves who unthinkingly perpetuate this checkered tradition.

However, as the Romans knew only too well, providing bread and circuses to keep the minds of the destitute populace off revolution was an effective poverty management strategy then as it is now. It is time the monarchy as a symbol and an institution exited the stage of history as an excess we can ill afford.” (Dr. Robert Bahlieda, ‘Pomp and circumstance or bread and circuses?’, The (Toronto) Star, 9 June 2012).

On the occasion of her outside appearances and visits the Queen is dressed in robes of gaudy, electronic, phantasmagoric colours, childish actually but skilfully designed to mesmerise the plebs – and never mind the infantilism; they make of Her Majesty the travelling centre of the Anglo universe. One witnesses the total solemnity, engagement and response of between Nuremberg and the Vatican (she is after all Fidei defensor = Defender of the Faith) and one partakes of an air between the Barnum Circle and a Hollywood musical: Brigadoon on Thames, perhaps?

What is not common knowledge, however, is that every time the Queen and/or her consort Philip travel abroad, a bill for travelling expenses is sent to the British Embassy or High Commission of the country that she and/or he happen to be visiting. This bill will include the price of the Queen’s outfits, of Prince Philip’s suits and ties and shirts, as well as of the clothes worn by their ladies-in-waiting, equerries, courtiers and courtesans. No ambassador and no high commissioner ever question the bills, which are often enormous. They are sent back to the Foreign Office in London and paid by the taxpayer. Since the Queen and Prince Philip have spent a substantial part of each year travelling, they could be said ‘to live on the expenses’. These vast sums never appear in any account of what the Royal Family costs the British taxpayer.

Looking at things from the other side of the world, one could say – perhaps not to politely but certainly more realistically – that the days before the arrival to Australia and during the visit of the Royal Couple in October 2011 one could have witnessed an organised outpouring of platitudes over the elderly monarch. ‘Ephemeral’ and even avowed ‘republicans’ had been eager to sing Her Majesty’s praises.

At a reception in her honour as Queen of Australia and Head of the Commonwealth held at Parliament House in Canberra on 21 October 2011, then Prime Minister Julia Gillard described the Queen as “a vital constitutional part of Australian democracy.” (‘Speech by Prime Minister Julia Gillard at reception for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,’ Parliament House, Canberra – 21 October 2011, Office of the Prime Minister).

It is the kind of ‘constitutional tomfoolery’ – a miserable, provincial farce – which has been going on for decades, without visible abetment. It gives succour to the saying: Vulgus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.= The masses want to be cheated, so let us cheat them – attributed to Petronius, Roman satirist, 27-66 c.e.

The monarchy still epitomises conservative – nay, reactionary – values and the status quo. It is a bastion against change, it is the living embodiment of a hierarchical society, reinforcing the notion that there is an established order: people should know their place and accept it. The monarchy is a ‘pyramid scheme’.

Britain’s peoples – and so too many Australians – are not citizens but subjects. They have been conditioned from birth to accept that there is only one form of government, and that is a ‘constitutional monarchy’ – like the British, of course.

The monarchy is an anachronism, totally out of step with life in the twenty-first century. It allows English brains – and the brains of those ‘British at large’ like ‘real Australians’ in a power position – to ‘take a break’. The grudging cynicism which is offered to politicians is revealed all the more tartly by the reverence which seems obligatory with the monarchy.

Continued Saturday – A conga line of bludgers: Prince Charles (part 1)

Previous instalment – A conga line of bludgers (part 1)

Dr. Venturino Giorgio Venturini devoted some seventy years to study, practice, teach, write and administer law at different places in four continents. He may be reached at


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Law and order is a part of the social fabric, highly useful to those who profit from law and order, often descendents of the line of thieves and murderers going back in time who have profited enormously from the contrivance, creation, enforcement and profiteering that law as a concept entails. Law is a ruthless business of propriety by enforcers and profiteers. The governments of the five big veto carrying UNO council powers are descended from terrorists, rebels, law breaking resistance upstarts who killed and thieved to get up and in the saddle. Who can respect law? Rome made it the GO to enforce law and imperium realised it, making law making a natural shuffle from law enforcing, for if one can enforce, might as well create the law to be enforced, all for power and profit. No doubt this queen has not personally killed and robbed anyone (??) but she is the current end of the line which has had so much cream, protection, veneration, worship, admiration, ultimate consumption and lifestyle. But, there is a huge spread of the virus, the royal infection, expensive, archaic. Certainly Australia and its people should discard all the trappings and actual traps of undemocratic, domineering, imperious, class divisive royalty, a foreign concept to be shed soon.

  2. Karen Kyle

    Mistakes of fact in that little piece. The Monarch does not own the Royal Estate. The British people do. And where is the proof that various countries are billed for the clothing worn when they are on tour around the world? Strange. As far as I know when they visit we up up for the cost of gifts, entertainment, security and accomodation. I doubt we pay for the queen’s knickers, or his lordships shirts.That’s a rather desperate bit of nonsense.

    As for the company that went bust and cost thousands of jobs. All her fault of course. She did it on purpose.. And the comic opera costuming…..ah well, at least better than Maggie Thatcher about who it was said dressed like a member of the Communist Party. She smartened up a lot after that crack did Maggie..

  3. Phil

    ‘ Certainly Australia and its people should discard all the trappings and actual traps of undemocratic, domineering, imperious, class divisive royalty, a foreign concept to be shed soon.’

    The supporters of this free loading family in Australia are slowly diminishing. They are beginning to fill the cemetary’s around the country at a pace. I sadly will not live long enough to see a Republic. Lizzie is on record as saying ” When the toxin of a Republic comes she and the other parasites will leave gracefully.” Yea with all their loot.

    When my old man died his coffin was covered by the Australian flag and the White Ensign (Royal Navy) the latter reserved for Royalty. it was my old dads final bit of humour into the next life.

  4. David Bruce

    Elizabeth R is also head of the committee of 300 who control the World Bank, IMF and BIS. Perhaps this indicates a link with the international banking system controlled by the Rothschilds. Sir Evelyn also happens to be the Queens banker. There will be an interesting meeting in Bandung this weekend.

    Sir Evelyn de Rothschild


  5. Karen Kyle

    After the second WW Australia received a bill from the British Government for the medical treatment given to Australian soldiers in British hospitals. We didn’t pay it.How likely is it that we would pay for clothing worn on a royal visit. How likely is it that ANY country would pay such a bill? A bit OTT I would say.

    As for discarding all the trappings…..well we don’t have many apart from the GG and state Govenors. They don’t have to wear funny hats any more, but they do have to sign all legislation into law, and they have to comply, no ands, no ifs and no buts. The reason the monarchy has survived is because they will do as they are told. We will be a Republic some day. Only a Labor Government will do it and only once we have worked out the role of a President.

    If we elect a President he or she would have a political role. We have a prime Minister and entre government for politics. If we appoint a President like Ireland they could be more like an ambasador and a good will representative. I think that is the way to go..

  6. David Bruce

    Thanks Phil! I also have the pic and the caption..

    “You will never be king as long as I live”

    Also, for Joseph:

    “With the collaboration of UNESC) and other institutions, including education ministries, we must develop… youth apprenticeship programs… to foster mistrust of the physical science, humility of the human conditions, and the hatred of the nation-state –among other things– for those intellectual attitudes are the premises to comprehend the grave problems of demographical explosion and resource limitations.”
    Aurelio Peccei, chairman of the Club of Rome, in his released book, Hundred pages for the Future.

    Isn’t it a great time to be alive?

  7. Phil

    David Bruce.

    Mine says…’ Remember what we did to Di ‘

    Life on this planet is on borrowed time. They think it can be exploited forever.

    Trump is getting rid of the scientists as quick as he can. I am in my dotage but I fear for my kids and grandkids, the nutters have taken over the asylum.

  8. David Bruce

    I was interested to read that Putin is proposing an international consortium to develop nuclear fusion.

    Smart man, that Putin.

    Number 8 on the C.300 list

    Suppression of all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Committee. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments presently being scorned and ridiculed by the Committee and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Committee’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the window. A fusion torch properly used could create unlimited untapped natural resources from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion and would benefit mankind in a manner which is as yet not even remotely comprehended by the public.

    I was working with this at the air force academy back in the ’60’s

  9. Phil

    I was interested to read that Putin is proposing an international consortium to develop nuclear fusion.

    Putin is whip smart, he is probably also a gangster.

    I have a cousin who has a PhD in physics. He went to Cambridge. He designed computers.

    He is long since retired, he told me one day many years ago, when they crack the secret, they will be able to send a rocket to the moon on a glass of water. He tells me electronics is still in the discovery stage in the scheme of things.

    He also told me we are still savages and will blow ourselves up before the real discoveries are made. I think he is right. We have a disease worse than Ebola on the planet it is called, CAPITALISM. And that eventually will kill us all.

  10. Lambert Simnel

    God to see Venturini has begun to identify all the pageantry and myth as part of a massive propaganda wall, cradle to grave, meant to brainwash the public and obscure a criminal enterprise.

  11. Karen Kyle

    What a load of unmitigated codswallop. Where is the evidence for any of it.? You are prey to exactly the same crap and conspiracy theories that plauged the Nazi’s in Hitler’s Germany. How does that feel comrades? You are lining up with the lying extreme right. And you are still on the same old theme…….pull down your own societies because you object to reality in favour of some evil Utopian dream. Russia continues on this path and as usual you are compliant and what Lenin called “useful idiots”

    There will not be a shred of credibility clinging to this blog if such rubbish continues to be published.

  12. Karen Kyle

    Freedom of speech is being used to undermine, just as Trump used the so called democratic process to undermine the USA>

  13. Kaye Lee

    “Where is the evidence for any of it.? ”

    I presume you have followed the links provided?

  14. Michael Taylor

    Phil at 9:57 yesterday:

    I read a comment somewhere … I think it was actually on this site … that went something like this:

    The next generation will either be the last of the human race, or the one that leads us on the path to eternity.

  15. Karen Kyle

    Yes I followed the links provided. One is a bio of Eveyln Rothschild without a hint of conspiracy. The link pertaining to God Earth and Sky rubbish and the international conspiracy I have no doubt the so called documents are forged. They are to be frank insane. And Russians are really good at forgeries.After all they have plenty of practise. They forged the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which was investigated by The Times of London and found to be a forgery. After the war the Protocols were investigated by a Swiss Court and found to be forgeries.

    The Soviets wrote demeaning letters to the Indian Government purporting to be from the American Embassy……to drive a wedge between India and the US. That forgery was so clumsy it was easily debunked but not before it had done considerable damage according to Vasily Mitroken “The Sword and the Sheild”.

    Then there was the famous case of the attempt to smear Pope John Paul the Polish Pope who was opposed to Communism. A faked diary detailing an illicit love affair between John Paul and a woman was to be planted in an apartment where it would easily be found. The KGB man whose job it was to plant the diary got drunk and had a car accident on the way. The police were involved and the KGB man was so unnerved he spilled the beans and told the police everything.

    Then there was the attempt on Paul’s life. He was shot remember? The assasin was a Turk, and when his background was investigated just guess what they came up with…..his links to the Soviets and the KGB.

    But that was nothing in comparison to the smear job the KGB did on Pius the wartime Pope. He was smeared as a Hitler collaborator . This was done very elaborately and over a long peroid of time by means of a play called “The Deputy” Pius was no Hitler fan. He instruced his clergy to help Jews whereever possible and they did. Pius also saved the lives of about eighty thousand Jews during the war. They were hidden in the Vatigan, in every building the church owned, in the Papal palace. The Popes bedroom was turned into a maternity ward and forty children were born in that bedroom.. And Jews were hidden in Catholic family homes the length and breadth of Italy. Pius came from a wealthy family. He spent all his private wealth on saving Jews.The attempts to smear him began immediately after the war. They didn’t succeed. Too many people were aware of the real story. It wasn’t until years later when memories had faded that this foul story gained traction. It has now been debunked but Pius’s reputation will probably always be questioned by some. If you look up “The Deputy you will get the whole story and what a long convuluted sickening story it is.

    Yes…..the Russians are good at forging and planting, and outrageous lies. It is called Disinformation and we are going to hear a lot more about it.

  16. Lambert Simnel

    “None so blind
    As those who will not see”- John Heywood, 1546.

    This apparently derives of Isiah 6, 9-10.

    “And he said, Go and tell this people
    Hear you indeed, but understand not
    and indeed see, but perceive not”.

    Perhaps it is the cognitive faculty that is deficient as to who you respond to, Kaye Lee?

    Can’t, or won’t?

    I wonder if the penny will drop eventually when it is ready, in its own time, when it is realised that evidence is incontrovertible, denial has’ been exhausted and the child finally blurts out the epiphany,

    “The king wears no clothes”

  17. Phil

    I found some books on a bus yesterday they may belong to Karen Kyle.

    They were titled as follows.

    ‘ Behind the Iron Curtain by Issa Nickonovsky.

    ‘ Yellow River by I.P. Daily.

    ‘ Tigers Revenge ‘ By Claude Balls.

    She really is an intellectual you know.

    You are funny Karen………………Funny.

  18. Karen Kyle

    Try inside the Russian born science of Disinformation Pacepa and Rychiak Youtube.
    A condensed version of the topic. You could try the book Disinformation by Cacapa and Rychiac. I have it and it is well worth reading. You could read Red Horizons by Caceca. But you probably won’t.

    By the way the Marxist view of evolutionary history has been proven by subsequent events to be wrong. If Marx built his entire philosophy on that view of history it makes the whole edifice very shaky.

    And congratulations on the adoption of a Nazi Conspiracy theory. It worked well for Hitler. No reason it shouldn’t work again. And it is the same conspiracy. And the evil is beyond comprehension. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is now available on a phone App in the ME so people can carry it with them.

  19. Vikingduk

    Not only that Karen Kyle but also this — pius was also a gifted musician, quite adept with trombone, tuba, glockenspiel and harmonica. He had a band for a time — Pedro and the tarts, the tarts were Jesuit monks, his rhythm section. Rumour has it that hitler and stalin attended many a Vatican orgy, music by Pedro and the lads. Some said that he was kgb, a sleeper agent infiltrated into the church. Could explain all those missing priests. Now, not many know of these previously unknown facts (from The Book of Merde) so keep em to yourself Karen, never know who’s listening.

  20. Phil

    Oh Karen if I want to learn anything about disinformation I only need to turn on my own TV.

    As far as the fairy story ‘ The Protocols of Zion ‘ is concerned, this is a fantasy of the RIGHT.

    That you take for granted that anyone on this blog would either read or believe such Schlock, tells me more about you than anyone else on this ere blog.

    Most fantasies of a political nature are fostered and promulgated by the RIGHT.

    The RIGHT makes bullshit a science. From the trickle down to global warming the RIGHT sucks in Rubes like you by the barrel load. I have you sussed.

    As for your thoughts on Marx nothing more than hyperbole. Marx had an immeasurable effect on economics for the benefit of mankind and none of your bleating to the contrary, will change that salient fact.

    Is Karl Marx’s grave just another communist plot?

  21. Karen Kyle

    Yeah the POTEOZ is a fantasy of the right. So how come you are mirroring it with your fantasy re banks, the monarchy, Evelyn Rothschild etc and according to one of you other Jewish bankers. It is the same fantasy. A conspiracy by interational bankers andworld leaders and the elite to take over the international finance system and usher in slavery for the rest of us and One World Government. Crazy stuff. And dangerous. And stupid beyond belief..

  22. Karen Kyle

    You not only read it and believe it you are spreading and perpetrating it. And taking my comments down as you always used to do.

  23. Phil

    ‘ You not only read it and believe it you are spreading and perpetrating it. And taking my comments down as you always used to do.’

    I think one of the straps of your straight jacket has slipped up around your neck cutting off the blood supply to the one cell you are convinced is a brain. Now get some rest, when the Doctor comes around to see you tomorrow remember the square blocks of wood go in the square holes. And his name is not ‘ Boris Darling ‘

  24. Karen Kyle

    Yeah the POTEOZ is a fantasy of the right. So how come you are mirroring it with your fantasy re banks, the monarchy, Evelyn Rothschild etc and according to one of you other Jewish bankers. It is the same fantasy. A conspiracy by interational bankers andworld leaders and the elite to take over the international finance system and usher in slavery for the rest of us and One World Government. Crazy stuff. And dangerous. And stupid beyond belief..

  25. Karen Kyle

    My posts are up. Thanks.

  26. Phil

    Karen come back………….We were just getting to know each other. I was learning so much from you.

    ‘ Oh those Russians’

  27. Michael Taylor

    Jayzus, Phil, don’t encourage her back!

    We dinna want her here.

    BTW, this wee dram is quite braw.

    And dinna tell anybody but I bought an Irish whiskey today. Shhh. Mum’s the word.

  28. Michael Taylor

    But while she’s here .,,

    Karen, how can Phil take your comments down?

  29. Phil

    ” And dinna tell anybody but I bought an Irish whiskey today. Shhh. Mum’s the word.”

    What! I’m sendin arrooned the palice for you ma lady.

  30. Michael Taylor

    And what a stramash there’ll be when they ge’ here.

  31. Phil

    Aye but remember my laddy when in doot is en weth the heed and in with the boot.

    Dinny spill a dram.

  32. Phil

    Btw Karen thinks ‘ Wuthering Heights ‘is a block of flats.

  33. Karen Kyle

    John Coleman……climate change denier and conspiracy theorist….i.e. The Committee of Three Hundred etc. He is well known. Has been exposed in The Washington Post, The Guardian, Huff Post.

    He does what all conspiracy theorists do. Claims qualifications he does not have. He claims to be a scientist and he is a Journalist……and makes up very specific kinds of stories. He has travelled everywhere and has an intimate knowledge of all the countries he lists so he claims..That is why he knows his subject so well. He has been everywhere. And he has along with other conspiracy nutters spent years and years in private research in the British Museum, public libraries, secret dusty archives etc.

    And then one day mysterious papers fall into his hands, from he knows not where. And he is off and running. Writing really trashy pulp fiction type books, which are not footnoted or backed up and getting his face on as many Youtube videos as he can. Someone pays these people to do what they do. And they are paid well. Two hundred thousand a year sometimes. And are you sure it is the Committee of Three Hunndred. It might be the Illuminati. Or the Freemasons..

  34. Michael Taylor

    Never spilled a drop in me life. Never.

    I’d catch it in the way doon.

  35. Phil

    ‘ Never spilled a drop in me life. Never. ‘

    I should think not.

    On a serious note. Check out this show. I have nearly pissed myself watching. If you don’t laugh check your pulse you maybe DEED.

  36. Phil

    Hey Karen have you heard the Russian knock knock?

    Knock Knock who is there?

    Shut up ve will ask ze questions.

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