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2018: the Top 5

Deja vu.

This time last year we bemoaned that:

We can all agree that politically, 2017 was a boring year: 365 days of nothing but the monotony of watching a woeful government led by a spineless prime minister simply meandering aimlessly along.

Well not much changed in 2018, though we did have to endure a “spineless prime minister” for only half the year. As we close the year we ponder if we went from bad (Turnbull) to worse (Morrison).

But that’s all in the future. This article is about the year just past.

Each year we publish a list of our five most popular articles for that year. (The Top 5 is based on the number of views only. It does not take into account the number of comments or the post’s popularity with other online media sites such as Facebook or Twitter).

Here are The AIMN’s five most popular posts in 2018:

Number 1: The truth bomb that terrifies Turnbull, by Victoria Rollison.

Malcolm Turnbull was enraged over an Emma Alberici article – on the ABC, mind you – that destroyed his argument that company tax-cuts would trickle-down for the greater good. How dare the ABC question his signature policy!

While Turnbull would have us believe that his anger was directed at the ABC, Victoria questioned the real reason for his anger: that his policy was based on a lie. And he knew it. Better still … we knew it.


There is mass outrage today at the news that Turnbull has pressured the ABC to take down and censor parts of an article by Emma Alberici which analysed how little tax some of Australia’s largest companies pay. This story reeks of a scandalous government intervention in a publicly owned free press … There is no compelling evidence that giving the country’s biggest companies a tax cut sees that money passed on to workers in the form of higher wages … The truth is, Turnbull is terrified the lie is no longer believable. And it’s no longer believable because workers are waking up to the reality that their Point Piper millionaire PM, who uses tax havens to ensure wealth created through the labour of workers doesn’t come back to the community, who uses the power of government to make rules enabling other millionaires to steal wealth from workers, is actually lying to them … I have long said that once workers realise wealth doesn’t trickle down, right wing governments will never be elected again. Turnbull knows this too. So, he can censor all he likes, but editing an ABC news article is akin to pissing in the ocean when the waves of change are building like a truth-tsunami. Bring it on.

Number 2: Australian Psychological Society Medicare review submission betrays members and clients, by Eva Cripps.

It’s good to see Eva in the Top 5, and didn’t she cause a stir with this one! “Journalism at its best,” as one commenter noted.


The Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) submission to the Commonwealth Government’s Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) review is an astonishing attempt to restrict access to psychology services for the most vulnerable of Australians. The submission, which was only made available to APS members on Friday, 17 August 2018, represents a kick in the guts to over 60% of Australian psychologists, who may have their ability to provide affordable and accessible services to clients with complex mental health needs significantly reduced … Each year in Australia, approximately one in five people will experience a mental illness. However a recent national survey showed that only 35% of people with a mental disorder had accessed a health service within the 12 months before the survey. If accepted by Minister Hunt, the APS proposal will have the effect of funneling vital health funding to psychologists preferenced because of their privilege/access to higher education, rather than to those with proven and demonstrated skills at treating clients with complex mental health issues.

Number 3: If You Missed Scott Morrison’s Concession Speech, by Rossleigh.

Rossleigh has published over 1,000 articles on The AIMN, and in all bar one he has displayed his remarkable skills as a satirist. A skill he is well-known for!

This article was his “bar one”. Gone was the satire, but the short article was still just as amusing, where he compared Scott Morrison to Monty Python (the video reveals all).


… after telling us that the Liberals were angry – meaning the voters – he then said that the Liberals – meaning the party he leads – would win the next election because of what they believed. He then reminded us that there’ll be a fair go for those who have a go and the best form of welfare is a job and … Yes, you get the idea.

Number 4: The LNP Welfare Card: the true facts exposed. Corruption disguised as philanthropy!, by Michael Griffin.

This is the second year in a row that guest author MIchael Griffin has made the Top 5, and as with last year, he talks about the Welfare Card and asks the eternal question: is it a rort?


Setting up networks of corporations and trusts is standard practice for those wishing to conceal their involvement in an enterprise or operation and is often engaged to shield the identity of those involvement in that enterprise … This is the real purpose of the LNP determination to adopt and expand the Welfare Card programme, that is, to obtain donations for the financially stressed LNP and to aid its supporters, donors and members … Unfortunately, with the very weak democracy we have in Australia, there is no way to hold those involved in this scam to account or to have any corruption independently investigated or prosecuted at a federal level. No federal ICAC or anti-corruption body exists. Only the Federal Police can investigate corruption as the criminal offence of defrauding the Commonwealth. Given that the Federal Police are controlled by the LNP Government and beholding to the LNP Government for their funding, and given the LNP and its cronies are the beneficiaries of the card programme, any such investigation by the Federal Police is unlikely to ever occur.

Number 5: The people are getting uppity and Scott doesn’t like it, by Kaye Lee.

The Top 5 wouldn’t be complete without Kaye Lee occupying a place.

In this article Kaye took rightful issue in PM Morrison’s defence of all that is wrong with his government, namely, policies that ‘encourage’ inequality. How can you possibly defend inequality? Morrison tried, and took umbrage that we dare question it.

This article was Kaye at her cheeky best.


When the crossbench moved to end the shameful practice of holding innocent people hostage in the pretence that this is a valid way to keep our borders secure, Scott Morrison went ballistic … The Coalition cannot understand why people are not satisfied with the fact that some people are getting much richer. Company profits are at record highs after all. Women and children should be happy that the men are taking care of things. Indigenous folk should recognise how much better off they are since the white man took control. And gays should be thankful we no longer lock them up … How about those pesky kids, missing school to express their anger and despair at the older generation’s inaction on climate change. They must have been put up to it by radical lefty socialist teachers. They should be in school doing some rote learning about how wonderful Western civilisation is rather than emulating the dole bludgers by protesting … That young lady who wrote to the PM about her disappointment at the standard of behaviour in parliament should stop worrying her little head about grownup tactics that she couldn’t possibly understand.

For every article that makes the annual Top 5, there are dozens that on another day could have taken their place. Nonetheless, congratulations to those authors that topped the list this year, and congratulations too for the outstanding contributions from the dozens of authors who have published – or had their articles published – on The AIMN in 2018.

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  1. Joseph Carli

    Hrumph!….see if I care. . .

  2. Paul Davis

    Great choices for the AIMN top five. Thank you everyone for your outstanding work over the year. A daily read of your pages makes my day. 😍

    …… and Joseph did you post a comment on the wrong thread ….. you mostly reply to your own stories ….

  3. Joseph Carli

    ” and Joseph did you post a comment on the wrong thread ….. you mostly reply to your own stories ….”…….and YOURS, Paul!!….I ALWAYS give good comment to any articles or stories YOU write….surely?……..oh, wait!. . .

  4. Michael Taylor

    I too wondered if the comment was on the wrong thread.

  5. Joseph Carli

    WHAA!…..where you guys been all your lives?…that was the standard mocking answer one gives when one is “miffed”….jeezus are we talking to the deaf , dumb and blind here?

    and even THAT is a kind of irony….get it ? :..”talking” but really we’re writing….get it ?…nyuk nyuk!

  6. Paul Davis

    Hi Joseph. Yep as you sneered, i haven’t written an article on AIMN ‘cos i wouldn’t know how to go about it, not being a member, not being very clever, not being erudite, not having a hungry ego to feed and most importantly not having either the skills to construct a logical readable essay or the knowledge and facts to back up any subject that anyone would be interested in.

    Simple. Just happy to worship at the feet of you splendiferous demigods and make an occasional comment without trolling, except for the odd pinprick when annoyed by over the top pomposity…. but i promise i wont do it again.

  7. DIANE Larsen

    Another great year from aimn thank you for such informative and interesting articles from many talented people, looking forward to 2019 with your usual high standard of entertaing and insightful work🍀💚

  8. Kaye Lee


    I also look forward to my (usually) daily read of the AIMN. Having a variety of authors makes it more interesting but the conversations that follow are just as valuable – often moreso.

    To ALL the AIMN family, including the ones who may read but not comment, thank you for another great year. Your support keeps us going.

    And a special thanks to Michael and Carol. I know we test your patience at times. Thanks for all you do in giving us a safe home.

  9. Joseph Carli

    ” but i promise i wont do it again.”……..now where have we ALL heard that kind of promise before?….listen, Paul…just don’t go trying to give me the shits and we’ll get on ok…….look at Miriam for example..she knows how to insult with great aplomb!….take a leaf out of her book…practice, practice, practice…

  10. Joseph Carli

    Hey, Michael!…this pop-up appeared on the page of the blog..:

    ” Metalhead Dating…sign up now..: Head Banging Singles Who Are Looking For a Rocking Good Time? Ready To Expand Your Mosh Pit?”

    Say!…are there any of youse mob interested in getting up a group booking?…we could possibly get a discount!

    ” Head Banging Singles”….That reminds me of an old joke about this naeve young couple went to their doctor ’cause they didn’t quite know how to make a baby . . . I won’t go on…it gets a bit complicated…

  11. Michael Taylor

    I don’t see that ad. We all see different ads.

    But if it’s there – and such ads shouldn’t be – when time permits I’ll have it removed.

  12. Joseph Carli

    Doesn’t bother me, Michael…all ads are just that….It’s those young Asian ladies that keep wanting me to send them letters that is a worry….I mean..they must KNOW I don’t know how to write in their language…

  13. Keitha Granville

    Thank you to all writers and contributors to AIMN without whom life would be filled with despair. Knowing there are many others out there who care about the future, our country, our planet and are intent on letting us know what is harrowing in the world of me we call politics at present, makes every day worth waking up.
    Thank you.

  14. New England Cocky

    Joseph, you do yourself no favours posting 6/13 posts to date whingeing about missing out from inclusion in The Top Five. Stop complaining, you got published on AIMN, that alone should be sufficient. Do you find it difficult to understand that you are “competing” against some of the finest authors on the Internet?

  15. Joseph Carli

    What’s all this ;”Let’s give Joseph some advice” stuff…? Go advise yourself to give yourself some good advice…I’m like a Scotch Harlot when it comes to getting on some “top five” list…but good luck and wishes to those that do..though I don’t suppose ANYONE posts articles for a popularity prize!…ME..I post them just to give some people here the shits!!…like I got nothing else to do in my life!..

    Gotta go now and fix a leaky pipe.

  16. totaram

    Folks, this is the Ad I’ve been seeing on AIMN for at least a week now:

    “Aussies Are In Serious Trouble
    Dollar Is Tumbling Fast – Many Aussies Don’t Know This But Australia Has Trouble Ahead”

    Of course, it’ an Ad for some Bitcoin related system. The A$ hasn’t moved in the past week though! Hilarious!
    Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone (notwithstanding falling A$!)!

  17. Rossleigh

    totaram, if the dollar is tumbling fast that’ll do wonders for our exports. Our farmers should love it unless they have nothing to sell because of the drought which isn’t related to climate change because Dorothea wrote a poem about droughts and flooding rains, so forget about the farmers and let’s sell some coal!!

    There now, I could have a place on the front bench… but only as a National!

  18. Matters Not

    While it’s always difficult to decide which excerpt best sums up an article, I thought Number 4 was best represented in the opening para. Here’s the opening few sentences.

    The Liberal National Party (‘LNP’) Welfare Card programme is really a LNP rort for the benefit of the Liberal and National Parties and their members, donors and supporters. Indue Pty Ltd, the corporation awarded the contract to manage the Welfare Card programme and to operate its underlying systems, is a corporation owned by Liberal and National Party members and that donates to various Liberal and National Party branches around Australia. The former chairman of Indue is none other than former LNP MP Larry Anthony who is the son of former Liberal Country Party Deputy Prime Minister Doug Anthony. Anthony now holds his shares in Indue in his corporate family trust managed by Illalangi Pty Ltd. Other companies now owned by Larry Anthony, or by the corporate trustee of his family trust, Illalangi Pty Ltd, work under ‘sub’ contracts for Indue itself and make their profits from dealings with Indue in the course of Indue performing its contracts with the LNP Government.

    Yes, it’s the era of …


  19. Kronomex

    Ads? What ads? I don’t see no ads.

  20. totaram

    Kronomex: AIMN makes money off those Ads, so don’t block them! Besides many of them are really good for a laugh, especially the ones asking you to subscribe to “The Australian”. Those are really good. Imagine Uncle Rupert paying AIMN to advertise his rag, without knowing that no one who reads this site would go near his rubbish with a barge-pole.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Without the ads and donations the site wouldn’t exist. As it is, Carol and I put in $4,000 a year to keep it going.

  22. Diannaart


    Another year during which my Joie de Vivre remains unscathed in spite of the dark forces of weird.



  23. Kronomex

    I donate what I can when I can but will have to consider turning off Adblock. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t like ads when I’m on the ‘net.

  24. Glenn K

    Joseph, i love your articles…..well, most of them! Of course, you could be merely a grumpy old bastard or a sharp-witted gentleman…..but I suspect you’re both. Have a Happy New Year from an exiled Aussie Canuck living it large in the south of France!

  25. DrakeN

    I haven’t been commenting much, mainly because what I would want to say is said well by others 🙂

    Thank you all for your contributions – the breadth of opinion is quite enlightening, even the ones which contradict the known facts of the matters.

    I wish you all a very Preposterous New Ear 😉

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