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2017: Day 1

We never know what a new year holds, but 2017 might be a bit different. If it continues the way 2016 ended – in the world of politics, that is – we may be wishing that 2018 comes quickly.

But we’ll worry about that the other 364 days. Not today. It’s Day 1. The first day of a new year should be one of hope and optimism, not despair.

Day 1 is when we come together and make our plans on how we are going to fix all the wrongs in the world; how we are going to make it a better place than it was only yesterday; how our footprints through the new year will be etched in the sands we travel; and how we will go one step further than the year we just left.

And we will do all this together.

But first, we begin by offering our best wishes for good health and good fortune for the New Year. To everyone who is part of The AIMN, we extend these to you. Thank you too for your support and friendship during 2016.

2017 … it’s time!


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  1. clean livin

    And now for the New Year predictions………

    One prediction should cover most ills……….

    “It’s all Labors fault!”

  2. Ella

    clean livin,
    “Its all Labors fault”

    The sad thing about a lie…the bigger the lie , the more often repeated , the more likely the masses are going to accept it as fact.

    HOPE I wrong…..

    Happy new year to you AIM Network you are a light in the darkness of politics.

  3. Richard Grant

    Yes indeed happy year ahead to all members. I enjoy the readings and comments.

  4. wam

    Day 1????
    Who gives a rat’s arse?
    This morning i slept in by two hours and staggered out of bed with a yawny good morning to be greeted:
    by my darling with a ‘pinch and a punch for the first day of the month’
    the news that trunp’s party costs 550 for club members
    the decision that white Australians cop the next step to food stamps with a welfare card.
    Presidents usually wait till they have left office to make a quid but anywhere any time there may be a quid to be named??
    Trunbull is fond of saying ‘…maintain our way of life…’ he is never asked to explain and he forgets to add ‘as my colleagues see it’.
    As for the youth unemployed they are also smokers, drinkers and gamblers, like their grannies. But, hey all vote labor anyway and we will excite those workers whose support is wavering by the poll boost.
    Then the sweet and sour keating’s ‘do you slowly’ and hewison’s cake gives us one of the great treasurer PMs but releases the worst treasurer PM and gives him a free run to lie his way through 12 lousy years. Sadly little johnnie’s lying crap has been exceeded by the ravages of the rabbott and trunball.
    Luckily for all welfare recipients 2017 is a prime number(next is 2027) and it is the year of the rooster. Unluckily for all welfare recipients and medicare users private enterprise is in charge of the computers and profit is the motive first and foremost.

  5. LOVO

    Happy New Year to the AIMN crew and readers ☺

  6. Roswell

    Happy New Year to you all. Even LOVO. ?

  7. townsvilleblog

    24 Medicare claim items removed 30.12.16 so we will have the benefit of those removals in 2017 onward…

  8. Gangey1959

    Happy New Year everyone. Except for our current Government and some other parliamentarians. May they all rot forever in a bath of pig vomit. Especially the cabinet. And georgie pell, cardinal, paedophile and all round scumbucket.
    May I just add that the 3 minutes of ”local” fireworks that I watched last night, fired from someones backyard, made the official melbourne extravaganza pale into insignificance.
    Rage on.

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Happy New Year All (except the LNP Degenerates and other societal toxins).

  10. Michael Taylor

    Happy New Year to everyone here at The AIMN: our authors, commenters, readers, supporters, admin and moderators. You helped make 2016 special for us.

  11. mark

    To be a conscientious,god fearing,beacon of moral virtue and purity.That resolution won’t last long either.Thanks aimn.mark

  12. Steve Laing

    Year of the Rooster, eh? I certainly expect that with Trump, Turnbull, Morrison, Brandis, Joyce, and with Abbott, Bernardi and the other lurkers, I’d say more accurately it is the Year of the Cock.

    But Happy New Year to a great bunch of people willing to share ideas and feedback to others. Our little oasis in a world of insanity.

  13. Steve Laing

    Oh, and Mark – good luck trying to keep your hands off your own 😉

  14. mark

    Thanks steve,sounds like your already there with the moral purity,and probably the racial purity.mark

  15. Steve Laing -

    Unfortunately Mark I’m as flawed, and impure, as the next person. Every one of us has a brain that evolved firstly as small simple house, but over time multiple extensions were added on. It kind of works together, but not always as we expect. However I do know that as humans, a life form that like all others is essentially selfish, but as a social being understands that its success is based on working collaboratively with others, we have to find a balance between self and non-self. All the cocks I’ve mentioned above lean too far to the selfish such that they’ll happily cause our species to fail, as long as they personally succeed, not recognising that such a strategy is ultimately self-defeating.

  16. Kim Southwood

    Happy New Year AIM Network!
    My crystal ball suggests there should be plenty of grist for the mill in 2017 – in fact grinding clearly underway already!!

  17. nurses1968

    I never read this on MSM, or anywhere, come to think of it

    Republic of Nauru ‏@Republic_Nauru 31 Dec 2016

    Happy New Year! Here are those from our refugee community partying at a restaurant owned by refugees! #unity #nauru

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