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You Wouldn’t Read About It !

Well, you wouldn’t read about it if you relied on the offerings of a certain media mogul and his publications because they wouldn’t print it or broadcast it.

The goings on with a certain ninety-two-year-old codger would make for a continuing soap opera not so much in the style of Blue Hills, more the Days of Our Lives. At the present time the artful old media mogul – whose name I won’t mention as he may sue me in defamation and seize my miserable pension – had been planning his fifth marriage (first one this year, however) but after a two-week, whirlwind engagement it all went pear-shaped, as they say.

This may be due to the fact that he is facing an existential defamation action of his own but in this case it is he and his pay TV outlet in the US who are before the courts in Wilmington, Delaware for allegedly telling porkies about Trump’s lost election. Why Delaware you ask? Well you get no points for guessing that he domiciles his empire in this small US state because it is a tax haven for corporations with offshore interests and an aversion to paying tax.

As an aside, the judge overseeing these matters was approached by the legal team representing the defendant mogul to have him excused from giving evidence in person due to his age and general doddering condition.

The very astute judge questioned, ‘was this the same defendant of whom he had been reading was anticipating betrothal and marriage and looking forward to doing much travelling and lounging on beaches with his new squeeze who, he had just presented with a $3.5 million 11-carat diamond solitaire engagement ring?’ The judge sensibly dismissed the application.

But, it doesn’t end there does it? The future Mrs Murdoch V has since done a runner although it’s not clear if this was due to some unacceptable clause in the prenuptial agreement concerning certain ‘wifely duties’ or some other matter. Unconfirmed scuttlebutt suggests that she saw her paramour exiting the shower and that accelerated her decision, so she grabbed the ring and was gone.

What is it about this old coffin-dodger, at an age when most of his contemporaries are pushing up daisies or having trouble locating their slippers, he’s still on the prowl? A disturbing observation by one of his previous wives to the effect that ‘he doesn’t need Viagra’ could be the rather alarming clue to this rogue’s progress. So, ladies, he’s back on the market – watch out!


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  1. Clakka


    The morbid mogul failing domination in his quest for dominion – entropy rules, OK!

  2. Phil Pryor

    An ex-Australian, now by choice a foreigner to profiteer and coerce and dominate unreservedly, Old Merde Dog the renter of maggoty media misfits should exit stage rear soon, but dodges the Big B B Q or burial finality still. What a cerebrally stultifying putridity and pox…the harm he has done as an executive whose orders, will, influences, attitudes and evil choices actually lead to “executive murder” and untold misery, which he probably disregards as occurring only to lesser life forms. Oh, foul stench, be GONE…

  3. Merrin Holstein

    Hope you don’t mind if I give him a miss. He triggers my disgust!

  4. Nicole

    “Old Coffin-Dodger” 😃😃😃😃

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. Brad Black

    He who has to be assisted from a kiddies bathing beach is no stud!

  6. andy56

    seems mr murdoch is in trouble over the dominion case again. The lawyers stated months ago that murdoch had no position at the top. Well, a couple of days before the start, it turns our he was the head honch, but only an honourary position (now thats got to be an oxymoron, hahahaha) . Its been reported the judge is non too happy with this shit show. Nothing would be more satisfying than fox losing a couple of billion cold.

  7. Michael Taylor

    andy, I’m salivating at the thought.

  8. Terence Mills

    Well, well, surprise, surprise – not really !

    Our mogul has settled his defamation dispute on the steps of the court for a reported $AUS1.2 billion. At this stage it is not certain if a $3.5 million 11-carat diamond solitaire engagement ring forms part of the settlement

    This settlement avoids the need to air the dirty washing of his ‘News’ organisation in public and it comes with no admittance of wrong doing or that his organisation wilfully told lies to support the Trump conspiracy campaign.

    Was our mogul was heard to mumble ?

    This is the most humble day of my life, err the second most humble day of my life !

    Whether on-air apologies will be part of the terms of settlement or whether this payment will influence future broadcasting standards remain to be seen.

  9. Sholto

    I don’t agree with much this man has done, but I do respect his right to do it. His private life is none of my business and when people tend to discuss the private lives of others, it’s called gossip.
    As a good man once told me;
    ‘Simple minds gossip about others, intelligent minds talk about other peoples ideas and great minds discuss new ideas’
    I have zero faith in the US legal or media organisations, so what’s the point of this article other than an opportunity for a ‘cheap shot’ ?

  10. leefe


    That’s a bit disappointing. This was one pile of dirty laundry I was looking forward to rooting through.

  11. Terence Mills


    I agree, it would have been instructive to see all of the evidence laid out and it appears that there was no real disagreement on the fact that FOX had lied consistently about the Dominion vote counting machines as part of its conspiracy ; the only matter in dispute was the extent of damage this had caused Dominion and how this could be compensated in a monetary sense.

    Both FOX and its mini-me Sky after Dark in Australia have used half truths and outright lies to bolster their audiences and to foster discontent in disaffected sectors of the community – Sky in Australia are targeting regional and country areas and at the present time are committed to destroying the Yes Referendum on the Voice with a vicious campaign supporting the No advocates, mainly Warren Mundine Jacinta Price and Spud Dutton. Sky constantly make the point that they are merely delivering ‘opinions’ and that they are not reporting news so there is no need for balance, research or fact checking : that’s their excuse for delivering misinformation and hate.

  12. Harry Lime

    The chickens are coming home to roost for the old bastard,another voting tech company,Smartmatic are after him in a New York State court for US$2.7 billion in damages.Although these amounts are chicken shit in the big picture,it will ensure that he has an unpleasant stagger to the end of his rotten life.Trump can look forward to a similar last hurrah.Maybe there is some justice after all.Looking ahead with anticipation to our newly minted ICAC,who are likely to be busy for years, as they unpack the misdeeds of the worst government we ever had.And… a big howdy do to Scotty, Angus and co.

  13. Terence Mills


    You got it ! just a not so cheap shot as it turns out !

    Reportedly the biggest defamation settlement ever in the USA.

    The question remains, do you think you will read or hear this news item on Murdoch owned media ? Which was the real point of the post.

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