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Yo-yo Morrison And The Ups-And-Downs Of Making A Decision!

Remember when Milo Yiannopoulos was banned, then he was personally approved by that “lefty” David Coleman before being banned again. (Our Immigration Minister was referred to by Yiannopoulos as a “lefty”… That’s David Coleman, in case you didn’t know…)

I guess there’d be more commentary in the media if it weren’t for the fact that this seems fairly typical of the current…

Look, I don’t want to refer to them as a “government” because that’s insulting to people are actually governing and as the PM told Waleed last night, they didn’t have any control over the Medivac bill and they can’t control which murderers and rapists and paedophiles come into the country because they don’t have the numbers in Parliament. Ok, he didn’t say that quite as directly as that, but if you check the tapes that’s exactly what he said.

You only have to compare the Milo situation with their performance on energy policy. Or choosing a leader.

Yes, leadership has its ups-and-downs, but I don’t think that I’ve ever seen someone who moves up and down as much as the human yo-yo, Scott Morrison. You know how the yo-yo works: it reaches the end of the string and it hurries back up to the top only to immediately sink again.

I guess the thing that struck me about Yo-yo Mo’s threat to sue Aly was the simple fact that Waleed was reporting something that had been widely reported in various sources years ago. When it was first reported, our PM told us that he didn’t comment on Cabinet discussions. Not so last night, where he assured us that he brought up concerns about Muslim immigration because he wanted to “address them”. He didn’t explain how he hoped to address them as Shadow Opposition Immigration minister. Maybe he planned to help promote unity by complaining about the taxpayer funding flights to the funeral services of asylum seekers who perished when the ship crashed on Christmas Island.

Or perhaps he was trying to help last night when he assured us that there were over fifty people on Manus and Nauru who had “character” concerns. When asked how many of them were actually “rapists, murderers and paedophiles”, he was less clear, but it was clearly “significantly more than one”…

Is three significantly more than one? It is 300% after all.

Still, I’m not sure what the point is. Is he suggesting that a non-convicted paedophile with a life-threatening condition which couldn’t be treated on Nauru would be allowed to die because we couldn’t keep them under control if they came to Australia? I mean, George Pell was taken to hospital because he’s got the flu and he’s an actual convicted sex offender.

Watching last night, I couldn’t help but think that this Waleed Aly interview will be called a “trainwreck” which – as I wrote a few weeks ago, trains actually have tracks which they go off; this mob in Canberra resemble a car where the fighting for the steering wheel has become so intense that the wheel itself has ended up in the boot.

Speaking of trains, did you hear Morrison say, when “announcing” the last resort of the desperate government, a fast train, “The train never leaves the station unless people get on board”? This must be news to train drivers the world over who thought that they actually had a timetable that wasn’t dependent on whether people were there or not. Still, I don’t suppose the poor man has ever relied on public transport and probably thought it worked the same as the Commonwealth cars where the drivers wait for you.

I suspect that the reasoning behind the interview was the idea that if Scottie goes on and acts all friendly and calls Waleed “mate” (which he did), then it would seem like this was a difference of opinion between friends where they could agree to disagree and not the result of the PM getting all hot under collar because a popular Muslim called him out. Instead, he grew prickly and talked over Aly, shouted him down, told him that his question was poor, and looked smug after each moment of aggression.

And I’ve been trying all day to work exactly what this means: “And on bringing Australians together, I think you’ll find it hard to find another Member of Parliament who has not made at least the same effort that I have to build these bridges between these communities.” Simplify this down, he said: It’s hard to find another MP who hasn’t made the same effort to bring communities together.

But there was a moment in last night’s interview when Yo-yo Mo said something I agreed with. When I heard Scottie say, “I’m sorry, I’m the Prime Minister”, I felt that he spoke for all of us!


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  1. pappinbarra fox

    That comma in the last quote is you guessing what you hear, or making invalid assumptions (that there was a deliberate pause for meaning rather than a pause while the thought “What the f#ck do I say next?” runs through Scomos head. The comma is entirely unnecessary and makes sense of your assessment of the meaning if left out.

  2. Kronomex

    I was going say use “gubmint” instead and then had a thought that for Scummo and Crony Co. Inc. “grubmint” sounds so much better.

    I don’t think it matters if the comma was left in because we would easily get the gist of what Rossleigh was saying.

  3. Alcibiades

    I’ve been waiting vainly for good gubmint for two terms, and three PMs now.

    Suppose good gubmint starts today, tomorrow, next week, or somewhere over the rainbow.

    In other news, also inspiring trust & confidence (not) :

    NSW iVote registration goes down(again), now on election eve

    Call volumes then overwhelm telephone service.(And AEC website crashes)

    The NSW Electoral Commission is urging online voters to “try again later” after the iVote registration system went down on Friday afternoon …


    We don’t need your stinking votes to determine the winner ?

  4. Kaye Lee

    Yoyo Mo told Waleed Aly that he was wrong about the Minister having discretion about who might be transferred under the medevac bill, “I’m the Prime Minister I should know and you are WRONG” blustered ProMo who either hasn’t read the bill, doesn’t understand it, or is deliberately lying about it.

    Well Faux Mo…yes you should know but apparently you don’t.

    The Minister can refuse to transfer someone if:
    the Minister reasonably believes that it is not necessary to transfer the person for treatment or assessment,
    the Minister reasonably believes that transferring the person would harm Australia’s security, or
    the person has a substantial criminal record and the Minister reasonably believes that the person would expose the Australian community to a serious risk of criminal conduct.

    Prime example of dogwhistling again. He just can’t help himself.

  5. Alcibiades

    Kaye Lee
    Scott NoMoralsNone, may be correct on a technicality …

    At Law “Reasonable belief’, though a subjective standard, in this case has an evidentiary factual threshold, ReichMarshall Dutton, or that ‘lefty’ Coleman, not even yo-yo Scomo, merely asserting so whilst dog-whistling meets that threshold.

    Perhaps that is what the Happy Clapper meant, since they merely serially spout unsubstantiated lies & BS, they truly cannot stop such … after all, we learned the US president was personally informed by the previous transient PM Mr TopHat, ” … we have had absolute control of them for over five years, we know everything there is to know about them …”

    After all they are at law, recognised refugees, suffering refoulement.

  6. Kerri

    The key to yo-yo-Mo, is the smirk.
    When he thinks he is winning the argument, like a naughty schoolboy hiding stolen apples behind his back,
    Scotty can’t help but smirk at his success.
    Poor stupid fool.
    And why wasn’t it a “repugnant and disgusting lie” when it first came out in the media in 2010..??
    And where is Julie Bishop..?
    She chaired the meeting!
    If Hunt can speak out about the meeting he didn’t attend, why can’t Julie fess up the truth?
    She has nothing left to lose.

  7. Rossleigh

    Of course, the general can create fear but if you try to imagine the specific it becomes absurd. Let’s imagine a murdering rapist who’s being held on Manus – who for some reason hasn’t been charged with a crime. Said criminal is stricken with a debilitating illness that needs treatment. He comes to Australia and is treated. Cured, rather than being returned to Manus, he suddenly develops superpowers and the government is powerless to stop him until they contact the Fantastic Four… oh, sorry I was trying to 8magine why this I’ll person represents a threat to everyone and that was the only thing that made sense…

  8. Kaye Lee

    And the combined forces of our navy, airforce, border force, customs patrols, billions of dollars worth of new drones, and our intelligence services, are suddenly stricken incapable of stopping fishing boats from Indonesia.

  9. Alcibiades

    Um, er, uh, yup ?
    Uh … Ooh, ooh, don’t forget our over the horizon radars, AFP overseas liaison officers & ASIS operatives & assets either …

    A distinguished foreign perspective :

    Jensen Masters/Bader 2020

    I’m not especially au fait with Australian television but I must say this Scott Moreton is not a very good interviewer, he keeps cutting your young Prime Minister off mid sentence


    I’d never attack immigrants for political points!” says guy who just opened a detention centre to score political points, at an anticipated cost of ~$1.4Bn, not counting the exhorbitant expense of flying there to hold a presser

    My on the record comments are trying to defame me …


    Home Affairs confirms investigation into visa corruption claim

    …The case has exposed an opaque process under which hundreds of criminals are having their mandatory visa cancellations overturned by Department of Home Affairs officials, the minister or assistant minister…

  10. Phil.

    Scott Morrison makes Bullshit a science.

  11. pierre wilkinson

    “I’m sorry, I’m the Prime Minister”
    without the comma, the only honest thing about him

  12. Miriam English

    It becomes more apparent every day that our accidental prime minister is sorely lacking in intelligence and integrity.

  13. Glenn K

    His Tampa moment but with a reverse effect.

  14. Matters Not

    Morrison had a relatively ‘great night’ on The Drum this evening. Dr Jamal Rifi is likely to get more ‘gigs’ on future Morrison platforms. An unexpected political surprise-packet.

    Perhaps the political angle will become more apparent in the days ahead.

  15. whatever

    Smug, smirking smarmy Scotty and his ‘Management for Dummies’ bullet points that he struggles to remember.

  16. Peter F

    I saw snippets of the interview, but could not bear to watch, with Waleed being required to remain polite in front of this man.

  17. terence mills

    Watching one of the endless panel shows on SKY after dark last night (where they interview and gain the fatuous opinions of other Newscorp employees and a few other right-wing numpties) they discussed in detail the Morrison Aly interview and assured themselves that there were pedophiles, murderers and rapist on Nauru and Manus but it was all onwater type stuff that we couldn’t possibly be told about.

    They are definitely there, they assured each other and clearly could not be brought to Australia for urgent medical care as they may contaminate us.

    They draw a confusing distinction between rushing convicted criminal Tony Mokbel to hospital after a knifing in jail and providing adequate medical care for asylum seekers who actually haven’t been before a court of law and in many cases have been detained for six years without being formally charged with any crime.

    Turning to the leaders debate in NSW , I’m a bit concerned that this was staged by the Daily Telegraph and SKY News and whilst David Speers always does a reasonable job and is not openly biased, I think any national televised debate for the federal election has to be handed to the ABC.

  18. corvus boreus

    I agree entirely that any election debates should by default be hosted and moderated by our national broadcaster.
    Apart from the fact that the ABC has a charter of non-partisanship whilst SKY ‘news’ displays blatant bias, there is also the fact that the ABC is there for anyone with a television, whilst SKY is only available to pay TV subscribers and barflies.

    Ps, I also think that our aspirant political leaders should not be providing a promotional monopoly to a foreign owned commercial ‘news’ channel that constantly brays extremist rhetoric and provides a sympathetic platform for open neo-Nazis

  19. terence mills


    Some further thoughts on the so called leaders debate :

    The invited audience of 100 undecided voters – chosen by Galxy – were encouraged to ask questions. After on question to Daley about discrimination in schools, David Speers the host apologised to both candidates and the audience, noting he’d just been informed the man who asked the question was not actually an undecided voter, but Australian Conservatives candidate Greg Walsh.
    The venue was crawling with Commentators from Sky News and The Daily Telegraph, who co-hosted the debate and deemed the Premier the “clear winner” : what else could they have said ?
    As you note, this was hosted on Sky which is a Pay TV network and thus available only to those who subscribe and whilst I can’t find their audience numbers – is it a secret ? – I am guessing around forty thousand for what was the only leaders debate prior to the NSW election : doesn’t sound very democratic to me !!

  20. Andreas Bimba

    I was going to suggest Milo Morrison but Yo Yo Morrison is a better fit.

    Yo Yo’s aggressive response during Walid Aly’s interview was calculated on gaining more of the bigot vote away from One Debased Nation and the Shooters and F-wits Party as he never had the vote of genuine human beings. Cunning and calculated but in the end just an evil Yo Yo.

  21. Alcibiades

    Sky News delivered the lowest ever views for an election debate – fewer than 30K NSW viewers – Thursday, 21 March 2019

    More than 7.5 million people live in New South Wales.

    Fewer than 30,000 of them watched the NSW Sky News election debate.

    That’s 0.4% of the state.

    Sky’s regional numbers are boosted by the deal with Win – but in Sydney a pitiful 12,000 people were watching.

    Despite the MSM harping on about it, virtually no one saw it. Net effect ? Likely nil.

  22. Andreas Bimba

    Alcibiadis it did however provide sound and vision bites for the rubbish mass media to attack Labor and put the Liberals on an even higher pedestal though.

  23. Alcibiades

    Leaked video shows Islamic leaders calling on Scott Morrison for protection against hate speech (ABC TripleJ Thursday 21 March 2019 3:01pm)

    A leaked video shows Islamic leaders meeting with the Prime Minister and calling on him for more protection in the wake of the Christchurch shooting.

    Scott Morrison told ABC News Breakfast he was welcomed at Lakemba Mosque on Saturday with “warm embraces”, but failed to mention that Islamic leaders also criticised him and attributed the terror attack to years of Islamophobia.

    “Over the last decade, I have spent my time as a public figure working with the Muslim community in south-western New South Wales,” he said.

    “That’s why I’m welcomed when I attend mosques in south-western Sydney, with warm embraces.”

    Scott Morrison visited the mosque on Saturday after the Christchurch attack, which saw 50 people killed during prayers at two separate mosques.

    The video of the meeting – obtained by Hack – shows the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, sitting next to the Prime Minister and questioning his commitment to protecting Muslim people.

    How much more blood must we spill before we start having protection for Muslims and other religious groups the way we have a bill that protects anti-Semitics?,” the Grand Mufti says in the video…

    Scummo is a demonstrable proven bully, fraud & serial habitual liar. And those are likely his better character traits. 🙁


    On The Project, Morrison didn’t want to be prejudged. Surely he’s well past that stage (The Graund)

    In his interview, the PM seemed to be trying to show himself in a new light. Voters, though, will judge him solely on his record

  24. Andreas Bimba

    Oops Waleed Aly not Walid.

  25. Lambert Simpleton

    You know, I am reminded of the old jingle,

    “it’s marvellous what a difference
    Milo makes”,
    Milo is BEST!!”

  26. whatever

    Yes, Sky News should be banned from replay on our ABC, so should heroic tales of the girl-punching Rugby League gambling platform that used to be football.

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