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Yeah, I’ve Run Out of Clever Titles, So Perhaps A Three Word Slogan’ll Do!

Ok, Noam Chomsky was right.

As I pointed out once before, he said if you want to find out what’s going on, the business pages are a good place to start because people are less impressed when they’re lied to about money.

Or something like that.

Anyway, I read the Business Pages from time to time. Actually, I read almost anything. I don’t know why. I once read the booklet that some Jehovah’s Witness gave me in return for opening the door, which means that any time a Jehovah’s Witness comes to the door and tries to sell me “Watchtower”, I always point out to them that only 144,000 will be saved when the Apocalypse comes and won’t they be pissed off when they discover that their conversion of me pushed them out to first emergency, while I spend Eternity in Heaven with the other chosen ones. Isn’t it better to walk away now and not take the chance, because I’d really be happier with friends in Hell, and they’d be better off trying to convert someone who’s no competion.

Which sort of brings me back to the Business Pages and the Abbott Government.

So did anyone else notice the footnote to the Budget Papers where they moved the dividends from the Future Fund into the Budget bottom line, or was it just the financial writers?

Yes, yes, if there’s any economists or accountants out there who want to argue that it should be in there, I don’t have a problem with that. You’re right. But I just feel that the way it was done was the equivalent of removing fifty dollars from my wallet while I was asleep because I owed you the money and the person to whom it was owed had left me a note in the middle of a whole group of receipts which is where it should be, so it’s my fault if I don’t go back and check absolutely everything…

* * *

So here in Victoria, Tony Abbott opened a Billboard.

Now, I have enough empathy to understand that this is of little interest to most of you, but it said, “If you’re stuck in traffic, blame Labor”.

That’s because the recent Victorian election was – according to Mr Abbott – “a referendum on the East West link”, which the Liberals lost.

Now, apparently, within six months of the election, we’re stuck in traffic thanks to Labor even though I was driving south about thirty kilometres from where the road was due to be built. (For anyone interstate, where the billboard was placed would be the equivalent of saying “Stuck at Perth Airport? Blame xxx for not building Sydney’s third airport”)

But, I’m not even going to go down the ridiculous path of trying to use logic, reason and other things that may be related to science when economics is the thing.

However, I would like to just simple point out that Abbott now no longer relies on three word slogans. “Blame Labor” has become his only explanation or justification for why he should be re-elected.

Which, at my count, was two words.

At this rate, if he wins the next election, when he goes again, he’ll be only able to use one word slogans.



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  1. DanDark

    Yeah I get the problem Tones might have with the 1 word slogan because it will be him just saying Labor in future
    Now this might actually have unintended consequences for the Rabbott because people will think he is advocating Labor
    if he goes down the one word slogan track, oh he will be in a conundrum as to what that one word slogan will be 🙂

  2. Matters Not

    anyone else notice the footnote to the Budget Papers where they moved the dividends from the Future Fund into the Budget bottom line

    Sure did. Noticed also the ‘talking points’ about whose money it is.

    Apparently if you’re retired with a superannuation ‘nest egg’ then it’s your money and shouldn’t be touched/taxed, regardless of the government’s ‘tax expenditure’ that allowed you to accrue same in the first place.

    On the other hand if you are not retired, your super ‘nest egg’ is not actually yours and can be added to the balance sheet at will. (Not sure it will be subtracted if a downturn occurs).

    And I thought they were ‘conservatives’. Perhaps Costello will respond.

  3. Sir ScotchMistery

    I spent quite some time on this and came up with a two-word slogan, which I used on Twitter within minutes of opening my new account.

    Some minutes later, after having gone through the rigmarole of opening the account and using the 2 word slogan, I received a message from twitter advising I need to add a phone number to the account, which I did, (I have several phones thank goodness). They then said I should remove the recently tweeted 2 word slogan, or the account would be closed, and I would be picked up by the AFP, sent to Gitmo, then made to listen to smokin’ Joe’s recent attempt at humour.

    For the record of course, the slogan was “f*ck off”.

    AFP don’t scare me any more. I’ve seen them at their worst.

  4. DanDark

    Scotch….. geeezuz lordy mother mary if we don’t here from ya then soon we will know THEY have got you and taken you to Gitmo
    as for your two word slogan ROFL…. tooo funny 🙂

  5. Terry2

    It’s all symbols, billboards and flags and have you noticed that he now talks in the first person I want, I will etc.

    The ties, however, are changing away from plain blue to patterns.

    We can be proud that we have shown leadership in our region on how to treat asylum seekers : we can take pride in our obstinate refusal to enter into dialogue with countries in our region to resolve this problem. Thailand are calling for a regional conference – Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc – the challenge for Australia is will we turn up . Personally I can’t see Peter Dutton making any worthwhile contribution to a regional solution.

    Yes, I noticed how the future fund dividends were treated but I don’t have the financial training to interpret what this means. I would have thought that it would be reinvested ?

  6. Peter Stanton

    The last point in your article may not be correct. If Abbott was to speak the slogan it would become a 3 word slogan “ahh blame labor”

  7. Wellington

    Labor or labour same result both powerless without union. The liberals(an example of a one word oxymoron) are so terrified of unions that they have spent millions to demonized them and are risking our economy by sending $100+billions overseas and using almost slave labour to avoid employing unionists or paying award wages.(not so stealthy work choice)
    This tactic has been so successful that the union man of Beaconsfield is no more and the new man is treading water watching the wreckage of Gillard’s great achievements in negotiated government and AAA economy floating by.
    He could grasp the gillard/swan flotsam or Abbott’s jetsam instead of bleating on the ABC rather than just hoping for rescue.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Gina’s ANDEV dreams are being realised. They’ve already got their one-stop-shop for regulations and their 457 visa workers, infrastructure is being funded, get ready for the “special economic zone” where there is

    Lower personal income tax or tax rebates for those who live and work in the Northern Zone
    No payroll tax
    No fringe benefits tax
    No stamp duty

  9. Jexpat


    That’s because no financial institution will back the dodgy deal.

  10. Sir ScotchMistery

    Except Commbank, ANZ, Westpac/St George or NAB.

    You should have said “no financial institution with ethics”.

    You’d be pushed to find one of those in Australia.

  11. diannaart

    @Sir ScotchMistery

    Do Twitter accept ‘fork off’?

    I have never used profanity in my tweets, however, I do appreciate the info. I just never know when my evil muse will require an outing.

    Oh, topic. Is anyone here really surprised Abbott still ‘blames Labor’ – he believes we will all believe him if he just keeps on – besides such rhetoric saves thinking, getting all those ‘aaah aaaahs’ out must be tiring.

  12. Jexpat

    Sir Scotch:

    According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis:

    “…Adani’s coal holdings in the Galilee Basin had already become a stranded asset. The project is financially handicapped by lacking about $2.8 billion in financing for the first stages of construction. That figure includes backing for the coal mine itself, for related equipment and for a 150-megawatt power station to support the project. The company also needed $2.7 billion in financing for a rail line and locomotives.

    Its restructuring—which reduces Adani Enterprises’ market capitalization from $11.8 billion to $2.5 billion—means its odds of attracting [private] financing for the Australian proposal are that much more remote.”

    More here:

  13. Sir ScotchMistery

    Oh mate I live in hope that enough Australians will say to the banks “you back them, and we are leaving you”.

    Naturally, after being in this game as long as I have, I have forgotten why I used to hold my breath over things.

    At Diannaart – yes. Quite acceptable, esp when directed at scum like Abbott et al.

  14. Andreas Bimba

    99% of business page writers are card carrying neoliberals and just spread the same lies that bury us all deeper in the shit. The mass media are criminal when the truth of climate science is ignored or actively fought and the lie of neoliberalism is the only economic viewpoint promoted. In this respect Australia and much of the democratic world have taken on many totalitarian characteristics.

    If you want a sound economic viewpoint you will only find it on the web and for how much longer before the Conservatives thought police shut this down?

    We all need to become more familiar with the Modern Monetary Theory people and Bill Mitchell’s site is a good start and vote for the Australian Greens.

  15. Bronte ALLAN

    SACK ABBOTT!! What a great two-word slogan that is! Also, SACK HOCKEY, SACK PYNE & any other Liberal member you want! ALL could “get” the two-word slogan!

  16. Sir ScotchMistery

    “Sack” gives an opportunity to word association, football, petang, petang a la biscuit barrel.

    It may end up as a tweet acceptable word sounding much like fire truck.

  17. Gangey1959

    Sorry everyone
    I only found out on the news@6 afterwards that our glorious front-bum of a PM was in Ringwood to promote his newest billbored.
    Where he was, at Daisey’s garden supplies is just over my back fence and the lake. I would have at least photo-bombed his launch.
    Another opportunity missed. Bugger. I still haven’t figured out why he was putting his new poster at the start of the freeway, not the end that needs to be fixed. Maybe he caught a whiff of whatever it is his treasurer smokes. Coal and plastic banknotes methinks.
    @Sir Scotchy. Try “Fornicate Elsewhere”. The thinking person’s “F Off” usually works for me, but I don’t tweet.
    I checked up on my favorite web page last night. Google images has pushed ta to the second row on “Australian hate preachers”, so peta and her friends have done some happy-snaps of some foreigners holding guns or black flags, or both, and posted them to improve tones’s ratings. He’s still up there though. Hang in there mate. Dumb-ass bmw driver.

  18. Awabakal

    I am highly suspicious of the way that Mathias Cormann was shoe-horned into WA politics, subsequently federal, it is as if the man was covered in petroleum jelly and supposited into the finance arena of Australia’s politics via direct from Brussels.

  19. diannaart

    Nailed it, Awabakal

    You have found Tony’s suppository of wisdom – everything is making sense now – we just need to insert the lubricated Cormann up…

    Too crude?

  20. Andreas Bimba

    Can’t believe Tones was in Ringwood, that’s within my home range of movement (when I’m in Oz), I feel strange, maybe violated, maybe another possible turning point in life missed again! It’s almost like knowing Pol Pot or Mussolini just bought a sausage at Nunawading Bunnings while you were mowing the lawn?

    Awabakal, I also don’t understand the logic behind Cormann apart from being another brain dead greed obsessed neoliberal, when Australia already has millions of them. After the Belgian migrant vote? Maybe the Germanic migrant vote? Maybe he is an agent for the EU – (Bilderberg Groups secret inner nazi circle), but why bother when Tones, Hockey and the other local lads have a fetish for brown shirts, oops sorry business suits?

    Nope, Cormann is a mystery??

    Lubricated Cormann? – as Tones suppository?? Clinton had a thing for cigars??? Cormann and Hockey, late nights, too many drinks, too many cigars, delusional self importance and invincibility, probably more plausible, revolting but plausible????

    Just had another idea, can someone please photoshop a picture of Hitler and the senior German Nazi leadership in modern business suits outside or inside federal parliament and give it a catchy caption like ‘Vote Liberal’ or ‘and you thought you were voting for Tony’ or ‘courtesy of the Minerals Council’ or ‘stop the boats, we know how’ or ‘moving forward’, sorry Julia I still love you, or some other appropriate smart arse remark.

    BMW drivers, strong nazi connections, the company I mean, not the drivers ………….. the drivers? …………… the drivers? ………………

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