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World War III is the elephant in the room – Mankind against Nature.

And make no mistake – Nature will win, because its forces make us look like specks of dust!

Australia thinks it is outside the fray, yet, by exporting coal to produce pollution away from our shores, we have merely extended our sphere of damage.

We need to elect a government which will put us on a wartime footing.

Waste and pollution must be brought under control, priority must be given to phasing out – as fast as possible – all fossil fuels, overuse of plastic and under-use of natural resources.

Biodiversity has taken a severe hit and has a poor outlook and over-population has to be dealt with by other means than death on the battlefield.

Time is running out!

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  1. Josephus

    In the 1920s Aldous Huxley warned in ‘Brave New World Revisited’ that a 3.5 billion world population was far too high – it is c double that by now, and is supposed to reach c 9 b soon, so water wars seem are inevitable, and yes, we are mad to be digging for coal, fracking for gas and mining the land, sea and soon the asteroids. Plus we are greedily having lots of kids, living too long, building mansions and to using air con etc… but in a liberal democracy no government can afford to point that out.

  2. Patrice

    agree Rosemary, the world , the planet earth, will continue on without humans, we actually are not needed. At all!

  3. Joseph Carli

    From : “The long term effects of the drought”..

    “A sheep farmer will remark to you with fatalistic exasperation when they see injured or starving stock just seem to lie down and give up on life..: “Any excuse to die”… a sad admittance of the failure of husbandry skills to revive even with any amount of care, those beasts that have decided when enough is enough…We see the same with some plants in a garden we nurture that for no particular reason we can ascertain, they just wilt and die regardless of our worrying.

    Well, let me give you warning…not that any will listen to yours truly, myself having little qualification in this world to claim right to give it..AND there being so many in the “consultation world” with self-assured knowledge and more wisdom than Socrates or Christ combined so that one could rightly observe that there are those who are so smart, they even outsmart themselves!…Still..let me, as one human to another, give you warning..There is a “knowing wisdom” in the heart of this natural world unmeasurable by either test or research, that while it does not stop altogether the natural cycles of reproduction of either flora and fauna, there is a “knowing”, much like the knowledge of seasonal change inherent in the DNA of all nature, and this “knowing”, evolved over millions of years has a means of “understanding the situation” when a line of no return is crossed and..I suspect..like those stock that surrender themselves to an inevitable fate, so too will the time come when we humans force the natural world to cross that line of no return, the limit of capability for homeostasis and She too will then decide and decide with no intent of either redemption or cessation, neither pity nor interest to opt for ”any excuse to die” ..and THEN we will ALL be well – and truly – fcked!

    You know it makes sense. . .”

    The long term effects of the Drought.

  4. corvus boreus

    In NSW, a recent state of the environment report documented a marked increase in the number of native plants and animals deemed at risk of extinction, with significant contributing factors cited including viable habitat loss through land clearance and water degradation, as well as the impacts of accelerating climate change.
    Rates of clearance of native vegetation in NSW have increased by 244% since the last SOTE report, largely due the NSW coalition govt enacting policy repealing the Native Vegetation act and regulation (https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/vegetation/ )
    The NSW environment minister, Matt Kean, responded to the damning report by saying that the environment was ‘in good condition, but we have more work to do’.
    Our war against our own habitat continues apace

  5. Wat Tyler

    If there is a God (and I very much doubt it) he’s has quickly decided that creating a creature in his own image was a monumental fckup and is correcting it by allowing Homo sapiens to self – destruct. And being a sadistic bastard (tells Abraham to sacrifice his son ‘if you love me’, he’s going to have a bit of fun watching us do it,
    An alternative theory is that the earth is itself alive and periodically fixes its own illnesses.

  6. corvus boreus

    Wat Tyler,
    A male on his own cannot procreate, only masturbate.
    Given the template of lifeforms on terra, if the creator was singular It would not be a ‘he’ (nor indeed a ‘she’), but would more likely be either an asexual being or some form of auto-inseminating hermaphrodite.

  7. Wat Tyler

    Some creatures change sex depending on the environment.
    I am quite happy to consider ‘God’ to be a hermaphrodite, incorporating the worst of both sexes (excepting, of course. the instinct to protect its offspring – it sent his son to earth for man to torture.)

  8. RomeoCharlie29

    As is now well known, the NT Labor Government has approved fracking, subject to a raft of ( sadly easily evaded) conditions and for which Bill Shorten gave tacit approval with the announcement of $1.5 billion from the North Australia Infrastructure Fund ( the aptly named NAIF) for a pipeline to get it to Darwin and the Eastern States, a pipeline which is already well advanced. There is substantial local opposition to fracking, not just from Indigenous groups which would be most affected, for several reasons. Among them is the belief that extraction of fossil fuels is a dead-end enterprise as the expanding move to renewables is showing, but also scepticism about the claimed fiscal benefits to the NT. We are promised millions but Australia’s gas experiences show the biggest beneficiaries are foreign shareholders and the foreign countries which get our gas. Given the very generous tax concessions enjoyed by gas explorers and producers, and the fact that the Territory’s royalties are based on profits rather than product, it is likely that it will be years before the government enjoys any returns. But we all know our heirs and successors are probably going to have to pay for the rehabilitation. I have predicted that the Gunner Government, and Bill Shorten’s support for fracking, will cost Labor the two Territory seats it currently holds. The only hope of reversing the fracking decision is to ensure the Greens candidates win. If there is any part of Australia more suited to the large scale development of solar and wind power than the NT , I would like to have it pointed out to me. We have rail and road corridors from Darwin to Adelaide so why not a power corridor with electricity-producing solar and wind farms strategically placed at various locations alongside and feeding into the Eastern States grid via SA? Another line alongside the Barkly highway could eventually link into the grid from the north.

  9. John

    The title and theme of this short posting reminds me of the 1994 book by Michael Tobias titled World War III. A very prophetic book which is even more relevant 25 years later.
    And yes humankind is now actively self-destructing.
    And yes Gaia will sooner or later fix itself of the Wetiko Disease/Virus/Illness.
    The leading vector of this collective self-destruction and the Wetiko Disease IS the super criminal that now lurks in the White House

  10. David Bruce

    I saw the Indigenous Australia Flag on the back of the ferry this morning and I observed the colours Yellow, Red and Black. For the first time it made sense to me. The four colours of the races on our planet are Yellow, Red, Black and White.

    There is no White on the flag. Then I remembered the Hopi Indian prophecies about the destruction of planet Earth. The White race will destroy the planet Earth and all that live there, by destroying the Atmosphere. How did they know?

    As Joseph pointed out, there is a “knowing”, when there is no sense in prolonging life. We see it in youth suicides, a so called Western epidemic. My friends in Tonga conducted a forum in 2018 to seek answers to the question “When are we going to see the Benefits of Economic Growth?” Family breakdowns (overseas workers program), teenage pregnancies (godliness replaced by consumerism), youth suicide (losing hope) and drug abuse were identified as some of the dis-benefits of Economic Growth.

    The Tongan communities now are so similar to the Queensland communities of the 1980’s; living much closer to nature, people know and interact with their neighbours, church attendance on Sunday was considered a blessing, shops and businesses closed on Sunday and sport was something which peopled participated in, not just observed. This is probably why Israel Folau is so passionate about his beliefs.

    Perhaps there is more than one god? It is mentioned in Genesis, there are two gods. More likely, there is great intelligence (or Divine Cosmos), non judgemental, responding only to the energy levels and vibrations of animate objects. We know we attract what we put out, so as we start discussing the issues in this post, maybe we will get to the stage of 100 monkeys and start to co-operate in cleaning up our mess?

  11. Vikingduk

    Another possibility is that this planet is the insane asylum of the universe, that we are destined for life/death/rebirth until we finally realise that we are not the masters, merely a part of the ecosystem of this most beautiful planet and that sanity can be found by reconnecting with nature. The magic, for want of a different term, of this planet continues to astound and amaze me. This appreciation rekindles hope that all is not lost, that if there is a god or creator that the entity has given ample warning and that we should wake the fck up.

    It is humans that work from hate and greed, not a god or creator. To me the bible is a book written by men for men to exert control over the masses. To quote this fantasy to describe any god or creator’s motives is delusional.

  12. Wat Tyler

    A novelist, John Banfield I think, had one of his murderers musing about humanity, and concluding that earth was too beautiful and benign for us, that we had been sent to the wrong planet by mistake.
    But the race that was meant fo be placed on earth would have long since perished on ‘our’ planet, because no creature gentle enough to be intended for earth could possibly survive on a planet meant for us.

  13. DrakeN

    I blame the predators of the great plains of Africa who allowed homo sapiens to thrive and to infest the rest of the world.

    So, if lions are driven to extinction, it is of their own doing. 😉

  14. Karl Young

    We could start by getting potential politicians to have an IQ and a psychology test before entering positions in government.
    We could at least avoid a Trump that way.
    Fear, greed, envy and ignorance the greatest destroyers of mankind and planet earth in the end.

  15. Jack Cade

    Lots of psychopaths and sociopaths have high IQs, and many sociopaths are charming on the surface.

  16. Aortic

    Four thousand tigers only left in the wild. Killed for their skins mainly would you believe, I realise that much of the degredation is a result of poor disadvantaged people just trying to provide for their families but does this not point to the fact of vast over population leading to the demise of the human face. Mind you looking at the fact we have all contributed in some way to the disaster, it may not be a bad thing and give the joint further eons to recover. God can then create a new Adam and Eve and start again. Sorry just ribbing you.

  17. Peter F

    There are some small developments appearing: A firm starting in Warren NSW has developed a method of recycling tyres. The carbon recovered is of a quality which can be used ins STEEL making, replacing COAL. This can be seen on their web site

    Google : Green Distillation Technologies

  18. Frances

    Apparently there are approx. 100,000 known galaxies in the universe, our Milky Way being one and we are tucked away, virtually hidden in one of its spiral arms, hopefully not to escape and create havoc in the cosmos.

  19. John

    Speaking of high IQ’s the “father” of the H-bomb Edward Teller had a very high IQ but being a psychopath he quite obviously had zero Emotional Intelligence.
    He was of course awarded the USA Freedom Medal for his “patriotic” work. As was the lying rodent for his participation in the coalition of the killing.

  20. Keitha Granville

    The only salve for my soul is that the planet will ultimately win – we will be gone and flora and fauna that has survived will revive, regenerate, evolve. And then it will begin again. But just maybe the next evolution of man will be more sensitive to the needs of the planet.
    Or have we done this before in another galaxy far far away ???

  21. Brad Golding

    The Earth Goddess will win and the virus known as we human beings will be utterly eliminated!

  22. jim

    And the WINNER is…. LOCKHEED MARTIN USA USA USA USA … presented as the Polluter of the CENTURY !!..YAY goes AIPAC clapitty clapitty clapitty clap goes CONGRESS .
    Seriously … how stupid to think we have a variety of opinion when all we get is two fake viewpoints (right or left, conservative or liberal) which are really the same — and the government is readying you for a new crackdown on terrorists and insurrectionists and extremists could these enemies be constructs of the Arms makers with controlled governments backing?, as the people pay more more and get less . Think Yellow vests . Hong Kong
    1 BAN all FOREIGN Government LOBBIES
    3 Stop mass Migration immediately
    4 Increase WAGES Massively
    5 Nobody is left Homeless anywhere

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