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When the Turnbull spill was on, I asked the question: Would the next leader be Dutton or Bishop? I then suggested that maybe Morrison would do a Bradbury and skate through while the rest of the field crashed into each other and fell.

The role of luck has been slightly overestimated in Steve Bradbury’s win – it was the result of the tactics he’d chosen to employ. He explained that he reasoned that he wasn’t one of the fastest three skaters so his only hope was if one of them fell, so his plan was to hang back and avoid trouble so that he could pick a clear path and possibly sneak a placing. He didn’t expect the whole field to go down.

Morrison, on the other hand, was planning for the whole field to go down from the moment he lay his hands upon Turnbull with the blessing, “I’m ambitious for this man!” In fact, there were Morrison supporters actively telling Dutton to go for it because they were backing him, only to turn around and prepare the ice for a Morrison clean sweep.

Nobody gave Scotty much chance of victory in the federal election. The lack of a parliamentary majority once Dr Phelps won Malcolm’s seat meant that it was difficult for the Morrison government to achieve much. Party discipline was lacking. And Labor was such a sure thing that one betting agency paid out the day before the election.

Then came election night and Morrison had once again seized gold. He’d done so by a combination of clever marketing and spreading fear about both Labor policies and the Labor policies that weren’t actually policies but figments of someone’s imagination.

In the past few weeks, I read commentary that pointed out that Morrison was the first leader since John Howard to face consecutive elections. I remember thinking that this might not be correct. Not because the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd show and the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison soap opera hadn’t occurred along with the Truss/Joyce/McCormack/Joyce sideshow. No, it was simply that Morrison hadn’t actually made it to the election and given the past few years of surprises perhaps 2022 didn’t want to be left out.

Yes, I know that it now requires a two thirds majority to call for a spill of a sitting Liberal PM, but in reality what leader could realistically continue if the majority of his colleagues called for a spill but fell short of two thirds?

Ok, maybe a man like Morrison but still…

After 2019, some hoping for a Labor victory are afraid of counting their chickens and are worried that Scotty from Marketing will succeed again.

Making predictions in this century is a great way to look foolish, but as it doesn’t seem to stop the media from interviewing Nick Coatsworth or Gerard Henderson, I figure I might as well give it a go and gloat later that I was right. If I’m wrong, we’ll never mention it and I’ll continue to behave with the infallibility of a Sky After Dark presenter and just move on to the future. Like Morrison, there’ll be no looking in the rear vision mirror… which as I’ve pointed out before, is a pretty dangerous way to drive… particularly if you’re about to pull out into the lane where you intend to overtake.

There are some big differences between now and 2019. Sure, the Coalition only has a slender majority but that was true in 2019. To me, the biggest difference is that the Morrison schtick of showing that he’s just an ordinary bloke was appealing then because the electorate didn’t know him. Now that we’ve had the disasters of the bushfires and Covid, we don’t want an ordinary bloke; we’d rather someone exceptional. If we’re going to have an ordinary bloke, we’d rather have that Albanese guy because it doesn’t seem like all his colleagues hate him and he doesn’t do creepy things like wash a woman’s hair.

Every time Morrison posts a photo of him doing something ordinary, most people are thinking, “Why aren’t you doing something about (PLEASE FILL IN LATEST PROBLEM HERE SUCH AS AGED CARE OR NATURAL DISASTER OR RATS)? How have you got time to go the cricket/make curries with your daughter/wash a woman’s hair/pretend to drive a truck/pretend that it doesn’t matter that your Deputy PM thinks your a liar/pretend that you believe your Deputy PM when he says that he doesn’t believe what he said a few months ago?”

It’s worth remembering that Morrison wasn’t the PM who instigated the “bonking ban” and cost Barnaby his job the first time. Scotty knifed Turnbull – the man who you’d expect Barnaby to be sending nasty texts about. The fact that Joyce was giving such a frank character assessment of his leader certainly doesn’t fit that old saying about the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or is it the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Or with friends like him you don’t need an enema?


Ok, we’re supposed to have the unemployment with a three in front of it and while I suspect that the underemployment rate already has three in front of it (30%), this may sound to a lot of voters like his BACK IN BLACK which was going to happen after the 2019 election but apparently two things stopped that: Covid and the Treasurer’s incompetence with numbers.

The fact that this picture is on his Instagram account today shows how desperate things are. Ronni Salt has written about how Morrison rotates his photographic images between a series of set pieces which is a bit like seeing that photo of George Christensen in that singlet with a whip. Once you’ve got the picture, it’s hard to forget it.

So a photo of a curry is one of his go to images after a bad week, as is a photo of him doing something family related. However this is the first time I’ve seen him combine the two. Things must really be bad. His only consolation would be that, if Josh is counting the numbers, there’s a good chance that he’s sixty billion out!



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  1. New England Cocky

    Such a quiet explanation of Liarbral strategy should be read by all. Scummo under threat from Cronulla Sydney vs Little Joshie and the Melbourne Liarbral mafia. The only possibility appears to be sitting Liarbral politicians wanting every day of their exorbitant salary packages before being dumped at the next feral elections in 2022.

    As for Beetrooter being the source of an accurate description of Scummo and failing to resign from Parliament ….. well, you can see with a one seat majority it would be difficult for Scummo to remain Prim Monster if the Nazional$ rural socialist Party failed to attend a session of Parliament where LABOR called for a show of confidence in the government.

  2. Phil Pryor

    That pucking ficture.., Morrison is the ugliest sight inside and outside the skull. Never ever has this nation been so englutted in garbage, garrulousness, gutrupturing gamahuched ganching. Morrison is concentrated, enriched, dense filth and must be removed, BUT, this way of life set up by the overlords of corporate crookedness, overconsumption, excesses, stupidities, banalities, supremacies, profiteering, coercion, controls and demands for obedience and conformity will see to it that the old ways continue. Media maggots, money manipulators, advertising anuses, sloganeering sluts, dealmakers, percentage takers, retail ripoff ravers, all that huge cast of officious offalbraned officers of conservatism will DEMAND it. Huckingforrible.

  3. James Cook

    It’s probably nit-picking but in that photo his daughter looks a couple of years younger than she actually is.

  4. leefe

    They have one strategy and one only: lie, lie, lie. Clive Palmer’s millions and his lying billboards help, which is more of the same.

  5. Henry Rodrigues

    The fornicator dubbed the retail politician by his erstwhile leader Jugears. some years ago, is now the gutless piss weak me too arsehole who declined his prearranged appearance on Insiders because he couldn’t lay himself open to analysis to an audience of thousands.

    Andrew Probyn suggested that we might now see images of Scummo and the fornicator washing each others hair. But for a more accurate indication of their relationship, giving each other a massage in a bath house, just to prove that everything hunky dory in the coalition. Simon Bermo and Karen Andrews, hovering about handing out the fresh towels.

  6. RomeoCharlie29

    Too many disturbing images here. Bananaby’s credibility must be shredded but what does it all say about Morrison that he can, apparently, shrug the comments off? And anyway why was the beetrooter sending messages to Brittany? This is suss at so many levels. Or perhaps I have missed something.

  7. Harry Lime

    Morriscum stated today at his latest vain attempt to appear human that he easily forgave the beetrooter,he{Morriscum) being such a fine Christian fellow.Not to mention a pencil thin majority.He obviously forgives himself for his constant lies, backgrounding,backstabbing and outrageous corruption as well,never mind that in describing his good self as a liar and a hypocrite,Joyce was for once telling the truth,even if he no longer means it.Works for me,Jeez I’m gonna be sorry when they’re gone.
    Elsewhere,Ichabod Crane (aka Monsignor Perretet) is flat out making the stink of NSW Liberals overpowering…things are on the up.

  8. Max Gross

    I really pity Morrison’s children. As they get older they will require serious counselling and deprogramming.

  9. GL

    Scummo not caring about what The Beetroot said has about as much credence as The Donald saying the election wasn’t rigged. Both creatures have very fragile egos and hold grudges, most likely forever. Morriscum has to bite his tongue because Puce Man holds the keys to his staying in charge, and that must be absolutely galling to him.

  10. margcal

    GL …. I’ve been wondering how many dolls Scummo has hidden at home that he sticks pins into every night.

    Max Gross – I too have been concerned about what all this is doing to his children. They might be barred from TV, phone, newspapers etc. But they at least must hear about their father in the school playground. I can’t believe that would be all glowing – even if such talk is forbidden and it’s a pro-Scummo school, not all children are that compliant or that stupid.

  11. Ai Khan Singh

    Barney Rubbishes ploy is not so fraught. He can tell his party the truth about their large partner (they possibly hate the Libs more than they hate Labor) while telling the people he has now forged a working relationship with Scumbag. Forged is the operative word. ‘I am a man of integrity (har-har). But I stand by my mates.’
    Win-win, it’s called.
    All of the recent ‘truth-telling’ by Coalition identities is not prompted by conscience – none of them have one. It’s the same l truth-telling we are seeing in the UK Conservatives. They see their sinecures evaporating and are trying the ‘it wasn’t me – look over there!’ tack. And let’s face it, Morrison is easy to loathe.

  12. Jack Cade

    ‘My Lord, My Lotd, why hast thou forsaken me?’
    ‘Because you’re a c**t. That’s why!’

  13. Harry Lime

    Jack,I wasn’t aware that the Lord was into foul language,but under the circumstances it’s quite forgivable Obviously even the Supreme being has limits.
    Wonder what he thinks of the money changers at Is he still getting his cut?

  14. GL

    Well, golly, gosh, and gee-whiz, what a great big non-surprise. Protecting religious maatteess from reality is so much more important.

    These are the times that Labor makes me bloody angry! Why don’t they just call themselves LNP Lite and be done with it.

    Will they scrap the bill IF they get in at the election? Probably not, don’t want to upset anyone of the christian religions particularly the nutter religious.

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