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Will Tony Abbott’s words come back to haunt him?

Anyone who has been on Twitter today would have no doubt seen this tweet from any number of Twitter users:

Did you notice the results: 71-31 in favour of Gillard? (It was actually 31, not 13 as quoted above). Looks fairly safe compared to the 61-39 in today’s vote. And Tony’s decree that he will now get on with the job of governing is certainly in stark contrast to his suggestion to the former Labor Governments as noted in the above tweet. Before, during or following leadership turmoil in the former Labor Governments Tony Abbott was set to pounce with his mandatory call for a new election. Here’s a few of them:

Tony Abbott has demanded a snap election to allow Australian voters to chose their preferred Prime Minister, responding to the Federal Labor leadership crisis.

Speaking at the opening of the Grove fruit juice factory in Warwick this morning, Mr Abbott took aim at the “faceless men” he said were responsible for the ongoing instability within the Labor party.

“What I think the Australian people yearn for right now is a Prime Minister they chose, not a Prime Minister who the faceless men choose,” he said.

“Whatever happens on Monday or next week it will be the faceless men pulling the strings and the only way we can get away from a government based on dodgy back door deals… is to have an election.

“Let the people decide.”

. . .

Tony Abbott says Julia Gillard’s victory in the Labor leadership battle is a stay of execution, rather than a new start for Labor.

Ms Gillard today won the ballot against Kevin Rudd, 71 votes to 31.

Mr Abbott said there were still 31 members of caucus who did not have confidence in Ms Gillard.

“What I think today is likely to be is not so much a new start for this prime minister but merely a stay of execution,” he told reporters in Canberra.

Mr Abbott renewed his call for an early federal election.

“The clear answer from today is that the only way we can get real change is with an election,” he said.

“The prime minister should be chosen by the people – not the faceless men.”

Asked if he would move a no confidence motion against the government, Mr Abbott remained uncommitted.

“I have no confidence in this prime minister,” he replied.

. . .

The independents and Greens have welcomed the end of the Labor’s leadership melee saying the focus can now return to policy, while Tony Abbott renewed calls for an early election.The independents and Greens have welcomed the end of the Labor’s leadership melee saying the focus can now return to policy, while Tony Abbott renewed calls for an early election.

Mr Abbott said: ”We need an election not because I particularly like elections or I particularly want the Australian people to go through the inconvenience … but because I think that the Prime Minister of this country should be chosen by the people and not by the faceless men.

. . .

But wait! There’s more! Even Joe Hockey even got in on the act:

The Labor Party is, yet again, going through another messy leadership round. Australia needs strong, decisive leadership from a government that is united and has a common cause. Julia Gillard should just pull on a leadership battle with Kevin Rudd and have the matter resolved; otherwise it is quite clear that she is going to remain a lame duck leader. Australia deserves better than a lame duck Prime Minister. We deserve strong leadership. We deserve strong direction. Anything Julia Gillard says today is immediately discounted by the electorate.

We need strong and decisive leadership at the moment and we are not going to get that until we have a general election.

If Julia Gillard can’t resolve her problems within the Labor Party, she can either call on a leadership battle with Kevin Rudd or call an election – frankly Australians just want to have a general election, wherever they are.

. . .

I’m reluctant to be a commentator here, but I would think that Kevin Rudd has to do something. It’s kind of ridiculous that he and his supporters are out there backgrounding. It means the Labor Party is focusing on their own jobs rather than the jobs of workers and Australians. I suspect that Kevin Rudd will move sometime in the not too distant future, probably before Queensland and quite frankly if he becomes the leader they’ll dump their pledge to have a surplus and he’ll spend some money and call an election.

Well there you have it. Whenever there was leadership unrest in the former Governments Tony Abbott (and his side-kick) demanded an election. Ironic, isn’t it? And in light of today’s events and subsequent promises one could also say hypocritical.

Let their words come back to haunt them.


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  1. dwejevans

    Dead Man Walking!, Today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, this year, next ye………..Nah, he wont see next year!

  2. JeffJL

    A difference between the Labor and the LNP battles at the moment is the lack of comments from the Opposition being published. When it was Gillard/Rudd you could not turn on the radio or TV without hearing/seeing members of the Opposition commenting on it. Are Labor not commenting or is it not being reported.

    The easily found quotes above show the level of commentary from the LNP.

  3. Kaye Lee

    This interview with the ABC’s Fran Kelly took place on November 24, 2009.

    On 26 November, 2009, just two days later, Tony Abbott resigned from Malcolm Turnbulls cabinet in protest against Liberal Party Policy.

    One week later, on 1 December, 2009, Tony Abbott challenged Malcolm Turnbull for the leadership of the Liberal Party and won.

    The following are some quotes from this interview.

    No, look, I am not challenging the leader. I can’t say whats going to happen tomorrow, but I am not challenging the leader. I want the leader to continue in his role.

    You’re asking me…if you’re asking me do I never want to be the leader ever ever, look, of course, I want to serve the party and I’m not going to say never to these things, but, but, Malcolm Turnbull was elected as the leader about a year ago, we all expected him then to lead us to the election. I want that to happen.

    I want, I want Malcolm to continue. He’s a good man and he’s doing a good job in difficult circumstances.

  4. thevenerable1

    But after all, these mad, dangerous bastards have spent since the last election saying and doing everything they never let up on the previous Government for doing. Never in the history of this country have we such so appalling a group of ignorant misfits gathered together in a cabinet room for the purpose of bringing their country down.

  5. gangey1959

    First order of business in Parliament tomorrow should be a call of a motion of no confidence in the PM backed by the entire opposition and see what happens.

  6. sandrasearle

    Bill Shorten called a motion of no confidence in the PM today. Abbotts’ words definitely came back to bit him on the bum already.
    Just wish all of the 39 backbenchers would have had the guts (or be allowed) to cross the floor & vote with the opposition LOL.

  7. Kyran

    Ok, I am clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. But, the initial quote from Tones seems to suggest “13” is a third of “84”. Or is “13” a third of “71”? Or have I read that wrong? It does explain how Tones and Hockey got eleventy out of ten for their budget. And gangey, if 39 of the government backbenchers don’t cross the floor for the vote, can they be accused of misleading parliament? Surely, you can’t cut it both ways. Silly me, they’re politicians. Take care

  8. stephentardrew

    Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.

    Good God when I look in the mirror all I see is that Gillard monster.

    Who in hell has been messing with the mirror.

    I know its that bloody Turnbull and his Internet broadband thingy.

    Better get Andrew and Phil to fix it.

  9. diannaart


    Yet they still believe we are silly enough to trust the tossers

  10. Kaye Lee

    I think 13 is actually meant to be 31 as quoted later in the post

  11. Michael Taylor

    Thanks Kaye. All fixed.

    Goes to show I don’t even read my own work. 😳

  12. Carol Taylor

    I agree with Tony, let the people decide. Poll after poll even from the conservative side of the media produces month after month of negative polling. The party room doesn’t want him, the people don’t want him so let’s all of us have the opportunity to vote and without the restraint of the Westminster convention (which I didn’t realise but quoted elsewhere), which says that Cabinet should vote in solidarity with the leader. Of course we don’t know which way Cabinet did vote, but they do want to keep their jobs and retirement packages now don’t they.

  13. stephentardrew


    Do the scary thing and get into conservatives heads. Then come away with sane arguments and rational thoughts.

    I don’t think so.

    You may find yourself strapped into a canvas coat.

  14. Kyran

    My bad, told you I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed! Diannaart, that still allows them to be considered tossers. In my diminished capacity, I still wouldn’t accept their mathematical abilities over mine!

  15. Carol Taylor

    Stephentardrew, it’s all about ego – and when it’s egotism-extreme it’s not possible for them to consider any other position except their own. Hence Hockey’s weird comment about how poor people don’t drive cars as if “poor people” were a sub-species. Another example is, how are under 30s expected to live without any income whatsoever for 6 months..simply not within their reality. If asked I expect that these types of conservatives would puff up their chests and ramble on about ‘trying harder’ and ‘learn or earn’ – because these were the choices they themselves had. Therefore this is ‘it’ because, as above, it’s not their reality. And why Abbott and his ilk are completely perplexed about the anger against their policies.

  16. diannaart

    We can admit our mistakes – neo-cons think this is a weakness, they do not see how hypocritical, never admitting they are wrong, makes them.


  17. paul walter

    Here is the worry, though.

    Reactionaries do not like being called out on bs, but unlike the rest of us don’t own up to errors, or wonder if they have harmed other people, but do things like press censorship and beefing up the cops to put down protest activity.

  18. bilko

    Well we had the result that Labor wanted today, to quote PJK I want to do you slowly. Another blogger commented elsewhere Bill Shorten first questionought to have been ” My question to the Prime Minister is given that 40% his collegues have express their lack of confidence in him how can he say he has mandate to continue as Prime Minister” It would have caused an uproar but what a way to start 2015 QT.

    Sadly Bill missed this opportunity to go straight for the Jugular, a chance I am sure Albo would not have missed.

  19. Mike

    Ahh well done Michael, that’s what rocks de socks.
    Oh the master class of the ????spooking labor into chaos back then along with that yanky traitor. For AIMN & us who remember with that sickening feeling left in our guts of just how effective he was and to a lesser of a degree till today. Yep sweet Karma coming back to pay its dues

  20. TurnLeft2016

    I know some people hate the tie symbolism, but Abbott made it an issue when he decided to wear pale blue ties only, following J Gillards the men in blue ties will attack womens rights speech…. Bill Shorten was wearing a dark blue tie in Question Time and a paler blue tie during the spill motion – I took that to mean: I own you Abbott, I’m not scared of you

  21. Andre Poublon

    Hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance are the guiding principles of this government.

  22. my say

    Abbott is a dead man walking,it isn’t a matter of if but when ,he almost lost the vote today ,against no opposition ,but himself,he is toxic

  23. paul walter

    Yes, it is a GOOD article, that one.

  24. bilko

    OOPs re my February 9, 2015 at 7:14 pm comment, I may have been incorrect according to an article by Massola and Kenny the OH read out to me in the early hours of this morning, Bill did ask that question but I did not see it mentioned anywhere, only his motion of No confidence which we all wholeheartedly agree with anyway.

    Re the picture of the opposition HOR and Senate leadership team strolling past with grins and coffee the article following on from that picture was slightly incorrect as there was the fourth member of the team present but just missed out when the snapshot was actually taken. The article writer only wrote what the actual picture showed not the complete story by default I hope.

  25. bilko

    Oops Oops should have watched QT eating humble pie now

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