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Why Russell Brand Sux, and why I spelled it “sux”!

Ok, I guess I have a soft spot for the angry revolutionary. Bob Dylan made a lot of good points in his youth. Although one of my enduring memories was Dylan at the Live-Aid concert in the 80’s saying that maybe we could just take a million or so and give it to the American farmers. Yep, I thought, maybe you could just take a million or so and add it to the total to do just that. Or maybe you should have organised a concert for the farmers before we even began to help Africa.

Of course, relative deprivation is a real thing and farmers in the USA killing themselves because their farms are failing is just as tragic as people starving to death in Africa. It’s all to do with systems that fail to allow people to do what they can in order to survive.

I reposted the Russell Brand interview on my Facebook page – as did a lot of people. But I added this comment: “Don’t have a problem with Russell Brand. He is advocating a better system. But it worries me that too many people will watch this, say yeah, I won’t vote either. Then do absolutely nothing else.”

By the time several people had joined in my “condemnation” of Russell Brand, I started to feel that maybe I was a little too harsh. After all, I agreed with much of what he said.

And then, I suddenly realised that he just reminded me too much of the sixties. “Yeah, we’re not gonna listen to the man. The Establishment is so yesterday.”

Or as Joni Mitchell sang:

“We are stardust.
We are golden.
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

By the time we got to Woodstock,
We were half a million strong
And Everywhere there was song and celebration.

And I dreamed I saw the bombers
Riding shotgun in the sky,
And they were turning into butterflies
Above our nation”

We’re going to have a revolution says Russell. And we’re not going to vote, because voting offers us nothing. We’re an underclass.

Yep, I’ve become too old. Heard this before. The people of the 60’s – the half a million strong of Joni’s song – grew up and elected Thatcher and Reagan. Perhaps, there were a few passionate souls like Russell who didn’t vote for them. Who didn’t, in fact, vote at all in those elections. Good on them. By not voting against Thatcher and Reagan they created a whole underclass of people like Russell Brand who were prepared to tell everyone how little voting mattered. They sure showed all those people who sacrificed so much to get the vote that it just wasn’t worth it.

Better to wait for the “revolution”. You know the one that’s gonna change everything. Not getting involved in politics, coz politics sux.

Yeah, Dylan said it best when he said that he was just pointing out what was wrong – he didn’t have the answers. The trouble with the Russell Brand interview was that – in spite of all the “He really showed them” comments – I can’t picture any of the politicians he criticised will feel that it’s a problem if he discourages the people who agree with him from voting.

Or perhaps, The Skyhooks should have the last word.

Whatever happened to the revolution
We all got stoned and it drifted away
Whatever happened to the revolution
I think it died just yesterday

Well I remember back in Nineteen Seventy
The army wanted you and the army wanted me
There was a war goin’ on we were out in the streets
Wearin’ our badges and stampin’ our feet

There’s a hundred thousand people all on my side
We didn’t care if we lived or died
Hundred thousand people going to make it come
Hundred thousand people had the man on the run

*Whatever happened to the revolution (8 times)

Everybody thought we could win with a vote
So the band went home without playin’ a note
We forgot about that war but it still went on
I’m alright Jack see you round so long
I’m alright Jack see you round so long

And now today everyone’s a bit older
We’re gettin’ richer but we’re gettin’ colder
We’re lookin’ for somethin’ that just ain’t there
And it don’t mean nothin’ to have long hair
So when you’re ready to make a stand
Open your mouth and raise your hand
When you’re sick of your parties and sick of your sweets
Get off your arses I’ll see you out in the streets

And for those who’d like to hear it. Whatever Happened to the Revolution
For those who don’t know what I’m talking about: Interview with Russell Brand
P. S. In case you haven’t worked it out, I spelled it “sux” to show solidarity with the other “revolutionaries”. I just happen to think that maybe one can vote from time to time. It may be satisfying to say that I didn’t vote for any of this. so I’m not responsible, but it’s also not true. When you don’t vote, you also don’t vote against anything. either.

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