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Why Labor Lost


The truth of the matter is that my Party is at times its own worst enemy. For the six years Labor has been in power it governed well in spite of the enormous inconvenience of minority governance. This is indisputable when you look closely at its economic record, the legalisation passed and reformist policy from within a minority framework.

Its problems though did not originate from everyday governance. In this sense, it has been no better or worse than any other government.

Rather its problems stemmed from personality conflict and the pursuit of power. Politics by its very nature is confrontational and uneasy with those with ego who pursue power for power’s sake or those who think they have some sort of ownership of righteousness.

Labor had two formidable intellects in Rudd and Gillard. In fact, combined they would total much of the opposition front bench’s intellectual capacity.

It is one thing to replace a leader but a different thing when the leader happens to be the Prime Minister who the voters perceive they have elected.

Hindsight is, of course, a wonderful thing so it is easy to say that Rudd should never have been replaced. That Rudd undermined the 2007 election campaign and continued to undermine Julia Gillard for most of her tenure. He never showed the grace in defeat that Turnbull displayed.

So we had two leaders of sagacious intellect. One a ubiquitous narcissist, who couldn’t listen and who couldn’t delegate. On the other hand, we had a woman of immense policy capacity (and history will judge her that way) but would be hard pressed to sell a Collingwood Guernsey to a rabid supporter.

Minority government has enormous, day to day difficulties without having one’s leadership frequently undermined. And we can speculate about a myriad of other possibilities but it won’t change the fact that ego destroyed any chance Labor had of winning the 2013 election.

This is the main reason why Labor lost. Not because they didn’t govern well. As Tanya Plibersek said 10/10 for governance and 0/10 for behaviour.

But because life is about perceptions, not what is, but what it appears to be. We painted a picture of irrational decision making, of dysfunction and murderous disloyalty. Rightly or wrongly that is the perception. In other words, we committed political suicide.


There are of course other factors that contributed to our downfall.

Despite the growing influence of the Fifth Estate the Main Stream Media still packs an enormous punch. In advertising, the success of one’s spend is measured by the resulting sales. The media can measure its influence in the Polls.

Labor was the victim of the most concerted gutter attack ever insinuated upon an Australian political party, from all sections of the media, although one, in particular, News Corp, has gone well beyond the realm of impartiality.

Labor was drowned in an avalanche of lies, repugnant bile, half-truths and omissions. The media lost its objectivity and news reporting. It became so biased that it no longer pretended to disguise it.

The MSM has forsaken truth, justice and respectability in its pursuit of the protection of privilege. They printed and told lies with such reprehensible consistency that a gullible and politically undiscerning Australian public never really challenged it.

As a famous businessman once said.’’ I spend a lot of money on advertising and I know for certain that half of it works’’ Clive Palmer has won a seat because he had the money to promote himself. He proved the power of persuasion with money.

The Fifth Estate (including me) attempted to counter these nefarious attacks but in my view, we are three years away from reaching full potential.

Having said that I plead some degree of ignorance, and I must say, I am absolutely astounded at how many people participate in social media and the voice it gives them.

However, in three years’ time, its ability to influence the younger generation will have risen exponentially. Added to that will be a declining older generation.


Tony Abbott successfully adopted an American Republican-style shock and awe approach in his pursuit of power. Mainstream media hailed him the most effective opposition leader in Australian political history.

This was solely based on his parties standing in the polls and said nothing about the manner in which he lied and distorted facts and science to bring about this standing.

Perhaps they should rethink the criteria they use.

On a daily basis and in the parliament he sought to abuse, disrupt proceedings and tell untruths that normal men would not.

His gutter style negativity set a new benchmark for the behaviour of future opposition leaders. Luckily though, he may be the only one of his characterless ilk, and future opposition leaders may be more affable.

However, the consistency of his negativity had an effect on an electorate in a state of comatose. From the time the election date was announced he portrayed himself as a different person. An indifferent public was fooled by this chameleon disguise. He was and still is by his own admission a liar.

David Marr used these words, to sum up, the character of this would be Prime Minister.

“An aggressive populist with a sharp tongue; a political animal with lots of charm; a born protégé with ambitions to lead; a big brain but no intellectual; a bluff guy who proved a more than competent minister; a politician with little idea of what he might do if he ever got to the top; and a man profoundly wary of change.”

“He’s a worker. No doubt about that. But the point of it all is power. Without power, it’s been a waste of time.”

How one appraisers the reasons for Labor’s loss might differ from individual to individual and there will undoubtedly be many thousands of words written on the subject. For me, it can be rather succinctly summed up in a sentence or two.

A political party, union of workers, sporting team or board of directors is only as good as the total sum of its parts. A good leader facilitates, emboldens and inspires the team, but a leader with self-interested ambition can destroy it all.

This is the first in a series. Next week: Labor reform.


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  1. diannaart

    A very inclusive summary, John. And a painful read. However, your timing is perfect – difficult to start the painful business of taking a good, hard look into reality.

    I anticipate your upcoming thoughts – they provide grounding in a world where the fourth estate appears to have gone completely mad.

    I agree that the fifth estate will grow in influence and will reach people who today, haven’t even considered the possibility of alternative voices.

    Even despite the setback to a comprehensive NBN – advances in IT will continue.

  2. John Griffin

    If only Rudd had been able to contain his ego. We would have had an eminent sales skills of Rudd backed by the policy genius and back-room negotiation skills of Gillard. They would have been unbeatable.

  3. Peter Stevenson

    I would like to compile a summary of all the indicators at the end of the labor governance such as Unemployment ,Interest Rates,GDP for last year & last 6 years Inflation Rate,Taxing Rate,AAA rating ,Where we stand in comparison economically with other OECD countries and any other figures that can be bought to light .I know interest rates are 2.5 percent inflation 2.6 unemployment 5.8 (I think) GDP for past year 2.6 .the rest Iam not sure of but I’m sure these figures and more can be added to and corrected .It will allow a comparison with figures under the Abbott Govt.

  4. patsy

    every thing you say is RIGHT….but the most analysis of abbott is by david marr who is one of a rare fair and honest journalists out there who says it as it is…..abbott may be a Rhodes scholar….but has no wisdom or common sense and a very Nasty disposition….the lies he told and the way he showed no respect to the prime minister Julia Gillard was beyond belief……I wonder if he expects to be treated like the prime minister of our country should be……not from me…..he is a disgrace to his religion as a catholic as I was bought up to be and have respect and principles…..shame on abbott the man who says it is alright to lie as long as the people believe you….well they did.

  5. johnlord2013

    So right John.

  6. Richard

    Thanks for articulating what I have been thinking about for days. Since 72, whenever Labor is in Government ,it appears what you have said about “personalities” seems to be the problem or is it not handling “Executive Government” in a professional manner. To me, it appears to be a question of political professionalism, meaning you work as a unified team for the better of the party and the people who voted for you in the hope that reforming policies will be implemented. Post election; the continued in fighting continues which show there is no degree of stability or unity. I would have thought the words that needed to be said would have been stated in different forums and not mainstream media. When will these people learn that “unity is strength”

  7. Peter

    Is it really true that Rudd undermined Julia Gillard for most of her tenure? Don’t get me wrong, I was no fan of either change to leader and liked both Rudd and Gillard a lot.
    I think that the Murdoch press made a very successful PM (Julia) very unpopular and really had huge impact. The change due to this pressure was not a great idea. Sure Kevin was waiting in the wings but if you look back a few months Julia wasn’t exactly popular either and was receiving appallingly negative and biased press coverage which would have become far worse if she had stayed PM.

  8. Colin Thai

    Ok we can talk and talk about why labor did not get the points, many people’s ideas we see in this forum, but we must concentrate on Abbotts next years as top man (SO CALLED).had a quick glance at the Melbourne HERALD BUM today, it’s still full on from what I saw, Julia Gillards ancestors were thieves, yes thieves, you could go back on mine and probably find mine were murderers or bread stealers, The media are really looking for something !!! How come this journalism (if you can call it that) has stooped so low, Well we all know about Murdoch don’t we !!! Another thing in the HERALD BUM today was front page about Ricky Muir, …..an inquiry by Abbott into the Senate voting reflects The Honest Wishes of voters, HOW CAN A PERSON LIKE ABBOTT TALK ABOUT HONESTY. well ladies and gentlemen I’m really dismayed by all this.. Thanking you……..

  9. johnlord2013

    Peter that’s partly true but Rudd had a group of supporters who were constantly advocating for his return.

  10. diannaart

    Rudd’s part in the erosion of confidence in the Gillard government cannot, must not be written off.

    For doubters, I recommend reading Kerry-Anne Walsh’s book “The Stalking of Julia Gillard”. This is a comprehensive work on ALL players in the treatment of JG.

    If Labor are to emerge as a vital political force, self-denial will not help.

    If there is anything positive to emerge from the 2013 election, it is that Rudd is no longer PM.

  11. Helen Lowe

    A well constructed essay John, but I have serious misgivings regarding the Rudd factor. I say this not in a mean spirited way but rather to encourage us to recognise the character of the man and his inability to cope with life in the way politics demands. This may be a mental illness issue and therefore too sensitive to articulate in public. I can’t be alone ion noticing the manic behaviour of KR and it came to a head a couple of times during this campaign. The launch speech did get quite bizarre. I don’t think KR is deliberately attempting to uindermine the principles of the ALP but he is incapabable of keeping a balance.Therefore, to say that he and JG made a great team is, I believe, only because she performs the hand-holding in public life that Therese does in their private life (for which he thanked her profusely). JG showed the same support for Latham and he also proved clever and unstable. Perhaps that is inbuilt into her character to look after the vulnerable. Unfortunatley, what often accompanies the mania we have seen is a paranoia that is unbridled from both KR and Latham.We have to recognise that the style of politics has to change but unfortunately that is being framed at present by the Murdoch dominated 4th estate and neo-cons. The ALP has to make a wise choice for a stable leadership who will be called on for a tough battle with TA and the Murdoch funded neo-cons. I am looking forward to your article on ALP reform as I rejoined the party during JG’s term and I am keen to move forward with a strong united front with whomever will join us against the dialbolical plans of the current govt.

  12. hilderombout

    You are so right John in what you have so eloquently written but it was and still is a hard pill to swallow. Up until the very last moment i hoped the polls were wrong. I even drove 50kms to Toongabbie to hand out GetUp election cards, but to no avail. I don’t know who voted Abbott in for the people i talk with have all the same reaction to Abbott and none of it favourable. However, being depressed about the results is not helpful as you say. We need to look ourselved in the eyes and make better use of the talent we have, and be ready to jump in when necessary to return our country to what it should be.

  13. monicaswickedstepmother

    “That Rudd undermined the 2007 election campaign and continued to undermine Julia Gillard for most of her tenure”

    I assume you mean the 2010 election?

    Definitely read “The Stalking of Julia Gillard.” Rudd had a plan since 2010 to return as PM, and members of the media were well briefed on it (but didn’t share that with their readers/viewers. Additionally, the Murdoch press highlighted Rudd to try and de- legitimise Julia Gillard as PM. See how quickly the Murdoch press turned on Rudd when he returned as PM – they just used him to get rid of Julia Gillard.

  14. kayelee1

    I have a slightly different slant on this.

    In my opinion the fixation on “image” and “brand” and “spin” has been to the detriment of politics at large. We are now manipulated by advertising and marketing to such an extent that truth has become irrelevant and priorities are not based on what is right but on what will sell (or buy you votes).

    This change is not confined to politics. It permeates every aspect of our lives. If you don’t look a certain way you are made to feel inadequate. The message is less important than how it is sold. Superficiality has replaced substance and populism dictates goals.

    Australians used to be people that detested bullshit, people who wanted to help those in need, people who demanded a fair go for all. That seems to have been replaced by an apathetic acceptance of the crap they are being fed and a xenophobic selfishness that makes me embarrassed and ashamed. We now seem happy to be manipulated by media and told what is best for us (meaning best for the richest people in our society).

    Australians have turned into gutless puppets.

  15. Nerrilyn Diefenbach

    I have lost my faith in the MSM far more than with the Labor Party or Politicians. They knew what Rudd was doing and were happy to feed off it like a mob of vultures. They have made little attempt to hold Tony Abbott accountable for his dispicable and dishonest behaviour. They chose a side and they milked the situation for all it was worth. I find their lack of ethics and their failure to report honestly and with integrity to be the biggest failure of all.

  16. diannaart


    Despite my comments regarding Rudd, I completely agree. Neither KRudd or TAbbott would’ve achieved as much divisiveness on Labor without the MSM.

    The only reading from the 4th Estate I do these days is the Guardian. For the rest I follow the Conversation, Crikey (a little – can’t afford subs) sites such as this.

  17. Ricky Pann

    I intend to devote my political energy into rebuilding my party. I started by registering this site this morning. I should be up in the next few weeks. I am devoting it to dealing with the dysfunctionality in the ALP that saw us piss away the government.. I was outraged this morning when I heard that Shortman is going to lead the party and Paul Howse is taking Dr Evils spot in the senate vacated by the instigator of this treachery, Packers sperm spittoon Mark Arbib… I will invite articles that deal with reform…watch this space


  18. Daniel

    One that was left off the list was the tremendous damage done by the party in its last year of office by marginalising its own supporter base and then sticking their fingers in their ears when they tried to bring this to MP’s or the party’s attention. We saw single parents, the mentally ill, and other marginalised groups penalised to attempt to win brownie points off the bogan right. It not only didn’t work, it backfired as some of our safest areas turned against us. Then the uni cuts attacked our strongest base for growth and membership since the 1970s, so academics decided not to volunteer for us at election time and help the Greens instead. Rudd started the move back to a progressive centre-left party but we need to continue that, we need to stand for stuff and not be constantly spooked into lurching to the right just because we think we can get Liberal voters. Because the Liberal voters prefer their own party to us and we simply lose our own base.

  19. johnlord2013

    Good thoughts Daniel. Those things and many others occurred to me. My problem is limiting myself to a couple of thousand words or less.

  20. Ricky Pann

    Its simple, the problem is in Sussex st. As demonstrated by the devastation Labor stopped listening to the people but long before that they stopped listening to their own party. In fact the Left has been Hijacked by Obeid, Mcdonald and co. So True Believers of the left are treated with contempt. The corruption is on such an unimaginable level it defies logic. I have been before the Admin committee with the expressed intent to throw me out of the party for daring to question the N40 and branch preselections. John and Daniels points are valid but don’t think Rudd is the savior, in fact he is just as guilty. When the right is fictionalised with the right in a fight to liberal light, things are ridiculously broken. Most of those ridiculous policies should never have gotten through caucus, which is a joke because it is a rigged race..

  21. Bob Evans

    I’m so sick of hearing people like Craig Emerson say it’s all Rudd’s fault and he should resign. While I don’t believe Rudd was without blame, Emerson and Gillard were at the heart of the initial betrayal. They just don’t get it. They are in denial. They think it was entirely about Rudd. Yes, we dont have a presidential system, but it really hit home when these guys decided among themselves who would be PM. And even more disgusting, they knew they faced obvlivion under Gillard and begged for Rudd to save the furniture and their jobs. Then when he does just that, they turn on him. As far as I am concerned, if anyone should resign first, it is the initial back stab crew. Without that initial display of disunity , disloyalty and betrayal, the whole thing would never had happened.

    Who the hell doesn’t have an ego wanting to become PM? I’m joining the Greens until the day all of the initial back stabbers are out of parliament. Disgusting, arrogant and thankless pieces of work.

  22. kayelee1

    The truly sad part of all this is that the Labor Party has succumbed to the “power of the polls”. It seems all decisions nowadays are made on the basis of ringing the few people you can find at home who own a landline and have enough time or enough of a grudge to want to sit there and answer the inane leading questions asked by a stranger ringing from god knows where paid by god knows who. The results are reported and acted on subject to no scrutiny.

    Politics has boiled down to who has the best advertising campaign. Core values, long term goals, vision and compassion, integrity and truth have all become irrelevant. It wasn’t always this way.

  23. CMMC

    Murdoch pioneered and monetized the cultural abomination known as Reality TV.

    Hundreds of hours of footage of a random group of people are pored over to distill the slightest intimation of conflict, treachery or bitching and then edited together to approximate a dramatic narrative.

    Hey, you could also do this to make a government look bad, couldn’t you?

  24. Bacchus

    Sorry Bob, but you’re wrong. When I can get on a non-mobile device, I’ll tell you why… 😉 For the time being, suffice it to say that Craig Emerson supported Kevin Rudd in 2010…

  25. Ricky Pann

    Murdochracy is a monster that needs food to survive, don’t feed the beast. Blame is easy, its for those in denial with guilty consciences. Acceptance however is the first step to reform. This is a tragedy where the hero unites the division,rallies the masses rises to the top, gets knived, dies, is resurrected then overthrows, regains power, destroys everything and is left with nothing. You just can’t make this stuff up as life is stranger than fiction. Call me crazy but I reckon Murdoch had this in mind all along for Rudd the Movie, a 20th century Fox production.

  26. dave the brickie

    That childless ,living in sin,lawyer,career politician excuse for a woman( no, not Julia) Julie Bishop has stopped Steve Bracks taking up a New York positing.Now we will see Murdoch’s influence, as a lackey favorable to him is given the job to work trade and business for his benefit .Betcha….

  27. Fed up

    There was a street interview with a very young chap. His comment was that politics was all about image. He seemed serious when he gave the answer.

    Yes, image, and worse, polls.

    It is time we moved away from this concept. and moved back to substance, and the guts to promote what one knows needs to be done.

    To do this, and for Labor to move on, Rudd should go. Nothing about saying he is to blame or not. What is there for Rudd to benefited by staying. He has run his course. At least Ms. Gillard had the insight to come to this conclusion.

    Time for both to move on to new challenges.

    It is wrong to continue the blame game. In fact, the whole party must take responsibility for their own actions over the last six years. Neither Rudd, not Gillard to have acted on their own.

    One has to be concerned about the judgment of some, and their nervousness, and too much fear of polls. If they developed good policy, and have faith in their own beliefs and policies.

    Labor has much to build on. Cannot see why they cannot get their act together, and be a strong contender in the next election whenever it is held.

    There are now many seats, with extremely narrow margins.

  28. Wayne

    You are wrong, in fact everything you said is wrong from Rudd UNDERMINING THE 2007 ELECTION CAMPAIGN…..2007? FIRST, Rudd was incompetent and wasteful, he mishandled the GFC spending far more and wasting far more than he should, evidence of this is the fact his own party sacked him straight away. SECONDLY, Gillard was divisive and incompetent to lead, she set about trying to damage the reputation of the opposition leader by defaming him as a misogynist in an effort to garner the female vote and increase her chances of re-election.She too sold Australia out to the Greens in an embarrassing attempt to hold power, she should have shown guts and stood up to them and called a double dissolution instead of dropping to her knees and opening her mouth. What Australia really needed then was a strong leader, like Abbott will be, he wont make deals at the expense of his promises, not a Greens harlot desperate to retain the mantle of P.M regardless of who she sold out, in this case the Australian people who voted for her based on her No Carbon Tax promise. Her attack on Abbott, under parliamentary privilege was vile and divisive and history will not be kind to her, she personally set back the women’s movement 20 years. I can’t see Labor being a political force for at least 10 years now, the senior membership is tarnished, Rudd should go, so too should Shorten, Wong, Plibersek and the rest of the cast of Gillards Island. At least Swann had loyalty, but his performance as treasurer were very poor, not even Sheldon would be impressed with all his black holes (in his budgets).

  29. Wayne

    The biggest laugh is you blaming Murdoch for Gillard being unpopular, of course her BLATANT LYING prior to the 2010 election, remember NO CARBON TAX, then her making deals with the Greens AND INTRODUCING A CARBON TAX only endeared her to the public didn’t it. Murdoch had no influence on the out come of this election, the Labor Party is the ones who blew it.

  30. CMMC

    Wayne, you forgot “PINK BATTS” and “SCHOOL HALLS”.

  31. Michael Taylor

    Wayne, you come across as being somewhat ignorant.

  32. johnlord2013

    Wayne thanks you for your view. I think political historians will be kinder to my version than yours. Yours is highly charged with your feelings and is devoid of fact.

  33. Bob Evans

    Sorry Bob, but you’re wrong. When I can get on a non-mobile device, I’ll tell you why… 😉 For the time being, suffice it to say that Craig Emerson supported Kevin Rudd in 2010…

    Oh I dont know Bacchus. I mean, in interviews he said he was supporting Rudd, but then again Gillard said she supported Rudd and wouldnt challenge and Shorten said he supported Gillard, but on the night of the vote, betrayed Gillard. A lot can change on the day and they feign support to the media to give the illusion of unity. Plus someone had to of given her a majority in the 2010 spill, plus, errr…… Emerson was bonking Gillard a few years before 🙂

  34. Bob Evans

    The biggest laugh is you blaming Murdoch for Gillard being unpopular

    While I agree, that her betrayal of Rudd and the manner in which it was conducted, certainly did her no favours or won much support. But to say Murdoch had no role in denigrating the women, as well as most of the other right wing media, is beyond a joke and is the epitome of ignorance. You must be living in a snow dome. I mean really?

    of course her BLATANT LYING prior to the 2010 election, remember NO CARBON TAX

    If all your information is consumed through ltd.news, i guess you would say that. But again, you show your ignorance.

    Front page of your bible:



    Murdoch had no influence on the out come of this election

    What a joke. Its been widely discussed and criticised, by numerous outlets. You truly are insulated from alternate views if you missed that.


  35. gorghast

    “Labor had two formidable intellects in Rudd and Gillard. In fact, combined they would total much of the opposition front bench’s intellectual capacity. ”


    Moi, Moi, Moi – zip! zip! – you’re joking, right?

  36. johnlord2013


    Not one single person in the proposed cabinet ( even the to be minister) can articulate just how a direct action plan to combat climate change works. They cannot even cost it.

    I rest my case.

  37. Kaye Lee

    Bob Evans, reading those articles and watching those clips again, even though I have seen them all before, made me feel ill. I cannot believe how easily the majority of Australians are duped and how willingly they have allowed themselves to be manipulated into electing as Prime Minister the most dishonest, nasty, incompetent politician I have ever had the misfortune to come across.

    I despair for our nation in the hands of those who think politics is a product to market rather than a duty to do what is in the best interest of our country both nationally and internationally.

    In Parliament once it was said “I’d like to welcome the new Country member” to which someone replied “Yeah I remember”. I also remember the real Tony Abbott rather than the wind-up doll created by Peta Credlin and her hubby – the people who are actually running this country.

  38. Mav Minnis

    The MSM have done themselves no favours………a once respected profession is now seen as cowardly , untrustworthy and sleazy . Thank God the youth of today look to social media for their info…….Murdoch and his followers will inevitably become victims of “natural attrition” !! Bring it on !

  39. Fed up

    It does not matter who supported Rudd in 2010. That was a legitimate action taken by caucus, and each was free to vote as their conscience dictated.

    When we come to the next spill, which I believe Gillard called, after Rudd’s continuing undermining of the government, some felt that Rudd was dealt with unfairly the first time, wanted to make emends. I can even accept that vote, as being legitimate.

    Any that supported Rudd after that time, I see as them being in liege with Rudd,along with him, showing disloyalty, to the Labor government and party.

    After that second vote, all should have fell in line behind the Gillard government. Not making her job impossible. It was not only Gillard they sold out, it was the government and the Australian people.

    None of them, deserve to be on the front bench of any Labor shadow front bench. None deserve to lead. In fact, Labor will not move on,

    Yes, the Murdoch Press has behaved disgracefully but it is time for Labor to stop giving him the bombs to launch.

    Personally, I do not believe that Shorten will take us ahead. There are many, new bloods there, who show great promised. There is time for any of them, to find their feet.

    The labor governments of the last six years, have been extremely successful, and history will write it that way.

    The behavior of the labor maps has been disgraceful and of the lowest order. I do not even believe it is about fractions or differing ideology anymore. it seems to be about personal ambition, and lack of respect, for the party they belong to.

    They have forgotten, it is not about personality, but making the team work. That includes, whoever is leader.

    Sometimes, difference between parties , is not about being right or wrong, but having different agenda’s and desiring different outcomes.

    Democracy is about balancing these difference out, show that the needs of all are met.

    Time to stop the blame game.

    Time to look at policy, and what is right for the nation.

  40. Fed up

    John, they refuse to cost it. Refuse a business plan for it. I believe they have no intention of going ahead with it.

    Same goes for NBNCo. This after Turnbull spending years, demanding that a business plan be produced. Looks like we now have Telstra back in the driving seat.

    No costings, no business plans.

    Why? A question, I believe we will be asking of all this new government’s actions.

  41. iggy648

    “The biggest laugh is you blaming Murdoch for Gillard being unpopular, of course her BLATANT LYING prior to the 2010 election, remember NO CARBON TAX, then her making deals with the Greens AND INTRODUCING A CARBON TAX only endeared her to the public didn’t it. Murdoch had no influence on the out come of this election, the Labor Party is the ones who blew it.”
    Wayne’s comments are really interesting. Within all the websites and blogs I looked at before the election, pretty much every one had the Australian article: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/julia-gillards-carbon-price-promise/story-fn59niix-1225907522983 posted and referred to many times. It is clearly there in black and white that Julia Gillard said that she would introduce a price on carbon. Yet here is a person still saying she lied about the “carbon tax”. That’s what scares me. Wayne STILL doesn’t realise that she has done just exactly what she said she would do before the election. How can anybody have missed this? Many times when I’ve posted this and pointed out the facts, people will come back with “Oh yeah, you can call it what you want, it’s still a tax.” In every case, when I then asked “well, what did you think a price in carbon would be like, if not what she did?” without exception, there has been no response. No-one is willing to say “Well, when she said a PRICE on carbon, I thought she meant …..”
    We can learn a lot from Wayne if he chooses to respond:
    Wayne, have you really not seen the article before?
    If not, where do you get most of your information from? (e.g. Telegraph? Crikey? etc.)
    If so, what is your reasoning for still saying she lied about the carbon tax?
    Also if so, what did you think she ACTUALLY meant by a price on carbon? (Be the first!)
    Are you against pricing (or taxing) carbon because you don’t believe humans are causing global warming?
    Look forward to your responses.

  42. Gerard

    I love all this self delusion from Labor party members and supporters. It’s just so entertaining and makes me smile endlessly. All this wise and sophisticated analysis attempting to not only defend but heap praise upon the two worst governments and two worst Prime Ministers (Gillard being the most worst) since Federation. Yes, I was old enough to witness the Whitlam years too. Plibersek’s 9 out 10 self assessment of the Labor government’s performance made me laugh out loud and just confirmed to me that I won’t have to put up with another dishonest, wasteful, divisive, deadly, and incompetent Federal Labor government for the rest of my working life (I’m 53). Confirmation of that likelihood was provided by the nominations of Albo and Shorten as opposition leaders…hilarious and sad, all at the same time. Just read more good news, Tim Flannery sacked at last.

  43. johnlord2013

    Thanks Gerrard for providing such hilarity yourself.

  44. Gerard

    You’re very welcome John. It seems we’re all laughing; it can only be good for us all after six years of gloom.

    “Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one.” OW

    (Thanks for the extra character in my name, but I really don’t need it)

    Hello Patsy, I too am a catholic. That’s why like so many, I despised Ms Gillard given her personal history which no doubt, would not be allowed to be detailed here. Her Prime Ministerial (?) performance and her personal flaws led to her inevitable demise at the hands of her own party colleagues. The voting public would have delivered to her a far more damning and emphatic message. That’s why she was dumped. Character is fate.

  45. Sami

    Bacchus, if you truly believe Emerson WOULD HAVE (there was no ballot, and he KNEW there would be no ballot hence he could say what he wanted) voted for Rudd, you’re a gullible fool. Heck, Gillard the homewrecker was boffing him while he had 2 small children at home with his wife, Gillard had too much on him and he was too shady to do the right thing. The other person is right, thankfully someone sane is on here. Someone with some morals and principles. Gillard is a conniving, scheming vindictive backstabbing bitch, and if you read Maxine McKew’s book, who, unlike that trashloid trashbag Walsh, (who LIED in collaboration with Gillard for that DISGRACEFUL book that some have been BRAINWASHED into gullibly believing that toilet paper), was actually there, at IN RUDD’S OFFICE on the night, you’ll hate Gillard and never look at her the same way again. She is an evil bit of shit. And I will HATE her for what she did forever, (but moreso because of her subsequent and unnecessary character assassination and white-anting of Rudd) I will maintain the rage, and the more people justify evil and attack good, and make excuses for that bit of sht, the more my intense hatred for that slimy scum rises.

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