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Why is Morrison like the 3 monkeys?

Years ago the “I see no evil, I hear no evil, I speak no evil” 3 wise monkeys ornaments were frequently on display.

Abbreviate that to “Blind, Deaf, Dumb”, drop the word ‘wise’ and use the modern connotation of Dumb as being Stupid, and you have summed up Morrison.

The news this morning included warnings that cutting the levels of current Job Seeker payments would damage the economy, and statements by Morrison that, if industry did not invest in a new gas-powered electricity generator on the East Coast, the Coalition government would step in and do so.

In relation to the first point, Morrison is so besotted by the ‘economy’ that he ignores the fact that wealthy people increasing their wealth is actually less important than ordinary people – for many of whom, finding work is like looking for a needle in a haystack – being able to put food in front of their children and replace their worn-out school shoes.

In relation to the second point, I do not know whether he ever listens to any experts who have no conflict of interest in the recommendations they make, but I have seen a myriad of reports from banks and insurance companies which warn of the dangers of putting funds into what will certainly become stranded assets.

Even Adani is building up his renewable energy business!

When you never mix with people who are not well off, only with those owning the roof over their heads (or at least knowing they cannot lose it, other than in a storm, for which they are well insured!), able to satisfy all basic needs and spend on luxuries, you lose all understanding of what it is like to be struggling to see any light at the end of the budgetary tunnel.

If you believe the ALP, when they instituted the policy denying life in Australia to those who arrived by boat, they anticipated being able to find appropriate refuge elsewhere.

As with much in politics, that was ill-thought through.

Billions later, in times when the Coalition is begrudging funding to keep alive people whose jobs they have destroyed, they continue to pour money into torturing by hope those whose only error was to believe that the Australian government has integrity, and, being a signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees, would grant them safe haven.

I am one of the fortunate few who are retired, have a certain and secure pension, outside the Age Pension, have certainty of accommodation and no desire to travel or spend lavishly. So the two payments of $750 which I received, quite legitimately, as I am entitled to a small portion of the Age Pension, were passed on to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre.

The government wanted us to spend the money to support the god ‘Economy’, but I had no need to spend, whereas the ASRC needs every cent they can get, to help those refugees so cruelly treated by our government.

Please don’t accuse me of big-noting myself. I follow no religion but I was brought up to believe in social justice and helping those in need – particularly through no fault of their own.

The Coalition moans about the debt which will be born by generations to come. They careful ignore the extent to which the debt which they inherited was massively increased BEFORE the pandemic forced them to shut down business activity.

They also ignore the billions they are wasting, by locking away and cruelly guarding genuine refugees, who could have become productive members of society, instead of desperate, suicidal wrecks.

Has anyone been able to put a figure on what it has cost to date for the Biloela family to be snatched from their home, and the lives of their children permanently damaged? And I don’t only mean in money terms! The cost in quality of life is on-going for their lifetimes!

Morrison is definitely not following in the steps of Jesus Christ.

He is trampling lives underfoot while he worships false gods.

I do not remotely believe in a life hereafter, particularly with Heaven, Hell and Purgatory as the choices lined up.

I do think we will all be judged by those who come after us and I think most members of the current Coalition are unlikely to be judged as having achieved anything worthwhile.

Most of those who subscribe to the AIM Network posts would have similar views to mine, and I do not wish to preach to the converted. So, if you have friends who struggle to understand why Morrison is on the nose, perhaps you could consider passing this on to them.

I end as always – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

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  1. Anthony Judge

    In terms of any monkeying about with governance, it is good to be reminded of the more controversial fourth monkey — occasionally sold to tourists with the other three — and depicted in the following

    Systemic avoidance in global governance and collective learning: the “fourth monkey”

  2. RosemaryJ36

    Thanks, Anthony Judge – I think!

  3. pierre wilkinson

    I believe it was $24 million to open Christmas Island. the operational costs would be difficult to access under this governments open and transparent policies, but it costs about $500,000 to incarcerate each and every so called illegal immigrant… per annum…
    nice earner for the government’s appointment

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