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Why I will March in March


When I first saw mention on Twitter of the March in March, I’ll admit I was sceptical. Thoughts of a very small number of trucks driving into Canberra, and Alan Jones getting all hot and bothered filled my mind. The last thing Australian progressives need is our own ‘Convoy of no consequence’. However, as the March in March organisers have got more organised, and as events across the country grow in number, I realised that of course I have to March in March, and in fact it would be totally hypocritical of me not to.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, or reads my blog will know that I spend a lot of time complaining about the Abbott government. Prior to the election, I spent hours crafting new ways to plead with the electorate not to elect the wrecking ball. And since the election, I’ve spent hours commenting on the damage strewn in the path of this wrecking ball, basically saying ‘I told you so’. In many ways, the Abbott government’s first four months have been much worse than even I predicted. I thought he would go about his disastrous promises to repeal the carbon price, to destroy the NBN, to undo the mining tax and that this would be bad enough. However, it would appear that Abbott is in much more of a hurry than we realised to reward his fanatical right wing ideologues, to give jobs to the boys, and to bring about John Howard’s vision for Australia much quicker than even Howard had the balls to do. The country is now speeding at a terrifying rate towards a Tea Party utopia. And this is before the Commission of Audit has even released their report. In a nutshell, Abbott has handed over control of the country to rich business owners. We have rich business owners controlling all kinds of policies, from environmental protection laws, to welfare policies such as work for the dole, to industrial relations and taxation. And Abbott doesn’t seem to mind if he causes a war with Indonesia, as long as he stops…the…boats.

Part of the problem with this all getting so quickly out of hand is that progressives have had little time to react. It is clear that Bill Shorten is doing his best to rise above the messy chaos of the Abbott government, and to avoid the harsh negativity that is Abbott’s brand of political campaigning. I can see why Labor is taking this softly softly approach. The by-election in Griffith is also clearly Federal Labor’s priority and a win there would be great for the party’s morale. As Napoleon Bonaparte is often quoted as saying – ‘never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake’. However, I believe that when the Abbott government is making so many drastic changes, and each and every one of them is detrimental to the community, but beneficial to Abbott’s rich mates, it’s not a good time for those who disagree with Abbott’s approach to sit on our hands and let him wreck the place. Hence why Marching in March is a good idea.

Before I sound like one of the smug anti-outrage twitterati, who seem to be popping up all over the place being anti-anyone talking about anything on Twitter that wasn’t originally started by themselves, especially if it has something to do with Feminism or Racism, I want to make clear that there is a place for outrage on Twitter, but there also has to be a place for taking our outrage offline as well. There’s only so much activism that can be produced via social media and blogging. We also need to remind ourselves that we are mostly preaching to the converted on forums such as this and on Twitter, and perhaps to a lesser extent on Facebook. Mostly, my time spent on social media is time spent sharing my passion and outrage with other progressives who are just as passionately outraged by the Abbott government as I am. Taking our message to the streets will help us to reach a much larger audience, hopefully those so disengaged with politics that they don’t even know what Abbott has been up to and won’t know until they see some people on the news getting upset about it.

Abbott’s political end goal is to destroy collective bargaining, to destroy government owned infrastructure and services, to promote greed, to disregard the cost of the greed on the environment and to ultimately leave our country with a small, ineffectual and utterly corrupt government which hands the nation’s wealth to a rich few. If you are as concerned about this end goal as I am, I encourage you to keep Tweeting, to keep sharing information that helps us to better coordinate our activism, but also to get out on the streets and March in March. The one advantage workers have over their capitalist bosses is numbers and unity. Let’s use our numbers and our unity to show Abbott and those who support him that we’re not giving up that easily.




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  1. diannaart


    I have not been to a protest march for a few years now – due to illness. Therefore, I am hoping on the W/E of the 15th March – I will be having a ‘good’ day and actually be there. I suspect somewhere, somehow in my local community (Dandenong Ranges) someone will have organised something – so if I can’t get into the CBD will attend that.

    To the organisers of MarchinMarch – well done you have got the ball rolling, in spite of the scepticism.

  2. joy cooper

    Good for you Victoria. As someone who cannot take part due to physical deficits I wish all who do march all the best for the March In March.

    The movement is spreading with many marches to be held all over the country. Hopefully, the “I’m all right Jack”,self-interested, apathetic, News Corpse reading, shock jock devotees will hear the message even if it’s through the RW media propaganda filters.

    Make no mistake, Abbott is a very dangerous man who professes his abiding patriotism (the refuge of scoundrels) to Australia but is dong all in his power to destroy the country, aided & abetted by Murdoch & his IPA cronies.

  3. diannaart

    I wrote above before checking out MiM website – Melbourne’s MiM is on the 16th of March – the Sunday.

  4. Tracie

    It would be a fantastic birthday present for me if the March In March caught the attention of the masses, with the reason WHY we are all marching. Perhaps then the avid followers of Abbott will then get out of their intellectual stupor.

  5. Don

    Even with my disabilities I will be attending the March here in Adelaide on the 16th, I encourage all to attend and spread the word, this erosion of peoples rights, and destruction of the enviroment has to stop.

  6. Graeme Whatmough

    Those who post evidence of the trail of the Abbott wrecking ball via graphs, lists of trashed program’s etc, do a great job. Marching in March will be an even bigger success if that information and the damaged caused is highlighted. Then alternatives. Take energy production. The world’s largest Solar Thermal power station, Ivanpah, is almost fully online and has been supplying electricity to the grid in Az since Sept. Why is our PM not championing this form of renewable energy that can store energy, just as filthy coal fired plants can. The coalition states have implemented obstructions to alternative energy. As has the PM. Why?

  7. nickthiwerspoon

    It doesn’t look as if there is one in Melbourne.

  8. Malcolm T

    The march should be a no confidence in the australian media as well as this incomcpetent newsltd/abbott government

  9. Kate Rose

    Taking our message to the streets to really get the message across I think we should carry placards with the websites such as AIMN, Independent Australia, The New Daily, Tracking Abbott’s Wreckage, and others we know and love.
    I work with older people that love the internet and email but balk at Facebook and Twitter – so the ‘old’ new media is there go-to of choice.
    So let’s March with our banners high.

  10. Fed up

    I hope this is only the beginning.

  11. Kaye Lee

    I will also March in March. We must take whatever opportunities we can to get the word out there and to grow support for action on climate change (amongst many other things). Tony is copping a lot of flak from important people overseas. The Pope has highlighted the huge problem of poverty in the face of vast income inequity, and Prince Charles has, somewhat ironically, described climate change deniers as “headless chickens”. Perhaps he could get Mark Textor to do an ad campaign.


  12. Simon

    Victoria – Thanks for raising the profile of this event. I’ve only heard of it recently and your encouragement has given me heart after the depressing decision by the Great Barrier Reef Authority to allow further destruction of the reef.
    I encourage every one to join in on any (legitimate) action we can find to get the message to more fence sitting Aussies that Abbott’s “sociopath” mob must be stopped.Is Blabbott a sociopath – I wonder!!

    Psychopathy (/saɪˈkɒpəθi/) (or sociopathy [/ˈsoʊsiəˌpæθi/]) is defined either as an aspect of personality or as a personality disorder. As a personality disorder, it is characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. source Wikapedia

    As has been posted – the Coalition are all about their own survival in power, they care little about the common good but they hate the idea of being grossly unpopular. Abbot’s approval rate in the gutter may see a move to the small “L” libs of Malcolm Turnbull??? A better option?????

  13. Candace Wirth

    For those who cannot march on the day in their particular area ..keep in mind that the March in March national fb page has a petition which will enable you to have a voice. Hopefully we will be able to hook up this petition with other like minded petitions around the country in some way or another, even if they are all presented at the same time….and there are quite a few petitions going around thats for sure!

  14. aussiedrew

    Oh Victoria. I struggle with brain getting the words out right, but you’ve said everything and then some that I’ve always wanted to say. The Abbott Govt has caused me the greatest concern of any Govt on either side at any stage of my entire adult life.

    Thank you for being you. Thank you for your truthful, empowering words. To me, your words mean a great deal to the masses !

  15. ThePoliticalVagina

    Thanks Vic, great words!
    I am the organiser for March in March Coffs Harbour 2014, a supposedly safe seat for the Coalition and I’m feeling a wee bit proud and hopeful right now because of the support and responses I have had from my townsfolk on my Facebook page. It’s looking very positive for the March. Like you and I guess a lot of other people, I have been commenting (moaning and groaning) on social media and my blog for quite some time now. The opportunity to actually get up and march is too good to miss.
    I like the fact that we are a non affiliated non partisan movement.
    I’m noticing amongst even Liberal voters a certain distaste for Tony but also a lot of people are and have been disenchanted with Labor as well. We hope to inspire a change for the better.
    Vive le Revolution! 🙂

  16. Rob

    Every comment I make in face book threads now ends with “March in March”.

    There is no point complaining if you don’t bother to show up. March in March.

  17. Michael Taylor

    I predict that the Murdoch media will say nothing about this, but if they do they’ll mark the attendance figures down by about 90%. Unlike the Convoy of No Confidence, where they magically tripled the figures.

    One Murdoch columnist though, Andrew Bolt, will come out screaming. It’s delicious to think what crap he might come up with. It’ll be something akin to the lefties destroying the universe.

  18. edward eastwood

    “It is clear that Bill Shorten is doing his best to rise above the messy chaos of the Abbott government, and to avoid the harsh negativity that is Abbott’s brand of political campaigning.”

    Sorry Victoria, but I beg to differ. Shorten is currently in England before traveling to France, despite the fact of the By-election in Griffith. Yes, I know that he put in appearance but that’s all it was – an appearance.

    If the ALP wants to adopt a ‘small target’ profile then they should remember what happened under the Beasley – Crean -Beasley leadership when they became such a small target that they were invisible, much to Howard and Costello’s delight.

    It’s the function of the opposition to oppose, not to cower behind the excuse of ‘give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves’.

    Give Abbott enough rope and he’ll hang us all!

    That said, the march in March may provide the catalyst for a change in leadership (here’s hoping) but it wont provide a change of government, only a steady and concerted effort from the opposition can do that.

    We’re stuck with ’em for the next three years but public opinion may just serve to modify their relentless neo-liberal ideology and at least slow it down.

    March in March!

  19. joy cooper

    @edward eastwood Actually Bill Shorten spent several days in Griffith campaigning with Terri Butler. He even managed to get the media to actually feature one of the press conferences he gave, albeit ABC24. A bit more than just “put in an appearance”.

    Tony Abbott on the other hand is only going to attend Bill Glasson’s campaign launch.

  20. Holly

    I have always been pro-Labor but largely uneducated on Australian politics, however when the change of government actually resulted in me losing my much-loved job last year it caused me to sit up and pay attention to what was going on around me, and now that I know, I’m so disgusted at what is happening in my wonderful country.

    It’s so true ‘if you aren’t angry, then you aren’t paying attention!’

    Hope to see you all at MiM

  21. Howard Miller

    Hi Victoria, on my Facebook Page this morning went the last paragraph of this release. Well done.
    Here is my statement, Keep up the Rage. Howard

    “Some of my facebook “friends” ? say keep politics off Facebook. HMM ?? That would be OK if certain silent and secret wrecking ball events were not planned by right wing back room power brokers.
    So when I read an educated bright young lady warning one and all about the coming “political apocalypse”, I have to think perhaps, unlike the German population prior to WWII, we, as responsible Australian citizens might say, “Look you overpaid, over privileged, fat gooses, go and pull your heads in and “Put Australia first” not the bottom line of wealthy overseas corporate skunks.”
    Here is her well prepared warning, ignore it at your own personal peril.??”

    So how many” Facebook friends” I loose, only time will tell? Perhaps I may find out the real friends and identify the hidden enemy. In my lifetime I have seen Australian society destroyed by right wing Corporate greed. Paradise lost. My local Council Manager gets over $3000 per week salary plus cars. etc, why are we concerned about Centerlink payments to disabled folk.? There are no jobs for these poor unfortunates, you dunces.
    I rest my case.

  22. edward eastwood

    Point taken Joy Cooper, but the fact remains that Shorten is still coming on like Casper Milquetoast when what is needed is a far more strident, dare I say aggressive approach.

    Victoria remarks that we’re preaching to the converted on sites such as this but I would argue that’s only true up to a point.

    In the face of growing outrage in the public domain across a broad spectrum – not just the converted, the ALP and the Greens for that matter, should be making every effort to get their own message out while making a meal of of the incompetence and mendacity of this abysmal government.

    Shorten can hardly do this while he’s in Europe. And why Europe? As Tony Wright points out in his article in the Age/SMH, Asia would be both the better choice politically and diplomatically.

    Perhaps Bill’s going to the Bordeaux district to reaffirm his credentials as a Chardonnay Socialist.

  23. robyn gow

    What is organized in brisbane .I will be there with all my family!!!!

  24. Dennis Max

    Australia is in deep trouble. It is now being run by the same kind of mindless people who are running the U.S.

    Our Prime Minister is a d…h..d of the highest order!

  25. Pamela M Krause

    Another initiative of the March in March group, Please join in!
    Take your pic with “Not In My Name, Mr Abbott” written on a placard, and post it wherever you see this image.
    Spread this far and wide.

  26. bjkelly1958

    This is such a joy! Australians with concern for their country, their fellow Australians and the future are joining together in a week end of protest about what is happening here. This is what democracy looks like, not the “Shut up and do as we tell you.” stuff we are getting from the LNP Government. I, and my disability, will March in March.

  27. Dennis Max

    Does anyone really understand just how much damage Abbott could do if he is allowed to rule until the next election?

  28. Tony Hogarth

    I truly believe that MIM is more than it is being promoted as ! when I first saw it with its old team it struck me as not a political rally but a protest about people saying what they are pissed off at !! Ok so its spearhead is TA and his Cabinet from Hell But it is really a chance for Australia to tell the world what it doesn’t like !! For example Whatever you want to march about. Be it the greens or labor being useless or Gay Rights or Marriage Equality, Pensions, Rorting, Save the reef , fracking or Refugees / migrants even Climate change just carry your banner on the day and make your point ! BUT that is not all ! You can also wear MIM t- shirts caps etc. ! plus run off posters for your March ! and during February plaster your cars , houses , posts and shops ,Gardens and caravans with MIM signs ! let this country KNOW you are pissed off about something !! otherwise it will only get worse !

  29. Joseph Tobin

    At least one person from our household will be marching. If one person from 50% of the households in Australia who want Tony Abbott out turn up we will make a big statement.

    We march for the people who can’t due to disability or circumstance who are being screwed by the Liberal party in power. We march for the workers. We even march for the stubborn who refuse to admit they elected an idiot into power in the face of overwhelming evidence.

    We march for Australia!

  30. Dan Rowden


    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I don’t think even Malcolm Turnbull has the ability to make it not so.

  31. John Fraser


    @Dan Rowden

    Turnbull might be the one they turn to but it is the (Liberal) backbenchers in Abbott's so called "conservative" gang who will start the revolt.

  32. Stephen Tardrew

    Sure I will march too but we require a lot more. Labor needs a new slogan for example: A fair Share to All, or something of that ilk. We need it and need it now. A slogan must be drilled into the public’s mind within the next few years. Labor, at the moment, has no single identifier that predicts the future after four years of LNP brutality. It may not take off immediately but if things turn out the way they seem Labor could be on a real winner. If necessary change the narrative to suit circumstances Nevertheless stick to the core of redistribution and inequity. Abbot just keeps on message all the time regardless of the facts. It’s Time worked wonders for Gough. Austerity is a complete failure. Use Europe as an example. We survived the financial crisis with Labor now the LNP are given austerity. Stop being confused and befuddled by defeat. Attack is the best form of defense. Give Abbot a good dose of Abbot but without the lies and misinformation.

  33. Dan Rowden

    @John Fraser,

    That’s true, but the neo-con, Xian “faction” is enormously powerful in the Liberal camp nowadays. I think even the backbench will struggle to move against it. I hope to be proven wrong. Preferably sooner rather than later.

  34. leighton8

    Good … it is important that this extreme government starts to get blowback …. I will be at Parliament House in Canberra on the day …..

  35. John Fraser


    I will be at the Brisbane "March in March".

    Sunday 16 March 2014 @ 11:30 am

    Queens Park
    Cnr George and Elizabeth Streets.

    Directly behind the Treasury Casino.

    Put it into your calendar on Saturday 15 as a reminder.

  36. lawrencewinder

    Good sensible words… and to counter the lack of coverage the MSM will give this event (MiM), we must take photos and post them on our blogs, facebook pages, email them to the MSM, particularly the local papers if you attend with a group of neighbors, who will in all likelihood not run them but their omission will have its effect. Show a mass movement.

  37. Kim Wright

    I am so pleased to see you writing about the March in March positively. many of us are also disappointed with Labor. Its can’t be just about jobs anymore. There are so many issues as you know having written about many. The asylum seeker race to the bottom has to stop. People are calling for compassion, transparency, decency and accountability in Government and that means all of Government.
    For those of you who may live near the North Coast and / or those just interested March in March 2014 Byron Bay Facebook page.
    This March is a chance for all of us to make a clear statement about what we expect from our Government/s

  38. Clare

    Not since the dismissal of the Whitlam govt have I felt such political rage. I was only a pre-teen back then but I remember having political arguments with my schoolmates (I grew up in “cringe” blue ribbon Liberal territory – now Abbott’s safe electorate). I protested with my politically astute and well-educated left wing parents. I raged and longed for my time to cast a vote. I now look around at my neighbours and wonder “Was it you? Did you vote for him, you bastard?” I was so inspired by attending the climate action rally in Sydney. It felt good to hit the streets and not just post impotently on Facebook. I’m making signs. I’ll be marching. It is uplifting to see our collective outrage mobilised.

  39. debbiep

    Everyday the March in March becomes more important. And needed. I will be Marching

  40. Jans

    Dan Rowden, as a Christian I know many more ALP/Green voters among my Christian friends than coalition supporters.
    We try to have a voice, and many of us are really disgusted with what Abbott, Morrison and co are doing.

  41. xiaoecho

    Has anybody else noticed there is a very noticable absence of celebrity or even minor celebrity endorsement for this event. Where are the prominent academics , scientists and artists of all stripes speaking up , not only for the MarchinMarch event but against this disgraceful government itself?

  42. Jezza Boekie

    Could it be possible is Australia finally waking up ??? Is the “she’ll be right mate” & the apathy flying out the door?? Our country & its people are being hurt by a very dangerous man. Let’s show that Australian spirit & let Abbott know we’re mad as hell & we’re not going to take it any more….March in March…

  43. Kim Wright

    The celebrities will come. Just a note though. I think we should be very wary of focusing our attention on Abbott. He is the fall guy. WHile he stands up front and makes the announcements and makes a fool of all us, the rest of the Government is getting on with destroying our country. They can remove him, when much of the treachery is done. Its the whole of Government we should be marching against. We focus on him while the others act in stealth.

  44. Dennis Max

    It’s time for the Eureka Stockade to be re-built. With Tony in charge we will quickly fall under the power of the U.S.

  45. Kim Wright

    Thee most definitely is one in Melbourne for the disappointed poster above. Go to the main page http://marchinmarch.com.au/ whee all Marches are listed, or go to March in March 2014 Melbourne FB page…So heartening to see all these supportive posts (y)

  46. Kim Wright

    Do we really believe Tony is in control. I don’t.

  47. Fed up

    We should not focus on Abbott the person in any way. I know the temptation to do so will be great. We do not want to see the signs about Abbott, like they march under of Gullard.

    No, one has to focus on the policies and on the ministers administer them.

    Where one starts, and how one priorises is our biggest problem.

    Will it be NBNCo, Better Schools, CEFC Disability insurance, Health, We get a new issue every day. Will it be the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania Forests. Then there are the Japanese when shells, that the media is conveniently ignored. Do we have concern for turning back the boats. Maybe, we worry about all the leaders in our region that have been insulted. The

    I have not even mentioned the hundreds of government bodies that have been dismantled, or the PS sacked. Now we have the ABC and SBS.

    No, personal attacks must be avoided at all times.

    We do not have to lower ourselves to name calling. All we have to do, is stick to the facts.

  48. Fed up

    We need to encourage the groups that back all I have listed to attend, We need to make them welcome, and have a position out front.

  49. Fed up

    I heard Abetz say, if Toyota workers gave up the time to give blood and agree to doctor’s certificate, they would save the company 2000 hours in one year.

    Now i Have not worked out what percentage that is of the total hours worked, but I am sure in is so tiny, it would make no difference to the company’s bottom line. Sounded good, but as usual made no sense.

  50. TC

    Victoria. Where is the substance or facts behind any of what you say? Just generalisations of ‘business is in control’ WTF? You Lefties really in la la land. Holden closes…all Tony Abbott’s fault. Ford and Mitsibushi closed during the Labor era. Oh. Well, that was still surely Tony Abbott’s fault. It’s pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. You say – “The country is now speeding at a terrifying rate towards a Tea Party utopia. And this is before the Commission of Audit has even released their report. In a nutshell, Abbott has handed over control of the country to rich business owners. We have rich business owners controlling all kinds of policies, from environmental protection laws, to welfare policies such as work for the dole, to industrial relations and taxation. And Abbott doesn’t seem to mind if he causes a war with Indonesia, as long as he stops…the…boats.” Where is the evidence for ANY of what you say? And you REALLY think we are going to war with Indonesia when all indicators are they are finally cooperating with Australia on stopping the people smuggling trade?
    The March in March will fall flat…don’t say you weren’t warned.

  51. Kaye Lee


    The evidence is in who the jobs are being given to. All these reviews and audits etc are being carried out by people from big business.

    This government’s approach to governing is not policy based. It is not embracing leadership through robust community engagement. There is no discussion of how it plans to improve lives and protect jobs. Instead, the opportunity to lead has been outsourced to big business in the form of a large number of reviews – more than 40, in fact.

    For example, Tony Shepherd from the Business Council of Australia (BCA) will oversee one of the biggest reviews, the Commission of Audit. Considering Mr Shepherd’s vested interests, it is likely the commission will be recommending policies that promote privatisation and small government. Shifting services away from government (under the banner of ”cost savings”) will bring big changes in the way Australia is run

    Another Coalition favourite is the Productivity Commission, which will be advising the government on more than half a dozen reviews. These include the car industry, childcare, and the Fair Work Act.

    Workers are likely to bear the brunt. Putting the Productivity Commission in charge is a transparent shift of power to an organisation likely to spend little time talking about improving lives and much more focusing on cutting costs to business.

    The public could be forgiven for thinking that a meeting of minds is a safe way to ensure the government receives advice to make the best decisions for Australia’s future. But if the minds who are meeting are all vested interests, and unconcerned with the wellbeing of workers and families, then the review might as well not take place at all.

    And what about the selection of Andrew Forrest to oversee the review of indigenous training and employment.

    Mr Forrest is one of the richest men in Australia. His appointment to lead the review for indigenous workers should raise eyebrows. True to the nature of the government’s approach, it has chosen a big-business leader to make decisions for people who live in a very different world to him while dismissing the opinions of the rest of society.

    Get the drift?

  52. Bengt Fredriksson

    TC: I do not think that you are upper class or rich. I just think that you belong to the brainwashed group.

  53. Kaye Lee

    The Productivity Commission recently suggested that a solution to Australia’s ballooning ageing population was to make 65-year-olds work another five years. There was nothing about superannuation reform. Nothing about the contribution of government and business towards solving the problems of a demographic that benefited them when it was of working age and paying tax. Older Australians are already struggling to find employment. Some, as young as 50, are forced into casual work as job security moves further out of reach.

    The Productivity Commission failed in its deliberations to consider that there are 140,000 unemployed Australians aged between 50 and 64 receiving the Newstart allowance from Centrelink. Are they suggesting that 65 to 70-year-olds should join the queue … or start delivering pizza?

    What do you think of this suggestion TC?

  54. Kaye Lee

    And let’s not forget Maurice Newman.

    The head of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, Maurice Newman, reckons that “Australian wage rates are very high by international standards, and our system is dogged by rigidities”. Newman suggested that greater flexibility in the labour market is needed and that lower wages are required to boost Australia’s competitiveness and by inference its longer-run economic well-being. Newman also suggested that lower wages would raise demand for labour and lead to an unemployment rate lower than would be the case with a high wage structure.

    This is despite the fact that last week’s national accounts data showing the productivity performance remains solid with a 1.4% rise over the past year and that unit labour costs fell 0.4%.

    It is disconcerting that someone of Newman’s calibre is an important economic advisory role to the Abbott government. He is a dinosaur on economics, the labour market and fiscal issues and a climate change denier to boot.

  55. Kaye Lee

    And another for your perusal TC,

    Great Barrier Reef board members Tony Mooney and Jon Grayson accused of conflict of interest over links to mining firms

    The board of the agency charged with protecting the Great Barrier Reef has failed to adopt its own experts’ recommendation that it ban port developments which threaten the reef.

    Two of the five board members have links to members of the Obeid family and are coming under scrutiny from environmentalists, who allege a conflict of interest because of their links to resource companies.

    Former Townsville mayor Tony Mooney earns $250,000 a year working for a coal company, and Queensland’s top public servant Jon Grayson owns a one-sixth shareholding in a company called Gasfields Water and Waste Services.

    Both men helped set the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s position on ports at a number of board meetings.


  56. Fed up

    More flexibility in labour market = the right for the employer to set ALL wages and conditions.

  57. diannaart

    Kaye Lee

    Your replies are excellent – facts not mere opinions. Keep up the great work.

  58. Lisa

    Just checking…..the Adelaide March in March is on the 17th isn’t it? Not the 16th.

  59. whatismore

    March in March must have a good turn out to make the public take notice.

  60. Michael Taylor

    And the government take notice too.

  61. Glenn styles

    I’m hoping there is something significant in Melbourne in March. This will be a different protest, made by rational normal people who finally woke up.

    On a side note, you mention Twitter a lot. As a late 20s person I know 1 person who uses the site. Don’t assume many people will actually see what you post there.. I’m assuming only younger people use it?

  62. joy cooper

    @Glenn Styles Twitter is not just a “younger people” thing. People of all ages use it for many different purposes. It works exponentially according to the number of Follower you have. Your tweets & retweets appear on their timelines & so it goes. This how ideas like MIM spread so quickly In Twitter tweeps tend to have far more Followers (I have over 1500) than “Friends” in FB so ideas & info are able to travel Immediately..

    March In March did start off as an idea in Twitter then spread to Facebook.

  63. Joseph Tobin

    The repercussions of dumping a pile of people from disability/sickness to Newstart have begun to happen. Centrelink are still tyrants but as I hoped the voice of reason is still with the Job Network agencies.

    So it goes like this. My partner Lisa had her Job Network appointment today – a system already stretched when they put all the single mums on Newstart last year. Now with extra disabled/sick people. No problem ‘Skills for all’ can cater for everyone…

    WRONG! Lisa found out Skills For All has been axed and funding for preparing jobseekers for the workforce (training, uniform, transport etc) has been drastically slashed by the current government. They still run some free training courses (8 of them – a massive drop from how many there used to be) and all of them were full. So her job seeker plan as advised by Job Network is to do nothing but apply for the minimum number of jobs a fortnight and see if anything changes.

    What this means : the disabled/sick people dumped on the system were extremely unlikely to find employment to begin with. They are just as unlikely to find a job now and Job Network can’t do a damn thing about it. And thats on top of all the single parents who have been in that same boat since last year.

    This also means with no funding and less courses, people employed to train people have lost their jobs.

    Net gain : more people looking for jobs plus less jobs for the unemployed.

    Nice going Tony Abbott and Liberal Party *slow clap*

    Now we know why they are forcing work for the dole into areas normally used as community service punishment. They’ve already made the unemployed less employable so its time to put that free slave labour to work. After all they aren’t getting a job anyway and they have to do something to appease the ‘stop the bludgers’ crowd.

    This is only part of why I March in March…

  64. Annie Oakley

    March in March is a direct attack against the state and federal liberal governments policies. It is a platform for any Australian to LOUDLY voice their grievances against the Liberal Government’s policies and a VOTE of no CONFIDENCE in the liberal government. Because it is a grass roots movement it encompasses everyone who has a grievance against the liberal governments policies, even though some people might be in favor of one they may disagree with another and March in March is NOT banning people with differing opinions to March for example Atheists may march with church groups. We are all Marching because we all condemn the Liberal governments Anti People and Anti environment policies. Any one in any town or city can start their own march. Get into contact with the organizers on Facebook and twitter to start your own march or if you want to join in. Everyone who has grievance about the liberal governments policies is welcome. https://www.facebook.com/marchinmarch #MarchinMarch

  65. Annie Mac

    I can’t believe we have so many traitors in Australia…what. a disgrace!
    Labor and the Greens stuffed this country up and you blame Tony Abbott?He is like a breath of fresh air.I hope he’s in for decades but he has a big job on hand as Labor vindictively spent money they didn’t have to cause him problems.You lot just can’t see that if Labor had been elected, they would have reneged on half their promises, they are such a lying, thieving lot.

  66. Fed up

    Annie, did you watch your hero in the house today. Annie, why is he not out, explaining his policies. Why why why??

    Please tell us why he is so great.

  67. Susan Patterson

    Annie Mac, Why not exit the country, to say, Afghanistan. There as a woman you will have no rights, and will therefore already be a slave, as that is what you seem to be yearning for. I suggest good riddance to bad rubbish. If you don’t love your country – Get the hell out of it. Did you see your hero on the news being shown for the fool that he is by year 9 students? Can you ignore the water aquifers in NSW which have been polluted with due to mining? Great Barrier Reef destroyed for Gina’s profit, Tasmanian forests which are the oldest in the world under threat AGAIN. TPP signing away OUR rights to corporations profits, Medicare, Australia post proposed to be sold from public ownership, Gonski gone genuinely disabled on Newstart and lined up for slavery planting tree’s to replace the old growth forests . I suggest you are the traitor and the disgrace – to decency, honour and morality, just like the one term Phony Rabbott. “You lot” are the majority, the mum’s the dad’s the nanna’s and the grandpa’s and we are justifiably, overwhelmingly, pissed off and willing to stand and fight for our kids future and our country and our environment. You, are ignorant, brainwashed and worst of all, a traitor to the people who fought to ensure that you got the rights you take for granted.

  68. Truth Seeker

    Susan Paterson, Bloody well said, and 100% right 😀

    Cheers 😀

  69. Möbius Ecko

    You lot just can’t see that if Labor had been elected, they would have reneged on half their promises,

    But Annie Mac so far Abbott has just about reneged on all his promises, there’s a large and growing list of them and the harm he’s doing. So why aren’t you angry about that if you believed Labor would only break half theirs?

  70. Kaye Lee

    And there is an example of the type of person you empower when you make racism and ignorance the mores of the day. Nice work Annie Barrie. As my kids would say, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

  71. Dan Rowden

    Dearest Annie Barrie,

    Here’s a little tip regarding democracy for you, just in case you weren’t aware of it: electors who did not vote for the incumbent Government retain the right to criticise and protest against the action of that Government. Governments govern for all the people, regardless of their political allegiances. I mean, even Abbott himself acknowledged that (even if in practice he has no f’ing intention of doing it).

    No one was protesting the election result (well, hardly anyone); they were protesting the actions of this Government since that time.

    So, we might somehow be cock-sucking losers, but that is frankly far superior to being a cock-sucking ignoramus.

  72. Matters Not

    Annie Barrie? She’s back. When will Brian Sutton make an appearance as well?

  73. Bacchus

    I suspect that’s not the original “Annie Barrie” MN 😉

  74. Matters Not

    Perhaps a relative? From Kiama as well? And yes, given the language, I suspect it’s a more youthful version.

    Last time I heard from Annie Barrie she was cheering Howard’s motorcade as it sped past. Little did she know that she was waving him goodbye.

  75. Michael Taylor

    The original Annie Barrie was fanatical, but never that abusive.

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