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Why Doesn’t One Nation Go Back Where It Came From!

This has been a week of discovery for me.

For example, did you realise that the late Queen Elizabeth’s reign lasted longer in terms of hours than the ABC coverage of her death? Incredible, I know.

Something else I discovered was that Albo and King Chuck had a bit of a natter about climate change which upset Rowan Dean no end because, even though Charles is our King and master and head of the Australia, he has no right to have a view about anything. I thought Kings and Queens were there because of some Divine Right which means that they were put there by God or something, but apparently that doesn’t entitle them have an opinion. There are simple titled and there’s no “en” about it.

But I’m not here to talk about the Royals because I’m sure that any mention of that family will just upset people. Some because they can’t believe that a 96 year old woman has been struck down in her prime; others because they’re godless republicans who are upset that they’re forced to have a day of mourning this Thursday.

No, I was more gobsmacked to discover that Malcolm Roberts was born in India after Pauline tweeted about her recent altercation with Mehreen Faruqi.



Mm, I don’t know if Pauline’s quite thought this through…

Yes, I know that thinking things through isn’t Senator Hanson’s strong suit but stick with me because I just want to be sure that I’m not being racist here. In these politically correct times, it’s hard for someone to say something insensitive and offensive without people suggesting that they may be racist as well. Just ask Hollow Hughes.

Senator Hanson took Ms Faruqi to task because she made some comments about the Queen and suggested that if The Greens’ senator didn’t like it here then maybe she should go back to Pakistan because apparently if you express an opinion that isn’t completely supportive of Australia and its traditions then you don’t belong. Or something like that. I’m never sure about the logic of jumping from telling a migrant that they should go back to where they came from because we have certain traditions here and if you don’t appreciate absolutely everything about the place then you have no right to free speech which is one of our sacred values but only for people who agree with everything that Australia stands for.

It’s not about racism, ok. She doesn’t care which country the person is from. If they don’t like Australia, as defined by One Nation, which we are under God, and we won’t let anyone take our guns and we used to recite our pledge of allegiance and… oh wait that’s the United States but close enough.

So, let’s look at some policy statements from One Nation over the past few years:

  1. “One Nation supports the rights of a parent, as much as the rights of a child.”
  2. “One Nation will extend its zero-net migration policy and focus on permitting only highly skilled migrants from culturally cohesive countries into Australia. Migrants must demonstrate a sound level of English for assimilation purposes.” (But not if they’re standing for One Nation.)
  3. “Australia continues to rank a shameful second for the use of illicit drugs according to the latest National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program conducted by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.” (Is this because they think we should be first?)
  4. “One Nation will seek every opportunity to roll back brutal and extreme abortion law so that both unborn babies and pregnant women will have a level of legal and medical protection once again.”
  5. “One Nation favours Australians first and foremost. We believe in reducing the refugee intake for five years in an effort to redirect critical funding to Australian services.”

From these we can see that One Nation and its senators don’t like the way we do things in Australia and that they want change and using Pauline’s logic, doesn’t that mean that Malcolm Roberts should leave the country and go back to India?

Or as Pauline pointed out, is he allowed to express a view without being told to go back to where he came from because “his skin is white”?


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  1. Cool Pete

    Malfunction Knob Head may have been born in India, but to a British father and an Australian mother and he was never an Indian citizen! Malfunction Knob Head is an idiot, just like Hanson is.

  2. Fred

    The sad part to this commentary is that enough idiots voted for like minded One Nation candidates resulting in their views being heard and discussed. If only there was a way of curing racism and stupidity.

  3. Andrew J. Smith

    I always suspect, bit like the Nats, that ON have their occasional uses and are used to keep the Libs or LNP coalition on their toes, on behalf of the media, think tanks and other powers that be?

    Sort of the same side but able to lobby internally against their counterparts e.g. climate science; but the Nats are worse in some ways.

  4. New England Cocky

    Any ”Godless Republican” would be grateful for Porelein’s Only Nutters Party to follow the DLP into the historical WPB. However, we must remember that Poorlean was the initiator of Howard’s anti-immigration policy for which she was jailed as a political threat to his popularity.

    Then Pawline shares a common trait with Rupert; she (he) is always correct, you ask her/him, she’ll tell you. Now what was that about Only Nutter’s organisation rules?

    Less brains than the Nazional$ but had less chances to be self-serving with Australian taxpayer funding for pork-barrelling.

  5. pierre wilkinson

    I like the way you have channeled Poorlines efforts at English, Rossleigh, I could almost hear the breathless outrage

  6. tess lawrence

    A big shoutout to the headline writer. It’s a classic – and a big shoutout to the writer. !!! Utter joy to read. I have to lift my game.

  7. RoadKillCafe

    What’s a big shoutout consist of? Just wondering.

  8. wam

    A beaut read, Rossleigh,
    Kings, queens and presidents vfgvvvvb/are allowed opinions but they don’t have the right to share them because they have influence over millions. GHW’s broccoli pronouncement?
    PHON rests on ‘they speak their mind’ ‘they call it as it is’ but in reality they are extremists and, with other extreme parties, are an important part of parliament having such influence in our democracy.

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