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Why A Stay At Home Order Is Better Than A Lockdown!

“Hi Ben, I think it’s your shout.”

”Ok, two beers, thanks.”

“We better drink ‘em quickly before Dictator Dan gets back and shuts the whole state down.”

”Like in NSW you mean?”

”Nah, they’ve just got a stay at home order. That’s not a lockdown. Glorious Gladys doesn’t do lockdowns. She keeps the state running..”

”Actually I believe they’re calling it a lockdown now so you may have to stop calling Gladys ‘glorious’!”

“Well, even if they are locking down, it’s not really her fault.”

”How do you figure that?”

”Well all those other premiers were locking down unnecessarily when they only had a handful of cases, so she presumed that she wouldn’t have to because NSW would only be a handful of cases too.”

”Isn’t it possible that it’s because they locked down early that they only had a handful of cases?”

”I don’t think you can say that. As Scott Morrison said last year, we can’t hide under the doona forever.”

”So why is he in quarantine?”

”He just wants to keep us all safe.”

”Then why didn’t he vaccinate us all sooner? It sure looks like it should have been a race.”

”You just jump on any chance to criticise the Liberals. Thanks to Scomo we’re all a lot safer. Those vaccines are so dangerous they’re going to stop administering them after October.”

”That’s just Astra Zeneca. And even it’s got a much lower death rate than Covid, which I seem to remember you telling me was such a small death rate that we shouldn’t worry.”

”Yeah, but you can’t help getting Covid whereas you can refuse a vaccine because they’re all dangerous. Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer have been alerting people to the fact that over two hundred people in Australia have died after getting the jab.”

”That doesn’t mean that the vaccination caused the deaths. I mean, if you get hit by a bus on the way home from the vaccination centre, you died after getting the injection but it doesn’t mean that Astra Zeneca was the cause.”

”Well, it does because if you didn’t go there you’d have been safe at home.”

“Like when we have a lockdown?”

”Ha ha.”

”Look, heaps of the first people to get vaccinated were in aged care, so that suggests that they were old and likely to be near death in many cases. I mean, Prince Phillip got a jab and then he died. Are you suggesting that the vaccination was responsible?”

”Seems likely!”

”What? He was 99!!”

”Exactly. He’d lived ninety nine years and then dies a few weeks after getting one. Can’t be coincidence.”

“Hang on, weren’t you saying just a few weeks ago that there was lots of people who were being diagnosed as having been killed by Covid when it they could have died of something else and they just happened to have the virus so the death rates were a lot lower than we were being told?”

”Yeah. So?”

”Well, that’s the exact opposite of what you’re now saying about the vaccines. You’re saying because the two things happen then there has to be a link whereas a few weeks ago you were saying that there was no link. This means that you re changing your argument to suit your beliefs.”

“So are you. If you didn’t accept that there were deaths that were blamed on the virus you can’t now say that all these people dying from injections and buses are just some coincidence.”

”That’s not exactly what I’m saying.”

”Well, what are you saying?”

”I’m not sure any more.”

”Whatever. I don’t think we should trust the government because they’re in the pocket of Big Pharma and they just want to make money.”

“Whereas Scotty from Marketing and Gladys the Great are insisting on keeping the economy open because that’s the way to keep most people healthy.”

”What about people’s mental health when you have a lockdown. Lots of people got very depressed and suicidal when they lost their business or their job.”

”Interesting that you had no interest in people’s mental health when I talked to you about Robodebt.”

”Ok, the point I was making is that those people were probably depressed anyway because they’d been unemployed so they were likely to kill themselves whereas the people I’m talking about are only depressed because of the government shutdown.”

”I’ve finished my beer. It must be your shout this time.”

”Speaking of shout, did you see the clip of Barnaby giving it to Labor in Parliament? Magnificent.”

”Just buy me the beer. If you going to talk about Joyce being Deputy PM, I’m going to need a drink.”

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Useful and a little humorous, the tale is told about the low level of perception by many, with inaccuracy, sheer stupidity and wilfulness at the core of some mental processing. Our deficient and criminally irresponsible federal government is at the core of the action, or lack of it, with the P M and ill health minister doing sweet fanny adams at low speed on the rollout of vaccine. Australia by all measurements is the last placed, worst “western” nation in its planning, speed, accuracy, efficacy, quality of orders, achievements, rates. State governments have filled the gap, with Victoria and W A. doing as much as they could and fairly well. Yet, we still get the horror of well-rejected B Joyce-Rootemanddrinkon in office again, a black hole within a vacuum surrounded by emptiness. Our dog park has a few uncollected brown barnabys, offering relief to mutts but not to us…

  2. DrakeN

    Yer no, Ross, mate, I ‘ad a chat with a bloke wot shud no better just yeztadi on the sime torpic.

    Apparantly all the CoVid deaths pre-vaccination in the USofA were the fault of Big Pharma and Bill Gates and the vaccination deaths after vaccination were, – you guessed it – the fault of Big Pharma and Bill Gates.
    – and the Chinese.

  3. wam

    A win yesterday and such a great read this morning.
    I was laughing all the way in the pool and came out warm, rossleigh.
    A FIFO worker from bendigo got banged up in a covid hotel in brissie picked up the virus in quarantine and, unknowingly, flew to the granites, a mine near Yuendumu. He has possibly infected hundreds of workers. These fellow FIFOs are from all over aust and have gone home with??? (so do a 14 day shop)
    A 12:30, I was just sitting down with an old teacher friend(one of the first Aboriginal high school teachers in darwin) for her 80th a party, with 100s of friends and relatives expected, when gunner announced a 48hr lockdown from 1300hrs. What a shame no party. By the time I got home every shop had the longest line of cars I have ever seen in darwin. Absolute panic buying, despite shopping being one of te reasons to leave home.
    Scummo has never heard of humble much less eating the humble pie. Albo needs to start throwing slices of humble pie to the morning shows for them to make him consume them.
    ps love nikki, who slams the rabbott at every opportunity, she has resigned over the new journalist on the Australian.

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