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Who do you trust? Not you, FauxMo

When Scott Morrison launched the 2019 election campaign – six days before the election to maximise campaign funding being paid from the public rather than party purse – how good was everything.

How good’s mum? How good’s Jenny? How good’s family? How good am I?

“Our government has restored our nation’s finances. We have turned that around. We have kept our AAA credit rating. We have handed down, well done Josh and the entire team, the first Budget surplus in more than a decade — back in the black,” claimed FauxMo in an embarrassing display of premature congratulation.

That was about as truthful as when he put his arm around Malcolm Turnbull – something he has a bad habit of doing – and brazenly said “I’m ambitious for this guy,” as his numbers men were scurrying around the halls drumming up support. Only it wasn’t for Malcolm.

ScottyFromMarketing has no problem telling lies if he thinks it will advance his cause. Like all ad men, he wants to manipulate public opinion.

When in Opposition, he suggested, as a campaign strategy, capitalising on the electorate’s growing concerns about “Muslim immigration”, “Muslims in Australia” and the “inability” of Muslim migrants to integrate. When confronted about that last year, Scotty said he wanted to “address fears, not exploit them”. Uh huh….

During his time as Immigration Minister, Morrison showed little regard for the truth and no empathy for the people under his care.

He summarily dismissed the AHRC report on the Forgotten Children in offshore immigration detention with a vicious personal attack on Gillian Triggs.

He wrongly accused Save the Children staff of coaching children to self-harm, leading to them being deported. When his own commissioned reports showed he was wrong, and that the government had ordered the dismissals for political reasons “on no evidence or reliable information”, the government had to pay out millions in compensation and legal fees.

FauxMo also lied about the murder of Reza Berati at the hands of the people we pay to care for asylum seekers.

As soon as he was made Minister for Social Services, Morrison said the government would have to cut welfare spending in order to pay for the ‘unfunded’ NDIS. That’s the NDIS that Australians pay an extra 0.5% Medicare levy to help fund, the NDIS that the government underspent $4.6 billion on last financial year in order to deliver their ‘balanced’ (a mere $700 million in deficit, not worth mentioning) budget.

As Treasurer, Scott Morrison slammed Bill Shorten’s call for a banking royal commission as a “populist whinge” and a “reckless political game”, voting against it 26 times.

After his successful coup to get the top job – and no Scott, we don’t believe your hands are clean in that tawdry affair – Morrison silenced complaints from women in his party about bullying during the leadership tussle. Linda Reynolds’ call for people to be held to account disappeared with her promotion.

ProMo has become increasingly secretive to the point where he didn’t even tell us he was leaving the country. He dismisses as gossip his invitation to a man who covered up child sex abuse to be his guest at a dinner at the White House – except it’s true.

Morrison has revelled in using public funds for his ad campaigns, be they on television or by way of grants rorting.

It is obvious from the evidence into the sports rorts affair that Bridget McKenzie did as she was instructed to do by the PM’s office. Being the man he is, Scotty made her the sacrificial lamb on a minor technicality whilst completely denying his own role in determining where, moreso than who, would get the grants.

Michael Pascoe writes in the New Daily about 11 federal programs totalling $8.1 billion that have serious question marks – or worse – over their ethics, probity and basic governance.

For ScottyFromMarketing, the corona virus has been a godsend. It has moved attention away from his woeful handling of the bushfires. He is being credited with showing leadership when, in fact, he has just got out of the road and let the experts dictate what must be done. If only he would do that about global heating. Or increasing Newstart. Or Closing the Gap. Or tackling the domestic violence crisis. Or the obesity epidemic. Or governing?

The corona virus will also give an excuse for not delivering the surplus we had supposedly already achieved before the last election.

Morrison exudes confidence but, like everything else, it’s fake. A person who was confident they were doing the right thing would welcome scrutiny, they would invite suggestions on ways to improve, they would listen to and genuinely consider alternatives. They would show respect to their colleagues rather than puerile mockery and respect to the public by being honest and transparent.

The most important qualities of a good leader are integrity, accountability, empathy, humility, resilience, vision, and positivity.

Instead, we have FauxMo the ad man.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    The Head Moron is fuelled by inflated righteousness, a fantasy world of fraud, ego fixation and self awarded salvation, redemption, chosen status, elitist garbage, a world that never existed and can be reshaped according to one’s dogma, prejudice, preferences, donors, mates, patrons, real world bosses, corporates crooks and crims. It is a controlled environment that a Capone or Madoff would have loved, protected by being the incrowd, with keys to all the guns, laws, money, goodies and displays. Murdochinanity.

  2. pierre wilkinson

    at least he is consistent
    he has a great track record of unauthorised usage of funds, secrecy, doling out money to organisations without tender or accountability
    and now we all hope that
    as in his previous jobs
    he will be sacked from his present position
    and hopefully take all his clownish cohorts with him
    and soon
    please let it be soon

  3. leefe

    Eleven questionable programs. $8.1 billion. Well, we can’t say this government is cheap . . .

  4. Aortic

    He probably is schooled in gross misuse of funds by his mentor Brian Houston, his so called mentor.

  5. David Evans

    Just what the hell has happened to this country?..

  6. Baby Jewels

    Scomo is a disgrace. I’m disgusted that people voted for him. What is wrong with these people? I just read the following and I’m fuming. “I’m in this situation now, I suffer with severe fibromyalgia a chronic wide spread pain condition which has no cure or effective treatment at this advanced stage, centrelink recognise my disability, as does my job network provider, yet according to centrelink I still don’t qualify for dsp, on top of this condition, I suffer with depression, and serve anxiety, also made worse by fibro, and the pressures and stess of meeting mutual obligations, and of course the stress caused by living on so little money. I’ve had to stop seeing my psychologist because I can’t afford it right now, I have bills piling up and debts mounting, have I considered suicide, yes I have, it’s a thought that goes through my mind often, does this government care, of course they don’t. My specialist told me I’ll never work again due to how advanced my condition is, so I’m stuck on Newstart”

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    In short Summo is a f*^ken crook. Dishonest, sly, hypocritical bible thumping dickhead, and the people who vote for for are just as reprehensible as he is. And so is that bastard Murdoch and his minions and the rest of the corrupt media.

  8. 24-5179

    voters voted him and many other career politicians back to canberra, some, time and time again. Suck it up folks, you made your beds. The calibre of candidates is almost sewer levels now, sewer rats attract same calibre rats to their ranks. You/me/we, have moaned and groaned over the yrs, then gone to the fridge for a beer.

  9. John OCallaghan

    The corporate media in this country and around the world are some of the most corrupt organisations on the planet who spit out these retarded chromosome challenged misfit politicians like Morrison and Co and then proceed to run protection rackets for them. Nothing will change until the populace rises up and storms the bastille or citadel and drags them out feet first and strings them up….

  10. Henry Rodrigues

    John OCallaghan………….I second that idea.

  11. Vikingduk

    Yeah, I’ll go with that, too, John and Henry. Reminds me of The Wall . . . There’s one in the spotlights, he don’t look right, get him up against the wall . . .

  12. Stephengb

    The biggest issue I have with the Left wing is that they really do not have a clue about the real world.

    Take just as an example, Kaye Lee’s statement (This is not an attack on you Kaye)

    “The most important qualities of a good leader are integrity, accountability, empathy, humility, resilience, vision, and positivity”.

    Sorry but I have been hearing that statement for the last 60+ years, Where the reality is a that the most common ead prefect was also the school biggest bully.
    Whilst in the Royal Air Force the ex public school kids were the highest ranking commissioned officers. The Station commander was also an ex scoll head prefect.
    When I returned to private industry the bosses were those from the best of schools and or parents has the money. And in turn the promoted to foreman those that were the bully boys and sycophants.
    When in the public service the Senior Executive Service department heads were those who were (Yes you guessed it) head prefect, head bully, from private schools who’s parents knew some one who knew someone else.

    Then there is Phil Pryor, apparently an:-

    “Inflated righteousness, a fantasy world of fraud, ego fixation and self awarded salvation, redemption, chosen status, elitist garbage”, is a world that never existed !

    Well Oh contrary, it has always existed !

    In which world do you live Phil

  13. RosemaryJ36

    David Evans: the people have failed to hold the government to account, greed has displaced honesty, and we have been conned into condemning refugees to a fate far worse than death.
    Selfishness prevails and caring for others has only just survived, as the bushfire disaster revealed.

  14. calculus witherspoon.

    What do people make of this?


    If the PM doesn’t contradict her, what are the implications?

    Bearing in mind the minister lost her job and perhaps her career for choices she did not actually make, perhaps decisions forced upon her.

    Who DID make the choices she was sacked for and should they be sacked if she has had to be sacked, particularly if they are as singularly cowardly in allowing a junior to take the blame, as an onlooker may think?

    Is all this why Gaetjens crafted a very artificial excuse for her sacking?

  15. Kaye Lee

    He says she was the decision maker. She says she didn’t make those decisions. Back to you FauxMo.

  16. calculus witherspoon.

    Nasty, cowardly bastard.

    Good on her for not copping it lying down any longer.

    What a vile, low creature he is and has the look of an abscess rupturing.

  17. DrakeN


    Kaye did write “…good leader…”

    “Successful” and “good” rarely occur in the same context unless in ‘being “good” at managing public affairs for the benefit for yourself and your own set of planetary parasites.’

  18. ducati monster

    He was elected by greedy aussies worried they might lose money for those on disability pensions or others we could help.
    Especially those better-off than most.
    Not the way my dad fought ww2 for.

  19. Kaye Lee


    How very true – ‘good’ and ‘successful’ are not the same thing.

    Some might suggest that Gina Rinehart is successful. No-one would suggest she was good.

    The Coalition were successful in winning the election. That had/has zero to do with good governance.

  20. whatever

    No matter what his ‘minders’ try to do, Scotty still looks like a failed middle-management shitkicker who would be lucky to get a traineeship at Bunnings.

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