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Who are we … the people?

Oh gosh … two very wealthy people have pulled out of the royal (background German) royal British family. So what. It is a very nothing thing. Who, with half a scintilla of intelligence really cares when you move beyond the celebrity feed-fest for dumbo absorbers of monarchist PR stuff and moves on to real events in the real world that happen to affect real people.

A plane crashed. Real people died … innocent people paid the price for the umbrage between America and Iran.

Here in Australia we have paid the hard price for political leaders who did not have the right stuff when the right stuff was needed. Real people paid the price.

We live in a world where the Americans are fading, where the Chinese think that their empire will last forever when their own history should teach them that it will not, and where the Russians have never accepted that WW2 ended an awful long time ago.

We need a global view of everything that is happening … yet we are tied in to a parochial view ,,, we are such small-minded backyard types of people … whether we live in Sydney or Vienna or Peking … we all miss the possibility of the future.

I actually don’t care what anyone thinks. This is my view.

The West is not right, never has been. The Middle East is not right, never has been. The East is not right, never has been.

The standard normal people, wherever you look around the world, have continually refuted the actions of those in power. Not with much success it must be admitted. Yet, we the people, are still here, still fighting against the accumulative negativity of the accretion and the expression of power. As hard as it is, we should not give up, we should not give way, and we should continue to put our beings on the line.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Two parasites down (nice enough people but wrong place, wrong times…O) and only a few thousand thousand replaceable, self replicating, eternal, poxing, triffiding parasites to go… of which Merde–Hoch the uberfuhrer of media maggotry will want as fully indoctrinated idiotic consumer devotees. The world has never ever had much sense and relief from overbearing greedite controlling ambitious murderous thieving turds and never will.., so unless we can permanently establish a guillotining, firing squad, droning, hanging, back of the skull shooting, poisoning, bombing alternative to eliminate the superior shitskulled sneaks and adolfs, we are in for higher level rottenness, forever. Orwell didn’t say enough…

  2. paul walter

    So incensed the media continues to peddle this monarchy rubbish when the public needs so many real things brought to their attention.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Paul, what also appalls me is that #ArsonEmergency is one of the trending hashtags on Twitter.

  4. Pamela

    Two people taking a voluntary redundancy from the royal show where they are surplus to requirements. Good luck to
    them but leave it. It is irrelevant to us. Media are flogging the story to distract from urgent important abuses of power and political skulduggery which is harming the people and our environment.
    Our nation is in crisis and at great threat from years of abuse of our natural environment. People are sad and angry and full of distrust in current political leaders.
    Damn those in media who would try to distract with this Royal Show which is irrelevant to our lives.

  5. johno

    Well said Keith.

  6. whatever

    The social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook can be easily employed as an extension of the TalkBack/Tabloid news-media.
    The chatter about “arsonists” is usually about “teenage firebugs”, despite the fact that adults are resposible for most of the deliberately lit bushfires.

  7. wam

    When I was young and smoking I used to buy galloise bleue because with a pin you could get a long way from a single stick. They were strong enough to get light headed. Had one???
    Harry is numero sexto almost irrelevant, sick of the media hate and loved in canerica. Why not megxit and laugh at the poms running the bulls with boris?
    When I read your ‘normal’ I remember trump’s desire for iran to become a normal country. Then I thought we are a normal country with the ritual acceptance of greed. Why can’t irtan be like us? Iran has a problem with women yet most of the men on manus are uranian. Is that not weird?

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