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WHITE GANGS TERRORISE AUSTRALIA – Politicians Refuse To Acknowledge Problem!

A gang of predominantly white males has been threatening our way of life and making people feel unsafe in their jobs. The IPAx gang has instilled fear in a great many Australians but our current Federal Government refuses to admit that there’s a problem, in spite of the fear that they instill in many people. For example, the ABC are so intimidated that they frequently invite them onto their programs, claiming that they do so in the interests of “balance”, when we all know it’s simply so their presenters don’t have to be afraid of going out to dinner with the PM.

Many of the members have no respect for the our culture and can frequently be heard supporting lawlessness by railing against regulation. They have frequently argued for the repeal of laws that they say prevent them from offending, insulting, humiliating or intimidating people or groups. They exhibit no concern for our environment, and some have even doubted the beauty of our wide, brown land, while others simply claim that our attractions like the Great Barrier Reef are hardy and will bounce back.

They argue that their efforts to eliminate or water down anti-discrimination laws aren’t because they’re a group of white males, pointing out that some of their number are in fact female. For example, gang member, Georgina Downer, insisted that they were not “political” and that it’s only coincidence that many of the members join the same political party.

While some gang members proudly exhibit their colours in public, the ones supplying the funding insist that their identities remain secret…

Yeah, you’re right. This story is a bit of a beat-up. But it’s nothing like the job that Channel 7 did on African gangs earlier in the week. When they complained that police won’t admit it’s a problem, I couldn’t help but think of Saddam Hussein’s WMDs. We kept getting told that he was refusing to hand them over, and when he allowed weapons inspectors into the country, he further showed his duplicity by hiding them. Not only that, long after his country was invaded, he continued to hide them. Strange though, one would have thought that he’d have felt the need to use them once the country was at war. Strange also, that the USA didn’t seem to be factoring in massive damage to their troops – or even civilians back home – when they attacked. After all they were supposed to be weapons of MASS destruction! Mm, I also remember Liberal Ministers complaining that the ABC reporting of the WMDs was “cynical” and seemed to doubt their existence. But, of course, that was before we discovered that they didn’t exist, so it wasn’t an example of anything other than ABC bias against believing something just because it was being told us by Liberal pollies.

Similarly, when the police say things like, “Yes, there are African youths committing crimes but, as a percentage of overall crimes, it’s not that high”, this is an example of the police’s refusal to acknowledge that you can’t have a clearly identifiable problem unless the “enemy” is a clearly identifiable group of people. Why, some crime figures are so much just like you and I, that a guy who wants to be Premier, can have lunch with them without even realising that such people are “known to police”. Perhaps I should say “alleged”. Ok, such people are alleged to have an alleged lunch with a guy who allegedly wants to be Premier with people who are known to alleged police.k

Of course, statistics are one thing and any gang violence is to be deplored. It’s not going to matter, for example, if someone has just punched you and stolen your wallet and phone, whether they’re black, white or purple. If I tell you that even though you have a broken nose, you need to remember that most white males aren’t criminals, you’ll probably look at me and wonder what on earth I’m telling you that for.

No, African gangs are the big problem, and not because we’re racist. Nah, that’s got nothing to do with it. It’s because the people we hope to appeal to are racist.


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  1. Cynthia


  2. John O'Callaghan

    I have never seen a more racist dog whistling homophobic bunch of politicians in my entire life, and i only hope that enough people eventually see through the charade!

  3. etnorb

    Very well written article, as usual Rossleigh! I agree with all that you said, & like you cannot understand how this so-called “organisation” is still allowed to be active here in Australia. From what I have read & seen this bloody IPA mob are really flat earth, right wing, lying idiots! And that is being polite! I cannot believe that a rabble like this is “allowed” to exist!

  4. Judith

    It was a beat up? Oh… It seems too true!
    I am genuinely terrorised by the predominantly white male boomers, the majority who seem to be carrying a Christian banner without knowing what it stands for, who have an extraordinary power over my life and seem to know what is good for me, even if it sends me to the depths of despair and causes me to have nightmares. No, I’m not joking…

  5. John Boyd

    ‘When they complained that police won’t admit it’s a problem…’ it’s a bit like that conspiracy among all the scientists in the world to promote climate change. The fact that you can’t find any evidence of a conspiracy just shows how cunning those conspirators are!

  6. Judith

    Ps. I have been thinking that I need to write an apology to future generations (as I drive through smashed forests and mined and scorched earth reminiscent of Tolkien)

  7. New England Cocky

    Uhm … I must be very naive because I have been under the impression that the greatest fear is of the RAbbot, Dutton, Morriscum, Turdball, Fluffield gang of fascists intent upon destroying the Australian way of life as we know it for the benefit of foreign owned bankers and their corporate mates.

  8. Rossleigh

    Yes, it’s funny that many of the same politicians & commentators who like to tell us that not all men are rapists have no problem generalising when comes to people’s race.

  9. Alpo

    Yep, the Liberliars have been trying every single trick in the propaganda books: lies, scaremongering, dead cats, royal commissions, the usual Murdoch (and other MSM I must say) crap, Kill Bill, Albo is about to challenge, a desperate budget…. they are completely exhausting their repertoire… and still, nothing works. Their last hope are the coming by-elections… and I have just donated $50 to the ALP-Qld for the Susan Lamb campaign in Longman….
    After the Libs are trashed, even in Mayo, Turnbull promised (apparently) to quit…. but I guess that he will say that he was just “joking” and move on, reminding his supporters that he is the “preferred PM” in the polls….. but without adding that he is leading his party to annihilation in the polls.

    If the Libs are happy with such a state of affairs…. I am happy too… 🙂

  10. Frank Smith

    I note that Turnbull has claimed the Longman by-election is a contest between himself and Shorten. But I cannot find either of those names on the ballot paper. So I guess I will just have to vote for PoorLean’s candidate!

  11. Zathras

    African gangs again?

    Have a look at what we were panicked about 11 years ago –

    Recently we had overblown allegations of Melbourne black gang terror scaring people away from going to restaurants from Dutton.
    It seems deliberate and specifically timed to keep everybody spooked for some reason.

    It seems very familiar.

  12. Paul

    The fear of losing power for these cretins is taking us to new lows on a daily basis.

    But we are so close now, so close and the collective sigh will be deafening….

  13. helvityni

    Zathras, no ,no, no African gangs; those ‘scarers’ are just law-abiding white folk. painted black and dressed in hoodies to drive Dutton out of the town; back to where he came from: Queensland….

  14. David Bruce

    For most of my life, Australia was the “lucky” country. What I see now, is Australia becoming the battle ground for the next war. We have allowed our political representatives to terrorize, privatize and mesmerize the population, resources and common wealth of this nation.

    Secret treaties, secret concentration camps and secret border protection programs, who are they trying to fool?

    I hope I live long enough to see karma in action again!

  15. paul walter

    Haven’t we had a diet of wedge politics this last twenty years?

    We are back to the mid-twentieth century, with the nineteenth rocketing into view.

    The vultures have long necks and cruel beaks, to plunge and rip right into the inner guts of Australia its community and economy.

  16. Martin Bongiorno

    A tonic. And dear author, what of the story behind the ABC ‘quietly’ ditching Al Jazeera,
    after it was revealed in the Guardian that Bernardi and fellow gang members have been
    ‘lobbying’ ABC management to drop them broadcasting NewsGrid and the AJ NewsHour
    programs, as the ABC had no place broadcasting ‘Islamic propaganda’.
    Now, any reference to AJ in ABC’s News Radio is virtually non existent. AJ is no longer
    a ‘partner’ broadcaster.
    Why none of this decision was put in the public domain? All hush hush.

    And even further than now, we have Peter van Onselen fronting The Drum. A frontline
    culture warrior of the new right if ever there was one. The new guard are marshalling resources, and if I can make
    an over the top Tolkein reference, it’s a bit like the dark lord Sauron spreading a dark and sinister presence
    over middle earth.

    Onselen pitches himself as a rightful restorer of the centrist voice at the ABC. Those reprehensible lefties
    have controlled the narrative for too long. But he forgets we’ve read the fairy tales about wolves in sheep’s
    clothing. LIke to know why he was a ‘natural’ fit/choice to front the Drum?

  17. Shevill Mathers

    Spot on as ever, Rossleigh. I thought to myself that the recent fence installed around Parliament House to keep ‘terrorists’ out was a joke, they are already inside the fence!

  18. johno

    You have nailed it again Rossleigh. Well done. The rampaging ipa gang need to be broken up, disbanded and do community service for crimes against the environment and humanity.

  19. Josephus

    I t is not just the antidemocratic thugs in power. It is the Press that does their bidding. Examples of what old men have told me:
    1. Refugees get free cars and houses
    2. Aborigines are all liars eg as Australia was never one country there was no invasion
    3. As Vegemite conforms to halal rules for export purposes, it is part of a plot for Moslems to destroy our culture
    I kid you not. I so wish fools had no vote.

  20. Pete

    Great read Rossleigh. Martin, Al Jazeera gonski? Didn’t advertise that much did they? That’s the problem with considered reporting, it draws attention of the regressives (IPA acolytes) who seem to confuse interference and brainwashing with freedom of expression and objectivity. To balance this decision by the ABC it looks like it’s time to tune into Al Jaz independently. Not a bad thing actually as up until now I was only watching it by accident and occasionally.

  21. Paul

    SBS TV shows 30min Al Jazeera news in English daily 6.30am. Miss the hour long version which along with the French and German English language news are so superior to our local rubbish. You can see the effect of budget restraints on the ABC world news coverage on channel 24. Fewer stories, no detail, same shallow video/sound bites repeated ad nauseam all day.

    And dont get me started on bias ….. for example Israel and the occupied territories….. OK i admit to my anti Israel prejudice, but i am 70 years old, same age as Israel, and for my whole life i have watched the children of the Caananites get their faces stomped on by Israeli army boots. Where is the balanced reporting of middle east politics and military activities? None in Australia or USA.

    My best friends in primary school (1950s) were dutch, german, italian and hungarian as well as those aussies who recognised that “refos” were fellow humans… all of our families suffered or were effected or damaged by WW2 ….. not enriched like some.

    End of whinge 🤗

  22. Martin Bongiorno

    Paul, I concur. Like you my friends were maltese, italian, swedes, croats, greeks. Fast forward to the late 80’s/90’s
    it was a time when the community ( i say generally) were more cosmopolitan, inviting, and importantly knowledgable
    about the world. There was a sense that people were far more intelligently engaged and articulate and gentle with
    one another. No prizes for guessing what came next. A stupifying descent into aggressive individualism, rampant
    consumption and people freely ditched their rights/obligations as citizens to become paid up customers, shareholders
    and watching House Rules was the bible for livin’ the dream. Enough said.

    There’s a blog floating round the web. now defunct. Created by a mid-aged professional who tagged themselves as a
    ‘dole bludger’ and their posts read as frightening summary of where Australia took the wrong turn. They’re on Newstart,
    yet their opening paragraph says they believe in survival of the fittest. It’s the only way to be in the world. Welfare recipients
    are unworthy leeches, sucking off the public purse. The blog is a hyper ventilated diatribe railing against welfare losers mirroring the
    war on welfare that’s the LNP playbook these days.

    These voices have been lurking in the background of Australian discourse for decades, only now they’re getting more hostile and hateful.

  23. Ricardo29

    Van Onselen fronting Zthe Drum? And he was on Insiders last Sunday. Does he still have a Sky programme? Once upon a time he was a politics lecturer at a WA University writing an occasional column for the Oz, now,look where he is. Not reading the Oz nor watching Sky, I’m a bit unsure of his politics (umm, not a hint there?) but from the comments assume he’s moved to the right from what I originally thought was a fairly balanced view. As for the thread in Rossleigh’s column, we’ll yes, time to rid ourselves of the I P A apparatchiks and their enablers. Put the LNP last

  24. paul walter

    Ricardo, has been doing a bit of hosting there while Ellen Fanning stands in for the strangely disappeared Leigh Sales.

    Are they trying to f*ck with our heads?


  25. Andrew Smith

    One way to understand these connected and seemingly unconnected events or phenomena in the Anglosphere, i.e. US, UK and Australia, is not just ‘nativism’ being used by conservatives but a return of the old eugenics movement, i.e. conserving class and racial purity of elites (whatever it takes).

    This week Abbott is at his favourite US think tank, Heritage which is not just like the IPA but also linked to the IPA.

    Heritage has sponsors and members who also channel eugenics and corporate advantage exemplified by Jason Richwine

    Further, seemingly different worlds, Australia has a visitor, Canadian woman Lauren Southern, promoting the ‘alt right’, initially refused visa then approved

    Southern is linked to Rebel Media which endeavours to promote nativism under the guise of radical ideas for youth, but informed on economics by Club of Rome school of nativism via (good ole boy) Herman Daly’s ‘Steady-state economy’ based on the ‘limits to growth’ etc.

    Exemplified by the need primacy of the nation state, clear borders, population control, immigration restrictions (stay where you are), anti-globalisation sentiment (old anti-semtici trope too), ‘balanced’ or ‘zero growth’ economy, withdrawal from trade agreements and supranational bodies (aids global corporates eg. big oil, with pre-existing global footprints and infrastructure who can manipulate nations via bilateral agreements…. aka Trump, Brexit and too many MPs and/or think tanks in Australia doing the dirty work…..).

    This is for the top WASPish 1 – 0.1% who will not suffer any material damage to their place in the world while everybody else deals with chaos economically, socially and politically due to resurgence of white nativism, joined at the hip with corporatism.

    How can this be fought, firstly Labor needs to get its own house in order e.g. alert Catholic, Jewish, Moslem etc. MPs and members to the resurgence in eugenics; former Labor MP Gary Johns, has also been an IPA member, could be a start

    Further, highlight the ethics or lack of, amongst many Catholic MPs (mostly unwittingly) promoting eugenics or nativist policies of which Catholics (Hispanic/Latino) in the US have been targets of, by the modern anti-immigration movement, as highlighted by ‘Cafe con leche Republicans’. Citing colleague of Paul Ehrlich and Paul Watson at the Rockefeller supported ZPG Zero Population Growth, John Tanton’s infamous memo (he speaks of ‘passive eugenics’) and that the GOP are ignoring demographic change by demonising and attacking Catholics, especially south of the border…. potentially future GOP voters….

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