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While some were shocked at Alan Jones’ interview of Louise Herron over her insistence that the Opera House sails aren’t just some giant billboard. Some have even accused Jones of bullying because he said that she should be sacked for refusing to allow the Everest…

Oh, point of clarification, when I say the Everest, I am refering to a horse race, not the mountain. It’s the richest race in the world apparently, so it’s far more important than some pissy in the Himalayas.

Anyway, Jones told Herron she should be sacked for refusing to allow the horse colours, jockeys and a replica of the Everest trophy to be displayed on the Opera House. People who are accusing Jones of bullying fail to understand that yelling abuse at people is never bullying when you’re right and/or when you’re a privileged white male. Bullying only occurs when people do things that are politically correct and tell people not to say racist or sexist or untrue things. This is a violation of their freedom of speech and politically correct people shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

All’s well that ends well, of course. The Premier of NSW, Glad Todowhateverjonessez, quickly sprung into action and said that there would be a compromise and the Opera House would be displaying everything that the racing club wanted but that Louise Herron wouldn’t be thrown in front of the galloping horses.

The Premier was backed today by our interim PM, Scott Morrison who suggested that people were being precious. “This is one of the biggest events of the year. Why not put it on the biggest billboard Sydney has?” Mr Morrison explained, for the benefit of those who were under the misapprehension that the Opera House was a cultural icon. By adding, “I come from a tourism background, these events generate massive opportunities for the state, for the city,” Mr Morrison reminded us that he was the guy behind the highly successful, Where the Bloody Hell Are You campaign which frightened off more people than his Stop The Boats follow-up.

Yes, so there you have it. Sydney Opera House is a billboard. Now that people understand that only precious snowflakes would think that using it to promote a horse race was tacky, we can start thinking creatively about ways to promote all sorts of things.

Ok, obviously advertising the Everest at the top of Mt Everest would be appropriate. However, as so few people make it to the top it seems like a waste of resources even if we could get signage up there.

But there are plenty of other things we could take advantage of. I mean, all that dead space on Uluru. Yes, the traditional owners might find it insulting, but we could just tell them if we’re prepared to use the Opera House, then who are they to be so picky just because it has some sort of sacred significance?

And let’s think creatively about Parliament House. Now that they’ve fenced off the lawn area, we could spray paint ads on the grass, thereby making great inroads into the deficit. If we get rid of those silly regulations about props, then MPs could wear billboards in the House, announcing which major corporation was sponsoring them.

In fact, each session of Parliament could be sponsored. The Speaker could announce:

“Today’s Question Time is being brought to you by Codral. Soldier On With Codral. I now call upon the Member for Warringah…”

Yes, we’re really missing out on a lot of revenue. We need to do something. I’m going to write to the man in charge suggesting it.

Anyone got Alan Jones’ address?


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  1. king1394

    Next time some activist writes ‘No War’ on the Opera House sails, they should get off with a slap on the wrist. After all, it’s only a billboard

  2. New England Cocky

    “People who are accusing Jones of bullying fail to understand that yelling abuse at people is never bullying when you’re right and/or when you’re a privileged white male.”

    Or when you are a self-important rainbow person recovering from a childhood living in regional Queensland where men are men and rainbows are in the sky … with form in London and Bondi …. Oops!! that lets the cat out of the bag!!

    But be positive!! The IPA could sponsor every question time, selecting the questions for misgovernment Ministers to answer, writing abuse to be hurled at the Opposition every time they complain about the loss of democracy, I mean, in our present fascist state, who needs democracy anyway??

    Then at a NSW level, Premier Gladly Back-flip-I-can could announce another football stadium for the retirement career of the Minister for Sport while avoiding questions about why making metropolitan Sydney even more polluted and overcrowded is in the best interests of voters living in regional cities where public infrastructure is being sold off to pay for the city spaghetti roads.

  3. Yvonne Robertson

    What would you expect from the architect of the Great Barrier Reef accounting scam? If the future of the reef isn’t important to him you could hardly expect a temporary billboard on the sails of the Opera House to worry him. Scott’s pragmatic – everything’s for sale – including himself, I’m imagining.

    I wonder how many “precious” Australians there actually are. I’d like to think that the sight of that beautiful iconic building with ads for a bloody horse race will strike a chord with people who didn’t even know they were going to feel that way about it. Frequently this government shoots itself in the foot because they are collectively tone deaf to the desires of the nation. Just take climate change for example.

    Maybe this will rank among many of the worst decisions both state and federal Libs have taken and reflect itself in the landslide ejection of both governments in 2019 – which both so richly deserve. Alan Jones indeed!

    I’m thinking there is nothing quite like a visual eyesore to sear its horrific self on the brain.

  4. Peter Stevenson

    It should be pointed out to Alan Jones that only for the vision of Labor Premier Joseph Cahil the Opera house would not have been built and there would have been no sails to use as a billboard.

  5. Maxoz

    Agree with all the above, but very troubled by the fact Albo and Foley both backed the desecration.

  6. Peter F

    As Chris Masters says in his book “Jonestown” about AJ, all you have to ask is ;”Who’s paying Allan Jones?”. When you have the answer you can understand what is happening. The others are just running scared. We need some politicians with guts to bring reality to this disgusting power hungry behaviour.

  7. Nicola

    Good old ShowMo.

    He’s never met a sales pitch he didn’t like. It’s all about the spin peeps. Don’t worry about the substance, the plebs will never notice there isn’t any.

  8. ajogrady

    Definition of the Right and the Left political thinking. The Right is “how do I get more.Greed is good”. The Left is “how do I hang on to what I have and get a fair go”. The “Haves” are crucifying the “Have Not’s”. The Pendulum is broken. A radical overhaul of the system needs to take place so it reflects good positive outcomes for the majority of Australians not the privileged few . Democracy in Australia is on life support in Australia under the L/NP and the Main Stream Media.

  9. helvityni

    I have had enough of this ockerism, and I’m starting to dream of Keating’s well-cut Italian suits and antic furniture…

    Ugliness in Wentworth, kids killing themselves in hell-hole islands…and we worry about Trump and Putin….

  10. Barry Thompson.

    The Opera House is a world heritage listed site, so Louise Herron is simply doing her job.
    Why does anyone put up with the vitriolic abuse this old misogynist spews on a regular basis?
    If he spoke to me that way, he would find himself flat on his back. To abuse a woman the way he did and threaten her job is not the action of a real man.It is time Politician’s stood up to this bombastic little twerp and showed him his influence is only with his easily led radio fans.

  11. Matters Not

    Michael Pascoe’s finally seen the light and apologises to Jones for getting it so wrong. Just a few well-chosen words.

    I’m sorry, Alan, I was wrong, you do run New South Wales. Such is the weak-kneed nature of our miserable excuses for local politicians, your bullying, hectoring, bombastic, crude, condescending, uncivilised, screeching, occasionally racist, more than occasionally sexist, sometimes defamatory and somewhat demented ranting and grandstanding before a relatively small and ageing radio audience delivers you power beyond all comprehension.

    Salusinszky explains why:

    That didn’t surprise everyone. Imre Salusinszky, former media director for Mike Baird when he was Premier, explained on Twitter:

    You have to understand Macquarie St. It’s a bubble, worse than Canberra. All day MPs, Ministers, staff, are babbling about what Jones and Hadley are demanding. They don’t understand how low this ranks in the priorites of those who elect them. And yes, this is electorally risky.

  12. helvityni

    Good on ya, Michael Pascoe, and you too Imre, you both made me feel a bit better….

  13. Kaye Lee

    Scott Morrison on 2GB….

    Asked if Australia would be held to the target to reduce emissions by 26% to 28% from 2005 levels, Morrison said: “No, we won’t … we’re not held to any of them at all. Nor are we bound to go and tip money into that big climate fund. We’re not going to do that either. I’m not going to spend money on global climate conferences and all that nonsense.”

    Note the headline. Hardly indicative of what followed. I hope the voters in Wentworth are listening. Apparently, appeasing Pauline Hanson and Alan Jones is uppermost in Scott’s mind. Interestingly, it appears the Lib candidate David Sharma is squibbing a meeting of the Wentworth candidates tonight.

  14. Kaye Lee

    Jones resides in the Toaster building, a near neighbour to the Opera House, and he’s one of the outspoken critics of the noisy concerts held on the forecourt, for which the Opera House did receive a fine last year.

    Jones’ commercial relationships with Seven West Media and News Corp’s Australian News Channel are disclosed on the website of his chief employer, Sydney radio station 2GB.

    Not so his horse racing company Belford Productions, which does not have a horse slated to race the Everest, but the viability of which is nonetheless contingent on the health of NSW’s racing industry.

    Vested interests rule again

  15. Kyran

    They really don’t think anything through, do they? The alleged marketing guru’s latest incarnation as ‘daggy dad’ seems to ignore the vernacular colloquialism for dag, “a lock of wool matted with dung hanging from the hindquarters of a sheep”. We famously rode into existence on the sheep’s back, now our leader defines himself as fetid excrement barely secure on the sheep’s hindquarters.

    “Yes, so there you have it. Sydney Opera House is a billboard. Now that people understand that only precious snowflakes would think that using it to promote a horse race was tacky, we can start thinking creatively about ways to promote all sorts of things.”

    They didn’t think that one through either. Mr Simon Holmes a Court is good to go. If you read through the comments, he’s not alone.

    Thank you Mr Brisbane. Take care

  16. helvityni

    Love ya Simon Holmes a Court…..

    Some light coming in through the cracks, otherwise it’s all too ‘daggy’….

  17. Kaye Lee

    Alan has just posted an apopletic rant about the reaction on his facebook page. First he reads out messages from anonymous supporters. Then he starts laying into his many critics, not only naming them but attacking them with irrelevant vitrioloc abuse. It is so bad it makes me wonder about his sanity.

    You may want to add your signature to the petition which already had more signatures than Jones total listening audience. Guess he doesn’t speak for as many people as he thinks.

  18. Kronomex

    Kaye Lee, Jones has been on the giant gold pedestal for so long that the raried atmosphere of being Alan Jones has rotted his brain. He is one of the most vile people that we have ever produced in this country. If his ego was a cliff and he fell/jumped off it would take him several weeks to hit the ground.

  19. ChristopherJ

    On form and on message, R. He won’t be hiding soon, all will be bare.

    Love the ‘interim PM’ – a keeper.

    He’s a bit like the night watchman and they’re hoping he’ll make it to stumps.

  20. Zathras

    Advertising something that depends on problem gambling for 40% of its revenue is just the start. The sky’s the limit.

    Don’t sell mere billboard space, let’s just sell the whole Opera House or convert it into a coal-fired Power Station and be done with it.

    According to SloMo & Co, everything is for sale and everything has it’s price – according to him, that’s how the economy works.

    The only value anything has can be measured in dollars and inflicting misery on the helpless can be measured in votes.

  21. helvityni

    Amen to that Zathras, it’s ALL about money, mammon rules….

  22. Rossleigh

    Andrew Bolt suggested in his column today that we should actually use Uluru for advertising too. Unlike my piece, he seemed to be serious!

  23. Peter F

    AJ’s history should be read by all: Chris Masters ‘Jonestown” The interesting thing is that Allan Jones has not taken action against the book. I wonder if he might prefer that it does not get the publicity it deserves.

  24. Petr F

    MN thanks, I have it , and read it when. it first came out. Thanks for the link. I hope that others will look.

  25. Rossleigh

    Apologies to Andrew Bolt! Apparently he was being in suggesting advertising on Uluru and was also appalled by the idea of advertising on the Opera House. All I can say is we’ve sunk a long way when our current PM is further down the path of crass commercialism than a News Corp opinion writer.

  26. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo, Gladys and d**khead Jones should all be put into a chaff bag weighed down with big lumps of black anthracite and taken out to sea, as far away from the Opera House as possible. Pathetic politicians and the worst piece of crap ever to be heard over the airwaves.

  27. Egalitarian

    Yes ! Henry some people deserve such treatment.

  28. Kaye Lee

    “The Everest organiser, Racing NSW, claimed it had received death threats in the wake of furore.”


  29. New England Cocky

    The things that you find in newspaper archives ….. and from a Murdoch masthead …. so it must be correct.

  30. win jeavons

    Kyran; Yes I found that the best use for daggy wool was to use as fertiliser/mulch for my fruit trees. far enough away not to pong.

  31. Diane

    List of Alan Jones Advertisers as at 8th October 2018 (thanks to a lady called Samantha Banfield on FB) in case anyone wants to know who to boycott or write to:
    1300 Australia, AAT Kings, AGL, Aussie Water Savers, Blamey Sauders Hears, BMW Sydney, Brighton’s Lawyers, Care Alert Smart Dialler, Channel 7, Clive Palmer Australia Ltd, Cols, Commonweatlh Bank FP, DSA Packaging Solutions, Factory Seconds World, Flower Power Garden Centre, Garlos Pies, Gerard Malouf & Partners, Harvey Norman, IGA, iiNet, Infinity Centre, IPO Wealth, Isodynamics, Jacaranda Financial Planning, Josh Groban Bridges, Kelly Country, Kelly Partners Accountants, KIA, LaTrobe Financial, Lend Lease, Machiavelli Restaurant, MacQuarie Stem Cells, Meriton Suites, Mitry Lawyers, Mobil, More Staff for Aged Care, Mortgage House, Motorcycle Council NSW, Natures Way, Nobby Kitchens, Nobel Oak Life, Nova Employment, Pain Away, Peter Jackson, Peters of Kensington, Rockdale Mattress Factory, Simplicity Funerals, Specsavers, Syd 4WD & Adventure Show, Subway, TAB, Terri Sheer Suncorp, Unibet, Vodafone, West End Mazda and Wine Market

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