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What The Government Is Doing Should TERRIFY You!

Language is a great thing. The way in which you frame something makes all the difference. Consider the following truly frightening government positions:

  • All Australian states have colluded to pass legislation that allows an unelected official to determine who is fit to drive. In order to be allowed to drive on the roads, you will be required to pay for a “licence” and the rules and costs vary from state to state.
  • Unless the elites at some university agree, you are not allowed to practice medicine and to call yourself a doctor.
  • Government legislation will prevent you from marrying the person of your choice without consent.

Ok, they all sound pretty scary… unless, of course, you think about them and realise that we’ve had driving licenses nearly as long as we’ve had cars, it would be terrifying to discover that the person about to amputate your leg has had no formal training and that the consent referred to means the consent of the person, not the consent of the government.

And, while I’ve grown used to picking apart the rantings of Andrew Bolt and other nuts, the way in which Peter Dutton has started to frame things is making me start to wonder exactly what he’s hoping to achieve. The Liberals are sounding less like an alternative government and more like that uncle who tells you that he’s no longer going to vote for Pauline Hanson because she’s too much of a lefty.

Now let me be quite clear here: I think that there needs to be a massive reset in Australian politics. For too long we’ve had the Labor Party referred to as the left and socialists when most of their policies are less socialist than the Nationals who seem to believe that we should be subsidising all sorts of things like mining companies, farmers and country pubs where drought envoys stop off to send the odd text telling the PM that the biggest single cause of a drought is the lack of water but beer may work as a substitute. For too long we’ve had the Liberals referred to as the conservatives when their policies on everything from industrial relations to climate change has nothing to do with keeping things the way they’ve always been but ripping away any institution which prevents them from doing exactly as they like.

I don’t accept the view that the two major parties are just as bad as each other but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a number of areas where Labor need to lift their game. The trouble with the current state is that when you have The Greens telling the world that Labor aren’t doing enough and the Coalition saying they’re doing too much, Labor are in an electoral sweet spot where they seem to the average person not paying attention to be doing just fine.

But back to Peter Dutton. At the moment, he’s pinning all his hopes on scuttling the Voice referendum and using that to make Albanese look bad. The trouble with this strategy is twofold. First, if he loses after opposing the Voice it’ll be the first time a Constitutional referendum has succeeded without the support of both major parties. Second, there’s not a lot of people who are going to change their vote over his “success” in stopping those “elite Canberra Indigenous” from having a voice. When you have the likes of Andrew Bolt in your corner, you’re not going to win over many people who don’t already think that we spend far too much time and money on people who should just get on with their lives and be successful by doing what Gina Rinehart did and work hard.

Yes, attacking big companies may have some support amongst the left, but when you follow it up and suggest that they really don’t support the Voice and that they’re just doing because they’re not prepared to stand up to woke bullies, you seem to have lost the plot if only for the fact that you’re suggesting that a powerful executive is likely to be bullied by Socialist Sally who works at the Vegan Grocery store.

Ok, ok, that’s a slightly absurd stereotype but the point remains. For Dutton to suggest that secretly people agree with him but they’re not prepared to say so publicly for fear of upsetting the “elites” is the sort of nonsense that we’re used to hearing from One Nation senators. Oh, and apparently Linda Burney is an elite, according to Dutton.

Then I suppose in Dutton’s world view anyone who disagrees with him and has sufficient profile to be reported IS an elite and the only people we should listen to are the ones who aren’t saying anything because, in all likelihood, they agree with him.

I’m looking forward to the framing of the Fadden by-election as a referendum on the Voice. An interesting take, given we’re going to have an actual vote on the Voice in the next few months, but…

Anyway, in the next couple of weeks the polls on the Voice will jump around amazingly because the methodology of the various companies taking them is so widely different, making them almost useless. Each poll will undoubtedly be reported as though it’s 100% accurate and reflects the fact that several million people have changed their mind in just a week. We’ll have discussions about the by-election being an indication of how much ground the Liberals are making up on Labor even though at this stage of the electoral cycle in a safe Liberal seat at a time of rising interest rates and inflation a five percent swing to the Liberals wouldn’t be a bad result for Labor… And finally, sometime after the Voice referendum, we’ll have someone put their hand up for the Liberal leadership…

Probably not Scotty from Marketing. Although he may decide that it’s the only job that he’s qualified for.

Someone needs to tell him that he wasn’t even qualified for that one.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Dutton, Bolt, Morrison are just some of the raucus, righteous, raving, ridiculous, conservative sty dropping who might rent out their vacant skulls in this crisis, to make a quick quid. The leader of the flopposition is unfit to clean dunnies in a tertiary institution, let alone apply for a position, being sub-maritime-trench low on the intellectual achievement scale. Bolt, that reeking rubbishtipfilled skinful of scummery, has a school cert., a typist’s journalist qual. and dropped out of Uni., lazy and unfitted. What an example to follow are these. Morrison somehow, (surely rigging and cheating is evident), was given a degree for studying an obscure illiterate supersiton driven religious faction of nobodies. What contributions to humanity, education, culture, have these mounds of putrescence done for us all? All conservatice commentary can do for us is pervert and corrupt clear, logical, honest thinking.

  2. Canguro

    Phil Pryor, I disagree with your assessment of Dutton’s potential as a cleaner. Glad-wrapped from feet to neck, with a coarse brushy wig super-glued to his skull, when inverted he’d become a most useful scrubber of sh^t-stained toilet bowls. Mind you, a bit heavier than a regular brush but; perhaps strap him into an auto-flip inverter on wheels as well. His intellectual capacity becomes irrelevant for this essential activity, unlike when I was living in China and a similar position for toilet cleaner was advertised; thousands applied, including university graduates. I asked my partner why was the opportunity to scrub dunnies and wash out latrines so sought after, and she usefully explained that because it was a government position, and that government jobs were secure sinecures with reasonable pensions upon retirement, that therein lay the attraction, along with the implicit suggestion that once one was on the inside, then one may in time apply for transfer into something less grungy.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Canguru, such insights and wider comment illustrates the supremacy of our prejudices and the paucity of pathetic poltroonery elsewhere…so now, it s Peter Dunnybrushutton.

  4. Canguro

    From the Guardian: Australia news live: Clare O’Neil says ‘big baby’ Donald Trump Jr was granted visa; at 12:33, and at 13:39, James Paterson, the shadow minister for home affairs, took to Twitter to condemn O’Neil – suggesting her criticism of Donald Trump Jr could sabotage diplomatic projects like AUKUS. He wrote…

    “Like it or not, Trump could be elected president again in less than 18 months. If that happens, I hope for the sake of the AUKUS agreement that cabinet ministers in national security portfolios are able to restrain themselves from juvenile tweets like these.”

    God help us if the future relations between the two countries hang in the balance on the basis of Bubba Don’s dummy spit over the lack of interest in seeing him in the flesh and spouting his mad fantasies by pulling the pin on his prospective trip down under – nothing more than an effort to shake dollars from the gullible and into his pockets. And good on the Australians who clearly understand what a waste of space and time this coke-snorting turkey is.

  5. Clakka

    Oh no not another day tomorrow
    Like yesterday and before
    Seems like we’ll all be rooned
    Shit a brick thank god we’re in the know
    Change is coming, and I’m losing my mind
    But I’m not sure about my pants
    Let alone socks and undies
    Head down arse up

  6. New England Cocky

    Well PP ….. I think those mentioned are excellent candidates for flushing down the long drop dunny and digesting with all the other political turds.

  7. Cool Pete

    James Patterson would have made more sense if he’d decided to emulate Beavis after caffeine and said that he needed “TP for my bunghole.” Personalities of world leaders are one thing, but if he believes that co-operation with the USA under dump is in this country’s best interests, he is seriously deluded. If anything, should, Heaven Forbid, Dump be elected President, Australia should go to the UK and say, “104 years ago, we urged you not to renew the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. Today, we ask that you consider making AUKUS AUKJA, instead.”
    Potty Boy Dunny Brush does not, despite what Tone the Botty farted, have courage and character and the potential to be PM. Potty Boy has not released a single logical thought. He has farted scaremongering that no sane person should agree with. His naming of the “elites” is straight from the Dump Playbook!

  8. Harry Lime

    Dutton has just about maxed out on the utter bullshit spewing out of his mealy mouth,like a punch drunk boxer, unable to land a blow,while the claims he makes get wilder.The release of the Robodebt report and it’s apparent findings,including recommendations for criminal and civil action is going to bury this inconsequential ogre under a pile of ordure,made up of his former,and current ‘colleagues’ corruption,cowardice and incompetence.It would be fitting justice for them to lose Farrer next week as an opening salvo in what’s to come.Shove off,boofhead, you are no more than a remnant skidmark of the worst government this country has ever seen.

  9. Kathryn

    There can be no doubt that the totally depraved Abbott/Morrison regime was the absolute worst, most undemocratic, totally corrupt and callously inhumane regime on record! What is worse is that we have that megalomaniacal, unspeakably cruel sociopath, Peter Dutton, waiting in the wings like some power-obsessed behemoth eager to rule over us like some pathetic third world dictator! We can never ever allow the LNP to gain twisted power again. This is a party where just about EVERY member – male and female – are criminally corrupt without one single redeeming feature! The ALP and The Greens are not perfect but, my God, they are INFINITELY superior to the depraved monsters that hide in every dark corner of the LNP!

    Make no mistake about it, the unconscionable LNP have been PROVEN to be overflowing with condescending smug elitists, remorseless sociopaths, climate-change-denying environmental vandals, thoroughly entitled self-serving rorting thieves, Hillsong cultists, bible-thumping hypocrites and malignant misogynists who have proven themselves to have not a drop of compassion, foresight nor one iota of insight! It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to believe that any political party can get worse and, as such, Australians should DEMAND that the LNP – as the most depraved group of political psychopaths in our history and right up there with the war criminal, John Howard – is DE-REGISTERED due to the sordid criminality of its members and their total disregard for ANYONE but themselves and their multi-billionaire donors in the Top 1%. The horrendous thugs and annihilators in the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance have systematically infiltrated and corrupted our ABC and continue to defund and destroy just about everything Australians value including Medicare, our State-run public schools, our hospital system and just about every social welfare program one can name!

    The long and escalating list of corruption by the LNP is still being uncovered (refer to an INCOMPLETE list compiled by Chaser shown in the link below). Their diabolical plan to unleash the unspeakably evil ROBODEBT system upon defenceless Australians caused the suicide of countless vulnerable people; their rorting and criminal corruption has resulted in so many members of the Abbott/Morrison regime becoming multi-millionaires in rapid time – targeting the poorest, most vulnerable people in our nation whilst they feathered their own nest further enriching and empowering THEMSELVES and trebling the wealth of their greedy supporters in the Top 1%.

    The smirking, bone idle, non-achieving Sloth Morrison should NEVER be forgiven for his blatant reprehensible support for the paedophile-protecting CULT of Hillsong – his recent attachment to yet another lunatic cult, Horizon, was only undertaken when his vile association with Hillsong put his twisted political ambition at risk which, inevitably, trumped any fake loyalty he had for Brian Houston and Hillsong! It is simply NOT ENOUGH to just deregister the LNP; every single member and misogynistic predator within their depraved regime needs to be prosecuted and JAILED for their unspeakable level of corruption, depravity and predation of women.

  10. Canguro

    Harry Lime, if he were anything other than what he is, he might find the courage to say something along the lines that he completely and unreservedly accepts the findings of the Royal Commission, that he is ashamed to have been a member of such a criminal, corrupt and incompetent government, that it is to his eternal regret that he found himself amid such a bunch of venal opportunistic and despicable low-lives who collectively comprised the apparatchiks responsible for the machiavellian & illegal Robodebt finagle, that if he had his time over again he would have resigned from the Liberal Party and moved to the cross-benches rather than sit in the company of those crooks, and perhaps also give hint that such was his shame and distress over his immersion within such a cabal of black-hearted rouges that at one point he seriously considered committing seppuku, only to talked out of it by his psychotherapist who he’d been consulting in relation to his persistent depression & insomnia.

    But no, he’s not that man. He is what he is, as accurately described by yourself and others, with the expected exception of his missus who sees him only as ‘warm-hearted Petey.’ A bit like Jen & the girls… cognitive bias based on dependence on the primary income generator.

  11. Harry Lime

    Canguro,we can fully expect him to come out defending the indefensible,the usual ‘Political Witch Hunt’ etc.etc.There’ll be no separating him from the forthcoming parade of public shaming of his mates.Karma truly is a bitch.My faith in politics would be partially restored if some of these bastards cop some porridge time,including some forced bouts of soap dropping.

  12. Canguro

    Scott Morrison responds to the Royal Commission’s findings that he lied to the RC, that he failed to meet his ministerial responsibilities, that he is unambiguously a devious and deluded low-life piece of doggy doodah:

    “I reject the findings and furthermore, glurk, fizzgobble bruzzlecock whizgiiggery bong! And what’s more, the commisioner is blong bling bang bang go go bubble bang boobah, and full of bulldustery bangbongbing boo, ’cause my mate Brian when we preyed together with Bro Stuie in our weekly circlegather bong boo farking oath-taking, we said, she said Mr Speaker, that I never ever lied, cross my heart ’cause the eagle dun it, God’s oath Mr Speaker. So she can go and fark herself, ’cause Jen & the girls know I’m a staunch maker of good curries and Brian’s my bestie in all things mercantile. Trust me, I’m your former prime minister”

  13. Phil Pryor

    Canguru’s pustular punnery helps us remember the deranged, regressive, retarded, ridiculous, repulsive conservative political presence in Australia, BUT, some good news has leaked through, in that G Rennick, a foul backward mediaeval romanist ratbag from (guess where) Queensland, the cesspit of cacodemonic coprophagous crappery, has been dumped from a winnable possy by the official hillbillies of harlotry that defines the NLP there. If only some more of the flushing continued, the nation would be less stained by this political incontinence of blithering greed, self relieving, erectional magnificence and utter self fixation. But, Peter Duckwit-Futton, the intellectual manifestation of a dunny brush, lives and moves on…

  14. Michael Taylor

    Ah, the ol’ Morrison favourite: “I reject the premise of…” came close to being muttered.

  15. Roswell

    I’m still chucking at Canguro’s comment. It was a classic.

  16. Terence Mills

    The newly instituted National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is going to be busier that a one armed paper hanger !

    They’ll have to bring in an interpreter who speaks LNP euphemisms and double-speak.

    I hear that among the referrals to the NACC are Alexander Downer and John Howard for authorising the raid on the Timor Leste parliamentary offices – that should be fun.

  17. Terence Mills

    The Robodebt Royal Commission seems to have agreed with Barnaby Joyce when it comes to Scott Morrison, in slightly less colourful terms :

    “He is a hypocrite and a liar from my observations and that is over a long time,” Joyce said in the message, dated March 2021

    “I have never trusted him, and I dislike how earnestly [he] rearranges the truth to a lie.”

    Barnaby Joyce on Scott Morrison

  18. leefe

    “I hear that among the referrals to the NACC are Alexander Downer and John Howard for authorising the raid on the Timor Leste parliamentary offices – that should be fun.”

    Really? Oh Bliss, Oh Joy, Oh Frabjous Day.

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