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What goes around, comes around

Another definition of Karma?

As a child, I remember reading of highwaymen – Dick Turpin, with his horse Black Beth, who was notorious for his antics on Hounslow Heath, near where I grew up.

Then there was Robin Hood, who robbed the rich to give to the poor.

“Stand and deliver! Your money or your life!”

And now we have the dilemma created by COVID-19 – do we save lives or the economy?

Those who do not want for anything which money can buy, are the most eager to protect their wealth, and the institutions which have helped to create it, and if lives are lost in the process – well – we are over-populated, in the estimation of many!

The wealthy (interpret this as – those who are extremely comfortably endowed with worldly goods) tend to be jealous of their status, unwilling to lose it, and ready to brand the poor as being lazy and incapable of managing their lives.

The Indue Card policy bears witness to this attitude, as does the general law and order cause.

I accept that this is a sweeping generalisation and we do have genuine philanthropists, but the balance is basically towards inflicting a punishment which does not necessarily fit the crime.

If children grow up to be rebellious, lawless and perform criminal acts because they have not been properly cared for, guided and protected as small children, then they must be punished and dealt with in ways which guaranteed they continue in a life of crime.

Is that really the right approach?

It seems to be far too hard for the law-and-order brigade to realise, that early intervention, support for parents and young children, and mentoring, together with proper health support and guidance through a mother’s pregnancy, could have a real impact on the problem.

I often wonder how many of the Indigenous youngsters who get on the wrong side of the law in the NT have been affected by FASD – Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disease – through the mother’s over-dependence on alcohol during pregnancy?

Almost any parent of teenage children will tell you that, at times, they are at their wit’s end as to what to do with their rebellious kids. But that rebellion is a normal part of asserting independence, after years of absorbing the lessons their parents have been trying to instil.

It may take time, but sooner or later those parents are usually heaping praise on those children’s achievements!

None of us ever has adequate access to a “How to be a parent” course, and we depend on our own parents for clues as to how to go about the job. If our own parenting has been erratic, or worse, we are not going to do as good a job with our children – and there is nothing wrong with being offered help.

All children are individuals, and what works for one does not necessarily work for another – and that is without taking into account those who are afflicted with physical and mental health issues, or are just plain ‘different’.

And, as an aside – sexual abuse is not exclusive to institutions. More rape and abuse occurs in the family circle than is committed by outsiders. And whoever the perpetrator, the damage done, is enormous.

With government, it is a similar story. Ideology is not necessarily enough, because policies are not developed in a vacuum – they have to be appropriate to the circumstances.

Horses for courses.

And never has this been more evident than now, when we are faced with a global pandemic, at a point in our history when greed for the illusory benefits of constant growth has left us facing the existential crisis represented by Climate Change.

In one fell swoop and with limited warning, we are facing a world which demands attention to an extent we can barely grasp.

‘Normal’ no longer exists, and arriving at a ‘new normal’ will be much more difficult for those chained to beliefs and ideologies than it will be for those adjusted to change as a permanent feature of life, and willing to think progressively.

Our present government is showing signs that it is incapable of acting as required in by current circumstances.

We have really lost touch with what is needed to be a true democracy.

We have a Constitution which is not fit for purpose, government thinking requires us to ‘snap back’ – which, in the circumstances is impossible – and everyone is too timid to stand up, en masse, and tell those in charge that we need a massive change in approach and they need to hand over the reins to experts, more able and willing to ensure that we concentrate on saving lives, not fortunes!

It is a sad irony that, in recent years, there has been growing concern that we have an imbalance in the population and may end up with too few younger people in employment to support those on the Age Pension.

Now we face a world with too few jobs, because so many businesses have been forced to close, by policies (rightly) designed to save lives, no certainty of an effective vaccine, but a reducing population of elderly people as they succumb to COVID-19!

Ironic indeed!






I end as always – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

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  1. Yes Minister

    I see the virus issue as a warning that will not be heeded. What we should be doing as a feral species is realizing we cannot continue to rape and pillage the planet. Unfortunately homo sapiens is too stupid to embrace change, as demonstrated by the widely held view that sooner or later, things will return to ‘normal’ thanks to an almost certainly useless vaccine. Personally I like the current ‘normal’, although I did prefer the earlier lockdown before the unruly hordes were allowed to swarm everywhere, but at least its only locally-evolved mobs and not busloads of jabbering foreigners and convoys of rampaging mexicans. There is reason to fear the protectors of ‘the economy’, especially SCUMMO et al, since they will gladly sacrifice the ecosystem and even the planet in their obsession with economic growth. Whats next concerns me somewhat for there is more to this saga than we realize, and it won’t be just a second / third / whatever wave of covid19. Gaia has been very forgiving to date but I believe that patience has worn thin.

  2. New England Cocky

    The COALition misgovernment has been completely exposed as unfit to occupy the Treasury benches because too many Liarbral Nazional$ politicians are pursuing personal pecuniary interests rather than building policies for the benefit of all Australian voters. Certainly this is a self-inflicted wound but legal principles have rarely been so blatantly ignored in the past.

  3. Gangey1959

    “If children grow up to be rebellious, lawless and perform criminal acts because they have not been properly cared for, guided and protected as small children, then they must be punished and dealt with in ways which guaranteed they continue in a life of crime.”
    Interesting thought.
    How many of us have raised our kids “properly” as in, they can read, write, reason, know correct from wrong behavior, got them to Uni and beyond, and all while doing it a bit hard, not having the regular holiday to whereverthefuck, and working too many hours for our own good and general health and well being, yet have children who are now grown, maybe with kids of their own, and who are responsible adults?
    I would suggest the greater percentage of us.
    Was it not the son of a Melbourne QC who was recently before the courts facing charges of assaulting Police Officers? He and his mate had been brought up in the lap of luxury, all the right education, crapcrapbullshitbullshitbullshit ad nauseam, but still couldn’t tell right from completely off the wall wrong.
    Yes. Some of the lower down the rungs of our society produce some of our criminal population, but they are not alone, and they are certainly not to blame for all of the wrongs in the world. Indeed, when it comes to the spreading of Covid19, the more opulently endowed seem to feature more frequently in the breaching of protocols for “other reasons”, while we plebs just go to and from work. Sadly in some cases too many jobs by too few.
    Has scottyfromadvertising and his band of thieves got it in him to grasp the opportunity presented and turn things around for the good of the nation? Yeah, NAH. Hades won’t ever get that cold.
    Will the people of this great land of Australia see him and his for what they really are? Not if uncle voldemurdoch can help it.
    Personally, I think it will take a huge united effort from ordinary Australians to consign scummo and his cronies to the scrapheap of history where they belong, something along the line of churchill’s(lol) war speech “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”.
    It’s going to take a fight, a hard long fight, and We have to start NOW.
    The next election is too far off.

  4. DrakeN

    I would disagree with you, Gangey1959, with your sentence about kids growing up to be responsible adults.
    Yes, they are responsible – for the present government; for the greed and selfishness in society; for the foolish reluctance to suppress their wishes for freedom of movement until the coronavirus is better understood; for being too busy with petty affairs of social behaviour to recognise that they are chained to a system of rampant capitalism which is denying them a fair portion of the wealth which they create; for the continuing distortions of human morality and decency which religions create and maintain; etbluddycetera.
    They are a mob infected with the Chronic Australian Cardiac condition – “Aorta do summat about it!”
    It’s always someone else’s fault.
    “Sheeple” who are happy to be regularly fleeced by commercial, political and religious opportunists, and to be ultimately lead to the slaughter of their very esses by stealth and deception..

  5. Jack Cade

    ‘What goes around comes around’.
    SA winegrowers are now bleating about China’s embargoes, following the barleygrowers whining about etc etc
    Look. It’s their sodding government. THEY voted Coalition, more or less en masse, in full cognisance of Morrison going the full Lewinsky under Donald’s desk. You get what you deserve – isn’t that the Pentecostal mantra?
    Suck it up.

  6. Gangey1959

    @DN I understand your point, but perhaps it is the offspring of privileged boomers who are voting for our current incompetents. The number of votes that the Greens attract is a fair indication that there are wise heads on enough young shoulders to give us hope.
    It is not just the people who are broken, it is the system, and that is what and where we HAVE to start..

    @JC. Yeah. That makes me laugh actually. It’s like, Aussie winemakers are undercutting chinese and other international “Australian” winemakers in the chinese market. WTF?
    I’ll give a crap when the land of the lying dragon bans Australian baby formula. If they do that I’ll know they are serious.

    If we had a government with any bottle, we’d be saying “Ok, don’t have anything. And we’re cancelling your leases and freeholds just to piss you off.”
    Again. It will never get that cold downstairs.

  7. Jack Cade


    The people who aim ads at youth clearly don’t remember what youth thinks important. Telling them that Covid-19 kills is of no interest. Tell them it makes their breath stink and their skin turn blotchy and they’ll listen.
    Nobody younger than 25 gives a toss about their parents politics – or even their parents, if the truth be known. I have four kids who freely tell me they thought I was a tosser when they were teenagers, but changed their minds when they had to face the world themselves.

  8. Jimmy

    Gangey, the chinese bought the baby formula plants in Tasmania with the blessing of the fraudenburger.
    So its thiers not Australian formula.
    Just another astonishing decision by our fearless leaders.

  9. Jack Cade


    Every shovelful the Coalition takes digs the hole deeper. But Australians haven’t noticed yet. It’s doubtful they ever will. The ANUS alliance is a toilet seat around Australia’s neck, but the Coalition keeps telling us the smell comes from China.

  10. Stephengb

    I read a lot of the AIMN articles, I do not always comment, but I would like to today.

    RosemaryJ36, is one of the numerous contributors to AIMN and generally I think she is a very caring person, in fact all of the contibutors are genuinly caring and by and large I like much of what is said by AIMN contributors.

    Over that last 6 years I have read much and studied (informally) and have come to a comclusion that what RosemaryJ36 discusses here is indicative of a society lost, indeed most of the contributions to AIMN seem to have a similar theme, the injustices of our current world and our lost direction.

    My two pennies worth is as follows it is two pennies worth that I have over that last 6 years come to believe is significant and even perhaps essential learning.

    We the people must understand from where our money comes, and to understand the implications of that understanding. If we don’t we will continue as we have for the last 45 years, in an ever growing despotic world.
    I urge you all to learn MMT.
    We the people must understand what has happened over the last 45 years and what single event happened in the 1980s to create this despotic world. That single event was Neoliberalism, a word first coined by Friedrich Hayek, in the 1930s at the formation of the Mont Perrilinsociety involving some high powered uber rich, Hayek and Luddwig von Mises.
    Again I urge you to learn what is Neoliberalism and for that I offer this starter

    “This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ Introducing the Invisible Ideology (Part 1)” on YouTube

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