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What Ashby and Dickson want us to believe

Firstly, we are supposed to believe that the Qatari government have launched a three-year sting operation employing spies to influence the elections in Australia and, in order to exert influence over our government, they sought out James Ashby.

Sorry James, but that’s narcissism on steroids. As if the Qatari government has ever heard of you and as if One Nation will ever have any actual influence over government in this country. You can’t keep a Senator long enough for them to even get letterhead printed at the exorbitant rates you charge for your monopoly on One Nation printing business.

Next, we are asked to ignore what Ashby and Dickson said on the film because it was just boy talk at the bar and they are entitled to get pissed when on ‘study tours’ to foreign countries – just ask Jamie Briggs.

When asked who funded the trip, Ashby mumbled something which didn’t sound like ‘me’ but was quick to point out he took leave, and Dickson told us he actually cashed in $1,000 of his own money and only got US$760, no doubt to settle the bar tab.

The only thing Dickson is apologising for is for saying fuck and testicles. ‘Sorry to you little ladies, I grew up on the land.’

We are also expected to believe that the reason Pauline wasn’t standing there also facing the music was because she is unwell.

Here’s a tip Pauline. You are not going to feel better when you continually, seemingly habitually, surround yourself with idiot men in whom you place your complete trust and offer your unwavering support – until you have to admit that you didn’t really know them and that they have taken advantage of your supposed ‘popularity’.

That story is getting old Pauline. You say you were “appalled” by Fraser Anning’s comments, adding that his first speech was “straight from Goebbels’ handbook from Nazi Germany”, yet he was only there because you chose him to be on your ticket.

Aside from, or perhaps evidenced by, the racism, climate change denial, gun advocacy, anti-vaxx attitude, and eager embracing of conspiracy theories, these people are gobsmackingly dumb.

If you can be so naïve as to say the things you said to a stranger who approached you pretending to be a gun lobbyist, you shouldn’t be anywhere near the halls of power in this country.

Nice try on the deflection guys but no-one, other than Sky After Dark, is buying it.

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  1. andy56

    Seriously, why are the feds not investigating this mob? More importantly, who are the gullible f-wits voting for them? On any metric, non of their policies will ever get up. Non of their policies stands up to analysis. I am inclined to think she’s in it for the income she could never get from wrapping fish.

  2. Kaye Lee

    Of course she is andy. She has made a motza from running unsuccessfully in elections. It’s a bit like Trump – oh shit, I won. Surely they don’t expect me to go to briefings every day.

  3. Andrew Chambers

    One Notion, put the LNP in the Centre of Australian Politics, always was and always will be a flaky Lib’s puppet movement Just enough representation to be a looming presence but never enough credibility to seriously pose a threat to the hand that raised it. A joke on every fool who parted with cash and vote in support.

  4. Wat Tyler

    The Feds won’t investigate One Nstion because One Nation has twice as many adherents as the Nats, are rock solid RWNJs, and always support the Coalition. Any spill the ALP gets from Phon voters preferences is because those voters are pigshit thick and bigoted with it.
    I am quite well-read, quite articulate, have a reasonable range of epithets and insults in my vocabulary, but words fail me when I see the people that are elected to represent large sections of the population. Phon, Nats, Liberal. The full range, from as thick as two short planks through to as cunning as shithouse rats and all way to your ACTUAL shithouse rats. And the PM, as evidenced by today’s newspapers reports of the machinations of the Turnbull assassination, is a rolled gold shithouse rat. Turnbull was bloody useless but Morrison is, as far as I can see, the lowest. He is the trifecta. He is a shithouse rat, as cunning as a shithouse rat, as well as pigshit thick.
    And the media will do its damnedest to get him re-elected.

  5. Ill fares the land

    Having watched the first instalment of the expose, I was stunned by the utter stupidity and vacuity of the two PHON stooges. Their remarks could not possibly be explained away – their comments were generally pretty clear about what they were seeking in the US. That they were even talking about a subtantial lossening of gun controls as a political objective shows just how vile PHON and the brain-dead Hanson really are. That Hanson knew not of their trip and the plan is scarcely believable, although it was probably done in such a way that she wouldn’t be totally lying when she denies knowledge. How a toad like Ashby was not prosecuted over the Slipper affair continues to astound and the other turkey is so dumb and insular he didn’t even know the Washington Monument – one of the most recognisable obelisks in the western world.

    I am amazed that the “plant” didn’t just throw up at the moronic remarks of those two idiots. His resolve is impressive

    I suspect this will not quite kill One Nation, but that the Murdoch press will go to town on them, because the expectation will be that every PHON vote lost will go to the LNP. But if their vote is not decimated at the May (?) election, then Australia is well on the way to sinking to a new low and we would only be able to hang our heads in shame that we stood by while this disgrace unfolded.

  6. ChristopherJ

    Thank you, Wat. They used to hide the corruption

    Every thinking person can see what turds the LNP lot are. Yet tons of rusted on voters, plus those that only get their news from 2sm, sunrise and sooty, turn out on election day and support the continued rape and pillage of what used to be a great country.

    Our electoral system is designed to give us puppets who serve the real wealth in the world. I can’t see a kinder Labor government fixing things. They need to win without taking bribes that they need to deliver on

  7. whatever

    When Latham made his vile ‘policy statement’ about DNA testing Aboriginals he immediately won the vote of a silent minority of spiteful, racist folks who are otherwise normal-looking and civil.

  8. Cool Pete

    They gave Dickson and Ashby a roll of no name toilet paper to try and came back and saw them after a week. Both were lying face down on day beds, giant holes being dug nearby. “What’s the matter, guys?” asks the rep. “Oh, we don’t call that no name toilet paper, we call it Left-Wing Toilet Paper. “Why’s that?” “Because you can’t tear it, it feels like sandpaper and it won’t take any crap from right-wing nut-jobs.”

  9. Wat Tyler

    Hanson probably battered a good fish.
    Specialised in flathead, I’d think.
    John Howard sucked her voters in to the Liberal cocoon by perfectly timing the getting rid of her and leaving the bigots nowhere to go. He is an arsehole, and looks like a ghoul now, but he was a cunning operator. But he lasted a decade mainly because the ALP offered us the ineffectual Beazley and the unbalanced Latham as alternatives. Plus Howard joined in a war – always the Right’s answer to electoral weakness.

  10. RomeoCharlie29

    No matter that this has exposed the two clowns Ashby and Dickson as grifters and thick as two short planks, I find myself uncomfortable about the ‘entrapment’ aspect of this whole project. It seems like Al Jazeera went to a huge amount of trouble and expense to lure these two stupid, greedy, men into a sticky web. On the evidence, they deserve everything that comes to them but… if it’s illegal in Australia to record a telephone conversation without informing the other person, how can these recordings be legal?
    Don’t get me wrong, I hold no brief for PH or her party, agree with all of the above comments, would love to see them all consigned to the scrap heap of history, and it makes riveting tv but I still have concerns.i wonder what Media Watch will have to say.

  11. Matters Not

    Hard to believe that two slick PHON political operators haven’t heard of the Kochs. After all – they’re the real thing.

    Remember also that Hanson is now fully qualified to be a recipient under the very generous ‘old arrangements’ re superannuation. I suspect she’s having a few deep and meaningful reflections. After all – there’s the prospect of a new career as a maths tutor.

  12. Jon Chesterson

    Reminded me of Laurel and Hardy, “That’s another fine mess you gotten me into”… Only they were funny, and these two lacked stature and charisma! God what a stunningly tedious bore these two are.

  13. Potoroo


    Under what law(s) should the Feds investigate ON? Be precise.

  14. Alcibiades

    Ashby runs Hanson, & therefore Ashby all but runs One Notion. Anyone not loyal to Ashby has been progressively purged. Hanson is the dummy, in every sense of the word, Ashby is the ventriloquist. A core cabal of grifters, charlatans & opportunists.

    Ashby runs One Notion for Hanson as a money printing exercise. Their ‘electoral’ strategy in the QLD state election was to maximise the vote count, not to take seats, the higher the %vote, the greater the monetary gain with no ongoing ‘burdens’.

    Everything, including funds, are controlled by Ashby out of QLD. State branches, staff & candidates, such as they are, are powerless, unrepresented, figleaves.

    Wish to be an ON candidate ? Pay an upront fee, have all corflutes/printing etc provided exclusively by Ashby’s business, substandard, late and at exhorbitant rates. No public commentary permitted without express permission in advance, in writing, by QLD ON. Fund yer own campaign, mug. None of $ per vote for you candidate, those funds are paid by the State & Federal AECs to the party, ON. Oh, and, NO refunds !

    Strongly suspect the primary motivation was to obtain the $10M, promptly doubled to $20m by Ashby, as a form of ‘sting’ on the NRA.

    When Hanson retires guess who will be anointed as the new ON leader ? Of course, Hanson will then be available when needed as an ON ‘Elder’ for infrequent high profile public appearances, as long as the baksheesh is of sufficient quantity(& paid upfront).

    Was not Ashby a political black ops operative of the Liberal party ? Was he not directly managed by the leaders of Lib political black ops, Abbott/Brough ? Is he, even now ?

    PS To cripple the poison that is ON in the body politic ? Prosecute, convict & Gaol Ashby.

  15. wam

    for every what than has some ability there is a taw who accepts hanson’s current comments as refreshingly honest they, like her, have no memory of previous contrary statements.
    50% of voters are below average so who would trust the loonies oops sorry the polls?

  16. Patagonian

    My Dog, what liars they are! There is footage of Dickson at the NRA conference hitting up an NRA member for $1 million, to which the guy replies “I’ll give you a $100.00 personal donation”.

    Ashby saying that if their plan got out it would upset the boats, or words to that effect, and at a later meeting between him and Muller, warning Muller that nothing was to be written down. If that’s not an admission that he and that dick Dickson knew what they were doing was wrong, then I’ll eat my Akubra.

    More focus needs to be put on the ‘technological info’ that they were seeking. I understand they were looking at ways the the good ol boys and gals of the NRA could pull a stunt in the Australian election similar to that done by Russia in the 2016 elections. That they think it is perfectly OK to seek such blatant interference from another country in our electoral process is of enormous concern.

    Sadly, I think this will give Palmer a fillip.

  17. Zathras

    The earlier Electoral Commission fiasco caused by Ashby and the $98,000 undeclared One Nation aeroplane was careless but deliberate, trying to keep the donor anonymous.

    Sneaking a few million dollars from an overseas source would certainly be a challenge but not illegal. It could go directly to the Queensland Branch and then onto the Federal Branch as a “loan” but is definitely a bad look.

    Now it will all come down to how well Hanson and Latham manage to wriggle out of this one.

  18. Greg

    well if it was a personal trip and they were asking or looking for donations to a political cause then it’s a case of fraud , If they were there to foster donation for the One Nation political party then it is breaking the new foreign donations law that came into effect on the 1st Jan 2019 .. one way or another they have broken Australian Federal laws

  19. Ken

    Morrison MUST put One Nation last on the Libs how to vote cards.

  20. MöbiusEcko

    Kaye Lee. Aside from, or perhaps evidenced by, the racism, climate change denial, gun advocacy, anti-vaxx attitude, and eager embracing of conspiracy theories, these people are gobsmackingly dumb.

    andy56. More importantly, who are the gullible f#ckwits voting for them?

    Morrison is now brazenly courting these “gullible f#ckwits” to vote for the Liberals.

    That Morrison is so openly asking the hard right extremists, and as Kaye Lee states, racists, climate change deniers, gun advocates, anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theory embracers, says an awful lot about the dire situation the L-NP must be in and their desperation to win. It has to be worse than the polls are showing.

    That Morrison and the L-NP are so willing to embrace these people to win power says a lot about the L-NP.

  21. corvus boreus

    Yes, opinion polls (loonies?) are mainly conducted upon urban centres, and thus often under-estimate the overall vote for One Nation, who seem to be disproportionately popular in rural areas (particularly Queensland).
    However, I still find the results published from surveys of thousands to be a more accurate broad indicator than the authorative citation of, for example, ‘what a mate on facebook said’, or snippets of drunken drivel dribbled by codgers at the local bowlo.

  22. Kaye Lee


    I also wonder about entrapment. Made me think about the case of Zaky Mallah who, after being refused a passport, made some threats which Alan Jones brought up on his radio program. Then the Australian paid him for an interview.

    The Counter Terrorist Command, also aware of the threats, sent an undercover officer posing as a freelance journalist to do another interview. This undercover officer offered Mallah $5,000 if he would hold everyone hostage at ASIO headquarters and give the “journalist” the scoop.

    Entrapment of a suspect in Australia is legal if the police obtain a “controlled operations authority certificate.” However, the police did not get a certificate so the entrapment was illegal

    In Queensland, it’s not illegal to simply record a conversation you’re involved in (either over the phone or face-to-face) without the consent of the other people involved in the conversation, but there are restrictions on what you can do with the recording. Even if you were involved in a conversation that was legally recorded, it’s still illegal to communicate the conversation or publish it without the permission of the other people involved in the conversation (with some exceptions).

    Ashby and Dickson said they were contacted a week and a half ago. Did they give permission?

  23. Wat Tyler

    Morrison, in inviting the Phon voters to come to the Liberals, is merely following the John Howard song sheet. As I pointed out earlier, Howard effectively nullified Hanson in Round One by siccing ace gobshite AJ Abbott onto her. So Morrison is just welcoming them back into the warm and welcoming bosom of the racists, climate-change deniers etc. etc.
    No matter how much evidence negates all the stuff they peddle, the Libs/Nats are magnets for people who would fit into Deliverance with ease. They are also the people who buy Murdoch papers, although most readers of ANY Murdoch rag probably do it in fast food restaurants, or on the bus going home from sports events where they are handed out free of charge

  24. terence mills

    Guns aside, what these numpties were planning to do was to seize the balance of power in our parliament (both Houses). With no one major party in a majority position and reliant on the minor parties and independents to govern is quite easy to do and Morrison by not denying One Nation preferences, is playing into their hands.

    Mark Latham is coming through as the voice of reason in One Nation : that is a worry.

    Is this the zombie apocalypse ? Do we need to have these people DNA tested ?

  25. Greg

    Kaye Lee , this was a news origination IN America so legally there was no entrapment .
    There was no police , federal or otherwise involved in the operation . Under American law they had a legal right to get the story even by deception , The fact is though the One Nation representatives where there to solicit political donations knowing full well of the ramification of being caught . The funding amounts they were disusing was way over the $13,800 as specified in the Foreign donations amendments that came into play on 1st of Jan . They are no mater how nicely you want to word it up a excrement filled river tributary without a paddle

  26. Wat Tyler

    A self-evident point (so evident it hid in plain sight) is the fact that the repellent Nats suffered big swings against it in NSW, but the swing went to a gun lobby.
    A week or so after the massacre in Christchurch.
    Put not your faith in the enlightenment of the Aussie bush.

  27. Kerry

    Alcibiades yes absolutely!
    I have long suspected that ON was a Liberal party creation. In terms of our political class and their flagrant flaunting of the law, we truly are the wild wild west here in Oz. There is literally no accountability for any of them.

  28. Kronomex

    “We started drinking from the time we got on the plane and didn’t stop until we arrived back in Australia,” slurred Ashby.
    “In fact we’re still drunk now,” said Dickson.
    “Cough, cough, I’m sick,” moaned Hanson from her bed.

  29. Kaye Lee

    We are all bagging One Nation here but Dickson was a Liberal Party MP for 11 years and served as Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing in the Campbell Newman government from 2012 to 2015.

    How on earth could that moron get elected let alone be given a minister’s job? He is truly as dumb as a post.

    As for James Ashby, he has a really over-inflated opinion of his own importance.

  30. Old Codger

    It was sickening TV, watching two sycophants grovelling before the NRA heavies. I don’t think ON is all that interested in our gun laws, but using the vulnerabilities of an organisation concerned about the Australian experience with guns. It was a way to get Pauline and her party large sums of money. To me it is a kind of sedition selling out their own country to a organisation reviled worldwide. Here are two men who grew up in this country benefiting from what it has offered them, good education opportunities, an excellent health system, great way of life and a stable government system where the population can feel safe. But these two grubs would put that at risk with not one iota of care for the people in this land. They like so many Liberal politicians are traitors and are no better than the swine who grew up here and go off to join ISIS.

  31. whatever

    They are using the “Sugarbabies” defence. “We are just simple folk and we was scammed by them there high-tech tricks!”

  32. terence mills

    Al Jazeera sadly is the only news organisation that can still afford investigative journalism !!

  33. Zathras

    I’m still waiting to hear from Pauline and what she knew (or didn’t know) about two prominent party members heading to the USA to enlist foreign interference in our Federal Election and how getting advice on “spinning” school massacres is of benefit to the Australian community.

    As for entrapment, all that agent did was to introduce them to American lobbyists and the rest was their own doing.

    Blaming it on too much “Barnaby Sauce” is obvious nonsense, especially when two sober-looking individuals can maintain identical motivation and objectives for days.

  34. Frank Smith

    PoorLean seems to specialize in aligning herself and Party to very dodgy male “managers” like Ashby of “Slipper Affair” fame. Remember Oldfield back in the One Notion Mark I days all those years ago.

  35. Zathras

    Frank Smith

    Don’t forget her former adviser John Pasquarelli – another disappointment and poor choice for Hanson, despite him writing her infamous Maiden Speech. Then there was that wingnut Malcolm Roberts who shot himself in the foot.

    I bet she’s furious with Al Jazeera and will tell him so when she finally meets him.

  36. Kaye Lee


    Steve Dickson seemed to think that Al Jazeera was a country.

    Speaking of people Pauline surrounds herself with, I loved the interview on Enough Rope…

    ANDREW DENTON: One Nation MP Jeff Knuth said, “It would be better “if the Aborigines went back to the pastoralists and said, ‘Can we just… We’re not going to take your land. We’ll just live on it and work for you if you’ll give us a bit of meat.’”

    Your Health spokesman, Ray Danton, actually publicly questioned the statistics on Aboriginal infant mortality as though they might have been made up for some other reason.

    PAULINE HANSON: There were some radicals that tagged themselves to me. They saw me come along and, you know, this woman came along and they thought there was their platform to go and say whatever they wanted to.

    ANDREW DENTON: But he was your Health spokesperson.

    PAULINE HANSON: Oh, look, I wouldn’t even know… I don’t even know who he is. I know Jeff Knuth actually won his seat.

  37. Josephus

    Who votes for Hanson? Once I had for the first and last time such a person in my house. He must have left school very young. I asked him why he had voted for One Nation. He said there were too many immigrants. He could not define what he meant, but I noted that 1. his hosts were not born here, hence do not speak Strine, and, 2. that he was white and had an English surname.
    As long as the mainstream media are run by 1984 type liars and their readers are so limited, what can one do?

  38. David Stakes

    Again it will be up to a Labor Gov to De Register this One Nation lot and confiscate their funds. So we can be rid of them. Just have to hope their supporters do not put their vote back with the Libs.

  39. Michael Taylor

    And I thought Al Jazeera was an opening batsman for Pakistan.

  40. helvityni

    Pauline wants foreigners to be fluent English speakers… Why? She isn’t a good role model herself….

    As for John Chesterton saying that Ashby and Dickson not being ‘funny’, I laughed all the way watching them, the ‘spy’ Rodney Muller had me in stitches with his Akubra hat and his laconic Aussie style greeting ‘How yer goin’… ( or something like that)….

  41. Patagonian

    I don’t usually share the demented ravings of those who post comments on a certain right-wing media outlet but this one is so bizarre I couldn’t resist:

    There’s something not quite right about this story. The fifth columnist who cemented a relationship with such naive and gullible people for this fix was just too easy. Did the ABC ‘collude’ with Al Jezeera three years ago with the intention of an orchestrated sting specifically targeted towards One Nation? What were the policies of One Nation at that time with regard to Australia’s gun laws? Is it possible that James Ashby as an ON political adviser was a plant from the outset of his tenure by ABC/AJ? We’ve known for three years roughly when the next Federal election would be held and it is also widely perceived that ABC are an arm of the ALP/Greens. The plot could thicken!

    They are completely barking mad.

  42. Patagonian

    I’ve just read the interviews with Executive Producer Peter Charley (a US-based journalist) and the undercover reporter Muller, and it puts the lie to the histrionics of One Neuron and their supporters that this was all set up to target them (talk about an overweening sense of their own importance – as if Al Jazeera would set up such a lengthy and expensive operation just to target a pimple on the arse of a legislature in a country down at the bottom of the world). Both state categorically that the investigation was set up only to investigate how the NRA manages negative publicity after gun massacres.

    PHON only came into the picture in 2018 when Charley read an article in a Queensland newspaper claiming that Australia’s One Nation party had received funding from an NRA-affiliated organisation within Australia. To establish whether any direct connection existed between One Nation and the NRA, Charley asked Muller to visit the party to find out.

    Muller approached One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s chief of staff, James Ashby, and mentioned the “friends” he had developed within the National Rifle Association.

    Instead of confirming a connection of his own, Ashby asked to meet Muller’s contacts — people, he later said that he hoped might provide millions of dollars of funding to the political party. Muller was urged by Mr Ashby to contact Steve Dickson, One Nation’s Queensland leader and a Senate candidate for the upcoming federal election.

    Muller could hardly refuse without risking the exposure of the investigation.



    We know Ashby is a slime bucket par extraordinaire, but just in case you didn’t realise what an absolute charmer Steve Dickson actually is, there’s this:

    I mean seriously. Walter Mitty was more in touch with reality than this gimboid.

  43. Kronomex

    Time to watch part 2 of the “We didn’t know what we were doing because we were drinking booze 24 hours a day” report. Anyone know if the tick survived?

  44. New England Cocky

    Has anybody looked at the possibility of charges of treason against these two self-indulgent, self-serving egomaniacs?

  45. Matters Not


    Hanson and Dickson are too bloody stupid to concoct this money grubbing scheme so it’s the leech Ashby

    Perhaps – and probably. But let’s not forget that when it comes to the leeching of the public purse, Hanson’s personal leeching begins well before the arrival of Dickson and Ashby. Hanson may be ‘dumb’ (not sure what definition one should utilise) but she is certainly well endowed with rat-cunning.

    Note also that when the going gets really rough, she is not beyond throwing overboard – her once loyal supporters. In fact – it’s her modus operandi.

    But then again, it might come down to who has the most dirt on whom. Now that might be a real political contest.

  46. Kaye Lee

    Watching Ashby and Dickson on Part 2 tonight was humiliating. I am not surprised no-one gave them any money. They sounded more like yokel fanboys than anyone with any actual sway.

    I am surprised,,,kinda,,,that Pauline is trying to stick to the line that they didn’t go over there to get donations. She is making a great deal of the sting operation (which I also have reservations about) but you can’t get caught if you don’t do anything wrong.

  47. Michael Taylor

    I actually have trouble believing Pauline.

    How could it be a sting when she even phoned Ashby to find out how their little plan was going?

    Maybe that tick poisoned her mind.

  48. Kaye Lee

    Peter Greste made the comment that it had crossed a line. Journalists should report the story, not make the story. But One Nation wasn’t their target. They wanted to expose the NRA’s tactics. Nothing can excuse the words and actions of Ashby and Dickson. Editing, context, masquerading journalists – nothing.

    Pauline has posted her press conference on facebook with the intro…

    “Please watch my full response to the disgusting Qatari funded, Islamist Al Jazeera hit piece. On the eve of a federal election the morally bankrupt media has tried to destroy One Nation but it has backfired. We are more united and stronger than ever before.

    Thank you all for you support and please SHARE to help spread the truth!”

    How about the moral bankruptcy of One Nation? Pauline and truth are not words that go together.

  49. Patagonian

    Kaye Lee, the woman from Koch figured that out in about two seconds flat. Her face was a picture. She gave them the typical brush-off – “I’ll talk to some of our people” and they, so puffed-up with hubris, thought they had conned a dumb woman.

    Michael Taylor – in a contest between PoorLeaner and a tick, the tick would definitely come off second-best.

  50. Kaye Lee

    Greg Jennet kept saying Pauline had been stung by a parasite. I thought he was talking about Ashby.

  51. Phil.

    My son rang me tonight from Pt Hedland. He works amongst the most gullible voters in Australia. He told me, ” Dad Hanson, their vote has gone up by an order of magnitude.” I said Yep. And…………………………..Tell me something I don’t know. We are in trouble a world of shit..

  52. Zathras

    Entrapment is the system legally used to catch internet pedophile predators but first they must display the intent and make all the moves.

    This fiasco certainly wasn’t entrapment, just a convenient biproduct of another investigation.

    If Hanson believes the whole thing was meticulously planned by a foreign government and an ex-ABC employee, put into motion 3 years ago and then edited in such a way to appear unfavourable to her she’s more delusional and paranoid than I suspected.
    It’s no wonder she has conspiratorial notions about Port Arthur and foreigners. If a remark by Barry Unsworth in 1987 mysteriously becomes a false-flag operation to partially disarm the population 9 years later then anything is possible.

    No amount of feigned indignation will wash this smell off her party and no doubt her acolytes will double-down like Trump fans.
    Now it’s time to roll out Latham to see how he can spin it.

    Kaye – I believe the tick died but the parasite is still alive.

  53. Kaye Lee

    How on earth could her vote go up when her operatives were caught red-handed trying to sell out our government to the highest foreign bidder (not that anyone outside Australia was going to take these two buffoons seriously).

  54. Lambert Simpleton

    Hanson and her sordid playmetes are as cunning as meat-axes and smell a buck a light year off, regardless of ANY harm done later.

    They are cunning, not smart though. What they were about was vile and arguably treasonous. This is why the behaviors recorded show why Greste’s self-serving remarks are unhelpful, because of both Greste’s and ON actors slyness and stupidity, this is what got were what got them stung, as the public made up its own m inds on the basis of information disclosed rather than obscured as is so often the case these days when public interest is spurned.

    ONy had NO place being there for the sort of purposes they endorsed, a fortnight after Christchurch. The dumb and malicious comments were then reported regarding Al Jazeera’s initial investigating of the repulsive NRA Klan thugs and their bloodied hands.

    Al Jazeera was not there on the basis that their story wasn’t published merely to protect the sort of ON grubs the NRA might associate with and vice versa, they understood a higher ethical consideration.

    This is given the activities and sentiments involved, which absolutely warranted disclosure even if not as part of the unsavory overall story. That they ended up scoring two stories in one is of no fault of theirs and every bit the fault of the mindsets they were dealing with.

    I also loved Kaye Lee’s comment re Zaki Mallah.

    As for foreign influences, do we want the NRA and its constellation of fascists directly involved here, a fortnight after events in En Zed, let alone after all the violence and intimidation going down in the USA?

    Greste, Bolt and the like miss the forest for the trees when it comes to a future where gun massacres conceivably end up here because of such irresponsible, infantile delinquency on the part of the idiots involved.

    People need to be alerted, whatever a few stung selfish crackpots think.

  55. Patagonian

    As appalling as tonight’s episode was, I couldn’t help laughing out loud when “Ashby, James Ashby” solemnly warned Muller to be careful what he said in the NRA meeting because the NRA may be recording them. Comedy gold.

  56. Kaye Lee

    Great article Patagonian. Thanks for sharing. The kids MSN thing is odd but the great thing about here is that everyone passes stuff on. Good finding.

    Yeah, I found myself giggling too when Dickson was cosying up to that guy and asked for $10 million and he said I’ll give you $100. lolol Dickson later went on to tell him what a great guy he was and how he could really grow up to be whatever he wanted….this was the guy he just asked for 10 million lolol

    Discussing whether Pauline and her cronies are ridiculous is like discussing if climate change is real. Surely we are past needing more evidence.

  57. Adrianne Haddow

    The manner in which Al Jazeera obtained this report is being called entrapment by some.
    Yet the report on Cambridge Analyctica was obtained in the same manner, and is considered to be upfront and ethical.

    Most investigative journalism has undercurrents of sting operations because you don’t get to the shonky dealings by asking the protagonists interview questions.

    We really need to stop making excuses for Pauline and the two intellectual dwarves.

    Did nobody else have concerns regarding Dickson’s/ Ashby’s hate speech re the Greens in Part 1 of the report….. ” I’m going to kill them”? Or is that ok if you don’t like their politics?

  58. Jack Cade

    What needs to be said is that Al-Jazeera has more gumption and credibility than almost all other media outlets, certainly any Australian outlets. And this particular ‘sting’ was aimed at exposing the NRA, not the pair of malign simpletons drinking tneir way through negotiations – reinforcing Australia’s world image. They just got caught in the net. They were like Stan and Ollie, but not amusing and not remotely endearing.
    The personae on evidence in the ‘out of context clips (yeah, right!) were reinforced by their subsequent attempts to excuse themselves. That Hanson herself is said to ‘speak for us’ by up to 10% of the electorate – particularly in her home state – Australia’s own Alabama – should worry everybody else in the country.

  59. Josephus

    Adrienne, I rarely read the Australian, but once I did read a comment on an article on the Greens suggesting that Greens should be killed. I was surprised that comments are not moderated. Is it against the law to advocate murder of a legal, non violent political party?

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