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We’re still young

My, the years have flown by very quickly: today is The AIMN’s 10th birthday.

It’s fair to say it’s been a busy 10 years. Since we opened our doors we have published over 10,000 articles; published over 235,000 comments from over 10,350 people; and welcomed over 25M visitors.

This, from our first ever article, takes us back to Day 1, 10 years ago:

The idea of The Australian Independent Media Network sprung up overnight in response partly to this quote from the Under the radar article on the Café Whispers blog:

Isn’t it a great pity that excellent articles are being written in the Fifth Estate that slip under the radar into oblivion? Isn’t it also a great pity that this will continue to happen? Isn’t it also a greater pity that such hard-hitting, truth-telling articles will forever be drowned out by our hysterical, manipulative, dishonest, sensationalist, gutless, unfair and unbalanced media in this country?

Has there ever been a greater need for the Fifth Estate to join forces? If we don’t, a lot of what we write will continue to slip under the radar.

And capped off with this comment under the blog topic:

One fears that it will not be an evidence-based election, but there is plenty of evidence that it will be a fear-based one. Our strategies for getting the message across needs lots of thought and discussion like this post provides.

The idea of a representative body for Australian bloggers has been tossed around for a couple of years but it had never really taken hold. Tim Dunlop’s article in The Drum last October titled Media pass: citizen journalists need an industry body emphasised the need for something to be done. The introduction to the article reads:

Australian bloggers have a lot to offer in public debate, but an independent body is needed to establish the credibility and increase the exposure of our citizen journalists.

We are now at that point.

And now we’re at this point, 10 years later.

It’s been a great ride and we’ve met some fantastic people (writers, commenters and readers). We wouldn’t be here without you.

And the best thing is … we’re only 10 years old. We’re still young!


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  1. Uta Hannemann

    As far as elections go, I feel it is very important that they are evidence-based rather than fear based. Thanks for trying to achieve this!

  2. Ken

    Congratulations ! Keep up the good work.

  3. Keith

    Congratulations, the AIMN is a great paper, offering well thought out views.

  4. Fred Engels

    Happy Birthday AIMN! May there be many more! Good work and Great Effort Thank You

  5. Warren James Cox

    The AIMN is definitely one of the best. Good stuff.

  6. Douglas Pritchard

    Its rare to find balance, but in AIMN I am happy to find it amongst a bunch of splendid guys and gals.
    (But we can outlaw Rupert jointly)
    Happy birthday.

  7. Kathy

    Happy Birthday to the AIMN.

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