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Well, that was a waste of empathy training

By Kathryn

Clearly, if the callously inhumane, self-promoting ScoMo had any training (whatsoever) in empathy, he failed abysmally! There are stone cold reptiles, starving carnivorous crocodiles and ferocious funnel web spiders out there who have more compassion than Morrison, who ticks every box as a diabolical, totally devious political disaster!

Morrison has one aim and one political agenda only and that is to enrich and empower himself – and his cult of Hillsong – no matter the cost to anyone. Not only has Morrison been called out for being a recidivist pathological liar, he has a long, disreputable history as being a thoroughly unpopular, treacherously disloyal, backstabber who rose to power on the backs of his duplicitous betrayal against his own colleagues: Malcolm Turnbull and, in particular, Michael Towke (refer to the full story here about that appalling episode)! If Morrison is capable of showing such a lack of loyalty, integrity and credibility – in his ruthless betrayal of his own colleagues in such a fashion – why the hell should anyone believe that he would show one iota of compassion, support or loyalty to anyone but himself?

During the catastrophic bushfires that hit NSW (and elsewhere) at the beginning of 2020, Morrison was found “hiding away” on a deckchair in Hawaii bemoaning the fact that “he can’t hold a hose, mate!.” Now that my state, once again, is facing the worst flooding in living memory, the bone-idle coward, Sloth Morrison, has been seen – once again – running away from any level of his responsibility as a PM incapable of leading and giving zero support (neither financial nor emotional) to the thousands of families affected by the floods throughout NSW and Queensland! Morrison’s heartlessness – his cold-blooded “disconnection” from the misfortune of others – has been a long-standing trait that cannot fail to hide the fact that Morrison is totally incapable of any level of empathy or compassion towards anyone.

Despite the fact that the LNP are sitting on literally millions of dollars of relief funding for the flood (and other events), they are not spending it to benefit the victims but, instead, greedily sitting back and watching it amass interest! This brutal disregard for the welfare of others shows a level of callousness that can be described as sociopathic! Morrison shows a level of reluctance to hand over the millions in flood-relief funding that was not evident on the occasion when he quickly handed over more than $42 million of hard-earned taxpayer funds (as a dodgy “donation”) to the cult of Hillsong to which he is a signed-up member (see article at the conclusion of this post)! Morrison did this in rapid time and without any consultation with the rest of his party! Wow! It seems that the notorious cult of Hillsong is a “protected species” with Morrison whereas ordinary Australians (the ones funding the overpayment of Morrison’s undeserved salary), can “put up and shut up”, eh?

Morrison has proven himself to be a cruel, thoroughly malignant, bible-thumping hypocrite whose appalling maltreatment of desperate asylum seekers, his contemptuous sneering derision of people who are unemployed, homeless or poor; his self-serving corruption; the disgraceful and regressive level of misogyny that he and his disreputable cabinet display with their relentless condescending paternalistic views typecasting women as nothing more than child-bearing housewives; his smug, smirking arrogance and his inability to tell truth from fiction with his non-stop lies shows an appalling level of corrupt, misogynistic and callous disregard for ordinary Australian men and women that is beyond depraved! Morrison has zero insight; not one iota of integrity; zero credibility and has been proven to be a diabolical, pathological liar totally incapable of recognising the truth through the layers of disingenuous political “spin” and non-stop character-assassinating slander that he and his repugnant cabinet keep spewing out against Labor, the Greens and/or anyone who chooses to expose the LNP’s rising corruption and malicious deviousness!

Tragically, the LNP have failed to achieve one single thing to benefit anyone (but themselves) in nearly 9 years of self-serving, totally corrupt, autocratic misguidance – a government that has failed Australians on every level; who have enriched and empowered themselves and the LNP’s “protected species” in the IPA, who couldn’t tell the truth if their shallow lives depended upon it! The reason why so many short-sighted Australians keep voting for the unspeakably depraved, callously inhumane elitists in the LNP, is that they believe all the lies, the diabolical “spin” spewed out in the Murdoch press! The LNP are a cold-blooded pack of elitists who, for decades, have been undemocratically propped up by their conniving Propaganda Minister, the American citizen Rupert Murdoch. The appalling LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance is, in fact, the worst, most undemocratic and self-serving collaboration of stone-cold neoliberal capitalists this nation has ever seen! Ordinary Australians who vote for the Alliance are, in fact, propping up a group of smug, very wealthy elitists who despise them and everything working- and middle-class Australians stand for!

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – good one can find to say about the smug, self-serving Morrison! There’s not a person among us here who would not disagree that this smirking, arrogant buffoon has ticked every box as a malignant blockhead! Nor can anyone with an IQ >10 find one good thing to describe the lily-livered, gutless, supercilious “yes” men (like that disreputable, stunned-in-the-headlights little wannabe, Josh Frydenburg) who support him! Truly, this current regime have found themselves to be laying low at the bottom of a very deep barrel – the absolute worst, most corrupt, callously inhumane and non-achieving political parasites in our history who have not one iota of compassion for anyone or anything except themselves or their kind.

Morrison will go down in history as a catastrophic non-achiever, an inveterate liar, a coward and nothing more than a self-serving “professional political parasite”. In spite of Morrison’s stratospheric arrogance, he has proven himself to be a weak excuse for a man who has failed to achieve a single thing to benefit the lives of ordinary Australians! There can be no doubt that Morrison is now widely regarded to be the most despised PM in living memory – he is now doubling his “spin” and cynically backpedalling on many issues because he (and we) know that if there is any justice in this world, Morrison should face absolute annihilation in the forthcoming federal election!

Perhaps he could practice his empathy in his next job, because as sure as hell it won’t be as prime minister.

(Spoiler alert: he’ll fail at that, too).


Morrison’s Hillsong mate given $42m in grants

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  1. Garth

    David Icke would put Scummo into the Reptilian basket

  2. Awashwithcolour

    Spot on. This man is a sociopath and possibly a psychopath to boot.
    He’s bringing this country to its knees with his ability to run away, lie, deceive and sit back because l think he believes his god’s in control.
    He’s a pathetic excuse for a human being.
    He’s utterly bereft of insight and foresight.
    I hope the lnp disappear from the political landscape.
    I hope we have a change of political party very soon. In fact the election cannot come soon enough.

  3. Paul

    Wish you would just come out and say what you mean. Possibly the most accurate and enjoyable description of Buffoon Boy and his putrid party I have ever read, please keep it up.
    Just on another subject do they think that the owners of Newcastle Harbour will allow them to build their fantasy sub base there?

  4. Anne Byam

    Kathryn ~

    Such a well written expose of this indescribably horrid creature who is chief of a corrupt party that is very unfortunately, ( supposedly ) running our country.

    You have found all the appropriate words to describe this piece of crap who smirks and shirks, while he issues propaganda based on outright lies for his own political and monetary benefit. Pats himself so often on the back, I am surprised he isn’t in ICU for severe skin trauma. Such a monster.

    How I ( we all ) hope he gets his deserved come-uppance in May …. never to be seen again.

  5. New England Cocky

    A well written sadly too accurate description of the Prim Monster of Australia. Kathryn has said it all, and there is only one solution – at the 2022 feral elections:
    Vote anyone but LIarbrals in city electorates and
    Vote credible local Independent or SFF in country electorates and
    just maybe we can save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  6. Terence Mills

    Anne Byam

    He may not make it to May !

  7. corvusboreus

    Do you explicitly reject the precautionary principle?
    Are you seeking political representation to the right of the NATs?
    Want easier general access to guns, and the right to fit silencers to them?
    Keen to see logging, grazing and recreational hunting in our National Parks?
    Reckon the increasingly dire messaging of global climate science is just bullshit doomday cultism?

    Then take NEC’s advice and vote 1 SHOOTERS (+fishers & farmers)!

  8. pierre wilkinson

    Concise and accurate as usual, Kathryn

  9. David Stakes

    And if the miracle happens and re elected. He will be insufferable. Welcome to Gilead.

  10. Kathryn

    Corvusboreus, sadly, the “Shooters” party is overflowing with gun-toting red necks, hunters, fishers and farmers some of whom, by nature, are right-wing ultra-conservatives likely to give their preferential votes to the LNP! Personally, I don’t approve of hunting for “sport” nor do I support the Shooter’s Party’s advocacy to rid our nation of our sensible and strict gun laws! The softening of gun laws could see our nation go down the path of America which country has one of the highest gun-related deaths in the world! While the Shooter Party’s platform may have broadened, there’s no doubt firearms still feature prominently in its culture. As a rather disturbing example of this twisted ideology, I will use Mark Banasiak as an example. Mark Banasiak, joined the Shooters MLC Robert Borsak in the upper house. Mr Borsak is a teacher who was elected to the Legislative Council who also just happens to be the chairman of the Federation of Hunting Clubs. However, he has probably gained more notoriety for shooting and eating an elephant while game hunting in Africa, as well as for comments he made in 2013 urging Americans to resist adopting Australia’s “stupid” gun control laws following the Sandy Hook massacre. The overwhelming majority of Australians do NOT support his views and the idea of hunting down, killing and eating a beautiful creature like an elephant says everything about his lack of respect for other living creatures! Elephants, in fact, are now classified as endangered which makes Banasiak’s actions even more repugnant! Enough said about the Shooter’s Party, eh?

    David Stakes, if the political psychopath, Morrison and his reckless cabinet of self-serving sociopaths, manage to fool a small majority of Murdoch-manipulated fools and win the next election, I think New Zealand is looking like a great option!

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