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Thought For The Day… Ok, Not A Headline That’ll Go Viral But Thoughts Are Good…

As someone who’s empathetic, I often put myself in someone else’s shoes. I don’t walk a mile in them because of the potential for blisters, but just trying them on gives me more than enough empathy than certain people who’ve paid an empathy coach a large sum of money, just so they could learn to stick two thumbs in the air and say, “How good is Scomo… oh wait, that’s me, so I guess I should stick these thumbs toward me and say something empathetic like; aren’t you thankful that I’m in charge?”

Anyway, by a strange coincidence, that brings me to my thought for the day. Of course, if I wanted it to go viral I’d have written some clickbait like: “FRIENDLY JORDIES IN COURT” and have you start to read it only to discover it’s about some inhabitants of Newcastle in Britain going to court for being too friendly with a policeman, and I’d print an apology for misspelling “Geordie”… Have you seen the video, by the way? I’d repeat it what was alleged but it’s very defamatory and I’m surprised that a certain Defence Minister hasn’t sued, given how touchy he was when someone called him something I’m also going to not repeat because I have a limited bank balance and I need all the money I have to contribute to Peter Dutton’s GoFundME fundraiser to help people in his electorate find a way to vote for him.

Which strangely enough brings me back to my thought for the day and about putting myself in someone else’s shoes and no, it’s not going to be someone from the floods who’d have very soggy shoes, but at least they’ve been given a $1000 to pay for accommodation at the nearby Water BnB because all the Air BnBs have been washed away but that’s a state responsibility and if there’s one promise that Scott “How good am I” Morrison has kept it’s the one about keeping government out of our lives. Or was that Barnaby Joyce… They’re so hard to tell apart because they speak like I write which is all over the place but I think you surely understand that not everything can be expressed by money or words and sometimes the bureau of crassy… which we’re getting rid of, by the way, sometimes it gets in the way and demands that we go through proper channels before we release the defence force to help with anything because they can’t be mobilised at a moment’s notice, just look at how long it takes to get an actual submarine deal, let alone submarines…

Yes. I have put myself in the shoes of a Liberal who voted for Scotty “I’m ambitious for disguise” Morrison and wondered if they woke up this morning and wondered whether the whole Liberal great economic management thing wouldn’t just be a little more convincing if they’d voted for Dutton, lost the election and been able to blame Labor for Covid, our trillion-dollar debt and just about anything else that’s gone wrong.

No wonder, they find it so hard to be “woke”…


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  1. David Stakes

    Just a test text, lets see what happens. Nothing of course?????

  2. Harry Lime

    Have a bex and a lie down Rossleigh,Morrison and his egregious enablers are terminal.

  3. Rossleigh

    My mother stockpiled Bex when she heard that they were going off the market… She had a cupboard full of them. I am only now realising that I can blame her for any addiction problem I ever had, have, or intend to have. What a wonderful sacrifice she made for me…

  4. Harry Lime

    I only wish my sainted mother squirreled some away for me..would have saved me a lot of lost time and experimentation.

  5. wam

    My vocal rabbottians didn’t vote for the lying rodent nor the rabbott, the copperman nor scummo. They voted against labor and the extremists.
    Unless the bandit does another fundraising effort to lure idiot labor voters, I expect two to vote labor
    ps Rossleigh,
    17/18 voted for ports to be in the finals. But I’d give up that for an Albo win.

  6. New England Cocky

    “[I]f there’s one promise that Scott “How good am I” Morrison has kept it’s the one about keeping government out of our lives. Or was that Barnaby Joyce… They’re so hard to tell apart … ”

    The Northern NSW floods have exposed the crassness of the COALition and their response to this unprecedented natural disaster. The COALition electorate of PAGE gets disaster funding but the LABOR electorate of RICHMOND, including Lismore and many other flood affected centres, misses out!!

    But will the Australian voters who have literally lost everything, remember the non-role played by the COALition misgovernment in their hour of great need? There is one solution;

    Vote anyone but LIarbrals in city electorates &
    Vote credible Independent or SFF in country electorates,
    and maybe we can save Australian democracy for our grandkids.

  7. New England Cocky

    @wam: I find your comment ridiculous!! How could any sane person consider the numerous examples of corruption and vote buying by the Liarbral Nazional$ misgovernment anything other what it is? OH silly me ….. supporters pof these political parties believe that they have a self-given right to enjoy the benefits of the profits while all the costs are passed on in full to the Australian taxpayers.

    Re port … Perhaps you have been drinking too much of it for your health sake.

  8. Geoff Andrews

    I’m an avid reader of wam’s posts. Being an expert at cryptic crosswords, I will attempt to decipher his recent contribution, which consists of a series of contradictions……..

    Nah! I give up. First of all, he states the obvious; Tony Abbot’s loud-mouthed supporters didn’t vote for their idol or John Howard (how could they?) He then proceeds to assert, by implication, that they voted National Party because they didn’t vote for Copperman (aka Palmer, the colour of his ads…get it?), Morrison, Labor or other extremists.
    He concludes with his old whipping horse: his fear that the Greens (boo, hiss!) are in a long term, evil plan to, if not destroy Labor, at least get as much money from each election, the greedy bastards thus depriving Labor, the not-so-greedy bastards, of said loot.
    So you’re right; it’s ridiculous.
    Do you think we should start a go fund me to get his CapsLock key repaired?

  9. Not likely

    I have never read such a left wing foul diatribe of bull in all my life . You no doubt think Putin is a top reformist

  10. Rossleigh

    Mm, I wonder if Not Likely read this or whether he’s just a troll… Whatever would make him or her believe that I’d think that Putin was a reformist? But at least I’m the most foul and left wing person they’ve read in all their life which gives me a feeling of accomplishment!

  11. Michael Taylor

    Rotten luck, hey, Rossleigh?

    99.99% of our articles are in support of the LNP and the one time something goes up against them… in stumbles Not likely.

    What were the chances of that happening?

  12. Harry Lime

    The murmurs are increasing,the rumours are abounding, the unease is gathering strength…arses are on the line,it’s every shithead for herself…..Beware the Ides of March,Scooter…your ticket is about to be punched.

  13. corvusboreus

    Vote SFF (shooters, farmers, fishers)?

    First up, I would have to support greater firearms proliferation amongst the general population [X]

    Next, I would have to agree to completely disregard the “precautionary principle” with regard to biodiversity & ecological conservation [X]

    Then, I would have to support legislative rights for locally endemic vegetation to be whimsically/cynically clearfelled by landholders as ‘native woody weeds`(‘accelerated landclearing’) [X]

    I could go on…

    Yeah, nah, I sure-as-shit ain’t castin’ my vote for your preferred brand of redneck-reactionary gun-nuts.

    But cheers for posting yet another cut&paste repeat of your rote-standard electoral dictate/suggestion.


  14. corvusboreus

    Did you know that the Christian Democrats have more precautionary policies re CSG (aka ‘fracking’) than the SFFp?

    Vote CHRIST-DEMs 4 HoR in country electorates!!!
    Vote exactly as I say 4 the senate!!!

  15. New England Cocky

    @Many Corvusboreus: In country electorates you are dealing with bogans who believe that nice Mr Menzies when he says ”Check for Reds under your beds”. Education and critical thinking are not greatly valued commodities beyond the CBD limits.

    The first & paramount objective is removing the present Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment, so getting into bed briefly with SFF is perhaps the only option in country electorates.

    I do NOT support the continuing expansion of guns. A good friends was assassinated at Port Arthur. But perhaps you have missed the statistics of increasing gun ownership from recent years.

    The MDB is being rorted by too many Nazional$ & foreign entities and the current misgovernments are doing nothing to protect the interests of family farming enterprises.

    Who are the Christian Democrats? Do they have similar beliefs to the Hell$inger$ Choru$ of greed & paedophilia funded by ”Pastor” Scummo?.

  16. corvusboreus

    I am aware that firearms ownership is increasing (3.5 million registered firearms, around 4 guns per license holders) .
    Most of these are concentrated in a relatively small number of hands (collectors/hoarders),75%20percent%20in%20recent%20decades.

    I do not support further gun proliferation, legitimisation of gun usage for ‘home defense’, nor legalisation of silencers (all SFF policiy aspirations).

    Surprised you haven’t heard of the Christian Democrats, their leader, Rev Fred Nile, has been a member of the NSW legislative council since 1981, and has sometimes wielded balance of power in the NSW upper house.
    He was the one who opposed children in public schools having the option of learning about secular ethics because, you know, hitler.

    Speaking of deranged kooks with undue influence, did you know that the NSW SFF leader, Robert Borsak, not only made repeated pilgrimages to Africa to kill pachyderms, but is an extremely vocal climate science denier?

    You can cast your vote for a bunch of climate change denying hoplophiliacs who want to log our national parks, I reckon I’ll pass.

  17. New England Cocky

    @corvusboreus: Thank you for your comments that fail to address the most important point of my posts above ….. How do you get country voters to change the family voting patterns since Federation (1901) without supporting credible Independents or SFF?

    Would you be so kind as to advise your considered strategy for removing a self-confessed adulterer and practising alcoholic purported (un)Christian representative of the self-serving Nazional$ who is currently ensconced in New England and ”protected” by country people who believe his many sins are ”private business”?

  18. corvusboreus

    I’d certainly lean more into the campaign of a reasonable independent (T Windsor 2.0) than put any faith in whatever candidate the gun-nut party choose to front.

  19. New England Cocky

    @Corvusboreus: Fair enough, I have supported Independents who became excellent Representatives of their electorates.

    Now, from your vast knowledge of the New England electorate, who would you nominate as an Independent, who has the public persona and publicity acumen to demonstrate to the Tamworth bogans that living in the 19th century has no future in the 21st century?

  20. corvusboreus

    In the 2019 New England stakes, Adam Blakester (IND) outperformed the ALP candidate and managed over 14% primary vote, boosted to over 35% after preference allocations.
    Not close (the adulterous drunk netted around 65%), but definitely not a bad result for a 1st time independent candidate.

    The Christ-dem offering got about 2% of the vote, and the SFF didn’t bother fielding a federal candidate.

    Ps, I grew up on a property located between Uralla & Bundarra, and live in a neighbouring electorate.

  21. New England Cocky

    @Corvusboreus: Blakester is unlikely to run again for many reasons.

    So you have yet to answer my question. ”Who would you nominate as an Independent, at the 2022 feral elections, who has the public persona and publicity acumen to demonstrate to the Tamworth bogans that living in the 19th century has no future in the 21st century?

  22. corvusboreus

    If Blakester is unwilling to run again, and barring the emergence of another viable indi, then my next best option would be casting a token vote for whichever candidate the ALP proffer as a forlorn hope.

    Certainly the SFF don’t look like a viable option for you, as, ideological discrepencies aside, they look unlikely to field a federal candidate.

    Looks like you’re probably stuck with B Joyce as your local country-member.

  23. New England Cocky

    @Corusboreus: Beetrooter is not good enough to represent any other persons best interests, especially everybody who believes that he is simply not good enough. Meanwhile over in Parkes electorate, Mark Coulton demonstrates the perfect Nazional$ representative. From a large farming family, a private school education, with little interest in pursuing the best interests of the Australian voters in that electorate, and his colleague in corruption Beetrooter pushing for the about $14 BILLION (and counting) Northern Inland Railway across the notorious black soil plains to the Gladstone export terminal, to carry CSG from the Pilliga Scrub SANTOS fields that threaten the purity of the Great Artesian Basin. No wonder New England is falling into economic decline ….. still!!

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