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Recently I saw this alert on a film I was about to watch which warned me:


And I couldn’t help but wonder if there are films with weak nudity…

And if there are, exactly what constitutes weak nudity. Is it people who don’t have abs or pectorals? Or is it nudity where the rudest bits are hidden by appropriately placed pot plants?

Whatever, I immediately thought of this video I saw a few days ago, where Ralph Babet talked about how masculinity was under attack before explaining how the left hate strong males, and I couldn’t help but wonder if someone will ask him if he prefers strong males and we’ll have a whole lot of confusing debates about homophobia and LGTBI rights until Ralph says something which gets him even more publicity.

Words are strange things I also keep reading about Bruce Lehrmann and how he strongly and strenuously and consistently denies what is alleged to have happened…

Now I’m not making any comment about the substance of his denials because he has the right to the presumption of innocence. And if he says that he’s not guilty, well, the law is on his side. And, after all, if you can’t trust a man who’s honest enough to admit that he’s lied to his boss, about the whisky and on the Channel 7 interview, then who can you believe? Certainly you can believe Channel 7 who told us that they didn’t pay him for the interview which is true. The fact that they paid for his rent for a year or so is not the same as paying for an interview so you can certainly trust them when they broadcast the news…

When I was a teacher, we’d occasionally get an email at this time of year reminding us that we couldn’t accept expensive gifts worth more than a few dollars. I suppose I could have reminded my students of this and added that this didn’t preclude access to a holiday house or free use of a car should any of their parents want to ensure that their child received that marks that someone with such caring parents deserved…

Speaking of education, I noticed that a Senate committee expressed concern that the behaviour of some students in schools was nearly as bad as politicians during Question Time.

But back to the way people use words.

What strikes me as weird is the idea that when people are accused of crimes that the denial is strenuous or strong. You know the sort of thing, “Mr X issued a strong denial” or “Mr Y strenuously denied the accusation.”

Like I said before, are there films with weak nudity? Are there times when a media report says: “Mr Smith lethargically denied all charges”? If an accusation gets to court, the defendant isn’t asked if he or she pleads Vehemently Not Guilty, Passionately Not Guilty, Strenuously Not Guilty, Partially Not Guilty or Guilty.

I started to think about this in everyday terms. For example, if my wife were to ask if I drank the rest of the red wine that was sitting on the buffet and I replied, “No, I had a sip and it had definitely gone off so I tipped it down the sink!”. it seems a reasonably response which is quite possibly true. Either way, there’s no proof and unless she finds a way to do extensive forensic testing, then any suspicion that I’m lying is unlikely to be proven that it’s best to assume that I’m telling the truth.

However, imagine if she were to ask me and my response was: “No! I strenuously deny drinking the wine. It’s just not true. There was far too much wine there for me to drink in one sitting and I’m outraged that you’d even think such a thing!”

I can’t see that the passion of my protestations of innocence has anything to do with my guilt or innocence, so I don’t know why people have to add adverbs that have no real meaning into their statements. It’s not like we have a rating system where strenuously is better than strongly and vehemently tops them all.


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  1. Kerri

    And no one ever reports that the person making the claim, that is NOT the defendant, vehemently asserts that person A did that to me.

  2. Pete Petrass

    So we started out with the main title “warning strong demands and vehement nudity in a film watched the other day…………….and that was it. We heard no further about how strong the nudity was or anything else about it with the author digressing to completely unrelated topics.
    We started off very strong (vehement even) and hard but then had to go hunt for a little blue pill.

  3. leefe

    “Strong” vs common or garden nudity depends on which bits are shown and for how long.

    As for Lehrmann … presumption of innocence is a legal concept and applies only in relation to criminal proceedings. Outside of those formalities, people are free to think whatever they like. Not that Lehrmanns’ guilt or innocence is relevant in a defamation suit.

  4. wam

    Adverbs, often disingenuous, sell, nudity sells, strong nudity sells more.
    Violence sells, strong violences sells more.
    That is the purpose of journalists and their employers. Wonder if there is an adverb to join disingehuous or lying??
    I hope lord recognises your example of lying by telling the truth. I loved it.
    If you have netflix, the Korean films have even more ‘sellers’.

  5. New England Cocky

    So Rossleigh, does that mean when the NOtional$ are describing their representative in New England as ”the best retail politician in Australia” they mean that the best NOtional$ politicians are adulterous, alcoholic misogynists with a preference for sexual harassment?

  6. Canguro

    NEC, take heart, you are not alone. I was at an end of year gathering with my local fed representative (ALP) last night when name of your despised rep was mentioned. Heartening to witness the collective groans and disparaging murmurs vocalised throughout the room by the assembly.

  7. Clakka

    About a year ago I was wandering round the local monthly market (which is no longer), and there like pimple on a pumpkin was the state MP, from that lineage of Liberal families; Spender. The region, at the last election reverted to its tradition of Labor. She was standing behind her flat-pack cardboard dais, and no-one was talking to her.

    I thought I’d talk to her about the numerous botched Western Highway by-passes, including our local town, ginormous by-pass, which was terrifying the ruling bogan retailers of over-priced, lard-filled, frys, pies and burgers.

    After 20 mins of sceptically cautious deflections from her, regarding the local by-pass she said, “Anyway, we absolutely haven’t got any money for it, and are not likely to for at least a decade”

    I wandered off, mulling the irony; Ms Spender saying, ” .. we absolutely haven’t got any money … “

  8. GL


    Could it be that it took her that 20 minutes to figure out that you aren’t a Lib voter?

  9. paul walter

    Elegant, excellent piece of writing.

  10. George Theodoridis

    Strong, weak, strenuous. I know what you mean, John. My oncologist (prostate) was very angry with me and with my “numbers,” so with a vigorously bouncing finger aimed at my face, adjure me strongly to avoid even the faintest cause of stress.
    “You have three ways to entertain yourself,” she said: “watching children’s TV programs, watching the grass grow or do ‘old man’s gardening’.”
    I chuckled. “What’s ‘old man’s gardening?’” I asked.
    “You get someone else to do the gardening, while you watch,” she replied, finger still on a trampoline.
    I didn’t vocalise the question which had popped up in my head, “What if they’re doing it all wrong? Will not that cause more stress than if I did the damned thing myself?”
    I couldn’t cope with the stress which would most certainly follow the question, so no, I kept silent.

    And I stayed obedient to her adjurations and lo, with the kindness of one of my cousins, I am now engaged in ‘old man’s gardening,’ and, I must say, the front yard is very Garden of Eden-like!

    So, yes, I understand what you mean and why the stress of being diddled with weak-versus strong nudity. You wouldn’t want to be expecting the full nipple and be served only the half of it!

    Very… strenuously stressful! Vehemently stressful even!

  11. paul walter

    And a little bit of Peter Cundall, to add the cherry on top.

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