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War With France Is Inevitable, And Other Obvious Things That Morrison Will Soon Say!

Listening to Angus Taylor on “Insiders”, I was impressed that he summed up the situation on net zero so honestly and openly. First, it would be wrong for this government to commit future governments to things, so we could only plan for the next ten years and, secondly, we wouldn’t be changing anything in the next ten years apart from relying on technology not taxes to enable us to reach net zero and the technology hasn’t been developed yet. However, we are committing billons of dollars to developing it, because we don’t think taxes are the answer.

Given the lack of anything concrete, one wonders what the discussion in the Nationals’ Party room was like:

Barnaby: Scott wants us to commit to net zero by 2050.

Pitt: Why?

Barnaby: He thinks it could be an election issue so what do you all think?

Littleproud: What’s it involve? Like what do we have to do?

Barnaby: We have to commit to net zero and he’ll make billions available to mitigate against the adverse consequences.

McCormack: Which are?

Barnaby: Well, none, because we won’t be changing anything.

Christensen: If it involves shutting down coal mines I’m against it.

Barnaby: Actually Scott’s agreed to build a coal-fired power station if it stacks up economically.

Canavan: Doesn’t matter, I’m against net zero whatever. If I give in on this, nobody will interview me again, unless I think of something else to be against. I tried complaining about The Wiggles being woke, but nobody took any notice and…

So, as you see, this fits one of the two modus operandi of this government. Make an announcement committing billions of dollars, then not actually do anything so that you can announce the billions of dollars in the next budget or at the next by-election. I could ask where the billions of dollars are coming from, if not from taxes, but that might start a whole side-track about Modern Monetary Theory and we’d never get around to the main reason for writing today: Mr Morrison and the other modus operandi of his government.

A few weeks ago, Scotty announces that he’s cancelling our submarine contract with France and we have a deal with the US and UK.. As it transpires, it’s not so much a deal but an agreement to work something out at some future date… rather like when we were first in the queue for the vaccines. Now, when Dan Andrews fulfilled an election commitment by tearing up the East-West contract which the Liberals signed the day before going into caretaker mode, in spite of Andrews announcing that he wouldn’t be building it, he was attacked for wasting a billion dollars and getting nothing for it. Strange that this hasn’t been the focus of any of the discussion around the submarines.

No, it’s all been about whether we let the French know. And this is where the old Morrison MO comes into play.

  • The initial response when things go wrong is that it’s someone else’s fault. “I tried to ring but Macron didn’t take the call.” (Nobody told me or somebody else didn’t do the right thing. Think Brittany Higgins or the vaccines not arriving as early as promised.)
  • Then, it wasn’t my fault, but we’ll work it out and I’ll contact them and we’ll have a bit of a natter and it’ll all be ok. (Think Brittany Higgins again.)
  • If neither of these works, we may need Phil Gaetjens who works for the PM to launch an independent inquiry. Of course, by “independent” we don’t mean independent of the PMO, we mean independent of actually telling anyone else what he discovered or independent of actually asking anyone who might know anything. (And again)
  • Finally, background against the person or start an argument about some minor detail in the whole fiasco.

You’ll notice that we’ve hit that last point with the French president in the past day or so. Biden may said that it was “clumsy” but we’ll just ignore that and create the distraction of accusing the President of knowing and, by the way, has he forgotten about the war and how we helped. Ungrateful foreigner! He’s slandered all Australians by calling me a liar.

Yes, this is Morrison using diplomacy to repair the relationship. No, not the one with France. That’s basically stuffed and, even though he’s risking any free trade agreement with the EU, he’ll double down and up the rhetoric because – just as he did with China – the issue isn’t getting a good outcome, the issue is ensuring that he’s in an election winning position.

He hasn’t suggested that war with France is inevitable, but I guess that’ll be Dutton’s job as Defence Minister.


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  1. Terence Mills

    Macron said this :

    “I have a lot of respect and a lot of friendship for (Australian) people,” he said.

    “I just say when we have respect, you have to be true and you have to behave in line and consistently with this value.

    When asked if he thought Mr Morrison had lied to him, he said: “I don’t think, I know”.

    Morrison said this :

    I’m not going to cop sledging at Australia. I’m not going to cop that on behalf of Australians.

    Memo to Scott Morrison : It was you who was being criticised not Australia or the citizens of Australia.

  2. BB

    Well said Terence.

    The arrogant conceited bullying attitude of Morison is disgusting. That he continually lies is obvious even to school kids..
    Another memo to scumo: You and your ilk don’t speak for me either, so bugger off, and learn to apologise when your wrong.
    Of course though someone as thick headed and vain as you doesn’t even have the word “sorry” in their vocabulary.
    So typical of low life RW liberal national arseholes, just like the other miserable nasty war monger, little johnny coward.

    Au nom de tous les Australiens, je voudrais sincèrement m’excuser auprès de tous les citoyens français et de votre Président pour le comportement de mensonge dégoûtant de notre “PM”, qui est ignorant et vaniteux, et qui nous ment tout le temps.

  3. GL

    I’m not surprised by the behaviour of the disgusting, lying, glass jawed overblown ego and malignant narcissist (for the life of me I can’t remember who the other person is that reminds me of Scummo) with all the charisma and charm of a Titan arum having a giant hissy fit at a pissant who dared to call out The Chosen One.


    He is definitely becoming more unhinged and that means he’s becoming a real danger to the rest of the LNP.

  4. Phil Pryor

    Morrison (suppresses gagging) is our public figure and representative, a chronic liar, dangerously unhinged and deluded by saturation of superstition, absolutely empty of known morals, ethics, decencies, skills and drives, as perceived by his laziness, scheming, plotting, backstabbing, projections, blaming, and further comprehensive lying. Macron did not talk about you or me, but, he did accurately outline the P M as a liar, well practised and eager to fatten up the ego, cover up the leaking bladder of image. We are betrayed…

  5. Cynthia Mitchell

    I watched yesterday’s antics as Scumo spied Mathias Corman standing in the back row with his hands clasped in front of him; as an unmasked Scumo and his photographer approached, Mathias promptly put his arms behind himself – denying Scumo the handshake photo op!
    How’s that for mates !!!

  6. Bruce Winchester

    I don’t feel insulted by what Macron said or what Biden suggested about Morrison, If he is incapable of not acting like a petulant smarmy entitled teenager at home what hope of that on the world stage. At least he didn’t grab Macron’s arm and force a handshake. Perhaps he should have shirt-fronted him. His pathetic deflection of attention to defending his mates at home nearly made me puke. As if he ever cared. Top off this double act of deceit and denial with his woeful performance in Glasgow. He has promised to exceed a target, in a mere eight years what he and his vandal pals have managed to avoid and deny over the last ten years. And no one in Glasgow believes him. But good ol’ Barnaby will come around. The Libs will find some outrageous environmental piece of vandalism to appease the Nats. They’ve always been too small to venture very far on their own. I have never voted Liberal, but I still only feel ashamed that we sent this lame daggy dad out into the world to represent the rest of us. Scotty will simply deny any of this has happened and return home expecting some sort of modest hero’s welcome as the possible start of the next federal election campaign, and if he doesn’t get that little slice of 1984, then he and the Libs and Murdochs may well manufacture it. And in the end none of this will ever matter to Morrison because his version of Jesus will have already forgiven him. How good is having a GOD as your BFF?!!

  7. Michael Taylor

    They’re trying. They’re really trying. The Murdoch media have launched their own missiles and they’re aimed at Macron. But I doubt they have enough lipstick to dress up the pig (Morrison).

  8. ajogrady

    Morrison has insulted Australians and verballed Mavron.
    Being a bludger and a laggard is Morrisons way not the Australian way.
    Being deceitful, dishonest and divisive are Morrisons values not Australian values.

  9. wam

    “Strange that this hasn’t been the focus of any of the discussion around the submarines.” It is normal for labor to not attack the LNP government to excite the media into asking the awkward questions. The media then has no alternative but to stay loyal to its advertisers and their perceived audience. Labor cannot even capitalise on the obvious worker, welfare spending over the last few days to attack the rorts of company handouts like job keeper.

    does anyone doubt the australian way will be the conclusion from scotland?

  10. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh … so does this article mean that ”Nazional$ Family Values” is just a publicity stunt and the too many Nazional$ politicians at state & feral levels in life really practice the Beetrooter ”Values” of adultery, alcoholism, bigotry, corruption, deceit, egoism, fornication, harassment, misogyny and self-serving?

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