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Values and change

History gives us an imperfect picture of time past. Perspective and purpose of the author of public records can distort the view of what has gone before, but some recorded facts are incontrovertible.

Evolution and increasing levels of understanding of science have enabled societies to change over time, although, as currently being illustrated in China, the disposition of a country’s leader can seriously pervert local and world events.

Over the centuries, adventurers and governments have explored and colonised, with little regard for their impact on the existing local population of the countries they have visited – whether in peace or in war.

Power has been a significant driver for much of these activities, and nationalism has distorted the moral perspective of the methods used.

They say you reap what you sow – and the current crop of outcomes has a bitter taste.

Human rights are not recognised by many nations, while others only pay lip service.

The Australian politicians of the far right, as well as some of less extreme persuasions, who readily spout about Australian values, are rarely admirable role models. Our treatment of genuine refugees is – IMHO – disgusting, and the inhumanity of many of the policies foisted upon us, reek of the sense of privilege of those in government – and their disdain for all who do not share their view of life.

We currently face an existential threat from global warming, while we also struggle to ensure containment of the spread of Covid-19 in a population which, in some cases, has lost all faith in government.

I am by nature an optimist, but, until and unless our leaders start to show a greater sense of genuine humanity – putting the needs of the desperate ahead of the leader’s need for self-aggrandisment and power, then we deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth by natural forces more powerful than anything puny mankind can create.

Toppling statues of (almost exclusively) men who have been renowned, but have also committed offences against humanity, will not change our future, unless current leaders develop coherent policies which truly recognise human rights.

Democracy is in its death throes and there is no sign that life-support is available – so it is up to all of us who care, to ensure that it recovers.

That is what ‘being a citizen’ demands.

I end as always – this is my 2020 New Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

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  1. Keith Davis

    Thank you for using my photographic meme Rosemary. But far more importantly – thank you for your article. Regards Keith

  2. mark delmege

    ‘as currently being illustrated in China, the disposition of a country’s leader can seriously pervert local and world events.’ whats this about?

  3. Gangey1959

    Oh come on Mark.
    If wunbunglung, as premier of the land of the lying dragon was more of a “peace, love and veggies” type of guy, the prc would not be trying to take over the rest of the world by just oozing forth from its borders at strategic points around the globe, eg hong kong, south china sea and the border with india. He would me more interested in dragging his dog skinning, bat frying, ivory worshiping populace into the present.
    It is the same the world over, and has been since our species figured out that a pointyer stick was not the ultimate weapon.
    Covid 19 should have been a global wake up call to our global dealers that everything is NOT OK, and that the best way forward is to act in a cohesive, team orientated manner, but noooooo, its every country for themselves, old and weak first, and don’t look at who you might be stepping on in the quest for everlasting salvation.
    This thought process gave “us” the crusades (1 & 2), the totally unexpected spanish inquisition, the debacle that was the rape and pillage of south america complete with the enforced belief in a new great pumpkin, the civil wars (various), and ultimately the ongoing conflict somewhere on the planet since the boer war. All in the name of power and control, and all at the expense of We the, LMAO, Voter

    Man the Barricades, legalise Rule 303, and bring on the Revolution.

  4. RosemaryJ36

    Well said, Ganley 1959!

  5. Jack Cade

    I wonder what the henna’ed harridan is going to do now, to disseminate her ill thought out and poorly-expressed bigotry. Forcing a show of integrity by Channel 9 Is quite a feat.
    A noble aim, isn’t it – forcing refugees to ‘talk English almost as good as as good as like what I do.’?
    She was ahead of the tangerine fart by decades, putting her finger on the clitoris of the c*ntry. As we all know, we are being ruined by people who can write their names in joined up writing.

  6. DrakeN

    Ganley1959, you have just saved me a lot of key tapping.
    My sentiments exactly.

  7. Paul Davis

    Thank you Rosemary. Yes ‘the power and the entitlement remains ours’. Well of course it does. Certainly reinforced by Stuart Robert at his Press Club convoluted explanation of why the Robodebt victims wont be reimbursed any time soon. Really interesting reading. And mainstream media interest … crickets.

    Feel very sorry for the thousands of people who had their hopes raised by promises of prompt repayment after court result. But as is always true of these gangsters it is so easy to demand immediate payment of any alledged debt but try and get your money back when the courts rule you have been robbed. Ha ha, like Dutton being in contempt … nah.

    And still nearly 50% of the electorate will vote, as per the byelection, to continue to be demonized, abused, rorted, bullied, lied to and exploited. I find it really hard to have sympathy for any of them, from the wannabe troughsnouters, hangers on and aspiring criminals, to the indolent, disinterested and ignorant, all the way to the truly deluded.

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